Mila Kunis Teaches Her Kids to Stand Up For Themselves | Mom Confessions | BUBBLE

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This week, Mila Kunis confesses her biggest parenting fail, talks raising an independent daughter, and tells us why she can’t lie to her kids anymore.


It’s time for celebrity moms and dads to get honest about parenthood. In this series, they’ll reveal the meanest thing their kids have said to them, their biggest parenting fails, and advice to future parents. Stars - they’re just like us (a little afraid of their kids).

Bubble is content for moms, dads, aunties, and anyone crazy enough to be raising little humans. Consider this your break, your safe space to talk about parenting honestly - the ups, the downs, the laugh-out-loud moments, and the laugh-so-you-don’t-cry moments. Give yourself a timeout. You deserve it.



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19 Out 2021



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Comentários 69
Flammy Mês atrás
That’s a story that starts with “when I grew up in Soviet Russia…” so she’s fine
Penguinable Mês atrás
I'd say the same... when i had my first fight in school, my dad asked me, if the guy looks at least worse than me. If you let people to be their punching bag, you will always be the one on the ground. I'm not saying be rude or agressive, i'm saying dont be punching bag ;) and dont be afraid to get hit. Just hit harder :)
Late Bloom
Late Bloom Mês atrás
Mila, you did right! My dad taught me the same thing, kids in Ukraine were mean sometimes and I was taught some karate 😅
Kids need to fight back.
Nascar Aunt Amanda
Nascar Aunt Amanda Mês atrás
She's incredibly refreshing. She sounds like a top notch mom. 💪💪
zabimaru1775 Mês atrás
I support both you in everything you do. I follow ideas as well long I knew you did. All this means that you are normal people at the end of the day.
GLENDA Truman Mês atrás
I was never taught to believe in Santa or Easter Bunny.
Linda Billy
Linda Billy Mês atrás
I think the mom was right.
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith Mês atrás
Actually brutal that they put the Santa Claus part in here with no warning! We live in small quarters here and my phone was on full volume! Brutal! I told one friend this happened to me while playing this video with kids nearby and she said SHE also watched this video with kids in room ans had to fumble for the mute button! Kinda brutal, Ellen channel! Ps. Ya ya.. we shouldn’t be watching videos with kids nearby.. but this is a family friendly show and let’s be honest.. we all multi-task!
Eslah Yecal
Eslah Yecal Mês atrás
she said spoiler alert and they were on the topic of lies......
Michael Lynn blocker “mutt”
I’m Michael
Xeno Darsh
Xeno Darsh Mês atrás
You taught your daughter right Mila Lady, I think Ashton is a ittle girl's daddy.
peacedipiro Mês atrás
@Kt85 0
Kt85 Mês atrás
Exactly I told my kids that if bully hits you hit them back and his parents no no. I told them yes yes since you don't know anything about bullies have been bullied No they haven't I have not fun being being chased to get hit.That's normal reaction to fight back.
Me King
Me King Mês atrás
Even people in third world countries wash up in a river 🤔
Anthony Peters
Anthony Peters Mês atrás
Best Advice ever!
Michael G
Michael G Mês atrás
My mom would have said, what did you do to deserve that?
Sugar Sugar
Sugar Sugar Mês atrás
Yup mine too. Always was accountable even when it wasn’t my fault
Samuraith Beyond
Samuraith Beyond Mês atrás
It's fine if your defending yourself when actually "fighting" a bully. But when it's another child who just is pushing you if you respond it's what they want. And I'm referring to the article she stated on telling her daughter to push someone back. It just escalates the situation doesn't solve it.
Studio G Vision
Studio G Vision Mês atrás
@Samuraith Beyond I was bullied plenty. You do it your way if you must. I will determine what is "worse" for my family. In the, we choose for ourselves.
Samuraith Beyond
Samuraith Beyond Mês atrás
@Studio G Vision uhhh no. Acting with violence only makes things worse.
Studio G Vision
Studio G Vision Mês atrás
Violating ones personal space absolutely warrants a proportional response.
Samuraith Beyond
Samuraith Beyond Mês atrás
@Mauricio it's one thing if there's no other way, when you can't walk away, but escalating it just because a child which bear that in mind, is acting irrational, doesn't make sense either.
Mauricio Mês atrás
Where I’m from we solve bullying giving the bully a good punch to the gut or two.
Ian James
Ian James Mês atrás
Shut up, Meg.
dad rabbit
dad rabbit Mês atrás
Well I was told to be smart and first strike to avoid and not go looking for a fight. But be ready to defend yourself.
Mason Starship
Mason Starship Mês atrás
Yes teach your kids to fight back
Seidenschnabel Federflügel
I like this segment. 😊
LaTonya Jones
LaTonya Jones Mês atrás
They wouldn't have to if the family showered more. Never make an excuse to be a permissive parent.
zabimaru1775 Mês atrás
That just means their water bill is cheaper compared to yours.
Elena Solis
Elena Solis Mês atrás
What does showering have to do with being bullied??
Annette Anderson
Annette Anderson Mês atrás
We told our kids that everyone is Santa Claus...that the season and Santa are about giving. So we donated to the food bank, put together baskets for neighbors in need, toys for kids, etc.
Btar Doja
Btar Doja Mês atrás
The Ellen show is the best...
Tabi Mês atrás
Don’t they only have to stand up for themselves because they smell?
Hellofallwinter Mês atrás
Little kids don’t get stinky unless they are covered in foul smelling things or if they don’t bathe for months and months? Not sure how long kids can go without bathing before they smell. Depends on the individual but humans probably start to smell when they start to have body changes aka puberty
Alyssa Nautica
Alyssa Nautica Mês atrás
🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌faith restored after those bath and presents and leaving them no money comments hahaha
Jordan Dempsey
Jordan Dempsey Mês atrás
Really!? I’m going to be exactly like her when I grow up.
Suraj Rasaili
Suraj Rasaili Mês atrás
Shutup Meg!😝
Lu Lima
Lu Lima Mês atrás
Hard to believe in that since u are not good enough not even to be an example to teach your kids they do have to shower every day. I am sorry, how a Kid its going to stand up for themselves if the basic hygiene they apparently never learned ?!
Lu Lima
Lu Lima Mês atrás
@zabimaru1775 oh i am sorry if my english its not perfect, but I do speak other 4 languages. English its not my primary. But of course U dont have this problem in your life. hahahahahaha
surlespasdondine Mês atrás
@Crimson Clover not every day.
zabimaru1775 Mês atrás
Shut up, learn some grammar
surlespasdondine Mês atrás
@Lu Lima dermatologists say every day is NOT recommended.
Elena Solis
Elena Solis Mês atrás
And btw they wash there main body parts that need to be cleaned daily so....
Don’t know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! ❤️
Ashley Stromseth
Ashley Stromseth Mês atrás
Thx. So are you!
Saranya Sevda
Saranya Sevda Mês atrás
*my mom taught me this* *never start a fight. but if someone hits you first, hit them twice. YOU end it*
Kel Mês atrás
@apiece ofdirt 🤣
zabimaru1775 Mês atrás
Tom S.
Tom S. Mês atrás
My Dad taught me the same.
apiece ofdirt
apiece ofdirt Mês atrás
Don’t you mean “birthing person?” lol
Ashley Stromseth
Ashley Stromseth Mês atrás
Love this! Im gonna teach My Son this.
SlidV Mês atrás
You HAVE to, good for her 😄
ardita haxha
ardita haxha Mês atrás
Gorgeous Woman 👩🏻 💜
Ian James
Ian James Mês atrás
@Kirsten P I second that. Any opposed?!?
Kirsten P
Kirsten P Mês atrás
I agree. She’s BEAUTIFUL!
Darvin Charles
Darvin Charles Mês atrás
To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer ✨💕
Ian James
Ian James Mês atrás
@chuckface06 could I get tree fiddy off of you?
Ashley Stromseth
Ashley Stromseth Mês atrás
You as well.
chuckface06 Mês atrás
Thanks cuh Loan me $5?
Off Course
Off Course Mês atrás
1 viewe
Ian James
Ian James Mês atrás
Cool story bro
very nice 742
very nice 742 Mês atrás
nice work
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