Mexico's Cartels Are Deadlier Than Ever Despite the Pandemic

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VICE News 10 meses atrás
2020 is set to become Mexico’s deadliest year on record. Despite hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic would slow down violent crime, it’s had the opposite effect. WATCH NEXT: Mexican Cartels Are Arming Themselves With Powerful US Sniper Rifles -
TK TV PARANORMAL 5 dias atrás
That is our life
Joe Young
Joe Young 11 dias atrás
@R C Obama and biden gave the drug cartels those guns through a program called fast and furious lol
rene damian
rene damian 13 dias atrás
Steven Chaplick
Steven Chaplick 14 dias atrás
U.S Corruption!!!!!
brenda belanger
brenda belanger 19 dias atrás
Lol, who cares 😋
Raul Navarrete
Raul Navarrete 2 horas atrás
Compliments of American weapons
Spanish and many things
Simon harald and bald.. they all went there and it was all fun and games.. . Good Simon didnt say food was bad in front of cartel members..
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 3 horas atrás
*Guess where is the armament coming from.* *It’s a multi billion dollars business.* *Now, do you understand why it’s so hard for Latin American to end the problem?*
Bori 3
Bori 3 3 horas atrás
The reporters voice needs to be a little more clear
Gaz of-the-North
Gaz of-the-North 5 horas atrás
Hernan Cortes would have sorted them out......
Interrupting Cow2
Interrupting Cow2 6 horas atrás
That country is a shithole. Needs a reset. A blank slate. Bombed and Blown back to the dark ages...
brandondean250908 7 horas atrás
adam maintaining
adam maintaining 8 horas atrás
The strong will live on, the weak will fade away.
In The Sangin Valley
In The Sangin Valley 8 horas atrás
Mexico's Cartels Are Deadlier Than the Taliban in AFG; Mexico's government, military, and police are corrupt, and a good outstanding majority of their victims are not able to put up a resistance themselves.
Johnny Raymond
Johnny Raymond 9 horas atrás
If these cartels would come together like the American Mafia did they can get more drugs out make more money
GMB Africa118
GMB Africa118 9 horas atrás
"No more dying there, we are going to see the KING, No more crying there, we are going to see the KING..."
J Á Ç K TM YT 11 horas atrás
Luis Maciel
Luis Maciel 17 horas atrás
Guys, remember that guns don't fall from the sky, someone sells them to the cartels ...
Luis Maciel
Luis Maciel 17 horas atrás
When you go to a club and they offer you drugs, please think about that 13-year-old boy before making a decision, without money and without weapons the cartels are weakened, they would help us a lot if they refuse to buy, most of the drug is exported to USA.
Eagammes Dia atrás
Wish nato could go in and wipe out these Mexican cartels man lots of innocent people killed by them even people killed by the drugs they smuggle in
Abana Chelsea
Abana Chelsea Dia atrás
The government controls everything ! Why blaming cartels when we know who are the real killers
Epic_gamin,leoß Dia atrás
Dang the kid is probably 14 and I am 13 working with my step dad
the Apache !
the Apache ! Dia atrás
Meanwhile President dementia does nothing at the border. Solid job democrats! solid 👌
Rossy V.
Rossy V. Dia atrás
7:22 that is some spilled tea my friend.
Michael Paredes
Michael Paredes Dia atrás
Damn I’m lowkey triggered how he shoots that M4 😐
Joseph Handar
Joseph Handar Dia atrás
Republic of Sinaloa not Mexico!
aartw12345 Dia atrás
Legalize all drugs, tax it and let it run through legal channels. That would be the only way to diminish the massive profits made by the cartels. So they sort of would peter out
Anjelica M
Anjelica M Dia atrás
My brother went missing in Jalisco 2 years ago. We haven’t heard from him he was killed by the cartel.
Cade Smith
Cade Smith Dia atrás
These guy's needa come to New Zealand
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Dia atrás
Vice do a video about Chicago how many people got shoot last week 256. Now that’s third World.
автоигорёк местный
Do they have anal giving girls in cartel?
John Wick
John Wick Dia atrás
Wrost government 💀💀💀
FleshWound 2 dias atrás
Honestly I admire anyone who has the guts to become a policeman in Mexico.
J Slomine
J Slomine 2 dias atrás
But the CIA are good! Why aren’t they helping???? Oh wait…..
Internet Police
Internet Police 2 dias atrás
These areas where all the cartel members are at by themselves 'their areas' seems like a good place for a nuclear bomb test field.
Scott Freebass #beats
Scott Freebass #beats 2 dias atrás
this is all by design from the top down of world governments. if they wanted it to stop, it would stop.
Nathan Aguilando
Nathan Aguilando 2 dias atrás
i want to ask mexican's if they want to borrow president duterte of philippines after his term next year
RC2K 2 dias atrás
president? you need to change the whole government if you want to fix mexico
Eternity 2 dias atrás
when will we get justice when the cartel threatens everyone & everyone will obey the cartels because they’re afraid of getting killed 🙁 the cartel keeps kidnapping people to join them or else they die. when will it end
Eternity 2 dias atrás
this journalist has some HUGE balls to be interviewing narcos 😵‍💫😭 the bravery… omg
Eternity 2 dias atrás
… el niño de 13 años… 🙁 espero que se salve. yo tambien quiero ser veterinaria y ya estoy en la escuela.. pobre nino
YECY 2 dias atrás
The USA government provides the cartel with weapons So they can hide the bad they do!!!!!!!
Neens Wilson
Neens Wilson 3 dias atrás
This is sad 😭
Casey 3 dias atrás
if they were marines it would be a different story ...
Everything Money. With Tinka
The sun in Mexico actually signs normal like everywhere else. Where does Holywood get the Brownish gold Sun?
Biscayne 3 dias atrás
Why would there be a decrease in violence just because of a virus? The title makes no sense. Its not like they stay inside and wait until the pandemic is over to push their drugs or chop people into pieces..
Ricky Rhodes
Ricky Rhodes 3 dias atrás
Thank you Vice for this deeply tragic and informative video about the state of the Mexican cartels. I was disturbed to have to watch ads every 2 minutes by BRvid during such an important piece. If these ads continue it will become worse than cable TV and BRvid will slowly phase out. I've always been a fan of BRvid for it's freedom in video publishing and streaming, but it seems like that is on the decline. BRvid, you are replaceable! You should revisit what made your platform great to begin with.
owenhenry1804 Owen
owenhenry1804 Owen 3 dias atrás
BS setup we can not stop it big new. BS men in power run this game on the world. Don't be feel about this people.
Peeps 123
Peeps 123 3 dias atrás
I used to work with someone that was in a Cartel, he told me that there is just One Drug Lord that started a gang. The Drug Lord chooses the most loyal gang members and makes them his right hand men. These men are usually the hit men and are also supposed to get people to traffic the drugs to America. The rest of the gang tries to expand by recruiting members in other cities. The Gangs allow the drug lord to safely roam the streets without having to deal with the police or other gangs. The Drug Lord tries to work with other cartels to get connects. These connects allow them to bribe the police and find out information on the people they want to kill. The sad conclusion is these drug cartels really can’t go away unless drugs are legal which will never happen.
e30325ikiller 3 dias atrás
only pandemic winner - runner of communication tools
Furious Sherman
Furious Sherman 3 dias atrás
And to think there are some people who don't think Mexico is a narco-state anymore.
Est97 3 dias atrás
Mexicans and blacks need to team up . We’re family
gcanadiano 3 dias atrás
to many ads
Garland 3 dias atrás
something about that kids brand new m&p sport 2 with magpull furniture is pretty sus. im not completely buying the cartel footage but interesting stuff tho.
Garland 2 dias atrás
@RC2K its not i am underestimating the cartel, i just dont trust vice
RC2K 2 dias atrás
you underestimate the cartel
Jayleen Diaz
Jayleen Diaz 3 dias atrás
and if you join the cartel you can't get out or you will get killed... i think-
Alex O
Alex O 3 dias atrás
Everyone knows the drug cartels and human traffickers are operating under the protection of the Democrats.
Joceline Rodriguez
Joceline Rodriguez 4 dias atrás
I wonder if the legalization of weed in some states has impacted the cartel at all.
James Pichette
James Pichette 4 dias atrás
lol sad part is 17000 ppl one place god and the usa has nerve to blame usa citizens law abiding ones for there gun problem lol what a joke think its truly because ppl gun rights 2nd amendment that usa isnt like mexico. stupid politicians and 446 cops killed mexico like to see usa police go be cops there
Mr. E
Mr. E 4 dias atrás
And people think they have it rough here in the USA lmaooo
Francisco S.G.
Francisco S.G. 4 dias atrás
2:39 qué voz más bonita la de ese niño.
Adrian Carballo
Adrian Carballo 4 dias atrás
Disgusting narrative
bLaze XD
bLaze XD 4 dias atrás
Mexico is a beautiful country but f*ck the cartels. They're evil! 😪👎
mary jane. moore
mary jane. moore 4 dias atrás
So sad how much greed can do so much damage
james bohnenkamp
james bohnenkamp 4 dias atrás
yet they still allow them to prosper off the villified street drugs, thanks big pharma, you dumb fucks!!
Das Solo Syndikat
Das Solo Syndikat 4 dias atrás
7:40 the corruption index list is bullshit all governments/countries are corrupt in some way some are just better with hiding their corruption
Matt Noneyabizniss
Matt Noneyabizniss 4 dias atrás
Awww wat a shame a cop got hoo. I hope I don’t lose too much sleep over it
k1221nirvana 5 dias atrás
Can Americans please stop buying drugs so the cartels can lose power? K thanks.
wil 5 dias atrás
Those journalists are the most brave people, going into danger without any protection or weapon. Like, damn dude just ask “do you like killing people” to 13 years old kid in front of his friend XD
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker 5 dias atrás
17,000 murders? Uhhh not going to Mexico.
KING of Israel
KING of Israel 5 dias atrás
Hace 5 dias atrás
That Cartel area looks like Afgahnistan
Amman haroon
Amman haroon 5 dias atrás
wait... wasn't mexico yellow?
Maurice Śiv
Maurice Śiv 5 dias atrás
The soldiers accent is way off. It sounds fakes asf
Don N.
Don N. 5 dias atrás
Wheres the avengers when you need them.
Don N.
Don N. 5 dias atrás
Its safe at the border according to democrats.
walter hoopengarner
walter hoopengarner 5 dias atrás
Thank the US government.
THEnelsonbruhs 5 dias atrás
I’m surprised any news source is talking about this
Eleazar Rae Tubianosa
Eleazar Rae Tubianosa 5 dias atrás
Eleazar Rae Tubianosa
Eleazar Rae Tubianosa 4 dias atrás
@Don N. no its not
Don N.
Don N. 5 dias atrás
Cuz its racist
Boris Nikolov
Boris Nikolov 5 dias atrás
That so called war on drugs going "well" I see. So obvious high position politicians are supporting the cartels. Corrupt pigs and traitors to humanity.
Аликсандер Голубив
Near by USA so democratic and free
Nikos Greek
Nikos Greek 5 dias atrás
You Americans learned nothing from Prohibition. Banning something with such high demand only results in the rise of powerful organized crime and poorer quality product for the customers. It sure as hell doesnt stop consumption or production.
King cheems
King cheems 5 dias atrás
At this point that cartel member seems to be more trusted than the mexican police
CT-6969 5 dias atrás
4:16 ala verga un POWER RANGER!
User name
User name 5 dias atrás
Wtf does "despite the pandemic" mean they are literally murders you think they care about getting a slightly worse flu
Brbjk. !;!!’m.
Brbjk. !;!!’m. 5 dias atrás
Deadly than ever due to open boarders. Duh!!! Despite the pandemic is VERY misleading.
Bill Tompson Sánchez
Bill Tompson Sánchez 5 dias atrás
México a plague and theat to the US.
CT-6969 5 dias atrás
The U.S is the plague for the entire world
Ali 6 dias atrás
Lol at this point it’s safer to join the cartel and make ur bag, we live in a fucked up world don’t be afraid to make ur money. The governments kill everyday to make a quick buck why shouldn’t you?
Kingito V.
Kingito V. 6 dias atrás
I dont think those kids really want to be in it but they have no choice or thats all they know abut either way they know what happens if they choose not to join
The Perverted Monk
The Perverted Monk 6 dias atrás
Its funny how absolutely nothing gets blamed on joe biden even though he incouraged the resurgance of drug/human traffiking at the border
Kingito V.
Kingito V. 6 dias atrás
Now they sneeze on their victims with no masks to see them slowly die with the corona virus
The Liberal Destroyer
The Liberal Destroyer 6 dias atrás
It’s not an American problem. Its a continental one
Connor Duren
Connor Duren 6 dias atrás
Just learned that COVID 19 actually has 1 good purpose… border security from the MEXICAN CARTEL
Connor Duren
Connor Duren 6 dias atrás
So In other words the Cartel is the Mexican Government
Reid Spradlin
Reid Spradlin 6 dias atrás
The scrawny racing obviously ski because russia progressively seal pro a quick spike. chemical, piquant pancake
Lil j
Lil j 6 dias atrás
Poor kid hes not even gonna make it to his 20s
Kimmys Worldwander
Kimmys Worldwander 6 dias atrás
Criminals scared of the Fluvirus? What a joke. It is their chance to take opportunity to expand their businesses.
Larry Lightning
Larry Lightning 6 dias atrás
does anyone know the Lullaby song or name of it time 2:38 between 2:52 when the boy sings goodbye
J1 6 dias atrás
the govt must go to war with the cartels! they must be stopped! sadly it seems that guy is not lying about the govt of MX being paid off!!
bboucharde 6 dias atrás
In the USA, the Democratic Party's open-border program is converting Southwest cities into lucrative markets for the cartels.
Colten Pulis
Colten Pulis 6 dias atrás
"Why aren't criminals following covid laws?"
ImKirvii_ 6 dias atrás
VICE News got balls
Alien Technology
Alien Technology 7 dias atrás
VICE just put out contrived stories.
Monica Carolina
Monica Carolina 7 dias atrás
Every junkie has blood on their hands. They need to know where there dope is coming from. Show them Monkey town or other horrible disgusting Cartel torture video's during rehab. If they choose to use it, they need to know how it ended up in their hands.
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