Men's Pro Shoot-off 2018 NFAA Indoor nationals

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The men's Pro shoot-off at the 2018 NFAA Indoor nationals saw a record 25 ARCHERS shoot 120X's!!!


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15 Mar 2018



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Comentários 14
Matt Davis
Matt Davis 8 meses atrás
Did they guy next to Matt Stetson actually ask him "want me to grab them for you?". 😂 I'd have to
Matt Davis
Matt Davis 8 meses atrás
I love how the the armless archer gets no special recognition. He's aknowledged. And that's it..awesome
remus haynes
remus haynes 10 meses atrás
all was fantastic except for the incessant jabbering from the media.....g
Mens pro shoot off, hahahahaha that sounds dirty.
Michael Autry
Michael Autry Anos atrás
Good coverage thanks y'all.
termite122 Anos atrás
so the shaft has to be completely inside out in the x ring to be a point? any disruption of the line is out?
Steve Z
Steve Z Anos atrás
Usually the first couple rounds of the shoot off are scored regularly and then they go inside out scoring.
VEN 2 anos atrás
Real archers shoot traditional.compund sucks.dont forget to hook up your iPhone to it.
Philip Woody
Philip Woody 2 anos atrás
Good shooting to everyone
bow Hunter
bow Hunter 2 anos atrás
Great shooting guys
Danny Lalonde
Danny Lalonde 2 anos atrás
Mr. Pagni did pretty good with that old Hoyt with spiral cams.Those things were agressive
Elevated Obsession
Elevated Obsession 2 anos atrás
Thanks for the coverage, good stuff fellas!
Alan Rudolph
Alan Rudolph 2 anos atrás
If there are 25 people shooting clean, it tells me they need to look at changing the target or do something to make the round more challenging, at least for the top guys.
Brian Mincher
Brian Mincher 4 meses atrás
Jeffrey Woods yes, irrespective of when that person was born we are absolutely dealing with a child here.
Jeffrey Woods
Jeffrey Woods Anos atrás
@Shane Lees I compete but not in age groups.... Just open and freestyle classes.
Shane Lees
Shane Lees Anos atrás
@Jeffrey Woods Yep competitions and league nights have age groups. So obviously you do not compete. So I'll take that as you're not willimng to take your sights off. And that's why we're real archers.
Jeffrey Woods
Jeffrey Woods Anos atrás
@Shane Lees age group? Lol are you a child?
Shane Lees
Shane Lees Anos atrás
@Jeffrey Woods I compete in stick bows. That counts as bare bow. Placed 5th in my age group.
Russell Cotter
Russell Cotter 2 anos atrás
Does Reo WIlde still use the HBX? I can't tell from my position.
Chris McHone
Chris McHone Anos atrás
Russell Cotter yeah that use that in a long time, he went back to the HPC
J McG 2 anos atrás
what distance are they shooting from?
Ben Fahrney
Ben Fahrney 2 anos atrás
Justin McGillis 18m
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