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Michael Jackson's official 4K music video for "Thriller"
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Michael Jackson's 14-minute short film "Thriller" revolutionized the music video genre forever. Hailed as the greatest music video of all time by MTV, VH1, Rolling Stone and others, "Thriller," directed by John Landis, is also the only music video selected to be included in the Library of Congress' prestigious National Film Registry.
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Written by Rod Temperton
Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions
From the album Thriller, released November 30, 1982
Released as a single January 23, 1984
Director: John Landis
Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California
Michael Jackson's short film for "Thriller" was the third of three short films produced for recordings from Thriller, which continues its reign as the biggest selling album of all time with worldwide sales in excess of 105 million as of June 1, 2016 and in December 2015 became the first ever album to be awarded triple diamond status (i.e.: sales in excess of 30 million) by the RIAA for US sales alone. The "Thriller" single reached No. 1 in four countries in 1984, topping the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart as well as charts in Spain, France and Belgium. The song peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Thriller the first album to feature seven Top 10 singles. The Recording Industry Association of America certified "Thriller" Gold and Platinum on December 4, 1989.
The groundbreaking short films for the Thriller album, starting with "Billie Jean," following up with "Beat It" and culminating with the epic, nearly 14-minute "Thriller," truly expanded the possibilities of "music video" as art form. "I wanted something that would glue you to the set, something you'd want to watch over and over," Michael wrote in his 1988 memoir Moonwalk. "I wanted to be a pioneer in this relatively new medium and make the best short music movies we could make."
In the short film's extended prologue, Michael's moonlit date with his girlfriend (played by model Ola Ray) is interrupted by his sudden transformation into a howling werewolf. While the "real" Michael and Ola, observing the scene in a movie theater, walk home from the their date, Michael teases her by singing the verses of "Thriller."
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It's close to midnight
Something evil's lurking from the dark
Under the moonlight
You see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream
But terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze
As horror looks you right between your eyes
You're paralyzed
'Cause this is thriller
Thriller night
And no one's gonna save you
From the beast about to strike
You know it's thriller
Thriller night
You're fighting for your life
Inside a killer thriller tonight, yeah
#MichaelJackson #Thriller #Halloween #4kRemastered


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Local Art Kid
Local Art Kid 2 anos atrás
When we were kids: Scariest thing we ever saw Now: A masterpiece
whatsyour_motive 2 anos atrás
Dead ass.i was so scared.still am in a way
Leilani Hosea
Leilani Hosea 2 anos atrás
True tho I was terrified as a kid watching esp on the zombie part😅
Peter Gant
Peter Gant 2 anos atrás
It was a masterpiece then!
TonedOutStep 2 anos atrás
Faccs crazy how everything changed
Beautiful butterfly
Beautiful butterfly 2 anos atrás
Ikrrr I remember it being a literal nightmare now its 👩‍🍳 🤌💋
Lubadabe Dia atrás
Ninguém supera o Michael!!!
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 10 dias atrás
Can’t be possible that this is 40 years old already. I remember MTV playing it every hour on the hour for quite a while after it’s first release. ❤❤❤
Newton Alex
Newton Alex 8 dias atrás
May GOD Almighty always be before and after you,this month and beyond 🙏..
민유진 6 dias atrás
Oh boy unbelievable I myself I'm like half that age
Son 4 dias atrás
that only means one thing We're old
Quartzz 2 dias atrás
Its 13 yr 💀
Iman Abu Iqran
Iman Abu Iqran 2 dias atrás
@Quartzz 😭😭it was posted on BRvid 13 years ago, this song has been out longer than BRvid existed my friend
Heloísa Oliveira
Heloísa Oliveira 7 dias atrás
Pra mim esse clipe apesar de ter 40 anos, continua atual! E surreal! Um clipe histórico! MJ eterno!
Aural Cross
Aural Cross 7 dias atrás
Eduardo Breda
Eduardo Breda 6 dias atrás
Maravilhoso. Um espetáculo
Maria Almeida
Maria Almeida 6 dias atrás
E verdade escuto ate hoje 😂😂😂😂😂❤
Marcio Francisco
Marcio Francisco 5 dias atrás
@Maria Almeida 🎉
b4by 22 horas atrás
Murilo da Silva
Murilo da Silva Dia atrás
Atemporal. Uma verdadeira obra prima
Yuri Alves
Yuri Alves 20 horas atrás
Maior clipe da história da música..❤
Spider Anos atrás
When this came out - we were all mesmerized. It was scary! The beat was awesome. And, the dancing... I'm not really sure we had seen anything like this before. It's the first time I can remember a music video being presented like a movie - it was unique. We loved it and still do! Poor MJ - damn shame fame is so cruel sometimes. Same thing for Judy Garland. The greatest seem to have the roughest time. Both of them were basically kidnapped at birth and never had a regular life of any kind. So glad there are child labor laws now that can prevent that type of thing.
Kayla Fritz
Kayla Fritz Anos atrás
Michael was the only person who could attract that sort of attention! He was a musical genius!
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper Anos atrás
I totally agree. This song and so many others in this period will always be my favorite. When music videos were worth it
LordWigStyle Anos atrás
@Kayla Fritz Cause he was black and then turned white, he could attract everyone
Nonzukiso Matomane
Nonzukiso Matomane Anos atrás
It reminds on my younger days when we watch this video with my cousins always scared we cry run away but we never stop watching it
Max Power
Max Power Anos atrás
Grade 8, our eyes were glued to the TV after supper waiting for the premiere. There was nothing like it at the time, this really set the standard for years after.
D B 17 dias atrás
This never gets old. Has to be greatest video/song ever. So well made.
Ria Gano
Ria Gano 15 dias atrás
Philip Voy
Philip Voy 10 dias atrás
Still one of the best extended story music videos ever created. Superb choreography and truly unique. This music video changed everything. A multitude of new concepts introduced here that expanded the minds of artists and filmography. Truly, this was and is a benchmark for creativity.
STEVEN CYLIACUS 16 dias atrás
What a genius Michael Jackson to combine music, horror movie with fantastic beat 🎵 🎶 🎵 . The dancing style is on top and never gets old. This is what we call talent 👏 🙌 👌 ✨️ ❤️ live long, Michael Jackson. If your listening to this master piece in 2023, 2024, 2025...........2190. Please like 👍 👌
Mr.Mandarin 12 dias atrás
Ikerina 10 dias atrás
Thriller (the song) is a living proof that your song don't have to be #1 on Billboard to be so iconic and legendary. Great song will always find its way to stay alive. Thank you, Michael Jackson- Quincy Jones - Rod Temperton - Bruce Swedien and the entire team of Thriller (and its short movie). You guys are incredible.
Newton Alex
Newton Alex 8 dias atrás
May GOD Almighty always be before and after you,this month and beyond 🙏..
10pitate 3 dias atrás
​@Newton Alex amen
Nay Oliveira
Nay Oliveira 16 dias atrás
Esse homem era e sempre será um gênio! Que obra espetacular em cada detalhe. Melhor que os filmes de 2023! Você está mais vivo que nunca Mich, nunca haverá na história alguém que se iguale a você! Impactada! Para sempre em nossos corações! 👏❤️
Tristan Ramsay
Tristan Ramsay 3 anos atrás
8:35 is the start of one of the best dance scenes ever. Michael was a magician
Yaboi Derrick
Yaboi Derrick 3 anos atrás
john smith He was proven innocent so gtfo
The Geeky Music Dude
The Geeky Music Dude 3 anos atrás
For me it looks like it starts at 8:28
nancy stella clavijo pàez
Yes, he is Magic. L.O.V.E.
David Banks
David Banks 3 anos atrás
i like this song to Thriller has a good beat to it the video is nice wish you was still with us Michael Jackson The King Of POP😤
David Banks
David Banks 3 anos atrás
Kourosh Zamani hey i like your picture Sonic the game
Nicolás García Lizarazo
The greatest artist of all time.
Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo Garcia 7 dias atrás
Como pode algo de 40 anos ter mais qualidade que 90% dos clipes/músicas lançadas hoje em dia? Não consigo pensar em nenhum outro que tenha superado essa obra-prima.
renato rodrigues
renato rodrigues 5 dias atrás
Sem essas coisas de computador, efeito bem barato, mais um clipe maravilhoso
NOOBstation 5 dias atrás
@renato rodrigues eu tava esperando uma coreografia à altura dessa em "BONES - Imagine dragons"
Luis Alberto Godínez Hernández
literal... unos monstruos en la pista!!!! sigue siendo una reliquia artística luego de 40 años!!!
Felix De Jesus González Villalobos
El mejor video musical de todos los tiempos ❤❤❤❤❤ Siempre seguirá vivo El Rey Del Pop mientras su legado siga escuchandose
Carlinhos Veiga
Carlinhos Veiga 16 dias atrás
Bebelle. 15 dias atrás
Venho sempre aqui ver esse vídeo atemporal, principalmente no halloween 🎃 o melhor de todos os tempos sem dúvidas. ❤
Ivy Crazy
Ivy Crazy 14 dias atrás
Morria de medo desse clipe quando era criança. Continuo com medo até hoje kkkkkkk
timtim Highlights
timtim Highlights 12 dias atrás
​@Ivy Crazy kkkkkkkkkk pensei que era sou eu que tinha medo
Newton Alex
Newton Alex 8 dias atrás
May GOD Almighty always be before and after you,this month and beyond 🙏..
ddmalodee _0825
ddmalodee _0825 2 anos atrás
_“I’m not like other guys”_ - *The Legend Michael Jackson*
Douglas Rodrigues
Douglas Rodrigues 2 anos atrás
This Phrase ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Diana Speechless
Diana Speechless 2 anos atrás
西楚霸王 2 anos atrás
Because i'm a werewolf, that's why
Juliette Margot
Juliette Margot 2 anos atrás
A jamais dans le ♥️ des Français Eterneam ✝️♥️🇫🇷 Champagne 🇫🇷🥂🍾♥️🇫🇷
The Bomb
The Bomb 2 anos atrás
Hes not a legend
‍‍ ‍ 12 dias atrás
MJ's talent and impact are unmatched. Thriller is an absolute masterpiece that'll forever be on top. 🔥
Eduardo Villeda
Eduardo Villeda 11 dias atrás
Kelly's Spooky Stuff
Kelly's Spooky Stuff 10 dias atrás
Impatiently waiting for Halloween in May and watching this to get excited. I never had any of Michael Jackson's cds or anything growing up, but loved him for this. And getting Vincent Price involved was the best move. The perfect guy for his contribution to it.
1,000 Subs with no videos
Michael Jackson was a once in a lifetime talent, we're so lucky to be born in a time where we can experience his amazing music.
abacaxi tube morango cereja
Amo Michael Jackson sempre teve seu próprio estilo, personalidade onde chegava chamava atenção,uma das minhas inspirações
Jo 6 dias atrás
I'm the only one who loves the way Michael portrayed his dancers in his mv? They're so interesting to see 'cause he knows he's the star but he always made sure each one of them had a character on their own and even had a little moment to show a glimpse of their dance ❤
Lucas 28 dias atrás
I saw this as a kid when I was 5 years old, and until then I never forgot this clip. A true masterpiece, no one will ever surpass Michael Jackson.
Death Rampage
Death Rampage 27 dias atrás
Freddie Mercury is a much better singer
Lucas 27 dias atrás
@Death Rampage Nope
Joseph 26 dias atrás
@Death Rampage really? haha
Venth 25 dias atrás
@Death Rampage 🤓
CT-6567 24 dias atrás
Michael Jackson and Freddy mercury were supposed to collaborate on this album were they not? If not for a llama 😂😂
JUAN LUIS JARA 9 dias atrás
Nunca, jamás alguien igualará a Michael, se adelantó en el tiempo, excelente producción, el mejor videos de todos los tiempos. Grande Michael
Alphabet lore D
Alphabet lore D 5 dias atrás
LOT of people having to do it not a lie I do too but 😜😜😜🤣😂 and you were dreaming of a n you have to do it ❤️ e 😂🤣🤣🤣
eoLucas 13 dias atrás
Queria ter nascido nos anos 80 para presenciar a magnitude que foi o sucesso desse ser humano mais do que Genial. Imagina o lançamento dessa obra de arte na época!! Eterno e único.
З..И...З 12 dias atrás
Я тоже....
BIGI BTV 3 dias atrás
Incomparable MJ❤
Jorge Vegah
Jorge Vegah 16 dias atrás
This man is timeless. ¡Viva Michael Jackson!
Laisa Entretenimento
Laisa Entretenimento 2 dias atrás
Magnífico ninguém supera o Michael seu talento e esse clipe ❤
ryan rafel paixao
ryan rafel paixao 2 dias atrás
sem duvidas
Patricia Vieira
Patricia Vieira Dia atrás
Michael Backoff
Michael Backoff 8 horas atrás
I miss country music laisae
jammy Anos atrás
Without doubt the best music video in our history. MJ’s music is timeless and his legacy will continue for centuries
Alfonso gab
Alfonso gab Anos atrás
What about billie jean, the way you make me feel, im bad, beat it, and many more
Primus Moss Jr.
Primus Moss Jr. Anos atrás
I've seen no one top it, to this day! It's a modern day masterpiece! Really is
K Y Anos atrás
Ylime Anos atrás
Mishal Chotai
Mishal Chotai Dia atrás
There will never be another MJ. No will come close. This is still amazing in todays world.
mani Khan
mani Khan 16 dias atrás
Still giving me goosebumps ❤
Anita 10 dias atrás
Nothing and no one will ever top this Michael Jackson masterpiece! What an amazing talent 😄
Newton Alex
Newton Alex 8 dias atrás
May GOD Almighty always be before and after you,this month and beyond 🙏..
Henrik Falkner
Henrik Falkner 12 dias atrás
A classic music video that stand the time. Great song, great choreography and the best dancers out there with perfect timing - MJ was so ahead of his time.
CJHAMMER06 4 dias atrás
I used to be fricking terrified of this as a kid, I can’t imagine why 😂 But now that I’m in my mid-teens, I don’t think it is bad anymore, this one is for me to jam to now! 😎
ohLoveitsmeee Henry
ohLoveitsmeee Henry 12 horas atrás
Exactly what I'm saying 😂😂😂
TrichsRUs 4 anos atrás
After 35 yrs, it’s still the best music video ever made.
Deric James
Deric James 4 anos atrás
@Joey Nieto nope wrong
Sum Dum
Sum Dum 4 anos atrás
Yikes, you should see the documentary....
Alex 4 anos atrás
Innocent until proven guilty
Berserkstroke 4 anos atrás
Misunderstood Teen I don’t care if he did do it he’s still a God in my eyes 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Anderson Alcantara Lima
Lançado em 1982 e a qualidade de áudio e vídeo é espetacular, ao nível do maior artista POP que o mundo já foi capaz de produzir. Continuo me emocionando como fosse a primeira vez! Launched in 1982 and the audio and video quality is spectacular, at the level of the greatest POP artist the world has ever been able to produce. I keep getting excited like it was the first time!
Tatiane Oliveira
Tatiane Oliveira 9 dias atrás
Excelente comentário
BRO 2 horas atrás
We can't let all of this legend's masterpieces die...ever♥♥♥♥
FireFistAce7777 15 dias atrás
What a timeless classic. Many things get old, but this song is one of those exceptions.
Brenda Jiron
Brenda Jiron 17 dias atrás
The studios said nobody would appreciate a 17 minute music video . So Michael produced and recorded his own video . Major hit topping the charts and his own label was born. Fabulous artist. Long live the king of MTV!!!
Juan Berrios
Juan Berrios 10 dias atrás
El mejor video musical de todos los tiempos … que viva por siempre el rey MJ….
Ami 6 meses atrás
Michael, solo vengo a decirte que mi hijito de 4 años te admira mucho!!! Tu legado traspasa muchas generaciones, ¡¡¡te amamos!!! ❤️✨
noe vallejo
noe vallejo 6 meses atrás
Jajajajjaaja creo que ya se murió
nancy stella clavijo pàez
Alex Fernandez
Alex Fernandez 6 meses atrás
Disculpe señora es que él se murió desde cuándo
Ami 6 meses atrás
@noe vallejo no lo entenderías... 😏😌
Ami 6 meses atrás
@Alex Fernandez jovencito no lo entendería... 😏😌
Tambian 16 dias atrás
Remember like it was yesterday - December 2nd 1983 - Was at my friends house getting ready for this. The anticipation for this music video back then was off the scale...MJ was absolutely massive back in the early 8o's and still is now i'd imagine... London UK, Channel 4 at 1.00am was when it was first aired...We recorded too on VHS video tape recorder. What can i say, i was absolutely mesmorised. A true masterpiece of music creativity... 40 years later, it brings back so many lovely memories back then. Compared to today, well, you can keep your GCI computer graphics with endless added visual effects because it don't matter..Nothing will ever compare or surpass this musical visual mastery...The best music video ever made , period!! RIP MJ.
Reina Reina
Reina Reina 14 dias atrás
4:45 years Michael Jackson
vg now
vg now 2 dias atrás
this came out in 1982, what a song, what dancing, what a music video, he was ahead of the time, true legend
Fatima desire Nazario prado
Although the song is many years old, it still does not go out of style and it is the good thing 😊
𝚈𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝙼𝚞𝚖'𝚜 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛😏
So surreal seeing Michael in 4K, lol. It's close to life-like, as if we're there with him. Miss him being here so much. LEGEND!!👑👑
Конан Варвар
Только сейчас понимаю что мне повезло в молодые годы жить в одной эпохе с таким человеком ❤
Keith A.
Keith A. 3 dias atrás
я был ребенком, когда это вышло. вырос здесь, в Северной Калифорнии. У меня есть все товары MJ, начиная от школьной коробки для завтрака и заканчивая мастер-катушками. А потом куртка и это первый альбом, который я слушал в детстве. веселые времена
AnotherPart0fMe 3 anos atrás
Michael is unstoppable. In 2019 this masterpiece is still just a baby...
Josue Flores
Josue Flores 3 anos atrás
David Banks
David Banks 3 anos atrás
Hey Ma"am Or Dude i Like Your Name and Profile Picture I Like Michael Jackson Songs to this Thriller is Awesome to He Will Always Be The King Of POP Forever Wish you was still with us MJ 😣😣
Freebie Babe
Freebie Babe 3 anos atrás
Ikr I have to watch this video and listen to the song each year.
lea ROMBEAU 3 anos atrás
C est cool
Janneth Garay
Janneth Garay 3 anos atrás
smilingjefferson 20 dias atrás
The picture quality still stands the test of times, still the best musical video
Uma verdadeira obra de arte!! totalmente atualizado 🤙🔥
Elaih MMS
Elaih MMS 11 dias atrás
É...não foi fácil ser um deus num mundo de simples mortais!! VIVA MICHAEL!!!!❤
Ricardo Clayborn
Ricardo Clayborn 10 dias atrás
English plz
Tony Cheng
Tony Cheng 17 dias atrás
Sodipe Tobby
Sodipe Tobby 14 dias atrás
Yes you're right
Krish Aditya
Krish Aditya 10 dias atrás
Even though he is not alive he keeps entertaining us R.I.P Michael Jackson (Legend) Legends never die
Dee Zee
Dee Zee Anos atrás
I was so scared of the werewolf scenes as a child, but I couldn't ever not watch this. I had it on VHS and just watched it daily. RIP MJ. Just second to NONE in music, dance and altogether entertainment. King of pop.
HorrorPickles 11 meses atrás
Yes! Same for me. The zombie scenes never scared me, in fact I found them amazing, but the werewolf part was a.easy skipped because I found it terrifying.
Adriana Quintiere
Adriana Quintiere 5 dias atrás
Esse hino do king of pop chegará a 1 bilhão! ❤❤❤
matheu_henriques2 5 dias atrás
esse cara foi o pai dos clipes era cada super produção!!! os outros aprenderam tanto com michael. Ele correu para que muitos artistas andassem ❤ eterno!!! o maior!!!
vitor estevao
vitor estevao 9 dias atrás
Perfeição chama Michael Jackson tudo Perfeito e tudo maravilhoso em tudo o que fez
TUDO E 1 POUCO MAIS 17 dias atrás
Nunca entedir inglês mais sempre gostei das músicas dele, sdds de quando era criança ficava imitando as danças dele hoje me pego voltando aqui é lembrando quando eu, tinha a idade que escoltava as músicas dele como era bom esse tempo ❤
User1990 16 dias atrás
No necesitas entender
Sandros 10K Challenge
Sandros 10K Challenge 7 dias atrás
I really love this song it is amazing and ear tingling. Legends never die indeed RIP Micheal Jackson😢😢♥️♥️
Alden R. Davis
Alden R. Davis 2 anos atrás
It’s 2021.. and Michael Jackson’s Thriller is still the #1 iconic song that brought MTV a whole new generation to enjoy.
elizangela 4 dias atrás
9:39 épico, lenda, histórico, relíquia, o maior.
Beatriz 14 dias atrás
O Brasil te ama! eterno rei do pop. 🇧🇷❤️
Andres Caicedo
Andres Caicedo 7 dias atrás
Esto es una joya por Dios tanto talento en un solo video
Gansos Droid
Gansos Droid 14 dias atrás
Para mim vai ter que nascer uma nova era pra fazer uma dança igual essa, cada passo cada movimento, perfeito com a música! Simplesmente fantástico! Eu sou um que contribuiu com mais de 1000 visualizações! Parabéns ao rei!
F 4 dias atrás
This music video came out 40 years ago! And he's still the best! Incomparable.
StevenMighty 2 anos atrás
More than just a music video, it's a masterpiece, and it's never surpassed or even equaled by anything else.
Colette Fournier
Colette Fournier 2 anos atrás
Well said. Amazing masterpiece.
soda scusting
soda scusting 2 anos atrás
i was gonna say the same thing, but thankfully i found your comment. GG in all likelihood this is the greatest music video ever created. (but that's my humble opinion)
Saso brigante
Saso brigante 2 anos atrás
@soda scusting how the heck are people listening to this song at 2.50 AM
leelcollier 2 anos atrás
Just borderline magic
CatsMeaow 2 anos atrás
Ye, and a horror movie lol
ND Ulagam
ND Ulagam 13 dias atrás
One of my Favorite from MJ. Simply Love ❤
Op Joseph
Op Joseph 12 dias atrás
MJ is not with us.. but still holding almost 28 million subscribers living in billions of people's hearts ❤❤❤..
Alden R. Davis
Alden R. Davis 16 dias atrás
#MichaelJackson #Thriller #KingOfPop #80s Still loving this timeless classic in 2023. It was credited for transforming music videos into an serious art form, breaking down racial barriers in popular entertainment on MTV and re-popularizing the making-of-documentary format.
Yustina Marroquín De Rivas
Michael Jackson inigualable ❤ Rey del pop 👑
Michael jackson Edit
Michael jackson Edit 15 dias atrás
Yes 100%
BEST AI IMAGES 8 dias atrás
Great song from a great singer, "The King of Pop".
Liv Biv
Liv Biv Anos atrás
Rip MJ. you are still a legend to this day
Emanuel Arroyo
Emanuel Arroyo Anos atrás
leyenda michael jackson
brookieeee Anos atrás
Uncle iroh
Uncle iroh Anos atrás
Danyfine 7 dias atrás
El mejor video de toda la historia musical 👏🥰😍39 años y todavía sigue siendo una joya inolvidable. Michael Jackson forever
Maria Rita
Maria Rita 7 dias atrás
francy gutierrez
francy gutierrez 5 dias atrás
mimrita 5 dias atrás
Moça, temos exatamente o mesmo nome, e eu concordo 100% com você. Marias Ritas são sábias
Maria Rita
Maria Rita 5 dias atrás
Noor A
Noor A 11 dias atrás
What an iconic song I remember when it came out... in my youth ..still listening to it 2023 ❤
L Walls
L Walls 14 dias atrás
Rest in power the King of entertainment, pop, rock, and soul!!!
Ricket NeoRicket
Ricket NeoRicket 3 dias atrás
Je me souviens avoir vu ce clip quand j'étais gosse....j'ai 46 ans....même maintenant ça me procure toujours autant d'émotions!!!😊😊
Rondarius Johnson
Rondarius Johnson 11 meses atrás
He bodied tf out this song!!!!!!!! And still the coldest choreography to this day belongs to this video!!! He killed it!!! R.I.P. to the King of Pop!!!
M 11 meses atrás
Soccer is the greatest sport on Earth with over 4 Billion fans and massively popular in over 240 nations including dependencies. American football only big in the USA. Soccer will be the number 1 sport in the USA by 2050 eken
Donelle Swann
Donelle Swann 11 meses atrás
I'm telling I'm still inlove with his music and play it when I can
Syah Tree
Syah Tree 11 meses atrás
Lol, I've been to several weddings, who but out thriller as the bride groom first dance, you know Michael will never be forgotten ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
D.O MoneyChaser
D.O MoneyChaser 10 meses atrás
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich 10 meses atrás
@M Yeah, you truly love the sport, that's why you call it "soccer" instead of FOOTBALL 🙄
Ale O
Ale O 16 dias atrás
Clásico de clásicos. Y sigue sonando en 2023 🎵❤️
Savannah 20 dias atrás
RIP Michael we miss and love you legend! ❤
Ramdoms más
Ramdoms más 13 horas atrás
Es muy buena la cancion siempre la escucho, un cantante perfecto.
Douglas encara
Douglas encara 19 dias atrás
Super sensacional essa obra de arte ❤
Kaique Willian
Kaique Willian 19 dias atrás
Fez parte da minha infância
Fernanda Machado
Fernanda Machado 14 dias atrás
Maravilhoso , saudades eternas ❤
Colombo Harrison
Colombo Harrison 11 meses atrás
The opening scene has always frightened me with the final surprise that leaves me a little uneasy ... This is not just a video clip and a timeless masterpiece, but a real short film.
Tivon Townsend
Tivon Townsend 11 meses atrás
I heard alot of michael jackson songs and I love him and I love his moves and I'm 18 years old.
globalcitizenn 10 meses atrás
He submitted it for the Oscars for best short film category.. they didn’t even nominate it.. just ignored it
Dr. Dovie Wilson
Dr. Dovie Wilson 10 meses atrás
When I was young I would always get scared
Nestor Aparicio Millahuan Vallejos
El genio de la música mundial, un fuera de seríe, creatividad un talentoso como nadie, Maestro de maestros
Lamar Hatton
Lamar Hatton 19 dias atrás
Thriller is will always be one of my favorites from Michael Jackson.
Generic Seraiah
Generic Seraiah 12 dias atrás
We have to get this masterpiece to 1 billion views.
Globalaircraftspotter [1K]
This year
minꨄ 11 dias atrás
tenho a sensação de estar no paraíso só de ouvir o instrumental ja me arrepio
JN PROD 2 dias atrás
clipe magnífico
SCOP 5 meses atrás
When i was a kid: Scariest thing ever. Now, 43 years old: Holding my tears. This is not a simple music video clip. This is heritage of humanity. Art screaming higher
Eugene Wood
Eugene Wood 5 meses atrás
When this first came out, my mom had to make me watch the "making of" for this video before I accepted that it wasn't real, and Michael was not a zombie. Still both the scariest thing I ever saw as well as a masterpiece at the same time - now and then.
jbrat79 5 meses atrás
Me too. When I was 6yr old saw this video for first time it changed me forever. Watching now is just like reliving the same moment. MJ no words can describe him.
XTheVideoGamerGirlX 5 meses atrás
yup, this was me as well lol
TMKJG24 Mês atrás
Yep i love zombies
duh 7 dias atrás
This was the beginning for me when i was 6 years old, back in 1985. My parents had to show me the makeup process video to convince me it was just make-believe. Fast forward 30 years and I have seen almost every horror movie you can think of. Then Beat It led me to Van Halen, and down the Heavy Metal / Extreme Metal rabbithole. Horror and Metal are a big part of what I am and it all started with being both terrified, fascinated and entertained by this Masterpiece.
stiles 8 dias atrás
Solo quiero que se sepa que estuve aquí. Disfrutando de buena música :)
Angie González
Angie González 8 dias atrás
Michael Jackson insuperable inigualable e inolvidable a través del tiempo... Este video es la muestra que estaba adelantado a su época.
Юлия Т
Юлия Т 14 dias atrás
Клип моего детства,👍🏻😊
Lorena Bragatto
Lorena Bragatto 7 dias atrás
Pamela Michajlow
Pamela Michajlow Anos atrás
Still a masterpiece, never get sick of it.
hyekim0523 Anos atrás
Yeahs 👍
Jimmy Widders Hunt
Jimmy Widders Hunt Anos atrás
I don't really get what makes it so special. Is there a social metaphor it's alluding to or something?
Pamela Michajlow
Pamela Michajlow Anos atrás
@Jimmy Widders Hunt I took as a homage to horror movies, but we all see things differently. Everyone has their own opinion and I respect yours. 😀
Jimmy Widders Hunt
Jimmy Widders Hunt Anos atrás
@Pamela Michajlow yes I definitely get a narrative as the King of Pop the video clip eating popcorn and a homage to the horror genre... For me though that's a bit shallow in comparison to black artist's like James Brown, Marvin Gaye or even George Clinton's historical relevance... Parliament's idea of Black people in/ from space was made into a really fun funky thing but it promoted this cool idea of Black people, after the civil rights of the 60's, excelling in the 70's beyond this world into space.... Ideas of black excellence promoted by people like Muhammad Ali or the Nation of Islam inspiring black people to be whatever they dream they can be. The strongest metaphor I've heard some people say about Thriller and Beat it is that it was a pop message of the Crack or Aids pandemic and gang violence for beat it.. which honestly are a bit of a stretch at best but also at worst play into disappointing white stereotypes of black people in the 80"s... I'm just kinda interested to hear what other ideas fans have. It's definitely a cool tune I've just always seen it as just full on pop on steroids with its world wide release on MTV and getting mass white crossover for a black artist.... Which was definitely history making!!! Just always wondered if there was a next level meaning I was missing or social commentary that Michael was subtly hiding in the lyrics or the epic video production. Either way he was an amazing talent and his life and career are super interesting to think about.
Pamela Michajlow
Pamela Michajlow Anos atrás
@Jimmy Widders Hunt I totally understand what your saying. Something to think about. I was looking at it through a young girls eyes who loved and still loves horror movies. I enjoyed our conversation and certainly gave me something to think about. Take care!
Reconnect2Health 16 dias atrás
medJ 23 horas atrás
Genial, que coreografia ❤
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 16 dias atrás