METALLICA - Worlwired tour North America 2017 - 3H of Metclub Videos

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02:10 - Hardwired (Uniondale, NY)
05:54 - Atlas, Rise! (Houston, TX)
12:08 - For Whom the Bell Tolls (Colombus, OH)
16:27 - Ride the Lightning (Uniondale, NY)
22:57 - Creeping Death (Piladelphia, PA)
29:17 - Fuel (Orlando, FL)
33:19 - The Unforgiven (Chicago, IL)
40:23 - Now That We're Dead (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
50:06 - The Memory Remains (Dallas, TX)
54:32 - Moth Into Flame (Miami, FL)
01:00:21 - Harvester of Sorrow (Quebec City, QC, Canada)
01:06:22 - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (San Francisco, CA)
01:12:58 - The Four Horsemen (San Antonio, TX)
01:18:06 - Wherever I May Roam (Denver, CO)
01:24:15 - Halo on Fire (Phoenix, AZ)
01:33:25 - Kirk & Rob Doodle (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
01:39:30 - Hit the Light (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
01:43:47 - Motorbreath (Dallas, TX)
01:46:39 - Whiplash (Newton, IA)
01:50:34 - Sad But True (Toronto, ON, Canada)
01:56:35 - One (Newton, IA)
02:04:07 - Master of Puppets (Seattle, WA)
02:12:35 - Fade To Black (Baltimore, MD)
02:21:12 - Seek & Destroy (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

02:32:30 - Fight Fire With Fire (Foxborough, MA)
02:37:07 - Battery (Atlanta, GA)
02:42:01 - Blackened (Detroit, MI)
02:48:09 - Nothing Else Matters (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
02:54:00 - Enter Sandman (San Diego, CA)


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27 Ago 2017



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Comentários 450
REBEL 5 anos atrás
Metallica never fails to capture my heart.. Loved all the songs from hardwired!! God bless them!
Erik Jacob
Erik Jacob 4 anos atrás
This is absolutely great!
Max Lu
Max Lu 5 anos atrás
That was probably one of the best Fade to Black performances in the past 2 decades. Kirk actually didn't go full out wah murder on the solo and lars was on point. Oh yeah and I was there
bobo 5 anos atrás
Thats probably the best compilation of metallica that i've ever seen
Miro Mihajlovski
Miro Mihajlovski 2 anos atrás
No comment..First group in the world.
P. Koenig
P. Koenig 3 anos atrás
Putain ouep ! Pète sa mère celle la ! Le son, les adaptations, tout... Une tuerie !
Argenys Garcia
Argenys Garcia 5 anos atrás
Fabman WORD!!! 👌🔥💯
MaZ 5 anos atrás
Fabman Absolutely!!!Thanks J L K R and whoever leaked... that shit was 👌👌👌👌WOW!!! Thank you dude!!
Aleš Ježek
Aleš Ježek Mês atrás
Betty 1966
Betty 1966 5 anos atrás
WOW!!! This is one of the best Metalica's shows yet.
Duane Nash
Duane Nash 3 anos atrás
What a great career Robert has had!! I miss Jason but he was the best replacement you could hope for.
BJ 3 anos atrás
Who thought metallica would be this big in 2019 with all these great bands Playing today it shows hard work pays off
Kyle Mcmillan
Kyle Mcmillan Mês atrás
And here we are 3 months away from a new album in 2023, I can't wait to hear it!!!!!🤘🤘
C.J. 2 anos atrás
I did
Raul Del Toro
Raul Del Toro 3 anos atrás
METALLICA La mejor banda heavy metal del mundo yo soy de la familia de Metallica.
kingofmetal1961 4 anos atrás
This band is keeping me alive. METALLICA!
MrDugfresh420 5 anos atrás
I was in St. Louis MO. Hadn't seen Metallica since '94, and it was an awesome set and a great show! These guys have aged like fine wine!!
Raul Valentin
Raul Valentin 5 anos atrás
This is a beast playlist, honestly I can listen to this and do hardwork all day without stopping!
Hoopofficial 5 anos atrás
Fantastic set list. Wish they played it exactly as this compilation at Foxboro! Well done.!!
Israel Mxtx
Israel Mxtx 5 anos atrás
QUE BIEEEEN\m/ Muy buen edición, gracias ❤
Cindy Pierce
Cindy Pierce 29 dias atrás
Omg wow this was of the best concert I've seen by them in awhile and there play list was amazing. Gob bless metallic!
Wesley bueno
Wesley bueno 3 anos atrás
Muito boa essa turnê. Espero poder assistir ano que vem aqui no Brasil
finksavage12 2 anos atrás
It's so freaking cool when they are all playing the drums together
Phil N
Phil N Mês atrás
Absolutely great footage, loved every second!
RockMe Amadeus
RockMe Amadeus 5 anos atrás
Just like reliving the concert at Rose Bowl!!! Awesome!!!
Grhgorhs Poluxronopoulos
Just AWESOME!!!!!!\m/
Alejandro Carmona
Alejandro Carmona 5 anos atrás
Muy bueno grande metallica
Ari Yiannoulis
Ari Yiannoulis 2 anos atrás
I was at montreal show. Very surprised not one song from that day was used on this compilation. Roam, fade and motor breath were flawless
Lorelei #
Lorelei # 5 anos atrás
Music, not noise! The great and best band ever, Metallica ❤! Proud to be part of Metallica Family! Yeeaaahhhh🤘🤘
Hitsujikai 9 dias atrás
Top contender for sure
Hazmi Rockarena
Hazmi Rockarena Mês atrás
.rres Serredezs .
Johnny Wellink
Johnny Wellink 4 anos atrás
very cool, music you can not get enough of Metallica, hope that with the Europe tour in 2019 the best songs will be played, all nightmare long, Harvester or Sorrow, Creeping Death, Ride the Lightning, Blackend.
Alexander Boucher
Alexander Boucher 3 meses atrás
All energy comes from a wiscky in a jar.
Joseph Debono
Joseph Debono 27 dias atrás
You get to know some legends in the Metallica family and that’s for sure
Victoria Garay
Victoria Garay 2 anos atrás
Amo ver a James tomando mate 💗
Juan Carlos Chinchay - JC
Excelente !!!!
Mattias Käck
Mattias Käck 5 anos atrás
Awesome compilation man! 🤘
Игорь Гандера
Прогресс! С каждым концертом! Джеймс👍! Ларс 👍! Кирк 👍! Роберт👍! Хэтфилд👍👍👍!
Ashley K.
Ashley K. 4 anos atrás
three hours of great concert!!! thanks for uploading
Динар Кудяков
Ептвоюмать как же я хочу на их концерт 21 июля... Но жаль что не получится попасть :( Подборка шикарная, спасибо
Palanthis 2 meses atrás
I just noticed that James is apparently no longer playing the slide in the main riff of Master of Puppets as 3/5 - 5/7. Weird. He's also no longer dropping back to 0, 1, 1, 0 on the walking riff; He just pauses for a second. Don't get me wrong. He wrote it. He can play it however he wants.
Mike Marciniak
Mike Marciniak 4 anos atrás
Creeping Death is the best live song ever!!!
Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson Anos atrás
I was during this tour. December in 2018 in Sacramento, California. This was my third time watching our Lords of THRASH METAL!! Not just that, but I'll be at the AFTERSHOCK show in this October in Sacramento, California!! THRASH-ON!!!
GregCD Channel
GregCD Channel 3 anos atrás
Super awesome video👍🤟🤘. I was there at CenturyLink Field in Seattle on August 9, 2017. The best Metal concert ever! Thanks a lot for this video👍🙏
Antoniorrod 5 anos atrás
I saw them when they went to san antonio. It was my first concert and will forever be the best one ever
huskybrushape 5 anos atrás
I saw them in Houston a few days before, my first concert , I was blown away!
Hellraiser 5 anos atrás
Antman same that wasy first concert it was the best
Manuela G.H.
Manuela G.H. 3 anos atrás
Long Live JAMES HETFIELD and Metallica ! \m/
Joseph Debono
Joseph Debono Mês atrás
Yeah come on so awesome loving it
SAMR33 3 anos atrás
Kirk's guitar sounds crazy good during fade to black!!!
Scout182 2 anos atrás
That's because it's Greenie
KrimyIgor🇺🇦UA 3 meses atrás
Legendary Metallica the Best Forever
bubhub64 3 anos atrás
Saw them 3-2-19 in Lubbock Tx. Cold as hell outside that night, but inside Metallica put on an electric show, and was on fire that evening! Premier of "Here Comes Revenge" at that concert! Will never forget it!
Official_karmastudios 3 anos atrás
bubhub64 I saw them 3-6-19, 3 days away from my birthday in Kansas City, Missouri. It was also cold as hell and I had been standing up ever since 4:00 all the way to 12:00 (I got front row stands) but it was hella worth it. Wish I could go again.
JoelTRowe 5 anos atrás
Sound is so good that even on almost lowest volume is still too loud...using headphones, btw.
Aked Arked
Aked Arked 5 anos atrás
Бонифаций Бурнатов
Да, мастерство не пропьешь!!! и не просрешь!!!
Lourdesmaria Skarten
Lourdesmaria Skarten 5 anos atrás
Parabéns pelo vídeo. muito foda.
AnThony DenZzel
AnThony DenZzel 3 anos atrás
Very nice collage, no cuts in the middle of talking, everything looks and sounds fluent like one concert. I hate this videos because I like to watch a full show but this one is very well done, same sound quality in each video. Congrats!
Lourdesmaria Skarten
Lourdesmaria Skarten 5 anos atrás
metallica forever! !!!!!!
Mattia Bordignon
Mattia Bordignon 2 anos atrás
01:41:50 old days Hetfield, so good
TheKevinOwensShow 5 anos atrás
Tserennadmid Gunjidmaa
Metallica 💥🔥😍
Camille Anderson
Camille Anderson 9 meses atrás
вика панская
супер металлика класс
abiogenes 3 anos atrás
Viewing Account
Viewing Account 5 anos atrás
That would be dope if James did the intro to Fight Fire live.
Ernesto Castillo
Ernesto Castillo 5 anos atrás
Excelent job Master.
daryn eckert
daryn eckert Mês atrás
Awesome 😎😎😎
Milton Herrera
Milton Herrera 3 anos atrás
yo no me he dado el gusto de asistir a ningun concierto ni de metallica mucho pero de los guns and rose espero algun dia dios lo permita pero son buenos a pesar de los años
farnecke86 5 anos atrás
Awesome setlist!!!! In Hong Kong wasn't so good!!! Anyway, Metallica always amazing!!! Missing them again!!!!
Paulína Kusková
Paulína Kusková 4 anos atrás
This is some mad show!
Debbie leBel
Debbie leBel 5 anos atrás
Love all the videos! I was there for the one in Edmonton! Had a great time! It was a super night!
ToxicBanana99 5 anos atrás
Debbie leBel they have the whole show recorded on video too
Robert Kilpatrick
Robert Kilpatrick 2 anos atrás
Awesome and bad ass
Nico Parizot
Nico Parizot 5 anos atrás
Un petit DVD, s'il vous plait, c'est trop bon et bien fait ... MERCI BEAUCOUP.
Taka 26 dias atrás
Krzysztof Mazgaj
Krzysztof Mazgaj 5 anos atrás
Joseph Debono
Joseph Debono 2 meses atrás
One thing I’ve learnt working for myself when somebody does something wrong Sometimes given them a chance To make amend and to get back on the right track goes along way trust me by giving them a chance they realise make some think instead of making him upset
Gina Brandon
Gina Brandon Mês atrás
Melody I have been trying to get in touch with you several times and I Hope you haven't forgot about me thinking of you always Gina
Steve Winnicki
Steve Winnicki 3 anos atrás
kris healey
kris healey 5 anos atrás
Awesome compilation and cannot wait to see these in just over 2 weeks. But have Metallica fans lost their enthusiasm for the band during ride the lightening they looked lifeless. I really hope they play spit out the bone at the O2
Vі Fі
Vі Fі 4 anos atrás
Вот это класс
Master of Blood -NO LONGER ACTIVE-
2:41:24 my favorite part!
james ellenburg
james ellenburg 4 anos atrás
New guitar tones are killer though. Them Fractal solid state amps do great.
Victor Bicudo
Victor Bicudo 3 anos atrás
Axe FX II are digital amp sims an fx units, nothing solid state about'em.
Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Europe
Fuckin' Awesome ! ! ;)
Iulian Radeanu
Iulian Radeanu 2 meses atrás
NICE ! watch the smoothness 01:40:03 ! \m/
lola alexis
lola alexis 5 anos atrás
UN GRAND MERCI! A MASTER OF COLLECTORS vous semer du bonheurs comme metallica ou ils passent leurs sourires me mais KO a chaque fois je vous aiment HO oui metallica a bientot pour de nouvelles vidéo merci !
Lantus influencer
Lantus influencer 5 anos atrás
20:00 i just love that fuckin smooookin solo :D
Jon Palma
Jon Palma 3 anos atrás
cuando te das esos lujos de cambiar de guitarra en cada canción :D
Jon Palma
Jon Palma 3 anos atrás
@Mashea Grab y si jajajajja
Mashea Grab
Mashea Grab 3 anos atrás
Tienen mas guitarras que canciones
Е. К.
Е. К. 5 anos atrás
Juan Ma Juarez Arrieta
2019 escuchando a METALLICA en Cuernavaca México
YoSoyCharly_xD 3 anos atrás
2020 Acuña, Coahuila
Jedi Knight Alex
Jedi Knight Alex 3 anos atrás
2019 desde Tijuana B.C
Rodrigo Vaz
Rodrigo Vaz 5 anos atrás
Nice compilation!!
Robert Forsey
Robert Forsey 4 anos atrás
This is a great video!!! I was front center in the pit in Montreal Canada. There was nothing from that concert in this video 🤘😎🤘
Devil's Offspring
Devil's Offspring 3 anos atrás
Where did they play? I saw 'em back in 1985 in Montreal when I was 8, I think it was the Montreal Forum... is it still around? :)
Chuck Wesner
Chuck Wesner 5 anos atrás
Rest in peace cilff and the rest of the. Legend of metal
Jim Vargo
Jim Vargo 5 meses atrás
ROCK ON METALLICA RIP✌️CLIFF BURTON ✌️🙄🤘🤘🤘🤘🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🤘🤘🤘🎸🎶🎸😎
Tom Scholtes
Tom Scholtes 5 anos atrás
Unforgiven was great. Also the other songs.
Meneocus Kill
Meneocus Kill 5 anos atrás
Dustin Werner
Dustin Werner 5 anos atrás
This is awesome +MasterOfCollectors , thanks for the upload!
Luis Freitas
Luis Freitas 5 anos atrás
que grande james tomando mate!!!
Joseph Debono
Joseph Debono Mês atrás
Metallica yeah🎸🥁🌪⚡️🔌
Brownie 5 anos atrás
I wish they would've done Four Horsemen but they did Battery which is still awesome in Atlanta
John Cole
John Cole 5 anos atrás
Kicks Ass !
sixbrokeneggs 5 anos atrás
they doubled the riff on four horseman, anyone noticed?
Some 5 anos atrás
The proper mixing makes Lars drums sound so much fucking better, like he fucking rocked on Horseman
Сергей Федоров
металликка форефер!!!!!!!!
Cat Failla
Cat Failla 3 anos atrás
This is the Papa Het I miss!!!
C.J. 2 anos atrás
I have to say, that you're going to update this video once the Denmark show ends (sep 2nd), something is telling me that they're going to play "SPIT OUT THE BONE", I know this is just the USA tour but if that happens just add it please. by the way, I was at the San Diego show, HELL YEAH!!!!!
Alexander Boucher
Alexander Boucher 3 meses atrás
Metallica, please come to South Africa Johannesburg. There is a lot of hard cash here waiting for you. A live concert can do.
Michael Morse
Michael Morse 4 meses atrás
Trent Corona
Trent Corona 5 anos atrás
This is the content I subscribed for
Olivier Mês atrás
Best for ever
Good Man
Good Man 4 anos atrás
Class thanks for uploading
Joshua Bennett
Joshua Bennett 3 anos atrás
The picture of the icon next to my comments was taking by a photographer at the Denver show on 6/7/17. Basically front row for the general public. Awesome experience.
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