Messi, Neymar and Mbappe Destroying Manchester City | 2021

Matan Jr
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- Player Info -
Name : Neymar Jr
Position : Winger/Attacker
Age : 29 years old
Club : Paris Saint Germain
Nationality : Brazil
Number : 10
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2 Out 2021



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Comentários 1 905
They are the best players
KhalidAk 7 horas atrás
What a poor title is this. When these three destroyed City?🤣😅
Nunkoo Outam
Nunkoo Outam 10 horas atrás
coup de pied dan ganrr
Brandon Stanley
Brandon Stanley 10 horas atrás
Messi a the boss
Stewzs 11 horas atrás
now do manchester city destroying psg
traveladd khajuraho
traveladd khajuraho 11 horas atrás
1 Month later Psg: ............
SEGI CHANNEL 16 horas atrás
Hade lah si messi..
Iconic Production
Iconic Production 18 horas atrás
Who's here after Etihad bottling 😂
Md Eusuf
Md Eusuf 22 horas atrás
আই লাভ ইউ নেইমার বস
Tariq Ahmed
Tariq Ahmed Dia atrás
What City did at the Etihad is called as actual ‘Destroying’
Lonely Potato
Lonely Potato Dia atrás
Now Man City got revenge 😂
qadeer fazale
qadeer fazale Dia atrás
City destroyed them yesterday HAH!
vexdup949 Dia atrás
As for the second leg...where on earth was PSG?
Hunter Dia atrás
City beat them in response anyway, 2-1
Idris Arroyan
Idris Arroyan Dia atrás
MCFC Fan Dia atrás
Mancity destroyed PSG this match lmao
Maximiliano Carlos Hernández Rodriguez
De momento No hay química. Y si defienden 3 menos , PSG es un equipo vulgar........ 10 min. Buenos y Ya
Tony Damiani
Tony Damiani Dia atrás
Imagine being Neymar or Mbappe. They were the the main guys for the team until the big dog comes to town.
GOLD YT Dia atrás
Lol But they were destroyed yesterday
Gautham jagadeesh
But Man city destroyed psg(messi, neymar, and mabappe) without debruyne!!!
Nitrix Dia atrás
and foden
Diana Kavulani
Diana Kavulani Dia atrás
I love when PSG play
Cheerun Dia atrás
But today psg was destroyed by city 😂2-1
CWR Drxpz
CWR Drxpz Dia atrás
That really isn't destroyed. But yes PSG disappeared in the second leg.
Chachu pkm S
Chachu pkm S Dia atrás
Messi 🔥🔥
abhii 2 dias atrás
M.C.F.C.OK1894 2 dias atrás
Hesen Eliyev
Hesen Eliyev 2 dias atrás
Azerbaijan🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿Turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷Pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 Brotherhood God Bless the Turks Islam ALLAHU AKBAR❤❤❤❤☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
Phineas Trust Makhudu
Phineas Trust Makhudu 2 dias atrás
Mbape is the of them all
爱猫的鱼一 2 dias atrás
Messi is the best
Md T 🎧
Md T 🎧 2 dias atrás
Neymar 😍😍😍
Messi top
Omar Magido
Omar Magido 3 dias atrás
Jogos de hoje
Hridin samson JOSEPH
Hridin samson JOSEPH 3 dias atrás
Neymar ⚡⚡
SushiPirate 4 dias atrás
Man I get chills every time the crowd chants: Leo! Messi! Leo! Messi! LEO!!!!MESSI!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful Our Bangladesh
Mk Bappy khan Sabbir
Mk Bappy khan Sabbir 4 dias atrás
মেসি আমার বস
DoMeBhO 4 dias atrás
M.N.M Is the new M.S.N !
kyokoyo 4 dias atrás
Mbappe is great and all but I like msn more than this trio
Henokh Tabuni
Henokh Tabuni 4 dias atrás
Ke tiga dewa lapangan dalam satu tim itu luar biasa.🙏
Sawadogo Adamo
Sawadogo Adamo 5 dias atrás
Commissaire 5500
Phú Nguyên Vũ
Phú Nguyên Vũ 5 dias atrás
Messi ❤️
Century y Football
Century y Football 5 dias atrás
psg is sh*t**ng money
Nahid Rahman
Nahid Rahman 6 dias atrás
Neymar is best
Alonso Salinas
Alonso Salinas 6 dias atrás
Ronaldo is bad
Aadil Shaikh
Aadil Shaikh 6 dias atrás
Mbappe will never leave unless messi is with psg mark my words
Babonampoze Florent
Babonampoze Florent 6 dias atrás
Albert Maimom
Albert Maimom 6 dias atrás
3 legend in one team
Rukki Delicious
Rukki Delicious 7 dias atrás
Mbappe has so much potential, his pace, his dribbling skills and shooting are just off the charts. Is so unfortunate that he has to pass everytime he has a scoring chance. I saw it multiple times in this game passing backwards instead of shooting. I am sure at least one of these should be a goal if he would have shoot instead
Vali Hamann
Vali Hamann 7 dias atrás
Das Messi sich hinlegen müsste tut im im Herzen echt weh Bro why
Fan. Tataloo
Fan. Tataloo 7 dias atrás
Yusuph machibya yusuph
Josman - Matrix
Josman - Matrix 7 dias atrás
Incroyable 🔴🔵❤️🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Махарат Бахшиев
Messi petisen Sen
Claret & Blue Brum
Claret & Blue Brum 8 dias atrás
Neymar plays Messi: creating, playing where he wants, going a lot in the middle, assisting, finishing... Mbappé does what Neymar did at Barça: playing on the wing, a lot 1v1, when he reached the end of the field he gave a pass or unchecked to finish the play Messi at 100% has more level than both but he needs freedom of movement, if you pigeonhole him in the band you don't kill him like it happens with Griezmann or Dybala because he is the fucking Messi but he loses a lot of impact. He can always have a detail that changes the game, a shot from the front or a pass that breaks the rival defense but if you don't let him be the team leader you are wasting the best 10 of the game
Dame Suting
Dame Suting 10 dias atrás
Meesi all the best bro miss u bro msi
leo_aldii 10 dias atrás
Njirr 10 jt
Fasya Khoirul123
Fasya Khoirul123 10 dias atrás
Rushikesh Malgan
Rushikesh Malgan 10 dias atrás
8:22 is it happening again 🥶
Ashik Ahmed Shanto
Ashik Ahmed Shanto 11 dias atrás
Amazing video
Zorini Fanai
Zorini Fanai 11 dias atrás
آطمح للآفضل
آطمح للآفضل 11 dias atrás
وقيلا غير انا العربية هنا مهم جو سوي بسمة 😂🤝
Sapiens 11 dias atrás
Ein Brechstange Sieg, toll.
Mobil Ikan
Mobil Ikan 11 dias atrás
jo jo
jo jo 12 dias atrás
yut dyna
yut dyna 13 dias atrás
cambodian neymar
yut dyna
yut dyna 13 dias atrás
my idol neymar
Alien Eden Music  ♪
Alien Eden Music ♪ 13 dias atrás
Give up back the Number 10 Jersi to Messi. And, then you can see his hidden power. I hope he can't doing well in psg only for his jersy number. Chance his jersy number and enjoy his enlightened power🤔🤔🤔💯
Andrew Crovella
Andrew Crovella 13 dias atrás
From watching this it looks like MBAPPE got into so many scoring positions where he should’ve shot but he passed instead, very unselfish of him but this could’ve easily been a much higher score line
Andrew Crovella
Andrew Crovella 2 dias atrás
@I'm Nobody he’s young Messi has chucked penalties before, Ronaldo same, nobody’s perfect he’s still nice
I'm Nobody
I'm Nobody 2 dias atrás
@Andrew Crovella he is just pace. Take his pace out and he sucks. Just like he did at euros, did not get a single goal because teams like hungary and Switzerland played low block which he sucks against. He is clueless when he doesn't get to run behind the lines.
Andrew Crovella
Andrew Crovella 9 dias atrás
One thing I’d like to say is MBAPPE is a great player he’s just a kid and still has a bit learning to do as he goes, his Pace is out of this world, the WC displayed how skilled he is with his passing and his shots are rockets
Enzo Souza
Enzo Souza 13 dias atrás
RIZIKI SOILAYTA 13 dias atrás
javier castro
javier castro 14 dias atrás
Mohammed Fazil
Mohammed Fazil 14 dias atrás
Boy oh just got another subscriber for your channel from this video
• Fabrox Marianix ® •
amazing video. great bro. the PERFECT TRIO. 🔥
FRACIS 1 IN ALL VLOGS 14 dias atrás
Nice to see back again that Neymar and messi hugging
Jxhnzin 14 dias atrás
"destroying" is a strong word. No.
Anik kumar paul
Anik kumar paul 15 dias atrás
As wish Ronaldo also in the same team they destroy all
Lesther Manuel
Lesther Manuel 15 dias atrás
Someone else do this PSG TEAM in fifa before 2021?
Hruaitea 15 dias atrás
no no no, Messi is very crazy
Philip Ellis
Philip Ellis 16 dias atrás
Name is always looking Charbonneau girl always goes to the match to watch him play
Philip Ellis
Philip Ellis 16 dias atrás
Name is always looking good no girl to go to football matches for him
Inspector 16 dias atrás
Next match is soon let’s go paris
Fanos Wali
Fanos Wali 16 dias atrás
Muhammad Hamim
Muhammad Hamim 16 dias atrás
Gemge sumpah njir
Twahid Ali
Twahid Ali 17 dias atrás
Don’t like PSG. well because of messi I will have to watch they are game
Антонио Бандера
Be a man, take off this stupid face mask
Indrou Roy
Indrou Roy 17 dias atrás
Ok bass
SiThu Aung
SiThu Aung 17 dias atrás
Edouard neg saj lan
Edouard neg saj lan 17 dias atrás
Messi bz pam ou fó menm jan avém
LaysCaps TV
LaysCaps TV 17 dias atrás
Messi is the far best of 3
Agung Adrian
Agung Adrian 18 dias atrás
i like it$😘🙃🤯😩🥶😭
biwibeureum 18 dias atrás
Miss Neymar Mbappe great relationship 🥰❤️😍
David Twynham
David Twynham 19 dias atrás
PSG is my FIFA team. 2021. Any one has gripe with that go play pes.
Valon Jakupi
Valon Jakupi 19 dias atrás
Whos here after ronaldo failling to score against city
George B
George B 19 dias atrás
Forgot last year's ucl when city knocked out psg?🤭🤭🤭🤭
Mussa Nganda
Mussa Nganda 19 dias atrás
n 19 dias atrás
Twinklesx 20 dias atrás
Well done 👍 Messi.. Neymar.. Mbappe 😍🔥
manel germain
manel germain 20 dias atrás
Avec messi paris st germain vas en gagner des machts 😏
Ndula Gaston
Ndula Gaston 20 dias atrás
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