midnight aura. [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]

The Jazz Hop Café
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🌃 for those serene moments at the end of a long day
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01 00:00 miscél - When You Left
02 02:44 Jay-Lounge & Jordy Chandra - Puddles
*03 06:10 hoogway - soulful eyes
04 09:08 Jordy Chandra - Reminiscing Night
05 12:40 WYS - Have A Beer
06 15:38 lofty - locked away (ft. imfinenow)
07 17:08 Jordy Chandra - Talking to You On a Rain Day
08 19:36 biosphere - when in rome
*09 22:00 Nohone - Nothing But A Dream
10 24:46 BeyondChivalry - r e l a x i n g
11 26:48 bace - the train (where i met you)
*12 29:56 Dragon Roots - October
13 33:00 Styn, Sebastian Kamae & Sleepermane - Bonsai
14 35:26 Chef Boy RJ - Moss Garden
15 37:36 Poik Lounge - Feeling Ocean
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23 Mai 2019



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Comentários 80
The Jazz Hop Café
The Jazz Hop Café Anos atrás
💤 nothing beats sitting on a balcony at night, closing your eyes and drifting away to sleepy music... mobile *tracklist* 01 00:00 miscél - When You Left 02 02:44 Jay-Lounge & Jordy Chandra - Puddles 03 06:10 hoogway - soulful eyes 04 09:08 Jordy Chandra - Reminiscing Night 05 12:40 WYS - Have A Beer 06 15:38 lofty - locked away (ft. imfinenow) 07 17:08 Jordy Chandra - Talking to You On a Rain Day 08 19:36 biosphere - when im rome 09 22:00 Nohone - Nothing But A Dream 10 24:46 BeyondChivalry - r e l a x i n g 11 26:48 bace - the train (where i met you) 12 29:56 Dragon Roots - October 13 33:00 Styn, Sebastian Kamae & Sleepermane - Bonsai 14 35:26 Chef Boy RJ - Moss Garden 15 37:36 Poik Lounge - Feeling Ocean 16 39:14 biosphere - expectations 🎧 you can listen to this mix on *spotify* too
Envy Jo
Envy Jo 19 horas atrás
@Tato Noot XD
aron ramses villalobos arvilla
Polish Jerry
Polish Jerry 4 dias atrás
Stay positive
Jerry Sharma
Jerry Sharma 23 dias atrás
@DerpyPotato same :/
Savage CuCumber
Savage CuCumber 27 dias atrás
I don’t have a balcony •_•
BA6IC 2 horas atrás
Any lofi producers tryna work?
Aria O'Neil
Aria O'Neil 5 horas atrás
I think it's weird that I can't sleep unless I'm listening to lofi If I'm not then I missing sleep I'm not making this up I promise
Atom Punk55
Atom Punk55 10 horas atrás
Sitting outside of the night, cool air breezes over the skin, with the hot cocoa mixed to perfection, smoking the fresh joint and the laptop watching the news with the many endless amounts of fails by groups of dumb people
hayheyk 19 horas atrás
What i would give to have a fuckin space just like that...a small balcony where i could fuckin smoke and think, listen to some beats.....but nope, i live in fuckin big brother,cant do shit..
Чай Поможет
Чай Поможет 22 horas atrás
Smoking is for losers
TheOriginalMan Dia atrás
JoseBR520 / NoobContent
It was 1AM when I searched for lofi mixes , this one was the first to show up and I looped it after it started. It is now 3:20 AM , I finished my house on minecraft and here I am writing this..
Akshay Mehmi
Akshay Mehmi Dia atrás
This is my "WFH" music
scooby's snack
scooby's snack Dia atrás
this comment section gives me faith in humanity (no toxicity, no hate, no negativity) be kind!
Hi_Hate Dia atrás
check out my lo fi track
The Bridge
The Bridge Dia atrás
I constantly try to meditate myself into a Lofi video. I want to live in the arts for real
Chal Rehnday
Chal Rehnday 2 dias atrás
Hip hop Beats Chill Relaxing Study Music
SP777 2 dias atrás
new lofi track:
dark DARK
dark DARK 3 dias atrás
the best nighttime vibe
Hung Yurn
Hung Yurn 3 dias atrás
I love all of you! be safe!
U needme
U needme 3 dias atrás
22:00 Nohone - Nothing But A Dream Is that ocean eyes!?! EDIT: I didn't mean, like, the melody. I meant there are parts of someone humming the song. 😅
Ceci Anderson
Ceci Anderson 3 dias atrás
hoogway - soulful eyes aka the cronch song
natalum 3 dias atrás
One of my faves, I come back to this often. Thank you.
Finn 4 dias atrás
If someone want to listen to my lofi track i would be happy :) thanks
Esteban Bedoya
Esteban Bedoya 4 dias atrás
this kind of music is super nice for doing homework
bloxsclaymation 4 dias atrás
Its late out, every ones sleeping why are you not?
Jota Del Toro
Jota Del Toro 5 dias atrás
I love this 🖤
Fair Family
Fair Family 5 dias atrás
Круто! Кто дует чекните музон наш! Обожаем лоу фай!
changel08 5 dias atrás
i really love this community
Mr Jeff
Mr Jeff 5 dias atrás
smoking is bad for your health ))
Domi Sosa
Domi Sosa 5 dias atrás
Es como escuchar el arrorro mi niño
Fiorella Nav
Fiorella Nav 6 dias atrás
The best video ♥️♥️♥️♥️💤💤
Steve 7 dias atrás
its 2:20 am wtf am i doing here and why do i like it so much ?
NorthwindLab 5 dias atrás
Read your comment at 2:20 AM hehe
Steve 7 dias atrás
i dont't understsnd why people just stop fighting and hating and just love the world around them and apprecite the amazing natural wonder. if everyone was just to stop all their busy lives for a second and just look. just look around and see how beautiful the world around them is. i just wish there was no hate or crime in the world and that everyone just experience the true beauty of this landscape we live in.
Sebastian Castillo
Sebastian Castillo 7 dias atrás
ty 4 this
Arlo study music
Arlo study music 7 dias atrás
Lofi pictures hit different.
MonoLuxy 7 dias atrás
This makes me feel like I’m drugged up
krupa jain
krupa jain 8 dias atrás
Imagine yourself sitting next to your window in your room at the top floor, gazing at the forest seen at a distance, everything is so calm and you get lost with the music and the whisper of forests. 🥰🥰🥰
krupa jain
krupa jain 13 horas atrás
Thank you sir
Victor Gameplay
Victor Gameplay 13 horas atrás
Translate to brazil from english
krupa jain
krupa jain 15 horas atrás
What does it mean
Victor Gameplay
Victor Gameplay 7 dias atrás
Sim, aproveitar a brisa do momento, aproveitar o agora, no lugar certo, na hora certa, no momento certo.
Mini_G4M3R YT
Mini_G4M3R YT 8 dias atrás
So chill to play minecraft or something like that
Peppi Kajava
Peppi Kajava 8 dias atrás
How does life go so fast
꧁༒•Fauzan Gans•༒꧂
Sometimes loneliness makes me feel happy.
say sike right now
say sike right now 8 dias atrás
too much of it is bad doe
Imp Again!~
Imp Again!~ 9 dias atrás
I was really into this until it felt like someone was eating chips or popcorn right in my ear. Still love it just dsklfajds had to skip that one
Joe Edwards
Joe Edwards 9 dias atrás
Where was lofi in the 80s?
Joe Edwards
Joe Edwards 9 dias atrás
I feel like sitting alone on a quiet night just chilling out overlooking a lonely street in Tokyo. Boy do I miss Japan!
TheIzzidor 9 dias atrás
This is like the least toxic comment section ever, for all these relaxing lofi beat and other relaxing compilation music. so glad to be a part of this community.
HipHop Journal
HipHop Journal 9 dias atrás
It's 2:15 AM and it's blissful out here in India ❤️ Lo-fi for life ✌🏾
Juliana Santos
Juliana Santos 9 dias atrás
gostei muito da separação das músicas.
MMJA XXXIII 9 dias atrás
The AC unit 🖤
Kris E
Kris E 10 dias atrás
The imagery is beautiful ~
Huw Jones
Huw Jones 10 dias atrás
Amanda Nguyen
Amanda Nguyen 10 dias atrás
I had to fricken witness someone bully someone for being adopted. AND OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BAD I WANTED TO DO SOMETHING BAD. He lost both his parents. I dont know him irl but i know what it is to lose just one parent. And its horrible. just horrible. bc u just lose everything pretty much. but he lost both. it hurt me to see the bully saying,"They dead bc ur weird" GRRRRRRRR (ik im weird but plz understand) i calmed down just listening to this or any kind of music but my point is: one: to the bullies around the world: STOP JUST STOP its rude and bad, just dont do it i cant explain how negative it is to bully others two: to the people who have lost loved ones: I hope that u will have a wonderful life ahead three: people who created this: THANK YOU SO MUCHHH IT HELPS WITH MANY SITUATIONS FOR ME THANK YOU SO MUCH IM FOREVER GREATFUL four: to the people reading this: I'm sorry my comment is a little long but i had to get the message through. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe from the virus! I hope you will have a great day/night! LOVE YOU FROM A RANDOM STRANGER!!!!💜
Aubrey Dawson
Aubrey Dawson 10 dias atrás
at 22:10 did anyone else think that guy sounded like Matthew McConaughey?
Lo-Fi Station
Lo-Fi Station 11 dias atrás
New Lo-Fi (
Song Tử Channel
Song Tử Channel 11 dias atrás
Finally a missing piece of my soul has returned
OP Triceratop
OP Triceratop 11 dias atrás
The lofi comment sections are the best comment sections
Chloe M
Chloe M 12 dias atrás
i LOVE the lofi art style
mxtcha_peachtea 12 dias atrás
Its a beautiful day outside. The golden hour time is ending. Everything is fine , the popular kids making fun of the "poor" kids bc thay can't afford an iphone or better chlothes . Im just chilling at the window , with my teddy bear. Im too scared to go outside bc of the mean ppl. Boys and girls are at my cherry tree and eating them all , my grandmother yelling at them to stop .They didn't. It isn't fair at all.
Lisa Del'mac
Lisa Del'mac 12 dias atrás
шикарная музыка, особенно для йоги) спасибо
Leticia 12 dias atrás
Hi guys, I made a playlist can you give feedback? It's on my channel
sarah 13 dias atrás
This is my favorite lofi video by far. Thank you for this. ✨
josh 13 dias atrás
this is a really good fucking playlist
Kepps 13 dias atrás
Hearth broken
James Howell
James Howell 13 dias atrás
When did the comments move
WORLDGAMER 14 dias atrás
this makes my soul ache
Space Jams Music
Space Jams Music 14 dias atrás Hey guys I released my ambient chill hop track yesterday. Do give it a listen.
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 14 dias atrás
listen to this music its amaze @UCM9_bCTYU9U95DZz36wg6Bg
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 14 dias atrás
listen to this music its amaze @UCM9_bCTYU9U95DZz36wg6Bg
悠介三宅 14 dias atrás
He can get leg cramp lol
M f
M f 14 dias atrás
this is new chill music channel i want to share with you
TuesdayTea 15 dias atrás
its 3:21 AM Im finishing this endless work that I cant absorb. I hate it. And yet, sitting here in my bed, looking at the glow in the dark stars still on my ceiling from when I was a kid, I feel at home. i feel safe. i feel good. i promise, someday, you''ll be happy. Even if you don't think you ever will. a year ago I was lost and suicidal and thinking I had no one to turn to. i don't know what I did different, but im okay now. You'll be okay too, I promise, dear friend. You matter. i love you.
Imani Jones
Imani Jones 15 dias atrás
I love how calm and accepting the lofi community is.
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes 15 dias atrás
Love this channel. (-:
Hannah Po
Hannah Po 15 dias atrás
This is the kind of jams I wanna hear when I enter a cafe post-COVID-19, not some generic pop song.
eliza Hyder
eliza Hyder 15 dias atrás
how to make such illustrations man
Aylina 00
Aylina 00 15 dias atrás
Reminds me of a real life animal crossing version
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall 15 dias atrás
Damn, that cig tho
Magik Zebra
Magik Zebra 15 dias atrás
I could never do what this person in this picture is doing, my neighbors are too nosy.
Shahrein Suhaimi
Shahrein Suhaimi 15 dias atrás
may the LORD bless all people in this community until the very end of world..
Scrange 13 dias atrás
God Bless
EliaRT 15 dias atrás
I'm in love with someone for nearly 8 years now. And it's not something I'm free to say to anyone around me without them asking things I don't want to hear. So I say it here because I know you all will not care and not judge for whoever I love. It's not that I don't want to share my feelings, I do it all the time, for a lot of subjects, with people who are dear to me, and they share theirs with me too. But for this, it has to stay in my mind, until I may one day meet someone who will truly understand what I bear... I'm still really happy to have to "go through" this tho, I really am. Since this love makes me feel complete, and I regret nothing. I still need to let it out, just this once. Thanks for listening.
Nad Stwn
Nad Stwn 9 dias atrás
@EliaRT Ayy, You're welcome :) I wish all the best for you, and you too, have a great day :D Don't forget to stay healthy, wash your hands, and get enough sleep! :D
EliaRT 9 dias atrás
@Nad Stwn Thanks for your reply. You know, I've been scared that one day I would change and stop loving what I started to get attached to back in the day. Because we all kind of go through the famous " It's just a phase, you'll change your mind one day. " someone told us at some point apparently 😅 Today I went pass that period where I would question myself about if those feelings of mine were truly real or if they would actually fade with time. It's been going on for so long and I'm trusting myself that I'll never forget them. They may evolve, but never dissapear. I'm just thinking about all of those little ones going through this anxiety, hearing those words without knowing how to react... I still thinks it's a good thing to be able to have some objectivity about yourself, but experimenting it all alone, surrounded by people remembering you daily that you will change one day and that what you do or who you love right now is wrong or weird or just a kid thing, it's so stressful and cruel... I could go on like this for days, but I should stop now maybe, those are my inner thoughts and I don't really get to share them that much ^^' Thanks again for your kind comment, I always keep in mind that I should keep doing the things I love forever, and make the person I wish to be real :D I hope you're having a great day.
Nad Stwn
Nad Stwn 11 dias atrás
Whoever you love is your business, but there's one thing that my past friend always say to me. "Don't ever give up for doing what you love, because that's what make us go through all of that painful yet beautiful experience and that's what make us human even if it's painful, you'll be fine tomorrow" So yeah, you're doing just fine just hang in there a little bit longer, your happiness is coming to you, my brother.
LaPalabraDeDios777 15 dias atrás
I would like to share my blogs with you guys, no spam, Good Knowledge :) Remember Jesus Loves you And He Died So you may Live Eternally, as long as you choose to Accept His Sacrifice for your sins :D May The Lord Jesus Christ Bless you! :D
Shawn Austin Escudero
Shawn Austin Escudero 15 dias atrás
26:48 I want you back by Matthaios
windrunner 16 dias atrás
hey guys, I just failed a math class for the second time. I'm kinda bummed about it because I feel like my friend is leaving me behind, but my other friend who was behind me is now catching up to me so he said we can take the class together if he passes his math class. Right now the world is crazy(I'm from new york city where its been scary). I'm happy to be alive, and I know there is an inner strength that will guide me through the future. If you read this far, thank you it feels great knowing someone cares. I love you
cowboytreetop Dia atrás
stay strong and safe lil homie
Jackie Paterniti
Jackie Paterniti 8 dias atrás
i love you too :) and im wishing for the best for you! it'll all work out in the end
Riya Kumar
Riya Kumar 8 dias atrás
I wish you well 🙂
Nad Stwn
Nad Stwn 11 dias atrás
Hang in there a little longer my friend, everything will get better soon :) Don't worry about it, and stay healthy out there.
EliaRT 15 dias atrás
I failed to get in the 2nd year of my university, it was chaos not so long ago but it's starting to get better... slowly... So it will surely get better for you too, if you keep your great spirit :D ! I wish you the best in life.
mithin dev
mithin dev 16 dias atrás
When i discovered lofi.....i feel i have been missing something all this time
esther babz
esther babz 16 dias atrás
the ads tho i put it on full volume for music then an ad come and i’m like WHAT IS GOING ON
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