Microsoft word tutorial |How to insert images into word document table

rahmat maulana
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Learn Microsoft word:learning how to easily insert an image into the table in the document Microsoft word 2007. Note: To reduce file size, save : PDF file.
- Learn ms word easily:
- Learn ms excel easily:
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- Learn photoshop easily:
- Mix Tutorial:

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31 Mar 2016

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Wojciech Bialogonski Year 10
wowies very helplful thank you now i know how to plug in the etherent cabel for my grandsons computer :D
Azza Aljassmi
Azza Aljassmi Dia atrás
Thank you its very clear us you mentioning the way to upload the photo step by step
JC02official Dia atrás
Why does this have 16 million views. Seriously.
kafootball playz
kafootball playz Dia atrás
nice joke forya beats
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie Dia atrás
awful instructional video. Doesn't do anything to sell the thing
lz5pn Dia atrás
Same can be done with Libre Office ;)
Anissa Short
Anissa Short Dia atrás
not more
Paul Henry
Paul Henry 2 dias atrás
good toturial
Marcus broown
Marcus broown 2 dias atrás
like this
Elvin Sania
Elvin Sania 2 dias atrás
nice baby
Ryan Connell
Ryan Connell 2 dias atrás
This saved my life.
Olayemi Awoeyo
Olayemi Awoeyo 2 dias atrás
why is this in my recommended.
Anonymous KSO
Anonymous KSO 2 dias atrás
JB 6000
JB 6000 3 dias atrás
Im not an access expert although I found that if it says enter parameter value it means that one created a parameter query. Click on parameter and this is on the 2013 version though and it shows a table where you can enter a field so delete it from that and it wont come up again. I do not see the point of the parameter query or what I nickname the Pam although if you add a field to it then it will ask for a value although I tested what it was for and entered something that was not in the parameter and still got the same table back. So I do not understand what it is supposed to be there for anyway
Francisco C. Ramos
Francisco C. Ramos 3 dias atrás
Diane Griffin
Diane Griffin 4 dias atrás
Great video and thank you. I want to be able to click on each image and link to a text document. Think recipes - I want to scroll through the picture and then click to get the recipe. Any way to do that? Thanks again!
FireFly Epic
FireFly Epic 4 dias atrás
I'd recommend making a website. You can do this whole thing very easily with HTML and CSS, and the benefit is that you get incredible control over absolutely everything. Importantly, you're able to link to other documents -- i.e other HTML pages -- very easily, and you don't have to do some strange crl + click thing, unlike what the result would be in Microsoft Word. And you can treat this "website" as just any other word document. You don't need to put it on the web for the rest of the world to see, unless you want to. It can simply be some files on your computer. And if you double click the file, your default web browser will open it right up. I know web design sounds difficult but, to be honest, web design is simpler than using a program like this. All of website creation is done with typing. If I want to bold some text, i'd <b>just do this </b>. Or if I want to link to something in html, I <a href="the_thing_i_want_to_link_to.html"> just use these tags </a>. It really sounds like what you want to do is make a website. If you learn HTML and CSS, it'll really expand the things you're able to do. Look into it :). Oh btw, in Microsoft word, you can right click on any bit of selected text (or any image), and then click on "hyperlink." Then navigate to the file. You'll need to CRL + click on the link for it to do anything, though.
Laurent Mullen
Laurent Mullen 4 dias atrás
Jane Arsham
Jane Arsham 4 dias atrás
Thank you so much-- so simple that I couldn't figure it out!!
Kiks 5 dias atrás
thnx autoplay, don't know what php tutorials have to do with word tutorials
wilhelm maravilla
wilhelm maravilla 5 dias atrás
thanks for sharing good to know,
floris Nuijten
floris Nuijten 5 dias atrás
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G uf 5 dias atrás
pierre boulet
pierre boulet 5 dias atrás
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sowmya rasam
sowmya rasam 6 dias atrás
James Potts
James Potts 6 dias atrás
This VERY helpful! Thanks!
Ethan Reynolds
Ethan Reynolds 6 dias atrás
Paula Boatright
Paula Boatright 7 dias atrás
this is so cool can you show us how to change word name to a picture.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 7 dias atrás
Lebron James Fernandez
great video!
J Vescovi
J Vescovi 7 dias atrás
I have tried over and over to get camera to work. email them a number of times. Tried everything but still can not get camera to work. Says on line, shows device but when try to get camera to show room it always says "connection failed"! Deleted and reinstalled APP etc. As far as I am concerned I wasted my money on this. Great ideas but nothing about this camera worked for me.
Arvind Sarker
Arvind Sarker 8 dias atrás
Ferdun Izet
Ferdun Izet 8 dias atrás
It really worked THANKS!
Gert Wolmarans
Gert Wolmarans 8 dias atrás
Worked on my Laptop Windows 7
Mobeen Ali Raja
Mobeen Ali Raja 8 dias atrás
You spelt penguins wrong.
hossein kermani habibabadi rasoul kazemi
It's your boy Junior vilton
subscribe to my channel guys
Kenneth Turner
Kenneth Turner 9 dias atrás
Why cant I get other font styles besides Regular
Sina Osuoli
Sina Osuoli 9 dias atrás
This video teaches how to create shapefile and image should be georeferenced.
Pakhtu K
Pakhtu K 10 dias atrás Plz support by subscription
fella felicia
fella felicia 10 dias atrás
fella felicia
fella felicia 10 dias atrás
Gerard Braakman
Gerard Braakman 10 dias atrás
wat moet ik hiermee ?
GoBVLOS 11 dias atrás
Just me
Just me 11 dias atrás
phong đạt Vlogs
phong đạt Vlogs 12 dias atrás
so much pic in microsoft word
TUBEED00 12 dias atrás
The main topic could have been covered within a minute or two. Seven minutes and lots of clicky click here and there... this is not really a tutorial but it's a pain to watch.
Jason Orbison
Jason Orbison 13 dias atrás
Thanks for sharing. Simple and yet very valuable.
Muhammad Kashif Khattak
BRvid AI... is no more Intelligent.. Last video I watched was setting up Layer 2-7 traffic on Spirent TestCenter for my PhD project in Networking and then BRvid recommended this next video to me.. Weird
terri pirozzi
terri pirozzi 14 dias atrás
Did it bother anyone else that they misspelled PENGUIN in the tutorial portion? IT is spelled correctly on the original... FIX IT
punk4 brainz
punk4 brainz 15 dias atrás
test comment again sorry
punk4 brainz
punk4 brainz 15 dias atrás
test comment
Excel Learning
Excel Learning 15 dias atrás
Wal boro
Wal boro 15 dias atrás
Dee Dee Montana
Dee Dee Montana 15 dias atrás
I use gmail but I do not see it as a selection to become my default. What do I do?
Formation Generale
Formation Generale 15 dias atrás
Nice work
I skipped leg day
I skipped leg day 15 dias atrás
Instructions unclear. Passed out, woke up 10 hours later over a cow carcass with a bleach bottle stuck in my left nipple, I went to a doctor and got diagnosed with terminal lumbago . did this happen to anyone else?
Yui Reid Barotoc
Yui Reid Barotoc 15 dias atrás
Thanks for that cause I'm only grade 4 SSES yes.... I NEED THE one for my assignment PORTFOLIO 😒😒😒😒😒😌😌😌😌😭😭👀👀😎❣❣😩😩
Nancy Avedaño
Nancy Avedaño 16 dias atrás
Apnaa media
Apnaa media 16 dias atrás
this is good
Forya Beats
Forya Beats 17 dias atrás
Nerd: watches 'AI learns to program AI' BRvid: Hold my algorithm! Recommends 'How to insert images into word document' Nerd: Good sense of humor, BRvid!
Anonymous KSO
Anonymous KSO 2 dias atrás
Big Humor yes.Very cool HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Gustavo Gagliardi
Gustavo Gagliardi 10 dias atrás
Shaz Obsession
Shaz Obsession 10 dias atrás
Logo Design PEPSI In MS Word
Shaz Obsession
Shaz Obsession 12 dias atrás
Dip Manna
Dip Manna 14 dias atrás
ok and please subscribe my channel
Fplus38 17 dias atrás
I mean I guess BRvid recommended me something useful for once.
Francisco Paez
Francisco Paez 17 dias atrás
por que carajos estoy viendo esto?
Sulaiman Alsuhaimi
Sulaiman Alsuhaimi 17 dias atrás
OMG! 14 Million views on how to insert images into Word! I know 14 Million ways for how to do that!
Mohamed Marzouk
Mohamed Marzouk 17 dias atrás تحميل برنامج ال storyline مع التفعيل الخاص به لمدا الحياة الدخول الي الصفحة والنزول الي اسفل الصفحة هتلاقي البرنامج قم بالضغط عليه ثم قم بتحميله
M B 17 dias atrás
works perfect. unreal, thanks for the video really helped me alot
PhDians 18 dias atrás
thank you so using power point. i drafted graphical abstract of my scientific article...which was accepted in high ranked reputed journal.. for which i have prepared a video... i hope you will like it
Shahnawaz The_Knight
Shahnawaz The_Knight 18 dias atrás
A Tutorial about an easy thing ever one can do, that too without text instructions or voice-over and yet so many views? I smell something fishy here.
BMprod 18 dias atrás
14. million. views. for real?
Pro Noob
Pro Noob 18 dias atrás
Next video: How we can start windows.
K8MH 19 dias atrás
spell checking pEnguins
harold lyanda
harold lyanda 19 dias atrás
i still thinking about google
Sean Cohn
Sean Cohn 20 dias atrás
naseem shekhani
naseem shekhani 20 dias atrás
Marius 21 dia atrás
veri nice video like
Shogo 21 dia atrás
Just look at that views count - amazing.
Jendry Ugarte
Jendry Ugarte 21 dia atrás
bitch..R U For Real????!!
Ashik Wagjiani
Ashik Wagjiani 21 dia atrás
thank you very much, much appreciated
alexgermanful 21 dia atrás
kurz, knacking, informativ und ohne haufen vor- und nachgelaber
Shaz Obsession
Shaz Obsession 12 dias atrás
KifleTechno Tube
KifleTechno Tube 22 dias atrás
Good work. I am your subscriber pls subscribe my new channal
Nguyễn Ngoan VLOG
Nguyễn Ngoan VLOG 22 dias atrás
you guide very well. my dear!
Dennis Lewis
Dennis Lewis 22 dias atrás
This video is sweet, makes me want a family.
Валерий Денисенко
С кайфом
Val Onorato
Val Onorato 23 dias atrás
Obrigado, funcionou perfeitamente.
ikérimi 23 dias atrás
rahmat maulana: i don't think this video is gonna be reccomended it's just a plain tutorial. youtube: ding dong ur opinion is wrong
Eustace Joseph
Eustace Joseph 23 dias atrás
Хахах 23-7 лет с парнем жела....16 лет...то естьв 16 лет у нее было 15 партнеров? ПИЗДНЦ
Maarten Segers
Maarten Segers 24 dias atrás
Misschien nog nuttig om mee te geven dat het symbool is voor gelijkwaardigheid (equivalentie). Dus uit links volgt rechts en omgekeerd.
shaon nust007
shaon nust007 24 dias atrás
What the fuck man!!! Why don’t you use any fucking sounds?
edh541 24 dias atrás
So metal expands when heated. What else is new?
pxlwnd 25 dias atrás
song name?
J. Ahmad
J. Ahmad 25 dias atrás
Thank you. I did exactly what you did. I have the following directions for preparing a bar chart I did on powerpoint that I will be using in a research paper. Did I do fulfill the following requirement when I followed your directions? 600 dpi for line drawings and combinations and 300 dpi for color and gray I am not sure about the "600" thing so I want to check and if not how can I solve this problem? Thank you so much and have a great day!
wakefield production88
wakefield production88 25 dias atrás
My dumb ass thought it says minecraft lomao
Peter Schulhof
Peter Schulhof 25 dias atrás
Great info, thank you very much
Katherine Wilson
Katherine Wilson 26 dias atrás menu on google sites doesn't have an, "upload tab," or icon, which is why I am looking for it.
Phillip Cremer
Phillip Cremer 26 dias atrás
崔舒洋 27 dias atrás
ولكن هناك تويد كثير من الخيوط الحمراء التي تشير إلى أخطاء الكتابة تحت جميع الكلمات في الملف المحول. فكيف نعالج ذلك؟
Prenses Melek Eda
Prenses Melek Eda 27 dias atrás
nice 💖💖😍
Online Computer Tutor
Online Computer Tutor 28 dias atrás
mangelxxi 29 dias atrás
Thank you 👍
Angus Jenkinson
Angus Jenkinson 29 dias atrás
Does not seem to be available (Pro Word Cloud) on 365 Mac version
Carlos Lorente Naila
Carlos Lorente Naila 29 dias atrás
este video me sirvio de mucho ya q no sabia hacer copiar y pegar buen videoooooo!!!!!!!!1111:)
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