Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Backyard Sessions)

Miley Cyrus
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Official Backyard Sessions Performance of “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions), now available on #DisneyPlus. Miley Cyrus takes the stage performing songs from her new album and reflecting on who she is today.

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14 Mar 2023



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Comentários 6 562
Miley Nation 13
Miley Nation 13 17 dias atrás
her backyard sessions are now basically better than the grammys
Lilian Tan
Lilian Tan 6 horas atrás
@✔️ AL-Rooh _ الروح HE is FATHER ABBA, not ALLAH cos HE created JESUS CHRIST amen. Just ask HIM why if you are allowed to enter heaven cos only HE knows the answer.
Lilian Tan
Lilian Tan 6 horas atrás
No one cares about the Grammy.
Marcio Delgado
Marcio Delgado 20 horas atrás
bla Achour
bla Achour Dia atrás
Ivan Barragan I
Ivan Barragan I Dia atrás
​@Tae Hoon Kim. OfficialEl
Alena Zhur
Alena Zhur Dia atrás
Какая же она нереальная! Удивительный голос, удивительный талант!☀️
MERRY Dia atrás
Eu amo essa música :20:23 hermosa elección ❤💙💙🧡10:10 Hopi: "Più dolce" 11:12 Sole: "Hooter" 00:19 Joonie: "Più fresco" 08:00 Yoongy: "Burro" 23:26 Son unos dei migliori concerti Sono sicuro di questo ricordo. Такой красивый клип, танец, аутфиты и мои любимые
Шарик 2 dias atrás
Scout Dee Draws
Scout Dee Draws 8 dias atrás
I have no words how amazing it's been seeing Miley grow like this. She has an iconic voice.
June Burns
June Burns Dia atrás
Totally agree amazing! And beautiful with it 😊
Jane Chiarello
Jane Chiarello 3 dias atrás
So smokey
Charlie Diamond Music
Charlie Diamond Music 8 dias atrás
The Miley crush is real. 😍 - The band are killing it too.
The Amber Heard Playlist!!
-Come over and see 'Rihanna Hires Racist Johnny Depp'
thibault 17 dias atrás
Let the new Miley Cyrus era begin, she never disappoints us. She knows how to reivent herself every time. Her vocals and performance are always amazing
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar 3 dias atrás
Ashif 4 dias atrás
@tayliana♡ lol ariana grande has nothing on the legend miley cyrus. go back to bed child
Dolly Khouri
Dolly Khouri 6 dias atrás
daunte channel
daunte channel 6 dias atrás
@tayliana♡ why being Ariana into this people like you always want to bring down another female artist to build up another like why it so ridiculous and dumb
Tomáš Telíšek
Tomáš Telíšek 9 dias atrás
​@tayliana♡lol Miley beats Ariana in everything and outsold, she will never be on Miley's level, Miley is already a legend.
Krystel Tanus
Krystel Tanus Dia atrás
Me encanta más en este video. Canta hermoso. Que fuerza y coraje al cantar de verdad, la admiro. Me paso algo similar y gracias a esta canción he podido superar a mi "LIAM"😊
Leandro Martin Piano
Que maravilla!!! El poder que tienen los artistas de sublimar el dolor y convertirlo en ARTE.
Chardonnay27 7 dias atrás
Miley is rising to new heights in her career! She seems happy and healthy, especially since becoming clean and sober. Love watching her grow and mature into a beautiful young woman. It reflects in her style and music. She's thriving! Keep it going, Miley! I love your music more and more every day!
Catherine Karimi
Catherine Karimi Dia atrás
​@Flyby how are you categorizing this song as a revenge song??? This is more of a self love song
Alexandra Markovic
Alexandra Markovic 2 dias atrás
​@Flyby I don't think this is a revenge song , it's more self love and acceptance Wrecking ball slide away were revenge songs , I think this expresses maturity
gio391 2 dias atrás
​@Flyby yea most of them surely escape from that madness they live in...i mean when u grow up you can even understand why.
Flyby 2 dias atrás
@gio391 Inocent people, most popstars do drugs Miiley included.
gio391 2 dias atrás
Great voice dont tell me those stars are sober 😂
maximal16k 18 horas atrás
Amo a Miley porque tiene una voz hermosa, suena igual que en el álbum, ella nunca decepciona 💕
jessy 12 horas atrás
Incluso aveces suena mejor que en la grabacion
Patricia Alejandra Andrade Callahan
Cuanto talento por Dios , está canción me llegó al corazón
PersolSims 16 dias atrás
she always manages to make her live performances sound way better than the studio versions
Flyby 3 dias atrás
Is playback dude.
Peter Morris
Peter Morris 8 dias atrás
So does everyone who isn't crap
lf 13 dias atrás
​@Stephanie Boggs she doesn't use auto tune in her mic
El Papu Misterioso
El Papu Misterioso 9 dias atrás
Seen her Hannah Montana era, wrecking ball era, malibu era, and then this flower era. Grown up with her and she has my total respect for being such a strong, admirable woman. Love you Miley Cyrus ♥️✨
Havasi Zsuzsanna
Havasi Zsuzsanna Dia atrás
I also really liked Hannah Montana.
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar 3 dias atrás
she is amazinggg
@anna holness oh okay
anna holness
anna holness 4 dias atrás
Yes!!.been a #1 fan as well love seeing the growth.
I used to like miley cyrus I love this song ❤💫
Brittany Stewart
Brittany Stewart 8 dias atrás
Those asymmetrical body suites look like they're made just for her! I've never seen them look so gorgeous on anyone!!😍
Anisha 🐣
Anisha 🐣 2 dias atrás
And so for taylor 🤩
Mia Maja
Mia Maja 2 dias atrás
She's thriving! Keep it going, Miley! I love your music more and more every day!
Grecia Morales
Grecia Morales 16 horas atrás
En momentos como estos , gracias a esta canción me doy cuenta que solo me necesito a mi misma ❤
Legal que esta cantora jovem, linda e maravilhosa canta qualquer música de qualquer época. Parabéns pela sua voz e talento. Sucesso ❤
Hz m
Hz m 17 dias atrás
This is how you make live versions better than studios. Take notes people. 🔥
M L 2 dias atrás
@Flyby okie dokie
Flyby 3 dias atrás
@M L Nothing live about this performance.
KamikazekaitoKoki 4 dias atrás
@Christopher Hicks cut and paste clips from one performance, and these are still live vocals
Loving Myself
Loving Myself 4 dias atrás
@Jvalentino Sorry🤭🤗
Jvalentino 5 dias atrás
@Loving Myself miley is my fav did u reply to the wrong person
Patricia Villarreal
Patricia Villarreal 14 horas atrás
En serio, que hermosa canción ,y su voz fantástica,el coro de las chicas me encanta
Gustavo Nykolas
Gustavo Nykolas 4 dias atrás
as visualizações dessa performance meu Deus, flowers você é gigante. ❤
Anahi Lopez
Anahi Lopez 3 dias atrás
Me gusta la letra!! Muy linda.
catnipszs 2 dias atrás
For ppl saying this is lip sync, have you not seen miley perform all songs in her album + more on NFL super bowl? How she trained really hard singing and belting while running in treadmill? How she practiced other things/exhibitions to strengthen her vocals and maintain it so she won’t ever need ‘lip sync? Miley is a queen ❤
Roger Franklin
Roger Franklin 3 dias atrás
She's absolutely crushing 2023 with her music ❤
7 stars
7 stars 17 dias atrás
She was born to be the star she is. Her evolution and growth are incredible. She’s a true icon. Thanks, Miley, for this amazing masterpiece.💛
Nica Reguera
Nica Reguera 5 dias atrás
Here’s the karaoke version I found of this very backyard session- Thank me later 😘
J4ke. 12 dias atrás
is my music okay?
Jonny Plays VR
Jonny Plays VR 16 dias atrás
what you talking about go and read the lyrics this is absoutley not okay
Anti Social 7
Anti Social 7 2 dias atrás
This is a great song. I’ve been hearing it on my nieces & nephews TikTok and decided to give it a listen. So glad that I did❤️
Torkel Witsø
Torkel Witsø 9 dias atrás
Ever since Wrecking Ball was released in 2013, I' ve been following this esteemed lady watching her rise and fall, and rise and fall again. How she always comes down on her feet, blaming no one but her self for what ever situation she ended up in, tells me that she' s tougher than most artists rising to fame and falling from grace. Stand tall always, Miley Cyrus, you are truly one of a kind.
Shirley Naylor
Shirley Naylor Dia atrás You will probably love this interview as much as I did. I was late to the Miley Party, but wow. What a singular person she is.
Sky ☆
Sky ☆ 7 dias atrás
That’s what I love about Miley. She’s so openly human and relatable in some ways.
no n
no n 7 dias atrás
Elias Gomes
Elias Gomes 3 dias atrás
maravilhosaaaaa ❤❤❤❤❤❤
El Robe
El Robe 3 dias atrás
Me apoyas 🙏
Crash123454321 4 dias atrás
This song will put her in the Hall of Fame, I'm sure of it!
Flyby 3 dias atrás
@Mibuk Desjarlais If Miley Cirus is rock and roll i´m pretty sure that Ed Sheeran is a gansta rapper.
Mibuk Desjarlais
Mibuk Desjarlais 3 dias atrás
Yep!!!!! And she'll be the youngest person to ever be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. As well as the only person of her generation to do so. Definitely manifesting that for sure. Miley is truly a living legend and an amazing icon of this time. 👑💖
Annie Chao
Annie Chao 5 dias atrás
This song has really helped alot of people going thru some hard times because of some bastards. The lyrics is healing, the melody is awesome! This will forever be one of my fav songs of all time!!
Cat Woman
Cat Woman 22 horas atrás
Lyrics are so true......wish I'd known this when I was stupid
Linda Aycoth
Linda Aycoth 4 dias atrás
Love this song, really helps me get over Alex, Paul, chris,robert,William, tom
Libby Lacy
Libby Lacy 17 dias atrás
Her live performances are stellar! Always hits the right notes. Love her.
_____ 7 dias atrás
This was obviously recorded live by how her voice doesn’t have that smooth feel and high notes compared to the music video.
Muzyka Disco
Muzyka Disco 11 dias atrás
@Ken Dec 👆☝☝
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson 16 dias atrás
@Ken Dec I had the same thought lol
Aaron T
Aaron T 16 dias atrás
Auto tune
Libertad Ruiz bonfill
He visto toda la evolucion de miley desde hana montana. Y vaya viaje No soy seguidora, me gustaba algun hit que otro Pero debo decir que con esta Miley si me identifico mas. Creo que esta en el mejor momento de su carrera hasta ahora. Temas geniales, esta radiante❤
Dani yorugua
Dani yorugua Dia atrás
Yo nunca le di bola a hanna montana, luego supe que la actriz y cantante estaba descontrolada, hecha una loca con drogas etc. Luego escuche su voz viral a capela del tema , nothing breack heart, y me enamore del tema y de la voz tan versátil de ella. Luego "prisioner" con dua lipa, y ahora varios temas de su nuevo disco. Y pese a ser hermosa su cariLinda nunca me llamó la atención.... Ahora amó todos sus gestos.
Christelle Ansel
Christelle Ansel Dia atrás
Beautiful, this song gives me goosebumps. She gets better with age.
Andri AA
Andri AA Dia atrás
She Is So Super Young. Been Been Knew Her Name But She Has Proven Herself To Little Ole Me With This 1.
DeStress With Dee
DeStress With Dee 2 dias atrás
Love!!! Love!!! Love!!! Listen to it everyday while working out!!! Thank you Miley 🥰💜✌
Evelyn Cortés
Evelyn Cortés Dia atrás
Eres Única Hanna Montana 💕❤️
Kaye 2 dias atrás
Absolutely LOVE this song! Can’t stop listening to it!
Andri AA
Andri AA Dia atrás
Ditto. Made My Vid Singing & Dancing To It Too.
Legend Music - Música Electrónica
Her voice has always been too powerful for pop, glad she's doing songs that perfectly fit her voice now
Richard Bolwell
Richard Bolwell 14 dias atrás
@Ethan's Tarot "her last album was rock"?. hmmm, I must have missed that release
Josias Lourenço
Josias Lourenço 15 dias atrás
Seguid la paz con todos, y la santidad, sin la cual nadie verá al Señor. Hebreos 12:14 Así que, arrepentíos y convertíos, para que sean borrados vuestros pecados; para que vengan de la presencia del Señor tiempos de refrigerio, Hechos 3:19 Vosotros veis, pues, que el hombre es justificado por las obras, y no solamente por la fe. Porque como el cuerpo sin espíritu está muerto, así también la fe sin obras está muerta. Santiago 2:24,26 Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree, no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna. Porque no envió Dios a su Hijo al mundo para condenar al mundo, sino para que el mundo sea salvo por él. Y esta es la condenación: que la luz vino al mundo, y los hombres amaron más las tinieblas que la luz, porque sus obras eran malas. El que cree en el Hijo tiene vida eterna; pero el que rehúsa creer en el Hijo no verá la vida, sino que la ira de Dios está sobre él. Juan 3:16-17,19,36
Jared Crites
Jared Crites 15 dias atrás
@Igor Kłosek did not said was wrong but too powerful, not the same
Maye bea
Maye bea Dia atrás
No ay nada mas importante que el amor propio ❤
Andromeda Omega
Andromeda Omega 2 dias atrás
Bellissima canzone,adoro Miley dai tempi di Hannah Montana! Bravissima 👏🏻 ❤🤗
surfsidelifer 3 dias atrás
Amen! Sing it babygirl! You have a voice that is just amazing! Love this...and you Miley and team!
Lai 5 dias atrás
Muito boa essa música ❤️❤️❤️
Gomez Selena
Gomez Selena 4 dias atrás
Yes my friend I love playing this song before taking my bath most tome❤!! He seems you like the song very much?
Debra Griffin
Debra Griffin Dia atrás
Love, love this song😂❤I find myself singing this song all the time, very inspirational, the words are. Inspiring for any woman ❤
Safiiruu 17 dias atrás
Miley has been genuine throughout the years. Showing us who she is in each phase of her growth and healing. A reminder that healing is not linear-and has its up and downs. Beautiful Miley! 🫶🏻
Don't Read Profile Photo
Eny Moraes
Eny Moraes 22 horas atrás
Maravilhooooosa ♥
May 8 dias atrás
i suspected this was playback for the first minute. but i recognised right away that that mic was OOOOOON. she's amazing. she's able to sing just like or even better than the studio version. mind-blowing.
sr96 Dia atrás
I followed her whole career you can’t find any playback live from miley cyrus. Except the hannah montana era 😅
Crystal Alzebidi
Crystal Alzebidi 2 dias atrás
Watch her from H.Montana to this iconic stage ! She looks so amazing I'm so proud of her! It's been a pleasure Miley ❤
María López
María López 5 dias atrás
Hermosa canción
Di Bôa !!!
Di Bôa !!! 4 dias atrás
É muito top ..🎉🎉🎉
alisson selene zamudio espinoza
I think she has a special place in our hearts because a lot of us got to watch her grow up. It’s so cool to see her evolution as an artist and as a person. 🥰
Mibuk Desjarlais
Mibuk Desjarlais 3 dias atrás
@MICHAEL CLAYTON Thank you for the insight General Obvious. ☺️👍
Mibuk Desjarlais
Mibuk Desjarlais 3 dias atrás
And while she was growing up we all grew up right along with her. ☺️💖
cineva 000
cineva 000 3 dias atrás
alisson selene zamudio espinoza
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 4 dias atrás
Sin lugar a dudas, Miley se está convirtiendo en la mejor cantante de todos los tiempos. Es grande. Bella. Talentosa. Si sus canciones de estudio son hermosos, sus sesiones en vivo son maravillosas. Y eso solo lo hacen los grandes.
Flyby 2 dias atrás
@Carol Jennifer Saavedra Maldonado Ok, conversacion terminada, una discucion entre una persona racional que expone puntos Vs un fanatico cegado nunca termina en nada, si Michael es lo mejor de todos los tiempos, es el rey (no se bien que signfique eso), fue el mejor en todo incluso seguro tocaba la guitarra mejor que Steve Bai.
Carol Jennifer Saavedra Maldonado
@Flyby Es porque así es!! No hay, no hubo, ni habrá alguien cómo Michael jamás..!! Por algo siempre será el Rey 💗
Wesley Mills
Wesley Mills 2 dias atrás
Nuts man . No way best of all time.
Flyby 3 dias atrás
@Carol Jennifer Saavedra Maldonado Fan de Michael aqui, pero te pasa lo mismo que al que inicio el comentario y eso es el fanatismo cegador, en principio y como dijo mi profesor de canto, "los mejores cantantes del mundo son los de opera", partiendo de esa premisa irrefutable porque en cuestiones tecnicas Michael Jackson no compite contra Pavarotti, Michael estaria sin duda entre lo mejor a nivel canto dentro de lo comercial, hay y hubo muchos Michael Jackson´s que no surgieron comercialmente (ya que muchas cosas entran en juego para eso , no solo el talento), si no que tambien el canto es algo muy subjetivo, Porque Jackson seria mejor que Stevie Wonder, Luther Wandross, Freedy Mercuri,Sinatra, o incluso artistas actuales como The Weekend?, nadie duda de lo increible de su voz, pero todas estas cuestiones de ser el mejor ademas de tontas son muy dificil de evaluar por no decir imposibles, tales frases surge del fanatismo y de la estupida necesidad de validar los gustos personales poniendolo en lo mejor del mundo, o sea mi banda favorita es "Boards of canada", pero no me surge la necesidad de decir que son la mejor banda de electronica, son simplemente la banda que a mi me gusta mas.
Leonel Alvarez Escobar
Se me eriza la piel...!!! Es un himno realmente. Me ayudó también a seguir adelante después de la estafa emocional.. descubrir que PUEDO AMARME MEJOR es la clave del AMOR PROPIO que siento HOY, SINCERAMENTE, POR MI. ❤ HERMOSA INTERPRETACION.
Teresa Costilla
Teresa Costilla 20 horas atrás
Me encante este tema de miley ❤❤👍
Danila Lopes
Danila Lopes 9 dias atrás
Miley nunca nos decepciona. Sempre arrasa!❤❤❤
The Blind Symphoney
The Blind Symphoney 9 dias atrás
ShaPotty Potty Bang! -Lopsoh Qwicks
Sulamita Macedo
Sulamita Macedo Dia atrás
Houuuu Como nos representa essa música Miley Thank you so much for being our voice, so many times. Inspiration
Valerie Chemistry
Valerie Chemistry 16 dias atrás
This proves that if you are really talented, singing in your own backyard can look/feel like a grand stage. Great job Miley
Robin Skull
Robin Skull 15 dias atrás
AdoptmeDayz 15 dias atrás
Its not her backyard
yammmit 15 dias atrás
it helps to have lighting and legit camera work lol
JPH Gaming
JPH Gaming 15 dias atrás
Sure, she is a very talented singer, but I think what makes this look and feel like a performance on a grand stage is the production around her. The band, the mixing, the lighting, the camera work... The budget for this performance must've been pretty large just to make it seem close, intimate and small scale.
MSLadyT (MSLADYT) 6 dias atrás
I love this song ❤
Marcela SofÍa
Marcela SofÍa 9 dias atrás
Excelente canción y excelentes músicos
David 3 dias atrás
Just a pure fist of emotion She's THE ARTIST How to convert a great emotional hurt in a MASTERPIECE
Andreea Ilie
Andreea Ilie 6 dias atrás
Sounds better than the video ❤❤❤❤❤ amazing voice and such an angel 😇
Shel Bell
Shel Bell 8 dias atrás
If this is the only song I hear for the rest of my life I would be happy with that❤
Aisha Upmanyu
Aisha Upmanyu 16 dias atrás
She sounds better Live than majority of the artists! So much genuine talent!! 👏🏻👏🏻
Aisha Upmanyu
Aisha Upmanyu 16 dias atrás
@Sanchayan Sarkar it is. There's 0 lip syncing. It's raw
Aisha Upmanyu
Aisha Upmanyu 16 dias atrás
@Aman kumar Agrawal Absolutely. Just heard their live recently. Was brilliant
omar ali
omar ali 16 dias atrás
All” Except shakira & sia
COZZYVIBEZ 16 dias atrás
@Sanchayan Sarkar yes it is, Miley never lip sings…
Mildred I Sanchez
Mildred I Sanchez 2 dias atrás
This song is a message for every woman of the universe for us to open our eyes when we are in a relationship that we need to treat ourselves better instead of waiting for a man to make you happy. You have to love yourself better instead of waiting for someone to love you better.
Liz Schuller
Liz Schuller Dia atrás
She is real talent , love this performer.
Carolina Bridi de Souza
Юра Павлович
Юра Павлович 10 horas atrás
Просто супер, вот так можно обойтись и без любимого человека сильная девушка сама все заделать, и имя на песочке нарисует и купит сама цветочки ❤🎉
Paul Belomesoff
Paul Belomesoff 2 dias atrás
She’s absolutely amazing ❤❤❤❤❤
Kevin B
Kevin B 16 dias atrás
So glad Miley is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Absolutely phenomenal 💜💜💜
Dance girl22
Dance girl22 2 dias atrás
She is so talented and so amazing!
Adalto Lopes
Adalto Lopes 4 dias atrás
Eu não entendo nada mas eu escuto ❤
Atika Najla
Atika Najla 2 dias atrás
I love every miley backyard sessions ❤❤❤
Manuel Raposo
Manuel Raposo 6 dias atrás
I absolutely love this song! This woman will go down in music history ❤️
Richard Rivero
Richard Rivero 6 dias atrás
La Amooo❤
Latisia Syariva
Latisia Syariva 16 dias atrás
I love how she's feeling herself to the music. It's so carefree. Like how we sing when we're alone in the house, nobody's watching so we can really let loose. That's how she sings here and I love it
Muzyka Disco
Muzyka Disco 11 dias atrás
@Darien Battice 👆☝☝
Floriana Crisan
Floriana Crisan 14 dias atrás
@Trey M Jumătate melodia cânta fetele din baching????....melodia este frumoasă și atât !!!!
Trey M
Trey M 15 dias atrás
Yeah she owned that shit. Good vibes.
#IAmGermanV 5 dias atrás
Alexander Leal
Alexander Leal 5 dias atrás
Miley es atrevida, expectacular y sin miedo, felicitaciones
The Blind Symphoney
The Blind Symphoney 3 dias atrás
Muy bonito! -Sickey Legg and Lopsoh
The Green Guitarist
The Green Guitarist 5 dias atrás
I always come back to this video. Absolute masterpiece 👊
Elis Blanco
Elis Blanco 4 dias atrás
Desde Venezuela reportando. Me encanta esta canción.
linsam1962 8 dias atrás
Powerful song with a powerful message! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Worldwide Wyatt
Worldwide Wyatt 16 dias atrás
She’s always been very talented, but she’s grown into being one of the best right before our eyes. She’s one of the few who escaped from Disney and the destructiveness of child stardom.
Muzyka Disco
Muzyka Disco 11 dias atrás
@Ethan's Tarot 👆☝☝
Hilly Billy
Hilly Billy 14 dias atrás
flowers are a code word ADRENOCHROME
mery laura rosales leon
😍😍 gracias por sacar una cancion para nosotras las mujeres Te amamos❤
Rosario Larion
Rosario Larion 6 dias atrás
Miley Cyrus❤-- REALLY ROCKS. So funky. Thank you for sharing.
MKE 9 dias atrás
I cant get over her with this song. She always rocks. Keep singing your heart out Miley. ❤
Cristina Gema fons escrhiuela
Que voz más bonita gracias 😘
Crystal R. Castillo
Crystal R. Castillo 18 horas atrás
she is killing it 🖤💄
Jefferson Gabriel Lopes
É assim que você faz versões ao vivo melhores que os estúdios. Tome notas pessoas.
C Ximenes
C Ximenes 16 dias atrás
Millena Auzier
Millena Auzier 16 dias atrás
Sim!!! Pra eles é mais fácil pq não usam tanto efeito na voz
Glenny Elias
Glenny Elias Dia atrás
Mi inspiración 😍
Mayra Lenzi
Mayra Lenzi 5 dias atrás
Wow. I always admired her. But now she just better than ever ❤
Dan Garay
Dan Garay 3 dias atrás
Que discaso ❤❤❤ la madurez la voz ...ella otra ...bellaaa
kim catherine patience
Such a great, just love it.
Kaeselle 14 horas atrás
Love the melody and words👍🏻👏🏼💐💖🥰
steve dawg
steve dawg 17 dias atrás
THIS is how you show real talent..LIVE, no studio enhancement...true talent.
Sanchayan Sarkar
Sanchayan Sarkar 16 dias atrás
This is not live.
Regina Oliveira & Arthur José
Música perfeita amooo
Ken Dec
Ken Dec 16 dias atrás
Yeah, this is not live. Not even close.
TheDutch GamerNl
TheDutch GamerNl 16 dias atrás
This is 1 million percent studio enhanced
Daniel Lachowski
Daniel Lachowski 6 dias atrás
Francisco Barreiro jimenez
LISA E 6 dias atrás
Love life this song ❤❤❤and she looks amazing 👍
Tomás Andrés Castillo
Una obra maestra.
Martin McDonald
Martin McDonald 4 dias atrás
Pure POP magic. Simple as.
Martin Ortega
Martin Ortega 16 dias atrás
Ella está a un nivel diferente. Fuera de los charts, fuera de los puestos ella es la mejor de la generación 🇦🇷👑
César RV
César RV 13 dias atrás
@Judith Bizama Es cuestión de gustos, claro. Pero no es la mejor de su generación.
Judith Bizama
Judith Bizama 13 dias atrás
​@César RV no exageran Es verdad es la mejor
César RV
César RV 16 dias atrás
Tampoco hay que exagerar.
Halo28 16 dias atrás
Es un hecho que Miley es muuucho más que artistas de tiktok y de moda, no necesita de charts para romperla, la más versátil y talentosa
Zouhair Yahya
Zouhair Yahya 2 dias atrás
Dear Miley, vous avez une belle voix ❤
Igor 4 dias atrás
Kimberly Clayton
Kimberly Clayton 6 dias atrás
So much talent
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