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Michael Jackson
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"Heal the World (2020)" by Michael Jackson
As music and musical performances shared online continue to unite the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems fitting to include Michael’s live performance of “Heal The World” integrated with imagery from these current times as a global message of encouragement and comfort to all during this difficult period.

Please donate what you can to your favorite organization to help those in need during this crisis.

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Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me
And the entire human race
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place
For you and for me

#MichaelJackson #HealTheWorld #OfficialVideo


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3 Abr 2020



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Comentários 80
Dolphin Miami
Dolphin Miami 38 minutos atrás
Now what happened in Minnesota the cop need to get locked up that is the stuff that divide us we need to heal not kill love God bless Floyd family so sry my prayers are with you please just heal the world and godbless everyone stay safe amen to all
What the f*ck? MJ Channel is alive?! Omg
Memer Xon
Memer Xon Hora atrás
We are the world and Heal the world is my favorite song of michael jackson☹️
FT Simbuś
FT Simbuś Hora atrás
I love Michel
Romel Fabian
Romel Fabian 2 horas atrás
Who is using youtube account of michael jackson?
joey Koenders
joey Koenders 3 horas atrás
Micheal Jackson I love You We Wil Miss You
Fernanda Martinez
Fernanda Martinez 3 horas atrás
No los rindamos tan fácil quien esta con migo
Mohd Norman
Mohd Norman 3 horas atrás
5:04 😔
Kyle Maui
Kyle Maui 3 horas atrás
This song is kind and sad and it fits in to the viseo . but this song is good for the world ❤️. It will help the world duzring this corona season. So i Hope the world heals goes to the way it was.
Rebecca Khoza
Rebecca Khoza 4 horas atrás
I can't believe he died 1 year after I was born
Biswajit Saha
Biswajit Saha 5 horas atrás
You are in our heart Micheal Jackson 💗
Krt RizG
Krt RizG 5 horas atrás
Michael i know your secret message in your last song but you can off from music and stay healty michael
Artur Piwowarczyk
Artur Piwowarczyk 6 horas atrás
People who don't listen to Michael Jackson don't know what he realy is he wanted there to be no wars in the world and various diseases e.g. COVID-19 .
Sarah fawaz sfota2030
Sarah fawaz sfota2030 6 horas atrás
Arabic Saudi language? 0:50
umme salma
umme salma 8 horas atrás
No one like Michael Jackson ...( Legend ) ❤️🔥
Rochelle Moore
Rochelle Moore 9 horas atrás
sean7891233 9 horas atrás
This song has proven to be incredibly prescient ... truly a great song by a great man #MissYouMJ
Themadfoxy 9 horas atrás
Michael Jackson is a great young talented star and we will always will remember you Jackson
Ryker Riccadonna
Ryker Riccadonna 9 horas atrás
i really wish he was alive cuz his smile would take this virus down
Maricar Schaffner
Maricar Schaffner 9 horas atrás
❤️ I missed Michael Jackson 😢
Alan Chipana
Alan Chipana 10 horas atrás
Michael Jackson siempre sera el Rey de Pop por que es el mejor del mundo
Karina De Santiago
Karina De Santiago 10 horas atrás
BACON BEAST 11 horas atrás
SgXDooM 13 horas atrás
If his doc didn't fuck up he would still be here
chunk Bear
chunk Bear 13 horas atrás
Im pretty sure Michaels pfp is ray from star wars
Daniel Neal
Daniel Neal 13 horas atrás
I miss him
Eman Anjum
Eman Anjum 14 horas atrás
1:36 is that Jin from BTS on that board
Eman Anjum
Eman Anjum 14 horas atrás
It’s like Michael knew what was coming the future
rhea gayuma
rhea gayuma 14 horas atrás
Can Play we ti Me
Brock Music /Dz
Brock Music /Dz 15 horas atrás
Come on and come back .. I hope that he will return to the art scene again..
Kevin Heinz
Kevin Heinz 15 horas atrás
This is a beautiful video.
Danijel Mihajlović
Danijel Mihajlović 16 horas atrás
Linda Trout
Linda Trout 16 horas atrás
That's when I was born 2009!!! But I still love you Michael Jackson 💘♥️❣️💕💞
Angela Ludeña
Angela Ludeña 16 horas atrás
Te amo Michael Jackson ❤️
William Roque
William Roque 17 horas atrás
pero si michael ya no está con nosotros, como sube videos? :o vaya vaya
Boricua Morena
Boricua Morena 17 horas atrás
He's my favorite of all time! The only artist who is truly unique in everything! He's the only artist who can be identified by either a silhouette, an article of clothing, a specific dance move, or a simple hiccup of his voice!!! He truly broke all racial and age barriers!! His music is unique and who would think even over a decade after his death, we'd be living through such pandemic where his music will be timeless!! I miss him so much! I regret never being to see him perform live!!
Ana Lisa Ferreira Ferreira
still many haters wich is good, meaning he still can bother a lot...
sharon mailangkay
sharon mailangkay 17 horas atrás
I see BTSxTokopedia on MRT 💜
yacine outouf
yacine outouf 17 horas atrás
michael tu es toujours la meme dans notre tristesse merci ont t'aimera toujours
Nuhu Helen
Nuhu Helen 17 horas atrás
This songs will forever remain in our hearts, Rest on MJ the realest of them all. Keep physical distance, self quarantine and stay safe. We will over come, if we work together and follow instructions.
#vick play
#vick play 18 horas atrás
Ele deve estar com os familiares ou os filhos em quarentena todo mundo sabe que michaelJackson esta vivo pq ele estava cansado da famas e paparace
JOELSON SANTOS 18 horas atrás
Arni Christin
Arni Christin 18 horas atrás
I am crying omg:')
Adrian Williscroft
Adrian Williscroft 19 horas atrás
MJ is MJ good or bad but you can never fault hes music
Gukane 19 horas atrás
Every time i feel angry i feel hate in my veins desolation sadness when i see me in a dead end i come to hear this song This masterpiece is so unique, non artist in this day produce music like this, this gives me hope, motivation, patience and love
David Good Games
David Good Games 19 horas atrás
Say whaaatt Michael did a vídeo on heaven????
nana commel
nana commel 20 horas atrás
i miss him😭😭😭😭😭😭
Egor Chuev
Egor Chuev 21 hora atrás
А кто эти видео выкладывает?
Daniel Mariano
Daniel Mariano 22 horas atrás
Ele está vivo ou morto?
A 22 horas atrás
They Don’t Care About us deserves a 2020 version.
Shompreety Ahmed
Shompreety Ahmed 22 horas atrás
Michael Forever.
jan oficial
jan oficial 23 horas atrás
Dani Thomas
Dani Thomas 23 horas atrás
God Heal the world from this corona virus 😭🌍🌍🌍
Anni Halleb
Anni Halleb 23 horas atrás
He's still alive. Remember my words soon my brothers and sisters. Peace for the world. WWG1WGA ❤️22/11/2020❤️
Maxine 89
Maxine 89 Dia atrás
oyindamola sanni
oyindamola sanni Dia atrás
who knew the song would still have meant 10 years later r.i.p
Sfwxy Shva
Sfwxy Shva Dia atrás
عربي - #' ﻻيــ̲ككَ ؛👍🏻🖤'
CS GO Dia atrás
Brooke Bailey
Brooke Bailey Dia atrás
Micheal Jackson was a hardworking man he was a nice person to the children and others he is the best and he’ll always be in our hearts forever R.I.P 😔 but he’s in a better place now
bloody sprouth
bloody sprouth Dia atrás
Let him sleep from the dance 😌
bloody sprouth
bloody sprouth Dia atrás
So sorry my bad English 😥
Dylan Akbar Syach
Who's fans Michael Jackson Like
Marianna Di Mauro
Micheal jackson=immortal
Max Mill
Max Mill Dia atrás
we heal him
not aaron
not aaron Dia atrás
Michael was a wonderful person sadly he had to pass away 😭
Furkan Samar
Furkan Samar Dia atrás
Maurizio Capasso
Maurizio Capasso Dia atrás
Michael you live in the heart of all of us, We Love You.
Billie Jean
Billie Jean Dia atrás
I miss him every single day
sunpow73 Dia atrás
He was and is a legend
صعيدي دوت كوم
MJ Still live in our hearts ❤️✨ We love you (king of pop) ❤️
to much for u too muchDRIP
Omg is he really back
Christian Juventino Costanzini
Nils Han.
Nils Han. Dia atrás
My corner
My corner Dia atrás
Have a question.who has been posting on his channel just wanna know.....
Lieschen M
Lieschen M 15 horas atrás
His Estate
HarrytheC00Lkidd Dia atrás
Who hate COVID-19
Jennifer Dia atrás
I really, really miss you, Michael.
Mi 2020
Mi 2020 Dia atrás
Cécile Manya, Écrivain Afro-Européenne
J'adore Michael Jackson, mais j'ai ma propre interprétation de la situation du covid-19. Ne parlez pas à la place de Michael. Respect à ce grand bonhomme qui est plus vivant que jamais dans mes ouvrages.
Sra Pandora
Sra Pandora Dia atrás
BTS 1:35 HAHA uwu
Olivia Graham
Olivia Graham Dia atrás
At my old school my choirs teacher likes to make us sing songs made by Michael Jackson
Batrisya Zulaika
Batrisya Zulaika Dia atrás
Michael jackson make me crying her song is to cute and to kind it make me crying
shahad alkubaisi
shahad alkubaisi Dia atrás
I miss him so bad😔
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