Metallica: Mama Said (Official Music Video) 

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Metallica's official music video for “Mama Said,” from the album “Load.” Subscribe for more videos:
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Directed by Anton Corbijn
Filmed in November 1996 in London, England
Video Never Aired in the US
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18 Mar 2012



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Comentários : 9 366   
This song has a strong message, it talks about a son who loses his mother early and needs to mature early, and that son is James Hetfield, something he needed to overcome and move on in life, a lot of Metallica fans call this album crap , unfortunately, there are few people who see much beyond music, Mama Said is a work of art that few musicians, even rock musicians, are able to produce such art and express the strong message it has, Metallica is more than a band from Heavy and Thrash Metal, it's the band of life!🙏🔥❤
Alex S.
Alex S. Anos atrás
Esse álbum do Metallica custou 10 dólares
Nomadic 11 meses atrás
i cant really compare metallica albums to one another but personally, my fav albums are load and reload albums, instead of giving the message with pure rage and hatred, those albums are more emational and touching and most importantly personal about their lives, especially james hetfield's life and i have a serious respect for him, his past, their band and their past.
ButlerLTD 10 meses atrás
I didn’t want to like this comment because it has 111 likes and that is perfect! This is perfect. My fav metallica song
Mouse Metal
Mouse Metal 10 meses atrás
@Nomadic Load and Reload albums are "hated" only because the fans expected thrash metal forever from Metallica. If any random band made them they would be universally praised.
Acid Smoke Of Doom
Acid Smoke Of Doom 10 meses atrás
Wojtek G
Wojtek G Anos atrás
One of the most beautiful songs ever. James has balls to sing it. Not every thrash metal singer has it.
DahyunHeadlessBird Anos atrás
I love that sprit of Headfield, that "Fuck all I play my own music" literally describes Metallica after Black album
Yoan Penchev
Yoan Penchev 10 meses atrás
Metallica is much more than thrash metal
G 10 meses atrás
After the success of Nothing Else Matters with the entirety of the Black album; they felt like they could do anything.
Wojtek G
Wojtek G 10 meses atrás
​@G, commercially yes. The Black Album was the most commerciall success and also the most easy to listening and the most simple (that was the reason). Musically they developed as no other metal band. They showed that they has no borders in music and music genres.
G 10 meses atrás
@Wojtek G I'm just quoting Lars it was his words, and yes they busted down barriers to evolve and mature and kept getting better in sound .
Jennie Wilson
Jennie Wilson 5 meses atrás
You know what is metal? James singing this song and not giving a shit about all the haters who haven't gotten past MOP. What a voice!
Rafael Arruda
Rafael Arruda 5 meses atrás
You are a metal god and do a country? AWESOME!
Ricardo E. Vasquez M.
Ricardo E. Vasquez M. 5 meses atrás
fak this song always makes me cry, remember my momma :(
Daniel Gamer Đʎℜқ
Daniel Gamer Đʎℜқ 5 meses atrás
@Ricardo E. Vasquez M. Yikes, I feel you bro
JPartLOL 5 meses atrás
This is my cousin. I am trying to convince him how badass this song is! He is addicted to MOP and RTL! Love James
Philip Gouldman
Philip Gouldman 5 meses atrás
Oh yeah, Pop country music...thats so metal! gtfo
Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar 9 meses atrás
"Need your arms to cover me But a cold stone's all I see" That's a gut-wrenching line.
Nu-Age Gamer
Nu-Age Gamer 7 meses atrás
*Need your arms to welcome me
EquineMetalhead 5 meses atrás
When I heard this song for the first time, and when I found out the lyric, I immediately teared up because that broke my heart in two.
Marko Vidakovic
Marko Vidakovic 5 meses atrás
Stay strong, brother by sorrow.
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson 4 meses atrás
I grew up in violence, me and my mom spent 3 year's in battered women shelters together. This song hits harder than most.
Burak KURT
Burak KURT 3 meses atrás
@Marko Vidakovic but you can't sometimes.. Mother is the sweetest thing on the world..
Charlie Anos atrás
This is a song for James Hetfield's mother, who died of cancer when he was young. The song talks about his regrets of not being able to spend more time with her and how he hopes that she will still love him when he sees her again ("Mama now I'm coming home. I'm not all you wished of me. A mother's love for her son unspoken, help me be. Yeah I took your love for granted and all the things you said to me. I need your arms to welcome me. But a cold stone is all I see.")
borsuk96 10 meses atrás
My mom died of pancreas cancer. Till the end she hide of what they did in the company
Charlie 6 meses atrás
@borsuk96 sorry to hear that. Life can be cruel sometimes. best wishes to you and yours
Imane El Mohalil
Imane El Mohalil 5 meses atrás
Mine passed away of uterus cancer. I dream of her every day. I need her so much. I’m only 23 I’m lost.
Charlie 5 meses atrás
@Imane El Mohalil You'll find your feet again, and comfort within one day, I promise. My brother has stage 4 prostate Cancer and then we found out my Dad has prostate Cancer, horrible disease that I know has taken many of lives.
Marko Vidakovic
Marko Vidakovic 4 meses atrás
People say that time heals everything. They lie. Time does not heal anything. You just get used to it.
christnumber2 20 dias atrás
3:50 to 4:20 has some of James best singing ever. Full of emotion!
Tweezer Salad
Tweezer Salad 2 anos atrás
Imagine being James in this time, well into your 30s and already experienced being the lead in the biggest metal band of all time. You pour your heart and soul out on an intimate and personal song from a more experimental album and all your fans do is call it shit because it doesn’t sound like Master of Puppets anymore. Load/Reload get better with age. I start to relate more and more with the songs and their decision to move away from thrash as I get older. I’m glad to see others feel the same as time goes on
Gogito 74
Gogito 74 Anos atrás
I can agree with this
Don’t get high with your own supply !!
The problem was the look and the atitude of Lars and Kirk at time ... They wanted to be on the show biz Hollywood elite ... And that let James and Jason pissed off ...
K Z Anos atrás
biggest metal band of all time ? :D
Vesko1974 Tesovic
Vesko1974 Tesovic Anos atrás
@K Z No the best rock band in history!
Stefan Hell
Stefan Hell Anos atrás
@K Z absolutely
Isla Nublar
Isla Nublar Anos atrás
I hate it when metallica songs like these don't get the same level of popularity as the other ones
zach_attack08 Anos atrás
@Metallicat 1973 this is beautifully put!
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang Anos atrás
Lies again? Marine Soldier
Matthew Ellingsen
Matthew Ellingsen Anos atrás
If this song came out today airing on country radio it would be a No. 1
Murat T
Murat T 10 meses atrás
Why care if the song good for you?
Colonel Spyder
Colonel Spyder Mês atrás
I lost my mom just a few days ago. This song popped into my head and had to revisit it. I feel it more and more listening to it. 💔
Mr Neon
Mr Neon Mês atrás
Ah man, so sorry dude, she will always be with you. I know it's unbelievably hard, but keep going, she would want that. All the best man..
Malu' 22 dias atrás
This song always makes me cry... even though my mother never loved me.
Kel Barahona
Kel Barahona Anos atrás
Desde niña escuchaba Metallica, siempre me gustaron sus temas y el grupo en general. Hoy llevo meses sin poder abrazar a mi madre, sin poder darle un beso, sin poder decirle que la amo, sin poder verla y consolar este corazón y la recuerdo con todas las canciones que oigo, incluso con esta, que habla de de una madre más fría. Mamá… este será el primer día de la madre sin ti, y juro que te extraño tanto que nadie podría dimensionar este dolor.
Alex Torres
Alex Torres Anos atrás
Ferran Castro
Ferran Castro Anos atrás
grmt85 8 meses atrás
Un abrazo.
Fabian Merlo
Fabian Merlo 3 meses atrás
Kel Barahona
Kel Barahona 3 meses atrás
@Fabian Merlo fuerza para ti también 🌹
Carol D
Carol D Anos atrás
Esta canción me llega al corazón. Admiro la versatilidad de James, es envidiable. No entiendo cómo pueden odiar esta canción solo pq no es metal. Es una joya, no sean cerrados de mente.
Edicson Mata
Edicson Mata 11 meses atrás
Estoy de acuerdo contigo es una hermosa canción me recuerda a systems of down lonely dey
Antonio LeMaire
Antonio LeMaire 11 meses atrás
No odian la cancion... odian que METALLICA sea la banda la grande del METAL punto!
Johann Robles
Johann Robles 9 meses atrás
@Antonio LeMaire más bien que la banda más grande del metal (no la mejor) saque un álbum así
DobyElfoSalvaje 4 meses atrás
Es que entre despacito de Fonsi y este, me quedo con mama said de meralica.
Juicy Strong
Juicy Strong 5 anos atrás
That moment when Metallica makes better country music than 99.9% of country musicians today
CRN 4 anos atrás
David Vincent disagree
Bill Muir
Bill Muir 4 anos atrás
lol how true!!!
Rob on bass
Rob on bass 4 anos atrás
Yes... This is way better than bro country lol
Shayne Mc
Shayne Mc 4 anos atrás
Juicy Strong Metal is older than country music. Country comes from very early Metal music. A lot of music comes from Celtic folk music as we know it. But I agree most country music today is just Queers singing about shit they don’t have a clue about, like woman and cars.
-ASH- 4 anos atrás
Do you have any idea how many ppl you just insulted there???
yapoo kim
yapoo kim Anos atrás
Mama, she has taught me well Told me when I was young "Son, your life's an open book" "Don't close it 'fore it's done" "The brightest flame burns quickest" That's what I heard her say A son's heart's owed to mother But I must find my way Let my heart go Let your son grow Mama, let my heart go Or, let this heart be still "Rebel, " my new last name Wild blood in my veins Apron strings around my neck The mark that still remains I left home at an early age Of what I heard was wrong I never asked forgiveness But what is said is done Let my heart go Let your son grow Mama, let my heart go Or let this heart be still Never I ask of you, but never I gave But you gave me your emptiness I now take to my grave Never I ask of you, but never I gave But you gave me your emptiness I now take to my grave So let this heart be still Mama, now I'm coming home I'm not all you wished of me But a mother's love for her son Unspoken, help me be Yeah, I took your love for granted And all the things you said to me, yeah I need your arms to welcome me But a cold stone's all I see Let my heart go Let your son grow Mama, let my heart go Or let this heart be still Let my heart go Mama, let my heart go You never let my heart go So let this heart be still, whoa Never I ask of you, but never I gave But you gave me your emptiness I now take to my grave Never I ask of you, but never I gave But you gave me your emptiness I now take to my grave So let this heart be still
Георгий Кировск
Мама говорила Мама учила меня хорошему, Говорила мне, когда я был молод: «Сынок, твоя жизнь как открытая книга - Не закрывай её раньше времени». «Самое яркое пламя сгорает быстрее всего», - Вот что я слышал от нее. Сердце сына в долгу перед матерью, Но я должен найти свой путь. Отпусти мое сердце, Позволь своему сыну вырасти. Мама, отпусти мое сердце, Или успокой его. Бунтарь - моя новая фамилия, Дикая кровь в моих венах, Но передник вокруг моей шеи Все еще на мне. Я слышал, что покидать дом в раннем возрасте Неправильно. Я никогда не просил прощения, Но что сделано, то сделано. Отпусти мое сердце, Позволь своему сыну вырасти. Мама, отпусти мое сердце, Или успокой его. Я никогда не просил у тебя, Но никогда и не давал. Но ты оставила мне свою пустоту, Которую я с собой в могилу несу. Я никогда не просил у тебя, Но никогда и не давал. Но ты оставила мне свою пустоту, Которую я с собой в могилу несу, Так успокой это сердце. Мама, я возвращаюсь домой, Я не совсем тот, каким ты хотела видеть меня. Но любовь матери к своему сыну, Несомненно, помогала мне всегда. Я недостаточно ценил твою любовь, И все, что ты мне говорила. Я нуждаюсь в твоих объятиях, Но холодный камень - все, что я вижу. Отпусти мое сердце, Позволь своему сыну вырасти. Мама, отпусти мое сердце, Или успокой его. Отпусти мое сердце, Мама, отпусти мое сердце. Ты никогда не отпускала его, Так успокой это сердце. Я никогда не просил у тебя, Но никогда и не давал. Но ты оставила мне свою пустоту, Которую я с собой в могилу несу. Я никогда не просил у тебя, Но никогда и не давал. Но ты оставила мне свою пустоту, Которую я с собой в могилу несу, Так успокой это сердце.
Isabel Garateguy
Isabel Garateguy 10 meses atrás
Arthur Lampion
Arthur Lampion 10 meses atrás
science 8 meses atrás
Thank you and probably one of the best lyrics I've ever heard in my life surprisingly coming from Metallica. Masterpiece.
Oh No
Oh No 2 anos atrás
Happy Mother's Day in advance to all my Metallica brothers Respect her, don't take it for granted When she's gone, then you'll be a man, until then, you're just a baby Make her proud, so proud, do a little bit of what she did for you
Cryo (old channel)
Cryo (old channel) 2 anos atrás
How your parents raised you may be how you raise your kids
Vsonkurai 2 anos atrás
@Cryo (old channel) Depends of how your parents raised you, obviously.
Cryo (old channel)
Cryo (old channel) 2 anos atrás
@Vsonkurai Yeah
Luca di Bartolomeo
Luca di Bartolomeo Anos atrás
i wish i could respect her, if she still was here
Oh No
Oh No Anos atrás
@Vsonkurai nope, you can always do better, don't be a grump, be good, it's family we're talking about If you can't be good to family, you've got no chance on becoming friends with strangers or friends
Essa música tem uma mensagem forte, fala sobre um filho que perde a mãe cedo e precisa amadurecer cedo, e esse filho é James Hetfield, algo que ele precisava superar e seguir em frente na vida,muitos fãs do Metallica chamam esse álbum de porcaria,infelizmente, são poucas as pessoas que enxergam muito além da música,Mama Said é uma obra de arte que poucos músicos,até mesmo músicos de rock,são capazes de produzir tal arte e expressar a forte mensagem que tem,Metallica é mais que uma banda de Heavy e Thrash Metal,é a banda da vida!❤🔥🙏
Dois Dedos de Terror
Falou tudo Julius.
Luis Guilherme Silva Santos
Mano... Penso exatamente igual. Me identifico com várias letras do James Hetfield, essa é uma delas...
Catalina Insfran
Catalina Insfran 3 meses atrás
@Solustic TI si en español
Tadeu Liaffa
Tadeu Liaffa 2 meses atrás
Esse pessoal é doido essa música é incrível
joao barrelas
joao barrelas 7 meses atrás
I'm a diehard Thrash Metal fan but also a musician - this song is a masterpiece.
BrettPlaysGames 7 dias atrás
This is legit the first time I’ve seen this opinion lmao
Emke Zwanenburg
Emke Zwanenburg 25 dias atrás
People say that this album is trash. I say this album is a musical masterpiece. So many uses of different sounds. So many different types of genres. Plus this absolute masterpiece with beautiful harmonizing vocals and an amazing guitar playing in the background.
M B 2 anos atrás
This masterpiece shows that Metallica was more than a Heavy Metal band. And that Load and Reload, were an evolution of maturity. Thanks to these guys for composing the soundtrack of my life.
Diamond Dawg
Diamond Dawg 2 anos atrás
It's a pity that they've come back to thrash metal gimmick instead of making more sincere stuff like they did on Load/Reload. Who would know back in the days that Metallica selling out won't be about making more popular music, but to be exactly what their fans want them to be.
mateus pereira
mateus pereira 2 anos atrás
the real metalheads
the real metalheads 2 anos atrás
@Diamond Dawg IF they hadnt gone back they wouldnt have any fans left especially after they pulled the stanger and lulu garbage and the live shows would suffer from fan bordom
Diamond Dawg
Diamond Dawg 2 anos atrás
@the real metalheads I don't care about fans, I want my favourite musicians to make music that they want to make, not music that they must make to cater to their target audience.
MEAT CANNON Anos atrás
I can't even sing along to this without the sadness wavering in my voice. I miss my mom, lung cancer from smoking those damn Marlboro red soft packs took her from us. Love your mother while she's still around. You usually only get one. Don't take her love for granted. You never know how much time you have. You're gonna miss them hugs and that love she had for you. Losing her hurts worse than any physical pain I've ever felt. Rips your heart right out of your chest and leaves a big hole you can't fill with anything. Only time helps heal that shit, but it never fully heals. That pain stays with you.
Fernando Saldivia
Fernando Saldivia 10 meses atrás
God bless you bro, May her soul rest in heaven
George_217 10 meses atrás
I’m sorry to hear that, May she Rest In Peace, and what you said really is true and something to listen to
man botak
man botak 10 meses atrás
I feel u man
Javier Hardeman
Javier Hardeman 5 meses atrás
I can relate I lost my mom in mother's day weekend of 2019
Even Stephen
Even Stephen 2 meses atrás
Grow up HateBang420
Alexandra Zeitz
Alexandra Zeitz 8 meses atrás
This song always reduces to tears - it is just so beautiful how much this James' loves Cynthia (his mother), on top of his angelic voice and how heartfelt it is!!
James Hetfield
James Hetfield 3 meses atrás
Hello, how are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.
Alexandra Zeitz
Alexandra Zeitz 3 meses atrás
@James Hetfield Hi, I am doing great, but even greater now that you have written to me!!!! If this is the actual James Hetfield on the other end of this, I just want to say that am so honored beyond words to be able to connect with you. I truly believe you are a shining inspiration to people everywhere and that your music helps make the world a better place... Also, I send much belated birthday love to Cliff up in the sky - one of the most beautiful human beings to ever walk this Earth. Metallica is my heart - I love all of you! Sending big virtual hugs! ❤‍🔥❣💓🥰🤗💞
Nu-Age Gamer
Nu-Age Gamer 7 dias atrás
​@Alexandra Zeitz Hate to break to you, but that's not James.
Adamantium1983 24 dias atrás
One of my favorite Metallica songs, simple, authentic and sad.
Hector Heathcote
Hector Heathcote Mês atrás
The critics have never been more wrong about LOAD . Absolutely the best hard rock tunes and lyrics of its era . Absolutely , Hetfield & Band knocked it outta the park . An album I can and have listened to all day then all night .
Angel of death 911
Angel of death 911 Mês atrás
You can tell that there is a lot of pain, suffering and hurt in the lyrics of this song. This song explains heartache like nothing else. Great song!!
marco mamf
marco mamf 7 anos atrás
Almost 20 years after the release and people still whining about "That ain't Metallica" This is not about being Metallica or not, this is about a deep song, full of soul and meaning. Good thing Metallica can play any type of music and they are all good still.
Bulls4 Life
Bulls4 Life 7 anos atrás
damn, has it been almost 20 years? damn
Mohamed Bikary
Mohamed Bikary 7 anos atrás
+Marco Moreno well said !
MrRenegadeshinobi 7 anos atrás
+Bulls4 Life Makes you feel old don't it?
Ludvig S. Hansen
Ludvig S. Hansen 7 anos atrás
+Marco Moreno This IS metallica, they have many songs like this one. not as deep though but in vibe and float.
Daphoes 7 anos atrás
+Marco Moreno its an awsome song.
Ray 3 meses atrás
Makes me cry every time. Such a beautiful song
Imrich F.
Imrich F. 2 meses atrás
This song is an absolute masterpiece....
Even Stephen
Even Stephen 2 meses atrás
No dude also ur not rich
BrettPlaysGames 7 dias atrás
@Even Stephen?
Susan Hutchinson
Susan Hutchinson 9 meses atrás
Metallica should make a full country rock album They can do anything and do it very well
James Hetfield
James Hetfield 3 meses atrás
Hello, how are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.
Pineapple Toilet
Pineapple Toilet Mês atrás
Will Kenneth
Will Kenneth 15 dias atrás
@Susan Hutchinson. I agree what’s your favorite song
EquineMetalhead 5 meses atrás
“I need your arms to welcome me, but that cold stone’s all I see.” That verse broke my heart in two pieces and I actually teared up and kind of started to cry. I just wanna give James a hug. He’s gone through so much shit in his life. James if you see this, you are strong, you are funny, you have an adorable laugh and smile, your awesomazing, and people can step in line. *gives hug through the screen*
Algún día sabremos porqué las canciones de Metálica eran tan perfectas...
alealtan 9 anos atrás
If James ever made a country album, I would actually buy it
The Dude
The Dude 3 anos atrás
Hell yeah
B T 3 anos atrás
Tomislav Kuna
Tomislav Kuna 3 anos atrás
Never crossed my mind but - YEEAH!! :)
Josh Shrum
Josh Shrum 3 anos atrás
alealtan But load is a country album lol.
Josh Shrum
Josh Shrum 3 anos atrás
Tristan Morrow It was actually somewhat of a joke lol learn how the internet works bro.
Christian Oliva
Christian Oliva 25 dias atrás
Stunning song
Даниил Шакиров
С новым годом!!! Сколько лет прошло, а я также люблю эту песню! Спасибо Металлика!
Burak KURT
Burak KURT 3 meses atrás
Я тоже, братишка
Daniel 2 meses atrás
2023 e essa música continua sendo uma das mais lindas q eu já ouvi!❤
Sergant Payne
Sergant Payne Mês atrás
Yes !
Cobrakaineverdies Anos atrás
The thing I love about Metallica is they are such a moving band. And some of these lyrics can relate to a lot of people. “All these words I don’t just say.”
Sephiroth Gaming
Sephiroth Gaming 9 meses atrás
I just moved into my college dorm. My mom and I don’t have the greatest mother/son relationship but this song makes me realize how lucky I am to have a mother love me unconditionally even if I flip her off or talk behind her back. I love you mom, I’ll see you before Christmas ❤️
Matt Walker
Matt Walker 2 anos atrás
I dedicate this song to my mom , she died when I was 16 and now it's been 22 years and I still miss her everyday !!!
Brian G
Brian G 2 anos atrás
Stay strong bro, praying for you
IR623 Anos atrás
Same age Hetfield lost his.
Diane C.
Diane C. Anos atrás
@Matt Walker, She's in spirit and watches your life. You are loved. You can talk to her. The moment you say her name aloud, her spirit comes instantly to you. Love is the bond that keeps you together. I lost my father at 17 years, and my mom recently. You can ask your mom for help or for signs. If you want to know what she's feeling or thinking though unless you meditate, you'd need to contact a psychic Medium. Usually you can find them at a metaphysical bookstore or even online. There are some awesome ones. Blessings.
Matt Walker
Matt Walker Anos atrás
@Diane C. thank you !!!
Gilmar Moraes
Gilmar Moraes Anos atrás
Acho essa música incrível. Fui escutada pela primeira vez , 15 anos depois do seu lançamento. A sensação foi como ela fosse atual.
anjo azul
anjo azul Anos atrás
Vdd amigo. Tem 20 anos que escuto metallica. E ainda tenho uma paixão enorme pelas músicas deles. Sou fã eterno⚡
Sérginho Furtado
Sérginho Furtado 2 meses atrás
Metallica é incrível, sensacional! 🎧🎸🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶
Элина Сергеева
Песня посвящена воспоминаниям из детства, о маме, размышления о себе самом. Красивые гитарные переливы и приятный глубокий тенор-проникновенный. Классика.
Ваня 10 meses atrás
Послушал и вернулся во времена детства.
Василий Мяусин
Элина Сергеева
@Василий Мяусин возможно
Boots,Braces,and Black Metal?????
Het's vocals are so damn good! I also think this song show the other members of Metallica's versatility.
Andrea Tarasova
Andrea Tarasova Anos atrás
Beyond brilliance! This song could make a stone cry.
ogz34 Anos atrás
So true!
Silverfox Anos atrás
Roy nadav
Roy nadav Anos atrás
very true
KatieKing 9 anos atrás
What a track, people who hate this are obviously closed minded. They hear this and instantly switch off when they know it's not metal.
KatieKing 9 anos atrás
Thank you! Exactly.
Steve MCNeil
Steve MCNeil 9 anos atrás
Lol did u really reply to your own comment
KatieKing 8 anos atrás
Thanks ***** Of course I will reply when a comment as correct as yours is said. Comments are for discussion dimwit.
MikePotatoe 2 meses atrás
@Steve MCNeil probably just a hidden or deleted comment
Gonzalo Pardo-Figueroa
Underrated gem. They should play it live.
Daniel lee Kirkpatrick
20 something years on and still one of my favorite tunes of all time ❤️👌🏻
Gerbison 11 meses atrás
Essa musica tem significado especial pra mim. Toda vez q eu escuto me faz lembrar da minha Mãe. Eu amo minha Mãe demais e Amo essa Canção ❤🤘🏽
Jamie 6 meses atrás
I first heard this song at the age of 14 and I was so happy about it. I was already a huge Metallica fan but I had lost my mom when I was 8. And to hear one of my favorite metal bands relate to the pain I felt on a personal level was so intimate for me. Still loving it and all the Metallica songs to this day ❤️
Clara Trureo
Clara Trureo 28 dias atrás
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 7 anos atrás
I appreciate all of Metallica's work, from Kill 'Em All to St. Anger to Beyond Magnetic. Their music has always helped me make it through bad times.
BL Mike
BL Mike 7 anos atrás
+Victor Hugo Ditto Victor. Theres something that can help release the inner demon in a peaceful way.
LivingAsABraker 7 anos atrás
+Victor Hugo "Beyond Magnetic"?
Coltallic 7 anos atrás
+LivingAsABraker Basically the songs that didn't make it on Death Magnetic.
LivingAsABraker 7 anos atrás
TheCryptCrusader Didn't know that
Jad Fadel
Jad Fadel 7 anos atrás
+LivingAsABraker its an EP listen to it its cool
Vinícius Negrão
Vinícius Negrão Anos atrás
Imposible to not get emotional listening to this and reading the lyrics. Shows the importance of cherishing the love people offer you
Jair Gameplay
Jair Gameplay Anos atrás
Metallica é incrível 💥
Nate Mês atrás
This song sends shivers up and down my spine....
Mac Anos atrás
I once showed this song to my mother. She liked it but was not in love with it. The song's lyrics never really applied to me so it never fully got me sad or really that emotional. Having said that, my mom died just a month ago and I cried through all the 4:54 just now. James lost his mom at 16 way earlier than me at 31 but as far as comparisons go my relationship was also quite difficult at times as I understand was his with his mother. I just wanna say in closing whoever reads this that if you have the chance right now hug your mom and give her a kiss if you can because you never know when it's too late!
M 5 meses atrás
underrated song
string thing
string thing 4 meses atrás
“You gave me your emptiness and l’ll take it to my grave”just how brilliant is that?
Potato Pickle
Potato Pickle 3 meses atrás
Yes also remember that nearly 50 million people watched this
Potato Pickle
Potato Pickle 3 meses atrás
And sadly only 255k people liked it
Potato Pickle
Potato Pickle 3 meses atrás
So yes you’re right
Andrea Rahl
Andrea Rahl 2 anos atrás
I've been listening to Metallica since I was 15, I am now 48 and don't think I'll ever stop!
Qais albalushi
Qais albalushi 2 anos atrás
Future me
sexschuh Anos atrás
Cause you got good taste friend
Fender Gibson
Fender Gibson Anos atrás
I started when i was 14, now I'm 41 and couldn't get over LOAD!...until I sleep..
Karottenschreck Anos atrás
same here
Metallica transcended very much their career.
Dorca Espinoza
Dorca Espinoza 2 anos atrás
Me da un poco de nostalgia esta cancion por el sonido de fondo y la voz tan hermosa de James ademas tiene una letra hermosa ... con esa guitarra .. .me imagino yo en la carretera... gran cantante..
shred94 23 dias atrás
man this song brings tears to a man's eyes
Sebastian López
Sebastian López 4 meses atrás
2023 y este tema me sigue erizando la piel gracias ma por esta herencia y gusto musical
banditchief 9 meses atrás
Those who laughed at load in 96 now realise how spectacular this album is.
Michael DeFreese
Michael DeFreese 2 anos atrás
This to me is one of James's deepest songs he's ever wrote can't listen to this song without getting teary-eyed it's just such an amazingly beautiful song plus it makes me think of my Mom 2
WORLD OF ISS🚀 3 anos atrás
2021 and we still listening this song😍
Steven Khawaja
Steven Khawaja 3 anos atrás
100 %, these songs are legends
I need a name
I need a name 3 anos atrás
Good on ya brother
Madd 3 anos atrás
Its obvious!
adler388 3 anos atrás
No matter what year is it, we still miss our Mothers.
Solo fighter 21
Solo fighter 21 3 anos atrás
Михаил Палицкий
Отличная песня. Металлика в очередной раз приятно удивила!
Cee Dee
Cee Dee 5 dias atrás
Love this era of Metallica songs.
Krrrimmi Anos atrás
Imsalleh 9 dias atrás
I love this album and this song is my favourite
SiriusMined Anos atrás
My mother and I were estranged for a long time. This song prompted me reconcile with her. She just died a few hours ago. This song gave me 25 years I wouldn't want to have passed up.
pato Anos atrás
I'm very sorry man I hope you recover soon from this situation and can continue forward
Jantzen Allen
Jantzen Allen 6 meses atrás
Prayers your way friend 🙏🙏🙏
Thoregor 7 anos atrás
This song reveals such deep feelings that it just can't be put on metal, it's like a sad story told by a man who's best doing this. Honestly I like Metallica for all their songs, but these ballads are their best work in my opinion.
john arthie
john arthie 7 anos atrás
+Thoregor nice mustache brah
Thoregor 7 anos atrás
João Arthur Thank you :D
Matt G
Matt G 7 anos atrás
I agree completely. without songs like this metal wouldnt be its fullest potential because to me, metal IS a form of emotion. many metal heads im sure can agree with the fact that, anything fast, agressive, lyrically driven is more about the meaning and message then the entertainment of the song. this work is why I love metal, and music in general. It just goes to show who's in it for the message not the money. ya know? #musicislife
Landon 7 anos atrás
I totally agree, die hard metallica myself, I dig this and ronnie
Александр Прокопенко
Плохо знаю английский, поэтому пишу по-русски. У меня тоже умерла Мама от рака. Меньше полугода назад. До этого, 9 лет как, умер от инсульта мой Отец. Ваша песня - это крик моей души о том как мне стало сейчас пусто и грустно. Впервые, за свои уже почти 33 года я понял, что такое одиночество. Когда заходищь в Её комнату, а там вместо "Ну как дела, сынок?" просто тишина и пустота. Да, у меня есть жена, брат, друзья, но они не заменят Её. Даже когда не стало Отца я так не горевал, но тут... Спасибо Вам за Ваше творчество!
Lidia Neclaw
Lidia Neclaw 10 meses atrás
This is matter what they play is always classic
greg massiff
greg massiff 12 dias atrás
Моя мама погибла 10 лет назад, моя боль не угасла до сих пор,слушаю Metallica с 97, обнимите своих близких, где бы они не находились найдете время их посетить
A T 3 meses atrás
I lost my mother in a young age and this song helped to put words and to move on.
Exalted Marauder
Exalted Marauder 7 meses atrás
I relate too damn much to this song. I'm adopted and in 2008 I held my birth mom's hand as she passed away from cancer. Then march this year my adopted mom passed away from cancer as well. I wasn't extremely young when I lost my birth mom (I was 26 at that time, I'm 41 now) but I still feel this song and having grown up with both load and reload during high school it's a song that has stuck with me for years and I hadn't listened to it in a very long time until tonight. I can't believe I went through a disgusted with Metallica phase (due to reload and load being so different at that time, then their deal with Napster lol oh God if we only knew the future of songs/mp3s back then.) Well after relistening to these songs off load and reload, I appreciate it so much more now than I did when I was younger, and truth be told I think I secretly liked it and I would always go back to it while I listened to my nofx bad religion offspring mxpx misfits descendants black flag sick of it all (i.e. punk or hardcore cds). Thank you Metallica for creating some of the best songs out there in the history of metal/rock. You will never be cancelled no matter how hard new listeners cry and don't do enough research.
BimJenning69 3 anos atrás
“The brightest flame burns quickest.” one of the most simple but deep quotes i’ve ever heard. underrated song
NiranjanM 3 anos atrás
Kurt Kobain
Agnes Szajko
Agnes Szajko 3 anos atrás
@NiranjanM Yeah,but His name correctly Cobain not Kobain.
All Outta Bubblegum
All Outta Bubblegum 2 anos atrás
Better to burn out than to fade away.
wiz3421 2 anos atrás
@All Outta Bubblegum This is actually wrongfully credited to Cobain when in fact it was Neil Young. (The song: Hey, Hey, My My).
John West
John West 2 anos atrás
I mean it's a saying as old as time, they didn't invent it
Jean Ryuzaki
Jean Ryuzaki 2 anos atrás
Cara essa música me faz muito lembra da minha mãe quando eu tô longe dela. Eu amo demais essa música ❤️
Angela França
Angela França 3 meses atrás
Krzysiek P
Krzysiek P 3 meses atrás
1996 my God young people don't know what kind of fun it was back then heart crying...memories this song brings
Es que Metallica son los mejores ❤
Broken Face
Broken Face Anos atrás
We had this song at my dads funeral in 2oo4 it was one of his faves. still makes me cry when i hear it. Rest easy old man
Dylan Greene
Dylan Greene 5 anos atrás
3:11 "I need your arms to welcome me, but a cold stone's all I see" Gives me chills every time...
CRN 4 anos atrás
Yeah man, miss my mom
TheDegenerate7 4 anos atrás
Goosebumps man...every time
Kay den
Kay den 4 anos atrás
So sad...😭
giggety goo
giggety goo 4 anos atrás
"Mother me"
FinnicVoice Anos atrás
This masterpiece describes perfectly mine and my moms relationship just after I moved out, and it's left some scars. But nonetheless, I love you mom ❤️
Ana Flavia
Ana Flavia Anos atrás
Que voz maravilhosa!
Fin78_ Anos atrás
The most underrated song from any band ever.
Renato Duarte da paixao
Essa musica dedico a minha mãe que eu amo muito
Catalina Insfran
Catalina Insfran 3 meses atrás
Te amo metallica mi hija que está en el cielo,escuchaba mucho este tema 😭😭😭
Sonny Prince
Sonny Prince 4 anos atrás
Quite possibly the most underrated Metallica song.
Angel 3 anos atrás
SMPrince97 ew no this is their hot dog
Leandros L
Leandros L 3 anos atrás
Minus Human
Dominika Meštrović
Dominika Meštrović 3 anos atrás
Agreed. Shame, cause it's absolutly beautiful.
assasinbassin comerford
Load is underated. Period.
I’d say it’s Wasting my Hate. Such a Rockin’ Song.
Musidora Espacial
Musidora Espacial 2 meses atrás
How honest and beautiful is this song.
Flávia Fuertes
Flávia Fuertes Anos atrás
Uma das minhas favoritas🤩
Manoel Carlos
Manoel Carlos Anos atrás
Minha também
MATTHEW Villagrana
MATTHEW Villagrana Anos atrás
Dude James Hatfield has a heck of a good voice. He sings this song so well. He is one of the greatest rock singer's of all time.
Hydes_xEVO Anos atrás
"i took your love for granted , and all the things you said to me i need your arms to welcome me , but cold stone all i see.." this part is thouching souls , you just cant hold the tears IF YOUR LISTENING TO THIS SONG/METTALICA CONGRATS YOU HAVE ONE HELL OF A TASTE !!!
Neilan Adams
Neilan Adams 22 dias atrás
Brilliant and beautiful song, great video as well.
Codey Horn
Codey Horn 7 anos atrás
Definitely not traditional Metallica but it's a strong and powerful song .. Better than any country singer today could put out
Popped Corn
Popped Corn 7 anos atrás
katieee d
katieee d 7 anos atrás
Thierry Rocks
Thierry Rocks 6 anos atrás
That moment when a metal band can make a better country song than country singers today...
kevin galicia
kevin galicia 6 anos atrás
Eric Kleefeld
Eric Kleefeld 6 anos atrás
Purists bash the Load/ReLoad period as a departure. So what? Metallica were artists who felt like doing something a little different for a while, to branch out from their roots while also applying what they'd done before. Take this single, for example: James felt like writing a country song, to channel his deep emotions about his mother and her death. And so he wrote one of the best damn country songs ever.
Станислав Ощепков
Всё что сейчас происходит не касается Metallica, мы вас слушаем всегда с момента основания
Rodolfo R.
Rodolfo R. Anos atrás
essa bate na alma
Cyxapuk Anos atrás
Пусть мое сердце бьется Пусть твой сын растет. Пусть мое сердце бьется или Пусть это сердце умрет. Супер припев, обожаю
CheifCreekTurtle 7 meses atrás
A good country song will make you cry, well done james hetfield 😢
Nikolai Vasilev
Nikolai Vasilev Anos atrás
LYRICS: Mama, she has taught me well Told me when I was young "Son, your life's an open book" "Don't close it 'fore it's done" "The brightest flame burns quickest" That's what I heard her say A son's heart's owed to mother But I must find my way Let my heart go Let your son grow Mama, let my heart go Or, let this heart be still "Rebel, " my new last name Wild blood in my veins Apron strings around my neck The mark that still remains I left home at an early age Of what I heard was wrong I never asked forgiveness But what is said is done Let my heart go Let your son grow Mama, let my heart go Or let this heart be still Never I ask of you, but never I gave But you gave me your emptiness I now take to my grave Never I ask of you, but never I gave But you gave me your emptiness I now take to my grave So let this heart be still Mama, now I'm coming home I'm not all you wished of me But a mother's love for her son Unspoken, help me be Yeah, I took your love for granted And all the things you said to me, yeah I need your arms to welcome me But a cold stone's all I see Let my heart go Let your son grow Mama, let my heart go Or let this heart be still Let my heart go Mama, let my heart go You never let my heart go So let this heart be still, whoa Never I ask of you, but never I gave But you gave me your emptiness I now take to my grave Never I ask of you, but never I gave But you gave me your emptiness I now take to my grave So let this heart be still
Dirigo207 4 anos atrás
Its a damn shame this song never has made its way into a live set of Metallica's. If you know anything about James's life you'll really understand the feelings behind this song. The whole argument this isnt metallica is garbage. I think its wicked that Metallica stepped outside the norm and didnt care what people thought of it. They did their own thing and thats cool. Ive come to appreciate their later work just as much as Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets etc etc. Don't hate it because its different.
TheGrayLink 4 anos atrás
Boeingfan727 it’s really good I don’t mind that it’s like country and metal or rock I think this song is more hard rock
Ritual Official Band
Ritual Official Band 4 anos atrás
James has played it 2 times solo so it wasn't exactly never played live
TheGrayLink 4 anos atrás
Ultra Guitarist yeah it hasn’t been played with the full band but those performances aren’t bad
Matt M
Matt M 4 anos atrás
Awesome. Yeah I don't understand all the hate Metallica get for post justice or black album stuff. They evolved, their sound changed, but it's still as good as anything else they've ever done. As a musician I think the guitar tones on black, load, reload, etc are awesome. They are such well written, mixed and produced albums. And I have a respect that they did their own thing without caring what everyone else expected or wanted. Rock on!
Random Elephant
Random Elephant 4 anos atrás
As much as I do agree with everything said - on the more relieved not: You're kinda asking for it when you name your band "Metal"-lica, aren't you?
aporia_darkpath Anos atrás
Man, these people are artists. You can't force an artist to always stick to a genre. "Do this, do this", " oh that's not good, do this". They should follow their instincts and feelings. That's how art works.
Qwerty Power
Qwerty Power Mês atrás
What a beautiful voice and words... METALLICA FOREVER!!!
Nivea Soares
Nivea Soares Anos atrás
💔 hino da lenda
Mike S. Music
Mike S. Music 2 meses atrás
This songs never been more pertinent than now - especially with the context around Hetfield’s meaning behind 72 Seasons. Would love to see him put the explorer down and bust this out on the acoustic at a live show 🤙🤙🤙
Pedi Minha Ex Em Namoro 😍
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