Michael Jackson & Britney Spears Duet - The Way You Make Me Feel (HD Remaster)

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The King of Pop met his match on stage with Britney Spears during their performance of "The Way You Make Me Feel" during Jackson's "30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years" concert at New York's Madison Square Garden, on Sept. 7, 2001.

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5 Out 2017



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Comentários 22 178
Giulia Pareti
Giulia Pareti 3 anos atrás
This is the Britney I want to remember. Before the industry broke her down. At the top of her beauty, at the top of her career sharing the stage w the king. The princess and the king of pop. Legends.
Rosa_stars Mês atrás
@omaidshokouri8292 false
Joyce Dupuy
Joyce Dupuy Mês atrás
God she nailed that. I never thought she could share the stage with MJ. They looked and sounded fantastic together. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Michelle Fucile
Michelle Fucile 5 dias atrás
She’ll never forget that night ‼️ ❤
Onyii Ilo
Onyii Ilo 14 dias atrás
​@marlon you lead a sad sad life!
Onyii Ilo
Onyii Ilo 14 dias atrás
She did but MJ made her voice sound so weak though 🤭
Fed 17 dias atrás
Those are the luckiest audiences ever. Witness of the greatest of all time.
Sophia M
Sophia M Mês atrás
Michael's voice was so POWERFUL all the way until the end of his days! God bless you in heaven, Michael. 💫💛😇🕊
Karl C
Karl C 2 dias atrás
@Amazing short videos ICON!
Amazing short videos
Amazing short videos 2 dias atrás
Legend Michael
Matheus Coelho
Matheus Coelho 27 dias atrás
He is lypsinc
Karl C
Karl C 27 dias atrás
Stop it.
Adriana Rosu
Adriana Rosu 27 dias atrás
@Karl C where in my comment did you read this,please? I only said her real voice is more powerful and that is the real one. She was sad when talking about how they made her sound like this. Do your research. I can say whatever I want, right? Freedom of speech 😉
Martie Rollin
Martie Rollin Mês atrás
Of all Michael Jackson's recorded songs, this one tops my list of all time favorites!!! They do such a nice job on this concert performance. I must admit, Britney Spears knows how to walk in heels!
Dis2good Mês atrás
Yes! Her walk is iconic!
The Christicorn
The Christicorn Mês atrás
Same This and Human Nature
Martie Rollin
Martie Rollin Mês atrás
As a female, I can tell you that hip joint location determines the walk in heels...we don't have any control over it. It really works well for many, but not for all women.
Yoda Mês atrás
mmmmm....... Britney
Dexter Moore
Dexter Moore Mês atrás
Damn. Britney was so stunning and gorgeous here. Her face and body are sheer perfection. 😍 She struts across the stage like she owns it. It's so cool to see Britney performing with Michael Jackson. The two shy people who were both outrageous on Stage and became SUPERSTARS.
Amanda Camilleri
Amanda Camilleri 16 dias atrás
Britney…those legs are gorgeous 😊
Trip_Townie 18 dias atrás
​@Dexter Moore have you been seeing Brittany's dealer?
SPC 22 dias atrás
@T K Hm, MJ was 43 😦, still was young as teenager😻👦
Joes Hithragman
Joes Hithragman 25 dias atrás
Wow! Britney is the most!
Chopper Chopper
Chopper Chopper 27 dias atrás
You noticed that ? welcome to puberty. 🤣
BillyBlaze Mês atrás
To think that Britney was only 19 here! Woah, what a performance of both.
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
BillyBlaze, I sub.
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
His legacy LIVES ON. R.I.P. MJ and the press should apologize to Britney.
bmags Mês atrás
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
IKR dude. Thanks, dude.
Hail to the King
Hail to the King 2 anos atrás
Don't cry cause he's gone. Smile cause he was here. _LEGENDS NEVER DIE_
Dorothy Kuveke
Dorothy Kuveke 18 dias atrás
Superlative quote💋love it
t dow
t dow 23 dias atrás
-Come over an see Johnny Depp pursuing Amber Heard with a blade as she begs him to stop, a recording played at trial that I transcribed and loudened
Canal da Jú,Bela e Gio
@Joanne Beere oh
Because of who You are
Magick1969 28 dias atrás
How did I never see this before?!? Absolutely SPECTACULAR!! Goosebumps
Karl C
Karl C 27 dias atrás
Do NOT ask anymore. Thanks, dude.
Pepa Madrigal
Pepa Madrigal 9 dias atrás
Both the King Of Pop and Princess of Pop singing together ♥️
Julie Cumbie
Julie Cumbie Mês atrás
I love Britney, she's a star in her own right, but as a vocalist, MJ blows her out of the water. There is a richness in his voice. How did I not see this live?
Ludianne24 Mês atrás
@George Mavrides Ha ha ha, I só agree with you :D!!!
Power Man
Power Man Mês atrás
BTW I like Britney too, GeeDad. Thanks again, dude.
Power Man
Power Man Mês atrás
Britney matched MJ here. BTW GTFO here, GeeDad. You are a NUISANCE BRvidr. Thanks, dude.
Julie Schwartz
Julie Schwartz Mês atrás
Michael Jackson’s voice…. and the way HE moved has the same insane impact on my mind, body, and soul as it did decades ago. So happy to have lived during his lifetime and still miss him so much❤️.
jam Mês atrás showing your age, :baby: 🤱 🍼
Power Man
Power Man Mês atrás
Same here.
NoxzOnGfuel Mês atrás
I miss both of them.
Power Man
Power Man Mês atrás
His music LIVES ON.
Maxed Out Motivation
Maxed Out Motivation 2 dias atrás
Yo!!! This dude was singing live, dancing like a maniac, and sounded good. Truly the King of Pop AND I dare say best performer of all time.
Sarah Jane Clarke
Sarah Jane Clarke Anos atrás
Two legends performing and with such sad life stories
Thomas Humber
Thomas Humber 25 dias atrás
SAD? what born with too much talent and loaded with money....yes so sad....please!!
Lee Roland
Lee Roland Mês atrás
@Britney De La Cruize Thank you for that, and I don't doubt that some front people for a band do have musical talents and ability, but they choose to just sing and jump around on stage as they are better singers than they are musicians. Why Burno Mars (A great drummer) has been persona non grata for over two years is a mystery?
Britney De La Cruize
@Lee Roland I hear what your saying bc ur not wrong you have a musician who is someone who plays an instrument very well like Allison Kraus with the violin or John Mayer on the electric guitar and then there’s a vocalist who is someone who can sing their ass off like Mariah Carey Whitney Houston Celine dion and then there is a entertainer and that is like Britney Spears Michael Jackson they put on a hell of a show so I totally understood what U were saying
Busy Lane
Busy Lane Mês atrás
What a performance! Two legends in their element performing one of my favourite songs of all time. Will always love them both. Michael sounds amazing. Britney looks absolutely gorgeous. What stage presence these two have!
Christopher Tyler
Christopher Tyler 21 dia atrás
It's all good!
Tom Kee
Tom Kee 23 dias atrás
I do get what ur trying to say and ur right about some of whst u said, i just meant u kinda have to put her in legend or icon status because of her success. Even though she wasnt a talented singer as far as vocals and range but there is alot more than just that thst goes into making a huge star and legend.
Tom Kee
Tom Kee 23 dias atrás
legend i mean not icon lol
Tom Kee
Tom Kee 23 dias atrás
@Christopher Tyler come on now lol. Trust me i agree with u about her voice as she wasnt a natural strong vocalist but just because of that u cant discredit her success and status. Back then especially she was one of the biggest stars in the world. The name Britney Spears is a name that is a huge part of pop culture for years as she was one of the top couple of superstars and most known entertainers in history. I dont much care for her music BUT i do recognize her success so if she isnt an icon then i dont know who is or know ur criteria lol.
Christopher Tyler
Christopher Tyler 28 dias atrás
@Karl C Why so upset, as I gave props to Britney for taking what she had a long way, did I not? That is exactly what we teach our kids to do, too. To fully pursue their dreams and to make the most of what they have. But you're seriously not going to argue Britney's one of our great female singers, are you? As MJ, as great as he is, is also not among the great male singers of the world, although he wrote such memorable music suitable to his singing style. Though, I suppose you could put forth those arguments, as music is subjective, but not many people agree based upon the various rankings we see in this area over the years. (Though again, those lists are subjective, too) But MJ and Britney are both performance artists, where the dancing is paramount to the show. A show that I felt was great, too, and I didn't even mention lip synching, while you act as if I had nothing good to say. But some don't mind it and some do, though representatives for both of the singers have admitted there's no way to do what they did without it. As it makes for a very high energy, awesome performance and Britney is a well-trained dancer and Jackson is an exceptionally well-trained dancer & wonderful songwriter. And it's used by performance artists, quite a bit, as there's a need to focus on what is, often times, very technical dance routines and stamina is an issue, as well. Inasmuch as if you look at the Bad tours, you'll often hear Jackson running out of breath. So, I'm glad he used it as it gave many, many more millions of people, happiness, as these more modern-day playback features extended the life of these type of artists for so much longer. And Jackson certainly has well-earned earned legendary status, but we also have to be honest and admit that his great concert tours, if you took out the dancing, would be nowhere near the same and the same with Britney. So using different playback techniques and auto-tune, etc., was a smart career move. Though it should be pointed out in the interest of full disclosure that Jackson never used autotune in his early albums and his 80s-90s albums, though it was used for ‘’You Rock My World’’, ‘’Butterflies’’, and ‘’Privacy’’, with "Butterflies" being my favorite. So, mainly he used autotune for effects and later, only pitch correction as he got older, again a good thing, helping to sustain his career. While they used it on the album Michael, but he had no control over that. Hence, it's rather odd as to why you get upset and rudely wrote me? As you're a touch too sensitive, it seems, and even take umbrage with someone who finds the overall performance smashing which is the point of what they put together and did! When perhaps you think these shows are somewhat like magic and I am a sell out for telling the magicians' secrets? Yet most everyone knows the truth and nonetheless love these performers and works of art. I was also asked by a friend to make comments on the video, and you obviously didn't see the other comments I made, it appears. While it's not very nice of you to insult someone for having a different opinion as variety is the spice of life! I agree, too, that the media tends to be hard on every person who makes it to a certain level of stardom, although in some instances, the stars bring it upon themselves, sadly.;-( Have a wonderful day, Karl!!!
Taylor Alison Swift
Taylor Alison Swift 5 dias atrás
Britney Spears and Michael Jackson are both icons and legends. They are two of the greatest and best-selling artists/entertainers of all time.
Embermoon0120 6 dias atrás
Legends never die❤❤
Laura Salas
Laura Salas 2 dias atrás
El Rey del Pop y la Princesa del Pop....geniales y ella muy sensual❤❤❤❤
Krissymconnorsvlog Mês atrás
Even Michael couldn’t keep his eyes off Britney ❤🥰
Karl C
Karl C 29 dias atrás
IKR girl.
John Thang
John Thang Anos atrás
The body, that walk, that dress, that attitude Britney really was an icon!
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
Her voice is cool.
Ada Lopez
Ada Lopez Mês atrás
@winniepeg her voice was in no way lame
Ada Lopez
Ada Lopez Mês atrás
She's an icon
Harianne Antonioli
Harianne Antonioli Mês atrás
It saddens me so fucking much ...
Deborah Howe
Deborah Howe Mês atrás
Michael Jackson is an absolute icon, with talent like no other
Christopher Tyler
Christopher Tyler 21 dia atrás
@Gerri Lanter I don't disagree that he was a naturally gifted dancer on his own. Though he and a lot of other gifted dancers, on their own, have also had professional dancers and coaches help prep and teach them for the tours. Knowing because I've even been behind the scenes a time or two, but a point by you, well made!!!
Gerri Lanter
Gerri Lanter 23 dias atrás
​@Christopher Tyler MJ taught himself dance. He had a vocal coach, though. Seth Riggs.
Power Man
Power Man 27 dias atrás
Britney is an icon now too, Deborah. Thanks, girl.
Power Man
Power Man 27 dias atrás
Both are cool.
A A C 6 dias atrás
Absolutamente impresionante!!! Sin palabras 🎉
Luda P
Luda P 25 dias atrás
Two unforgettable legends. They flew high, fell low ... I cry silently.
Dark brillant
Dark brillant 23 dias atrás
Aún recuerdo cuando lo pasaron en televisión, ESTOS SI ERAN CONCIERTOS!
Meep en Jaap
Meep en Jaap Mês atrás
To everyone who is 15 to 25, take lots of pictures of yourself and your friends. One day you will realize you were not ugly like you thought you were and you can show your kids how beautiful you were on the outside. The rest of you life will be spent being beautiful on the inside and knowing it. Brit slayed this performance and she will always be able to watch it as will we. Damn we hate it when our idols grow older.
Kitty Isme
Kitty Isme 29 dias atrás
@Anonymous Illuminati also if i had other accounts, why wouldn't i be defending myself on the other accounts? Would make sense,right? Instead of sticking to the same account to reply to you...Think smarter....
alex 2 anos atrás
imagine being there, no corona, no worries just vibes and two of the most iconic artists of all time
Olivia Mês atrás
I wish I was a teenager in this time not in BTS and blackpinks bs of a century 😭
kiki Mês atrás
No sadism
Сания Королева
Зал просто пищит от эмоций! Это реально круто
Nicolas Furioso oficial
@Oh My God no
Fernanda 2 meses atrás
Michael Jackson é mais que uma lenda, ícone, ele é único, não há adjetivo terrestre que o descreva. Também gosto muito da Britney que vi fazer tanto sucesso, linda! Eu também acho a Byoncé maravilhosa, linda! Mas nao tem como um artista bater Michael Jackson, esse sim é completo, de outro mundo.
Roland Bosley
Roland Bosley 27 dias atrás
Fernanda: I would suggest one word to describe MJ.....a Freak!
RedFL Mês atrás
Não sei se veremos outro deste no planeta Terra.
Uenderson 2 meses atrás
@K' o Maluco dos Card Games ator
K' o Maluco dos Card Games
cantor ,dançarino ,coreógrafo....diretor e mais algumas que deixei passar que não me lembrei.
Jaime Fio from Bklyn
He was and is an ICON! True perfection! The man was a genius. No other like him. Rest peacefully Michael ❤
Jignesh 8 dias atrás
such powerful personalities ruling the stage effortlessly. Just walking from one end of the stage to another without any special effects, etc. It shows how great MJ was compared to the current generation.
Doriana Rocha
Doriana Rocha Mês atrás
Michael Jackson!Para sempre!O Máximo!E ela cantando junto!Muito legal!
Augh Bable
Augh Bable Mês atrás
Britney is one deligent performer and lady. She is working hard and she will never back down. Her persistency, love for music, dance number and entertaining are just otherworldly
Power Man
Power Man Mês atrás
Dioney Pintor
Dioney Pintor Anos atrás
She was literally 2 years from her debut and she got to perform in stage with MJ with the same stage presence and attitude with only 19 years. That’s a true artist behaviour
Mark Rudman
Mark Rudman 24 dias atrás
I think its fantastic entertainment .
Bad Gaming
Bad Gaming Mês atrás
@Ange Chrisman theifoynce wasn’t invited by MJ, he appreciates original artistry.
JoAnna Mês atrás
@Liz when she was 11
Fran Pettaway
Fran Pettaway Mês atrás
@Chris - there's lots of "singer's" earning millions who really canNOT sing!.Most are simply great entertainers. Nothing more.
Liz Mês atrás
@LIT Gamer , right?!?…. I thought she was supposed to have a set of pipes--I could barely hear her!!🙉
Rina Ghosh
Rina Ghosh 5 dias atrás
Both legendary together on stage King of Pop and Princess of Pop. While crowds are going absolute gaga ❤❤❤
Delight Loves Movies
No one makes good music like this anymore..This is so beautiful I love it.
Delight Loves Movies
@Karl C You're welcome
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
IKR. Mainstream has gone downhill since the end of 2003. Thanks, girl.
Maria Ribeiro
Maria Ribeiro Mês atrás
Michael era um artista completo: cantor, compositor, diretor, bailarino, coreógrafo!!! E se foi tão cedo!!! 👏🙏😪
La fée Clochette
La fée Clochette 22 dias atrás
2 si grandes stars réunies c'est magnifique ❤ ma Queen et mon king of pop
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson Mês atrás
Britney Jean Spears was 19 years old at the time on stage with someone she spent her childhood in Louisiana listening to and watching music videos of. Learning how to be a singer and performer. There she is sharing the stage with a music icon and one of her idols. She held her own.
daniel hernandez
daniel hernandez Anos atrás
Her face expressions at the end of the performance when she hugged Michael you can tell how happy she was to share stage with Michael. She was just a kid.
Todd 17 dias atrás
Just a kid…Michael’s favorite.
Karl C
Karl C 29 dias atrás
Indeed dude.
Nathalia Oliveira
Nathalia Oliveira 7 meses atrás
Oxi 19 anos aí pra vc e criança porque aqui não Brasil não aqui menina 13 anos já faz nenê kkkk
Miguel Ángel Teneyuque
Otro nivel. Hermoso
Наталья Озорнина
Какой восторг испытывают люди в зале!!!Безумно им завидую!!!
Jose #146
Jose #146 Mês atrás
Очень круто танцевать, с покойником+это прощается толко Натали-Бритни, племяшке__
Andrea R.
Andrea R. Mês atrás
No one compares to MJ.... amazing as always.
Power Man
Power Man Mês atrás
IKR but Britney is amazing too, girl.
Barbie Fornier
Barbie Fornier Mês atrás
🌏One of the best performances to last through time☆ ❤
Branson Belcher
Branson Belcher Mês atrás
Michael Jackson and Britney Spears are absolutely true friends in life and also absolutely true legends that have changed this industry forever ♾️ in the music 🎶 business and this moment is going to be remembered for the rest of our lives
Power Man
Power Man Mês atrás
IKR dude.
Antonio Marruecos
Antonio Marruecos 2 anos atrás
Britney the only artist in the world that collaborated with both Michael Jackson and Madonna. Princess of pop 👑
Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan 23 dias atrás
@DanceMomsWorld uhhhh no that title still belongs to Britney
Scott Skinner
Scott Skinner Mês atrás
Too bad she can't sing tho
Sylvia S
Sylvia S Mês atrás
And Elton John!
Rafael Segura
Rafael Segura 2 meses atrás
Indigo🌟Star xD NO
Ryan Hatton
Ryan Hatton 2 meses atrás
MJ is iconic no one can take that from him ❤
Susan Sunshine
Susan Sunshine Mês atrás
The true KING OF POP 🕺 dance moves were incredible. Britney commanded that stage with him 👏 ❤
Power Man
Power Man 29 dias atrás
Agreed, dude.
Shreyas 21 dia atrás
Good artists. Amazing music. Meaningful relatable lyrics. Masculine men. Beautiful women. Are we ever gonna go back to that phase?
Karl C
Karl C 17 dias atrás
Don't worry, YT is our time machine.
James Thomas
James Thomas 15 dias atrás
Spectacular!! absolutely love ❤️ it
@santana 20 dias atrás
Sin duda alguna. El mejor del mundo
carolッ 2 anos atrás
Can we just take a minute to apreciate Britney's beauty??
Ashley Lucas
Ashley Lucas 5 meses atrás
Gladys Nelson
Gladys Nelson 5 meses atrás
@Sun Ce NO, She's not just yet! Is not like she's 80, 90 or 100 🤣🤣🤣
Gladys Nelson
Gladys Nelson 5 meses atrás
@Sunjay Dutt Freckles are sooo beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍
Mathilde Eide
Mathilde Eide 6 meses atrás
Her walk is stunning!
Katie 7 meses atrás
@Sun Ce don't talk like you're going to stay young forever. Don't be smug. You will be 40 soon enough and by the way that really isn't old. You're not even halfway through life at that age.
Harry Pop
Harry Pop 2 meses atrás
O rei e a princesa juntos 😍 👑
Rose Rose
Rose Rose Mês atrás
Sensacional, tempos maravilhosos
Loca Expresion
Loca Expresion 21 dia atrás
FredericoAbramo Mês atrás
Britney arrebentou com a voz dela!
Mrs Lovett's Real Meat Pie
Perfection. In every meaning, Music, men and woman, atmosphere, etc
Nomad Architecture
Nomad Architecture Anos atrás
She can control everything but her smile. Grinning from ear to ear bless her.
BlackAngel Anos atrás
apparently those who have suffered the most have the most beautiful smile
Christiana Annalise
She never smiled where in the song was she smiling?
sven trogrlic
sven trogrlic Anos atrás
Nomad But her legs she can control....what more do u want?! It's just a song!! ;)
Suraj Tirukoti
Suraj Tirukoti Anos atrás
She has bipolar disorder that's why
Steve Fox
Steve Fox Anos atrás
Jesus even gays wanted her. What a charisma she had
Lori Mês atrás
They performed together so perfectly
JNY 29 dias atrás
Performing with Michael Jackson himself at just 20 years. Wow. These 2 will forever remain the king and the princess of pop.
Yani Velinov
Yani Velinov Dia atrás
One of the best performances, I miss them so much
Mauro Costa
Mauro Costa Mês atrás
O melhor show com o rei do pop é rainha do pop maravilhoso ver duas feras no palco e a Britney ficou muito bem aí um espetáculo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Sonja D Long
Sonja D Long Mês atrás
The Energy of this performance!!! OMG ✨💖✨
miltrada 2 anos atrás
I noticed the audience enjoying the show without holding phones, they were just clapping and shouting.😊👌
adjib hamzah
adjib hamzah 11 meses atrás
phone wasnt exist
Patricia Montes
Patricia Montes Anos atrás
I went to so many concerts on the 90's and it was FANTASTIC,,,,we just enjoyed the music and danced our shoes off,,,it was all about the vibe and the time with friends, I love live concerts still now but it was so much enjoyable back then,,,,
Christine 白白白
Are you kidding me?
Dane Woods
Dane Woods Anos atrás
@Péter Szabó a Nokia brick lol
Dane Woods
Dane Woods Anos atrás
The good days. Man I wish we could go back
iBeard13 Mês atrás
I’m so glad they did this performance together. 👍 👍
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
Power Man
Power Man Mês atrás
IKR. Thanks, dude.
Angela Frankenschloss
❤The King 🤴 and the Princess 👸. A Truly Undefeatable Royal Duet.❤
Power Man
Power Man Mês atrás
Learn your grammar. It's unbeatable, girl.
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
Unbeatable, not undefeatable. Thanks, girl.
HLIC Mês atrás
tremendous performance. She is stunning here.
Brandon Hamilton
Brandon Hamilton Mês atrás
😢 this was amazing to watch! one of my favorite songs, two amazing talents, it’s so sad to think of how they weren’t properly looked after like the treasures they were!
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
Agreed dude.
Бритни здесь просто сногсшибательная ❤❤❤! Дополняют друг друга идеально. Настоящие звезды!
Штирлиц на подработке
Нет, Бритни как Белая Ворона, на фоне Майкла она вообще никакая.))
G Guna
G Guna 2 anos atrás
Imagine having enough stage presence, charisma and talent to share a stage with Michael Jackson at age 19? No, me neither. Only Britney could. And this was a few days after her VMA Slave performance too? Mind-blowing. Two legends.
FS 1992
FS 1992 Anos atrás
It actually was the night after her VMA performance and just 4 days before 9/11
Susifae Lemarr
Susifae Lemarr Anos atrás
Ooooh yeah! Rockkkkn Beautiful Brittany! ⭐👄 Beautifully felt Micheal!⭐🕺⭐🌹💓🎤🎸💃👄💓💓⭐
Dan Alejandro
Dan Alejandro Anos atrás
She was on that legendary iconic af mega popstar level, miss this Britney that put the bar so high! When will their faves?
Taylor Alison Swift
Taylor Alison Swift 2 anos atrás
Two superstars Two icons Two legends King and Princess Of Pop Those audience were so lucky. 🥺💖
Punpun Mês atrás
DIOS que preciosa era Britney 😍✨ Michael y ella tenían un poder inigualable en el escenario, que dúo más genial y atractivo 💥
TheAlexis4444 17 dias atrás
utterly adorable.... makes us cry every time we Micheal, as no one is good enough to hold a candle for him
Karl C
Karl C 17 dias atrás
Michael, not Micheal. Thanks, girl.
Chris De Christophe
Chris De Christophe 10 dias atrás
This was true magic ❤❤❤
Biene 2 meses atrás
They are both phenomenal
Mistrz Paweł
Mistrz Paweł Mês atrás
King and Princess of Pop
Jorge Ramírez Calderón
Britney's walk, presence, youth and beauty and body. Pure divine grace.
Bad Gaming
Bad Gaming Anos atrás
@Bunder Underburg she’s singing in her iconic baby voice that made her so famous lol, hundreds of millions of people bought her albums and world tours, she can sing all she wants 😂
Matheus Coelho
Matheus Coelho Anos atrás
@Bunder Underburg of course she sing, her voice is unique too
Kait 2 anos atrás
@onesong2001 noway really
Ingridy B
Ingridy B 2 anos atrás
Her greatest and golden days
M WASEEM 2 meses atrás
you know you're more than a legend when you performed with michael but people still talk about you. britney is definitely one of the queens of pop. she belongs in the same category as cher, madonna and janet jackson ✨
Marisa Luckow
Marisa Luckow Mês atrás
Feeling so thankful that I got to live in the Era of Michael Jackson. Future generations will listen to his music I'm sure of that, but we got to experience the greatness that he was! 🙏 RIP to the king of pop,your musical genius will never be forgotten. Oh... by the way Brittney DAMN GIRL!!
Mark Clifford
Mark Clifford 27 dias atrás
Hello 👋 Marisa. How are you doing? Hope you are fine.
Roxana Globasu
Roxana Globasu 29 dias atrás
These two adored each other. As artists and as lonely souls.. I don't even wanna talk about their amazing stage presence and the great chemistry of this moment. And please notice how Michael duets with her! His powerful voice is toned down by more than 50% to let her whispery sexy sound be fully heard🥰
Power Man
Power Man 29 dias atrás
Agreed girl.
Emma G Bates
Emma G Bates Mês atrás
To think she was 19 here 😅😳 Britney was always just so HUGE and ICONIC 👑💯
Timothy Jerome Williams
Great Duet.. Great Music, Great performance..⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
Iconic too. Thanks, dude.
Arrania Winter
Arrania Winter 2 anos atrás
Britney's walk is everything
Mike Menchaca
Mike Menchaca Anos atrás
Britney doesn't walk, she struts.
cecilia gramajo
cecilia gramajo Anos atrás
@Fede Rhodes Music su música desde los 20 abarcaba a todo el público en general porque ya de por si la música no distingue edades. Ella se vendía como una mujer fatal e hizo un imperio con eso,fue un gran complemento porque su música fue pop bien de moda en ese entonces. Ni se compara a Michael Jackson que tiene temas que quedaron en la historia del pop y es conocido creo que por todas las generaciones. Es un clásico como los stones,los Beatles. Es más universal! No tiene nada que ver con Britney Spears solo que ella marco una generacion en los adolescentes de hace 25 años atrás. Y nunca hablé de" perrear" no se porque crees que deberían hacer un baile sensual??? No conoces otro tipo de coreografias? Se puede bailar de forma separada sin siquiera tocar las manos.
cecilia gramajo
cecilia gramajo Anos atrás
@Fede Rhodes Music hubiese sido explosivo que canten un tema más popular del cantante y al menos bailar juntos aunque sea 2 minutos y ahí si la rompían toda. Si,ella tenía 20 pero ya hacía canciones sexuales con movimientos muy sensuales para calentar a la platea masculina sobre todo y sin límite de edad,ya estaba dejando de dirigirse solo a un público adolescente y quería abarcar al público en general. De nenita inocente ya no tenía nada!! En sus giras vivía rozándose con sus bailarines
Bad Gaming
Bad Gaming Anos atrás
@Lastone Standing she’s singing in her iconic baby voice that made her a Legend, like it or not Britney Spears is legendary and MJ called her directly, he could’ve called many other girls but he was a big Britney fan and called her “Apple head” 😂 don’t understand this constant hate MJ fan direct at Britney when MJ loved her.
cecilia gramajo
cecilia gramajo Anos atrás
Una pena! Todos esperábamos que bailen juntos!! Y no tanta caminata sin sentido. Quedó un sabor amargo.
Marcelo Puglisi
Marcelo Puglisi 19 dias atrás
Two giants of pop music. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Karl C
Karl C 17 dias atrás
ICONS, dude.
Agnethe 28 dias atrás
This is real good,miss him!❤️ Britney did good here.
Mark Clifford
Mark Clifford 27 dias atrás
Hello 👋 Dear. How are you doing? Hope you are fine
Andres Santamaria
Andres Santamaria 26 dias atrás
Leyenda de leyendas... artista de artistas.... Rey de reyes,,, por siempre en la eternidad Michael Jackson, el ,as grande artista de la historia de la musica... 🙏✌🍀🤘⚡🎼🎤🥁🎸🪕🎹🎻🎺🎷👍👌🟡🟡🔵🔴
Yone Christofoletti Penteado
Rei do pop pra sempre
Urex Mês atrás
I am struggling to come up with an artist that was able to command an audience the way that Michael could. He could so easily own the crowd. He had a great singing voice as a boy but then transformed himself into a phenom. We see the Metallica video in Russia and the many Iron Maiden videos in Argentina but this guy had the crowd. I never bought any Michael Jackson music but I sure did love dancing to Billy Jean back in the day.
DeeMoney11 29 dias atrás
There is and Never will be a human that commands a crowd better than Michael Jackson. He is the most popular person ever besides Jesus Christ. The only artist that could make women pass out
zeroprmscs Anos atrás
Britney is the one and only PRINCESS OF POP. She's one of the few humans on this planet that could say that she shared stage with MJ and Madonna.
J Mês atrás
@Cindy Lascort Why wouldn’t Christina be a legend if Britney is? She can sing circles around Britney.
Mi Comunidad Vegana
Mi Comunidad Vegana 3 meses atrás
@Cindy Lascort You got your info from Inspirationfeed 🤣. Look at their terms and conditions! Inspirationfeed does not warrant that any of the materials on its web site are accurate, complete, or current.
Mi Comunidad Vegana
Mi Comunidad Vegana 3 meses atrás
@Cindy Lascort - You're delusional. Where are you finding this info. I looked up Forbes just now. Forbes actually has Britney Spears net worth as $60 million in 2022. You make up facts. Britney is not on Janet Jackson's level. Where in Forbes do they have Britney's net worth as $200 million?
Cindy Lascort
Cindy Lascort 3 meses atrás
@Mi Comunidad Vegana By the way Janet has NEVER appeared in Forbes, Britney has always been in the top 10 of the highest paid and has led forbes on 2 occasions. 2002 and 2012, it is practically impossible for Janet to have more money than her
Cindy Lascort
Cindy Lascort 3 meses atrás
@Mi Comunidad Vegana Britney's net worth has already been updated to 200 million, Janet has never had a successful business project or a successful tour, the only thing that Janet surpasses Britney is in years of career. Sales, impact, worldwide success and achievements Britney surpasses Janet and with 20 years less of career.
Shimmer Lite
Shimmer Lite Mês atrás
Her poise and beauty is untouchable. And lool she is fully clothed. This is confidence.
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
Indeed. BTW lol, not lool. Thanks, girl.
sue will
sue will Mês atrás
Man, no one looked out for him, what a damn shame. His dancing and singing, was clearly, AMAZING.
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
IKR, girl.
Eamonn Martin
Eamonn Martin Mês atrás
Britney is stunning here , jaw drop
Key 2 meses atrás
Dichosos aquellos que vieron este espectáculo en vivo ❤️
Sabrina Pereira
Sabrina Pereira 2 meses atrás
Eu vi sou do Brasil tenho 36 anos
Antonella M
Antonella M Mês atrás
My true ICONS !!!
Kendric Bloom
Kendric Bloom 2 anos atrás
It's 2021 and Michael Jackson is still the legend!
Bruna Maria
Bruna Maria Anos atrás
Kennytwrld Anos atrás
2030 we will still jam to himm bro im an artist hes my biggest inspiration
Coen Anos atrás
Thanks for the update.
Banjo Zéro
Banjo Zéro Anos atrás
Elle était majeure ??🤣🤣
Mia Rubio
Mia Rubio Anos atrás
No Fake Bs. Documentaries can tarnish his Legacy
CRXjenta Mês atrás
If only Brintneys microphone was turned up a few notches in volume -or if she was allowed to sing with her own powerful voice...! Anyway, awesome, comfident performance! Legendary for sure!
LuvCiderx 6 dias atrás
Agree with you 100%!
lynn johnson
lynn johnson Mês atrás
WOW!!!! ❤ Both, just freakin WOW! Now that was true TALENT!!! ❤
Mark Clifford
Mark Clifford 27 dias atrás
Hello 👋 Lynn. How are you doing? Hope you are fine.
raine dyani
raine dyani Mês atrás
This was always my favorite song and this was SUCH a great performance. 🔥❤️ I miss Michael so so much… 😞
barbara rosalimn cañari haman
Lo maximo , inolvidable momento para la historia 🥰💋
Country Dingess
Country Dingess 7 dias atrás
That was pretty amazing ❤️ & the best most entertaining, most exciting, most memorable moment on tv history 💯❤️ 2 icons sharing & preforming on stage , can’t get no more awesome’er than Brittany Spears & Michael Jackson singing & preforming together❤️❤️❤️
Madame Ž
Madame Ž 2 anos atrás
2020:Who Else Thinks That Michael Jackson is still king of pop and still the biggest legend?
Kanishka Rawat
Kanishka Rawat Anos atrás
Mark Knofler
Mark Knofler 2 anos atrás
Anthony Davies
Anthony Davies 2 anos atrás
Still? It never will be taken.
onesong2001 2 anos atrás
@Mr Steph Chef Curry You write like a sloppy plop. You don't even know the difference between "Your" and "you're". Do you go to school in a little yellow bus? Do you go to school at all?
🕹Sourav Gaming 🎮
MJ is the definition of perfection
Karl C
Karl C Mês atrás
Incredible too, dude.
Odelaisy María Ortiz
❤️Ellos momentos únicos de verdad magias del escenario 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
tee dub
tee dub Mês atrás
Brittney was BOMB in this!!! And Michael, the Legend 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
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