Metallica: All Nightmare Long (Official Music Video) 

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Metallica's official music video for “All Nightmare Long,” from the album “Death Magnetic.”
Directed by Roboshobo
Video Premiere Date: December 7, 2008
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6 Dez 2013



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@nestortomaselli6372 10 meses atrás
Whoever came up with the concept for this video & produced the film and animated visuals deserves an award. Seriously, it's like a short, classic terror film mixed to Metallica's booming sound. It's a work of art.
@tdyr170 8 meses atrás
Roboshobo - Robert Schober The Ring 2 Visual Effects 2005
@TavoMadrid 6 meses atrás
I agree, amazing video.
@andyorozco8060 5 meses atrás
Still makes my hair stand up. Super awesome and terrifying at the same time!!!
@fredhothotfred6288 5 meses atrás
it was probably Kirk, he likes that kinda stuff
@sophiekarp1556 4 meses atrás
Literally an amazing and brilliant concept for zombies
@wardkdouglas Anos atrás
5:32 one of the coolest riffs in Metallica history.
@ekulyarg Anos atrás
Think it starts at 5:33
@breakingbadken Anos atrás
You exactly right my fav part of this masterpiece
@steel_warfare1049 Anos atrás
how? lulu has some of the best riffs ever created
Com certeza!!
@SG-fm9wd Anos atrás
Next to master of puppets for me
@judgeholden9942 Anos atrás
This has got to be one of their hardest songs, the riffs are just furious and relentless, the solos make me wanna snap someone’s neck and just godamn its so good
I would't say the hardest but it definitely isn't easy throughout the whole song (only rhythm guitar). One of the best songs ever tbh
@judgeholden9942 Anos atrás
@@nikolajovancevski9049 i didn't mean hard as in difficult
@Umbra_Nazgul Anos atrás
@@nikolajovancevski9049 it is one of the hardest. Death magnetic has the toughiest songs out of their whole catalog.
@GoddamnManbat Anos atrás
This is how my brain ticks. Before I let my guitars down, I would piss people off with this one.
@ralphkramden2089 Anos atrás
Snap someone’s neck? Makes me wanna smoke muther f’rs in my 68 Z28!! Thats how I SNAP F’N NECKS!
@ayp7715 11 meses atrás
The Hammett "WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" roar right before the second solo at 6:01 has given me chills since 2008. The high point on Death Magnetic IMO.
@gusgomezh 7 meses atrás
Goddamnit fuck yes.
for me, the slide at 5:27 as the bomber went down did it.
@BeegDongLeFleur Mês atrás
Death Magnetic is a seriously underrated album
@kalinhradska Mês atrás
you mean overrated
@BeegDongLeFleur 15 dias atrás
@mn_steelyboi648 Anos atrás
This song literally defines my teenage years. I would listen to this on repeat daily along with the rest of the album. So horribly underrated. My brother, when James paused and took his breath at 7:08….. I still get chills. So so so so damn hard and under appreciated
@vxxyboii Anos atrás
i never hear anyone else mention that part, so im glad other people appreciate just how damn good something so little as exhaling in a song can be
@jefft6802 4 meses atrás
Kill em All defined the end of my teenage years. Imagine not knowing Puppets was yet to come! What a ride!
@fabithierry 3 anos atrás
That "Luck, Runs, Out!" by James fit so perfectly
@zombierecordings6184 3 anos atrás
You mean "Luck, Runs, Outta"
@mikegoodlock7821 Anos atrás
@enzobeitmirza85 Anos atrás
This song is the definition of metal, it’s heavy, fast, and awesome.🤟
@adambukovjan 11 meses atrás
..And little bit trash metal;)
@samuraikyokkan 11 meses atrás
yeah, unlike the 10 years of wasteland music they made with load, reload, and st. anger.
@agent2face512 9 meses atrás
@@samuraikyokkan you just can't shut up and let people enjoy what they want can you
@idontwantaname9750 5 meses atrás
​@@samuraikyokkanit's been 5 months, are ypu still crying about a band having creative freedom?
@rudyborgas7597 Anos atrás
I remember as a kid seeing this for the first time on late night MTV and being fascinated and scared all at once now it’s my kids lullaby 🤣
@crieverytim Anos atrás
I hope you're kidding
@Que934 Anos atrás
@Iveraxi Anos atrás
​@@Que934 don't forget my son to include everyone
@Mtz2604 Anos atrás
I hope you're not kidding. God parenting here, ladies and gentleman. Edit: typo
@tophermorvan1509 Anos atrás
Dang, making me feel old. Karaoked this at my daughter's birthday after my grandson went to bed.
@justingetty3068 Anos atrás
The solo on this song is amazing. I think it is one of Kirk's best solos and he has many amazing solos . It starts at 4:38
@lolhyena1714 7 meses atrás
And the second part has a Cliff Burton bass solo feel to it🔥🔥🔥
@fergust2802 2 anos atrás
My favorite song off Death Magnetic. It’s literally one of their best songs they have written. It’s a perfect mix of their older and newer heavier sounds. Powerful, Intricate, groovy, catchy. The thrashing that starts at 6:15 is insane (reminds my of Dyer’s Eve). Wish this song got more love in their live shows. Edit: Also I forgot to mention. This is the song that drummer Matt Sorum once told a story about that I read in a rock magazine. Him and Lars went out partying hard one night during the production of Death Magnetic. But Lars had to go in the next day to record drums for this song haha. He called Matt to tell him that he was hurting from the previous night’s festivities lol. So a lot of the takes you hear on this song of Lars brutality slamming away on the drums is him hungover AF Lmao 🤣. What a king.
@ethancooper5966 Anos atrás
Day that never comes was good but this should have been the single from death magnetic
@jasonGamesMaster Anos atrás
This is pretty much the only song off Death Magnetic (or after Justice, really) that I actually like. Definitely tapped into that old magic with this one.
@alekpo2000 Anos atrás
its a good cd that got mixed on a bunch of drama when it launched that hurt his performance... and the cd ended up dying aniway
@tordenvaer480 Anos atrás
Wait a minute Metallica is metal I thought it was hard rock because it's not heavy
@jasonGamesMaster Anos atrás
@@tordenvaer480 then I guess you've only listened to the 90s and newer stuff. Go back and check out Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and Justice for All.
@user-lh5dp4bh4s Anos atrás
4:36 this part of the song has GOT to be my favourite, i love metallica
Yesss, pretty sick, my favorite part is 6:27
@ReeceyBoy04 Anos atrás
Legendary pal
@virtualband7483 Anos atrás
That is a classic Metallica section
@nerdycorner Anos atrás
Agreed 4:36 favourite
@jakubzdzienicki4836 4 anos atrás
One of their best songs. Criminally underrated.
@chuggggggy 3 anos atrás
Yes, I'm remembering I used to be obsessed with it. They didn't play it on the concert I went to though and it was Death Magnetic Tour
@codysykes5568 3 anos atrás
I still associate this song with Bloodborne.
@MrPatspp 3 anos atrás
With this song I knew Metallica (leave me alone, I know it was a little bit too late haha) but my point is that for me also is so good that from there I knew almost all of their songs and albums and have gone to concerts of theirs. Awesome song!
@optimoosejones9493 3 anos atrás
Just discovered this song and instantly fell in love with it
@maynardmetal 3 anos atrás
The riff on the whole song is astonishing!
@ZombieMiezz Anos atrás
Death Magnetic was such a blast of an album!
@brettthebassist Anos atrás
Made up for St Awful😖
@connerspooner9285 8 meses atrás
The only song I do t like on that album is unforgiven 3
@mikeakers7107 8 meses atrás
​@@connerspooner9285 i didn't care for the day that never comes
@williewodka9196 11 meses atrás
Is nobody gonna talk about the intro? It sounds so beautiful and mysterious at the same time, it just hooks you into the song and you can't turn it off anymore
@Mizzle420420 19 dias atrás
The intro is my favorite part
@sealinski 10 meses atrás
Probably one of the coolest, most entertaining, and original music videos I have seen.
@hxstiile 2 anos atrás
Man, i used to jam this song so much when i was 13. I remember buying every guitar tab book for every one of their albums and i learnt this song. I learnt basically all of their songs but this was one of my favourites to play. I haven't listened to Metallica since being about 15, just decided to search them up today and damn i miss being young and obsessed with them.
The entire video is like a Lovecraft's tale, and I love it.
@infinium166 6 anos atrás
Music video has even a better plot than Resident Evil movies.
@cannonfodder4507 5 anos atrás
Infinium love your Heaven and Hell profile pic bro! \m/
@georgekerkvliet2139 5 anos atrás
The organism shown here looks like the Las Plagas from Resident Evil 4 (video game)
@JeffCarter77 5 anos atrás
Good one)) and actually true)
@Somewhere_Bagel 5 anos atrás
Infinium fax
@Bachishaman 5 anos atrás
Wait a minute, you are actually correct. Fuck me those movies suck xD
@alela3262 2 anos atrás
Well... this is the most appropriate moment to rewatch this.
@bushdude82 2 anos atrás
I'm remember me and my best friend being 13 when this came out and we both thought this was the scariest music video either of us had ever seen, still gives me chills today
Carajo no había escuchado esta canción desde que mi hermano falleció dios mío que buena música escuchaba
@josejalaeno73 2 anos atrás
This song is awesome, but can we show some appreciation for the music video itself? I love the animation style, and it’s a genuinely creepy but also realistic way demonstration on how a country could invade another (granted, if that country discovered a zombie-producing spore, of course)
@kyleshiflet9952 Anos atrás
I know people have said but it's TRUE I'd love to see a full length picture based off tis music video it would be epic
@Stew_Pit_Sambo Anos atrás
Chinese balloon
@joeligma4721 6 meses atrás
it's the coolest music video i've ever seen
@ghost77524 6 meses atrás
This is predictive programing to the future when people take the mark of the beast there will be no where to run nowhere to hide hunt you down without Mercy if you don't take it you will be killed sadly people are lining up for the system is virus as one of the plagues Babylon is going to suffer.. favoring that James has a knights Templar tattoo on his arm not saying he is but that connects to the knights Templar 55 in gematria connecting and with 88 the Church of Satan uconnect Satan to that then what do you type in New world order and Pandemic treaty WHO and you will be surprised what and how it is all orchestrated and connected the archon reptilian agenda CERN goes deeper than people could possibly understand... They are telling us what they're going to do wake up!! Jesus is coming soon and this is coming from someone who doesn't live but did walk with him one time the rapture being connected to the reptilian UFO deception scandal.. PS when you refer to a country being invaded you mean like the US with their biolabs being made here one found in California like I said predictive programming they are taking their thoughts and what they see happening they are not dumb they know what time it is...
@jpf7942 Mês atrás
​@@Stew_Pit_Sambo 99 Chinese Balloons 🎵🎵
@angelosignore2766 8 meses atrás
One of their best song. Edgy riffs and a awesome chorus, I love James' singing.
@Corranhorn122 8 anos atrás
Don't see why people didn't like this. Coming back to it 7 years later, it still sounds good to me.
@ChuckHouse420 8 anos atrás
Corranhorn122 "Everything after Justice sucks boo hoo" is why. People hate to see artists experiment. I can't imagine what people said when Da Vinci quite painting and began building helicopters and 8 limbed humans.
@Corranhorn122 8 anos atrás
@MakoHazard 8 anos atrás
Chuck House I'm not a huge Metallica fan but I love this song. What's so experimental about this one that everyone hates?
@ChuckHouse420 8 anos atrás
8bit It's not this song in particular. It's that after Load/Reload (and some go back to the black album) a lot of people feel they "sold out" so even though this album kicks ass (this song in particular) many people will declare it sucks without even listening to it.
@KornFcknOwns 8 anos atrás
Corranhorn122 And y it shouldnt? It will always be an epic song, like it is already
@aldoarellano3161 Anos atrás
Todos hablan de lo infravalorada que es la canción, incluso el álbum (no es de mis favoritos, honestamente)... pero, ¿por qué nadie habla de lo chingón que es el video? La neta es uno de los mejores en la historia de los videoclips.
@runrvb5952 Anos atrás
@danylopez6935 Anos atrás
Así es, como la Unión Soviética logro vencer a los Estados Unidos y sus armas nucleares con ayuda de la espora
@nazzzzz1 Anos atrás
@@runrvb5952 Una trama zombie basada en hechos reales que pasaron en la segunda guerra mundial sobre la union sovietica contra estados unidos y encima con un efecto de documental superviejisimo, sip. concuerdo con ustedes
@Hikarol-chan Anos atrás
Recuerdo que este video me daba miedo cuando lo pasaban en Telehit xD
@thepleb5652 11 meses atrás
Así es, deberían hacer una película completa basada en el video
@tomasponce9409 2 anos atrás
Lyrics: Luck runs out Crawl from the wreckage one more time Horrific memory twists the mind Dark, rutted (rugged?), cold and hard to turn Path of destruction, feel it burn Still life Incarnation Still life Infamy Hallucination Heresy Still you run What's to come? What's to be? 'Cause we'll hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long Feel us breathe upon your face Feel our shift, every move we trace Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah Luck runs... And you crawl out again But your luck runs out Luck runs out The light that is not light is here To flush you out with your own fear You hide, you hide But will be found Release your grip without a sound Still life Immolation Still life Infamy Hallucination Heresy Still you run What's to come? What's to be? 'Cause we'll hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long Feel us breathe upon your face Feel our shift, every move we trace Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah Luck runs... And you crawl out again But your luck runs out Then you crawl back in Into your obsession Never to return This is your confession Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long Feel us breathe upon your face Feel our shift, every move we trace Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah Luck runs... And you crawl out again But your luck runs out
@dekideron5199 Anos atrás
You missed the one, two
@tomasponce9409 Anos atrás
@@dekideron5199 actually, google did xd
@m4rauder 10 meses atrás
Truth in plain sight. Get Ready
@AbuHajarAlBugatti Anos atrás
7:05 "This is your confession" -shows freemason symbol in the sky above the ships as chemtrails..
@nesekitty9703 11 meses atrás
Gary and Patty Worley 💯
@georginafloyd Anos atrás
This song and video is criminally underrated
the video is a mess lmao song is great
@jeffreyhill6990 10 meses atrás
My fave from DM and probably a dead tie between this and Spit Out The Bone as my faves of theirs this side of the century. So glad I saw this live in late '09. That solo-ending section with the thrash riff and double kick was so damn brutal. Lars killed it.
@janburker9140 10 meses atrás
Literally best two tracks after Kill'em All / Black Album era!
@mylovesongs2429 10 meses atrás
what about the title track from their new album? Chasing Light, If Darkness Had a Son, Shadows follow?
@Wilss 9 meses atrás
@@mylovesongs2429 Room of Mirrors is my favourite from the new one.
@MegaTattoo79 9 meses atrás
Dont forget my apocalypse which rips a lot!!!! Honor mention to Hardwired, moth and That was just your life!😉from last album, chasing light, too far gone, room of mirrors, shadows follow, title-track and if darkness are catchy thrashy tunes! Good job from these legends🔥🔥👌
@Enginecastgaming 7 anos atrás
100% Kirk's style of artworks at the solo
@dankk2754 7 anos atrás
Gibe da pussy pls
@YoungDirtyBastard90 7 anos atrás
+The Bomb I habe cancer B0SS!!!!
@franch520 7 anos atrás
Tru dat
@IVAN3DX 7 anos atrás
Ye B0ss
@davidwalters9339 4 meses atrás
Low key one of their all time best songs
@jacyg.3073 6 meses atrás
Badass! I go back to '85 with these guys, and I would put this song among their hardest, fastest, and best!
@alfredwaller3072 8 meses atrás
Old school Metallica meets modern Metallica and the baby is beautiful
@aaroncardenas9062 2 anos atrás
My favorite song from them. Gives me goose bumps after I haven't heard it for a while.
@SergioGiraldo-js7mn 6 meses atrás
Tengo certeza de que está entre los 3 mejores discos de Metal mas perfectos (música y videos) que eacuché en mi vida.
@victorcreed8856 3 anos atrás
This is literally the coolest and most terrifying music video ever made
Exactly! See u get it .
@iamblue9976 2 anos atrás
"bUt BeLiE EilIsH ToUchEd A spIdEr"
@@iamblue9976 what particular spider human breed hybrid are talking about by chance?
@unknowname2903 2 anos atrás
No men just the one half
@ethanpederson 2 anos atrás
Check out Job for a Cowboy, Tarnished Gluttony
@AnduNeedle Anos atrás
This song is so underrated. This is fucking metal. The riffs are fast, angry, violent. This is Metallica.
@darthripper9725 7 meses atrás
One, two Luck runs out Crawl from the wreckage one more time Horrific memory twists the mind Dark, rutted, cold and hard to turn Path of destruction, feel it burn Still life, incarnation Still life, infamy Hallucination, heresy Still you run what's to come What's to be? 'Cause we hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long Feel us breathe upon your face Feel us shift, every move we trace Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah Luck runs And you crawl back in, but your luck runs out One, two Luck runs out The light that is not light is here To flush you out with your own fear You hide, you hide but will be found Release your grip without a sound Still life, immolation Still life, infamy Hallucination, heresy Still you run what's to come What's to be? 'Cause we hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long Feel us breathe upon your face Feel us shift, every move we trace Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah Luck runs And you crawl back in, but your luck runs out One, two, three, four Then you crawl back in Into your obsession Never to return This is your confession Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long Feel us breathe upon your face Feel us shift, every move we trace Hunt you down without mercy Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah Luck runs And you crawl back in, but your luck runs out Your luck runs out
@francisfrain6385 Anos atrás
This was the song that really got me into Metallica. I remember listening when it first came out as a young teenager and being blown away by it. Years later i found out people hated this album and i was so confused lol
@HectorReyes-lm7xp 2 anos atrás
top 5 Metallica songs for sure, this is real thrash metal
6:14 that kick drum always gives me the chills, especially syncing with the music video.
@octopusjacket3472 4 anos atrás
I need a movie, 3 video games, a comic series and a anime spin off based on this video
@ericolsen5592 4 anos atrás
A whole album
@randomartperson1444 4 anos atrás
Heck yeah
@agustinmoreno3088 4 anos atrás
@NavalFox 4 anos atrás
I mean isnt it like CoD zombies?
@gianlucarg4428 4 anos atrás
This is about Soviet Union, so i'll say WE need all of these, comrade.
@smolgrizzly4608 2 anos atrás
The first metal song i ever heard , and i fell in love on day 1
@seanmcmonagle4012 Anos atrás
The best Metallica song is your favorite Metallica song and that can change periodically. This is my favorite for the past year.
@jacklamborn8810 Anos atrás
Mine has always been One with Master of Puppets as a close second
@jakegriffith6871 Anos atrás
This is one of the best short films I've ever seen, in addition to being their best song since ...And Justice For All
@vincentwasabi2651 8 meses atrás
I swear this is one of their best songs EVER.
@learrus Anos atrás
@kanex2978 4 meses atrás
@Worran 10 anos atrás
I bet Kirk was responsable for this kind of video, it's just his style.
@iannd123 10 anos atrás
he likes monster movies!
@Worran 9 anos atrás
Thats definitely kirk's style, but u wanna know what my style is? Shitting in the woods. Damn its something im personaly best at
@iannd123 9 anos atrás
I'm Jonas i love your honesty
@Worran 9 anos atrás
Thanks man
@krishdutta5466 4 anos atrás
Right? His White Zombie guitar is sooo cool
First time I saw this music video, I hadn't heard the song yet. The video was so interesting I literally wasn't paying attention to the song at all. A few months later, I fell really far down the Metallica rabbit hole and heard the song on Spotify. It was then that I learnt the song was kickass. First time watching the MV after listening to the song. Both are goddamn masterpieces. This MV really should be made into a media franchise.
@cosmicdraco7041 2 anos atrás
Absolutely love the guitar music in this one. But honestly it's all incredible.
@miholju Anos atrás
5:04 "The strike is carried out- not by bomber. But a balloon".
@lalliermoise5005 7 meses atrás
...As an ardent Metallica devotee since 1989, with "...And Justice for All" reigning as my cherished album, I declare "All Nightmare Long" an astounding inferno of sound. It ignites with an unparalleled intensity, captivating my spirit. This song ranks among my top 20, radiating an incredible energy that resonates within. Its power is undeniable, and its allure is inexorable. "All Nightmare Long" is a testament to Metallica's mastery, an epic masterpiece that enraptures the soul.
A balloon too high to investigate, I knew I’d heard that one somewhere before. 😅
@capivaraofwar 7 anos atrás
@josepineira5727 7 anos atrás
theres a russian bollywood film its alright
@capivaraofwar 7 anos atrás
@Famix 7 anos atrás
What's it called!?
@Yepikhin 7 anos atrás
Тчнгзский червяк. We watch it every halloween in Russia.
@Famix 7 anos atrás
Yepikhin Not every D-Day?
Escuchar este rolón con los audífonos y todavía con una aplicación de volumen extra para más placer, uff un verdadero deleite 🤟🏻
@aaroncurtis6194 2 anos atrás
Ni lo digas!!!
@besimibishi7254 7 meses atrás
​@@aaroncurtis6194ppl lll pp p
Metallica, maior banda de todos os tempos!!! Metallica, la mejor banda de todos los tiempos!!! Metallica, the greatest band of all time!!!
@jamak0s164 Anos atrás
1:10 I don't see anyone talking about this riff!
@DeweyJHall1 Anos atrás
Me Either!
@cliffsenac2825 Anos atrás
Love hearing it on bass!!
@Zaragondor 8 meses atrás
Mejor que el 80% de películas de zombies!...y sin hablar del trallazo musical.
@danielii104 Anos atrás
Lo que es está canción y The day never comes 😰 de mis favoritas y siento que de las mejores de METALLICA, 😍 que tiempos de escucharlas en la secundaria
@kitana2173 Anos atrás
La neta. Muchos odiaron este álbum pero fue de los mejorcitos de la era del 2000
@danielii104 Anos atrás
@@kitana2173 Totalmente de acuerdo 😎 desde la primera canción hasta la última es una joya. Hasta The unforgiven III todavía es aceptable 😎 Larga vida al METAL Y ROCK
@kitana2173 Anos atrás
@@danielii104 man, esa es mi rola fav del álbum al igual que Cyanide... Pero sabes que los mejores haters de Metallica son los fans de metallica
@yzaac_13 Anos atrás
@@danielii104 aceptable? La mejor después de la primera
@reardeltoit4644 3 anos atrás
im sorry for metallica fans that dont know this masterpiece.
@TrickOrRetreat 3 anos atrás
I missed this one, better late than never. I'm blown away. Masterpiece springs to mind
@SinisterJacob 3 anos atrás
@@TrickOrRetreat same I always heard Metallica after "...And Justice For All" wasnt good but I had to listen to all the albums and honestly they have stayed to their roots of thrash metal but have a special unfluence in all there albums.
@TrickOrRetreat 3 anos atrás
@@SinisterJacob tbh I like their old stuff the most. And I do agree they always been true to their music, and the metal energy their numbers never fail to accomplish. Metallica have done more to spread metal to the masses than any other band. They are not number one in my world, but they are up there, and have my eternal respect
@moronsafetybot662 3 anos atrás
Just found it from a video game
@moronsafetybot662 3 anos atrás
Sebastián Florenza what did he do wrong though
@reeeeeeeman8792 2 anos atrás
6:42 the coolest riff ever
@Nekrist666 Anos atrás
One of their best tracks by far.
@MrLookatmyhat Anos atrás
5:05 AHHHH!!
@andresgameryt3151 2 anos atrás
@alonsorf5079 Anos atrás
Pues cada quien sus gustos pero si, esta canción es increíble
@d-zbx7111 Anos atrás
Porque no tienen buen gusto
@GatisGata Anos atrás
Son reguetoneros que tienen el oído en el 4 letras jajaja
@Alex-om2jt Anos atrás
Posers Pendejos que piensan que Metallica Murió con el Black Album
@cesauro1 Anos atrás
debe ser algún reguetonero ruso....
@BourbonHunter87 Anos atrás
I played this song a lot while killing zombies on Left 4 Dead. It feels almost like an official song for the Hunters on that game.
@Tegawe 3 anos atrás
This should be a legit movie. Its a plausible zombie apocalypse story.
@rocknrollforever8045 3 anos atrás
Correct 👍👍.
@kyleshiflet9952 3 anos atrás
I'd watch it
@connaghward1582 3 anos atrás
That’s what I was thinking too!
@kyleshiflet9952 3 anos atrás
@@connaghward1582 if I directed it I feel like a docudrama would be an awesome way of doing it like Legend of Boggy Creek and this music video cause I've seen found footage zombie movies but never one to do the documentary aproach to the zombie apocalypse
@henrikarnold470 3 anos atrás
I don't entirely understand the premise, did russia want to take over the world using zombies? Or am I stupid
@firstlast4438 2 anos atrás
I ain't massive on Metallica but this is one of the best music videos going. Song? Banger Video? Banger
@huntzzio 2 meses atrás
This song is awesome and I love the eerie vibe. Very underrated
@ShinyHunterGojia Anos atrás
Love this song and the Chinese balloon made think of it so had to come listen lmao
@reeeeeeeman8792 2 anos atrás
This is one of metallicas greatest songs
@magid273 Anos atrás
This whole cd is one of their best up there with justice
@christianolivera3286 7 anos atrás
this song is definitely their best work since their early work
@agustingloger9179 7 anos atrás
@filippogrilli1991 7 anos atrás
I fully agree
@jafoste91 7 anos atrás
i'd say it was "that was just your life"
@zacaputwo 7 anos atrás
@duzy133 7 anos atrás
Demo of this song is even better
@erdbeerschosch2839 8 meses atrás
Am i a weirdo when i say that Death Magnetic and St. Anger are my favourite Metallica albums?
@Zarlacz 8 meses atrás
No. I love it too.
5:03 Metallica predicted the Chinese Spy Balloon.
@r22dj59 Anos atrás
The song and the music video tells such a great story
@Godaboveall24_7 Anos atrás
It's all a game and people aren't waking up. That's the scary part.
@turkbehzat 3 anos atrás
Might be the most underrated metal song of 21st century
I will definitely agree to this!
@iplyrunescape305 3 anos atrás
St Anger: Am I a joke to you
@umi6817 3 anos atrás
It has 26 million views, how is it “underrated”?
@iplyrunescape305 3 anos atrás
@@umi6817 26 million doesnt mean anything. Its hardly noticed by Metallica themselves of how popular it is. As well as not many "fans" like it. Same with St. Anger even though it had millions of views too.
@umi6817 3 anos atrás
It is frequently played live, it was nominated for an award, and Metallica is one of the most important bands of all time. I really don’t see how it’s underrated.
@bobabooey4537 Anos atrás
Love this album. Long time old school fan and this album really brought me a lot of fucking joy. I love it all.... Load/Reload/St Anger... love it all, but this release was so fucking desired at the time.
@Jagu-r Anos atrás
Remember that spy balloon? Looks oddly similar to the balloons in the video. Just saying 4:50
@tq8076 2 anos atrás
Powerful song, powerful video and powerful message.
@robbyg9938 Anos atrás
Hetfield's voice I love it. It is beautiful dramatic awesome and just great that's one of the main reasons why I listen to them and why I feel they have gotten me through some tough times.
@ali1774 3 anos atrás
I'd like to think that somewhere in that post apocalyptic world there was just a piece of steak just roaming the earth
@im3phirebird81 3 anos atrás
No matter how much you crave it, don't ingest xD
@reidalberstone 3 anos atrás
@@im3phirebird81 but rad-steak would be pre-cooked by radiation, thoroughly and evenly through the steak, hopefully. That forbidden steak would be delicious!
@kennethbissinger6899 3 anos atrás
Wherever the beef may roam
@wireworks4252 2 anos atrás
yumm, that's some great steak right there... *starts the apocalypse*
@elektriikatk 2 anos atrás
Wherever he may roam...
@marioman8419 2 anos atrás
First heard this song over 10 years ago and I’m barely realizing it was released on one of their later albums. Classic.
@mariangelth4593 4 meses atrás
Amaba ver este video en MTV después de años la encuentro de nuevo y el video me sigue encantando
@cocohall16 Anos atrás
You guys called it!
@paulkasden9758 2 anos atrás
This has some of the best riffs ever. Period. Love me some metallica Always and Forever
@21hazza Anos atrás
Been a Metallica fan since my teens but until now I never realized how good this song was. Incredible video too 🤘
@mianrowan Anos atrás
All of death magnetic the only bad thing I ever hear about this album is that they tried to replicate old Metallica lol why is that a bad thing
@AndrSh-84 6 anos atrás
This is one of the best music videos I've ever seen. It's not just a video, it's a movie! And the atmosphere of the USSR with its military laboratories, banned experiments, is recreated very authentically.
@mulberrywine2776 5 anos atrás
Андрей Шевцов согласна, но эти опечатки это что-то🤣
@user-qk4ph9zy6v 5 anos atrás
At the same time we also thought about USA with its bombs and killing children soldiers with the words "it's just a bussiness"))
@Dmitrii_Zharov 5 anos atrás
серьёзно? то есть ты видел такие лабы и в курсах, что там делали?
@bryanjimenez2242 5 anos atrás
Really good ⚡
@yanslee7220 5 anos atrás
You of course know about all these labs and staff personally)))
@ingnut996 Anos atrás
This sure aged well...
@TruthFlix Anos atrás
@Sheepshit Anos atrás
I was rummaging through the comments trying to see if I was the only one going…. Wait a damn minute. No one wants to talk about this?! Lol
@biohazard8295 10 meses atrás
@@Sheepshit think about Tool's album that came out in 2019 called "fear inoculum". The logo on the album if folded at half becomes a needle lol
@Tanya-cp8hs 2 anos atrás
Metallica NEVER fails to fail!! FK I LOVE their Tunage!!!!
@user-ub7nw6eh9z Anos atrás
Reigns vs Lesnar promo 🥵🤑🐸👌
@SatoshiRussia2018 Anos atrás
2009 old school 2022 promo lesnar vs reigns
@user-ub7nw6eh9z Anos atrás
@@SatoshiRussia2018 No Mercy 2008 theme too
@bilalthesultan Anos atrás
Best in recent memory
@leon_del_mercado Anos atrás
C mamo
@kanex2978 4 meses atrás
@silvermann500 Anos atrás
Possibly the best zombie movie ever.
@janevyjem8037 Anos atrás
and its name please?:D
@captaincapitalism264 11 meses atrás
Pure metal. Best track off DM. And a superbly creepy Cold War sci-fi/horror video.
@monster48ification 3 anos atrás
2020's theme song, for sure
@cuchifley 3 anos atrás
Waiting for COVID-19 zombies.
Dude the connections u can make, its crazy
@user-us2pb1qz1z 3 anos atrás
No Perestroika. The virus kill it. Help us! I'm a loyalist to you! My english bad. But Metallica rule!
@Freightorious 3 anos atrás
@richwoodno1251 3 anos atrás
Sad but true
@deniyupinto2907 Anos atrás
after the spy balloon drama, watching this music video is really something lmaoo
@nicolasmunoz5795 3 meses atrás
8.35 minutos del metal mas puro.. una verdadera obra maestra!!
@factomaniac3008 10 meses atrás
Most underrated song
@tevelisao_br Anos atrás
They should make a movie out of this story.
@isaiahdaniels5643 Anos atrás
I can't agree more. This one video has enough story beats to fill a short series or movie. It also has such a visceral depiction of a zombie apocalypse. They even have gross rat-king style zeds made of multiple corpses. Absolutely horrifying.
@captain_redpill8983 11 meses atrás
Such a freaking amazing song! Gets my blood flowing every time!