Men in Black: International - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Men in Black: International, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rafe Spall, Laurent Bourgeois, Larry Bourgeois, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson. Directed by F. Gary Gray.


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12 Jun 2019



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Comentários 2 614
St3vEn BaDu
St3vEn BaDu 6 dias atrás
@4:53, the letter C stands for CRAP!
Tracy Taylor
Tracy Taylor 9 dias atrás
It Sucked
hifrom mike
hifrom mike 14 dias atrás
The script was run through Fantastic Beasts, & tweaked for exotic aliens. The script incorporated The Cabin in the Woods, Ant-Man & Back to the Future. I believe it did reboot the franchise.
47 14 dias atrás
Background eye candy, toxic female Mary Sue style progressiveness, a bunch of big name co stars, some cuck token white male characters, deadpan humor...pretry much sums up most reboots of remakes we never asked for since 2014 Chris!
dave israel
dave israel 19 dias atrás
That Dragonball Z Shirt is Legendary!!
Csumbi 19 dias atrás
i just watched this movie, and oh my god, it was terrible. Horrible editing, terrible dialogues, plot points that go nowhere...i mean...holy shit, i expected a whole lot better.
Harter SMK
Harter SMK 19 dias atrás
Studio interference ruined this film
bananian 21 dia atrás
They had the chance to bring in that mortician lady as a new character from the first mib and threw it out. Now all of a sudden they want to bring in completely new faces with generic plots? Bleh
Queen Amour
Queen Amour 22 dias atrás
By the tone of voice I can already tell you disliked this movie lol
Stephen King
Stephen King 22 dias atrás
Why 'Stop'? Why not try harder?
EddieMachetti 23 dias atrás
This movie was shit
Callum S
Callum S 27 dias atrás
I would of given this movie an f
Sirien Gates
Sirien Gates 28 dias atrás
"woman character with no inspiration" and the story line is bullshit Like she just went to CIA and get the job becoz, the CIA boss take pity on her. For At least the CIA, they jail her first for few years of interrogation before they take consideration of her stories validity and her background is not even enough to take her in.
Dean Torres
Dean Torres 29 dias atrás
Somebody, Please replace HOLLYWOOD! REAL ENTERTAINMENT NEEDED. Without a remake! I think they ran out of brains, talent and IMAGINATION!
Emilio Manuel De Pedro
And just because it doesn't entertain YOU, doesn't mean it should be replaced.
Emilio Manuel De Pedro
Hollywood has lots of original ideas. For example: -La La Land -Whiplash -The Nice Guys -Phantom Thread -Get Out -The Master -Lady Bird -Inception -Baby Dirver -John Wick -Interstellar -Hacksaw Ridge -Dunkirk -Darkest Hour -Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri -Birdman -Manchester by the Sea -Moonlight -Gone Girl -Gravity -Midnight in Paris -Hugo -The Tree of Life -Her -Brawl in Cell Block 99 -Black Swan -127 Hours -Captain Fantastic -Larry Crowne -Pacific Rim -The Shape of Water -CAM -A Simple Favor -Roma -A Quiet Place -Hereditary -Bad Times at El Royale -Colossal -Under the Silver Lake -First Reformed -Eight Grade -The Favourite -Green Book -Inherent Vice -Once Upon a Time in Hollywood -Tenet -Dragged Across Concrete -Bone Tomahawk -Nightcrawler -Ex-Machina -Us -The Killing of a Sacred Deer -Ad Astra -Knives Out They are all from this decade.
Dean Torres
Dean Torres 29 dias atrás
GEEEEZ!!!! Hollywood SUCKS! Take a great movie throw some P.C. on it and destroy a great original. This was bad and they keep doing it! They are trying to make us buy this crap?!
Emilio Manuel De Pedro
The originals will always exist, no matter how bad or good is the remake. If YOU don't want a remake, just avoid watching it.
Night Phenix
Night Phenix 29 dias atrás
This movie sucked.
Francis Vincent Ong
Francis Vincent Ong 29 dias atrás
For a moment there, i thought the producers were moving to make Chris's H as an intergalactic James Bond (Roger Moore version) based in Europe. That could have worked, while setting up a spinoff Tessa's New York branch into a "Women in Black" series set in New York like the originals. But, yeah. The writing and plot were bad. Too bad. Everything else concerned were honestly trying their best. Especially Helmsworth and Thompson.
Mr. Carroll Ware
Mr. Carroll Ware Mês atrás
Mib 1 and 2 great . 3 and 4 are shit.
Christoffer Pettersen
Funny thing. i have this video on in the background while playing mobile games, hehe ;D
William Overton
William Overton Mês atrás
better than MIB III I guess.
William Overton
William Overton Mês atrás
I liked the movie, usually they get female characters wrong. this was silly like the other films but had a woman lead. it wasn't hardcore but it was balanced for comic book aged boys and girls to have an alien cop fantasy with.
Jarrod Edson
Jarrod Edson Mês atrás
I actually Really liked this me it felt like a men in Black movie
MFF25 Mês atrás
I still think that the cartoon was the best mib
TenTonNuke Mês atrás
After this and Ghostbusters, if they do one more terrible reboot with female replacement lead characters and Chris Hemsworth as a moron with a hot body, it will pretty much become a new trope.
Chasing A Murderer
Chasing A Murderer Mês atrás
I was so disappointed in this film
Chasing A Murderer
Chasing A Murderer Mês atrás
No the cast was the problem
Mr.kevin not home
Mr.kevin not home Mês atrás
When I saw this in the theater I walk out after 35 minutes, it was pure garbage
Chris Braeuer
Chris Braeuer Mês atrás
That movie killed MIB for me. I really did not like it at all.
Trekkie Junk
Trekkie Junk Mês atrás
Yeah, this movie sucked. The humor was just not funny, the plot twists were obvious, and frankly, i couldn't care less about any of the characters. This was bad, but at least it wasn't annoying. I wasn't yelling at the screen that the movie was stupid, like with the Ghostbusters remake. I just sat there like, "Ok. That was a movie." MIB International was just...dull and boring. D+
Zach Shipley
Zach Shipley Mês atrás
I definitely feel this entire movie suffered from wanting to introduce story elements that they just hadn't earned. Tessa Thompson's character is an automatic badass with high scores but we don't see her put in any work. Chris Hemsworth's character is BEATEN TO DEATH with the dialogue of him not being like how he used to be without ANYTHING from his past showing us he was any different. The big sciency alien technology of the movie just felt like any old science fiction maguffin and the final confrontation had so little in the way of personal stakes that even with the world on the line it was just like.....who cares?
Its Sinclair Time
Its Sinclair Time Mês atrás
Les twins as evil guus was soooo wrong, the effects awful af
Powder Mês atrás
every SJW movie ... chris hemsworth is in it.. wears glasses and behaves like a turd.. girls love that!
UltimateHibz Mês atrás
This was the worst one
Shofiul Azam
Shofiul Azam Mês atrás
Chris has become into a fucking pussy who doesnt wana say a bad thing about a movie with female leads
Anonymous Duh
Anonymous Duh Mês atrás
This movie is trash...
pretorious700 Mês atrás
I have decided not to subscribe, you're at least 50% off the mark on everything. "Chris Hemsworth is a very funny actor"? Really? ......not.
Mysterious Argonaut
I'd like to see them use a more "real world" format similar to mission impossible or James Bond to make these movies less campy. MIB is ironically not supposed to feel like a movie. That's why the first one did so well. There was a wisdom and physicality underneath it all and it felt cutting edge but inconspicuous; now its all just institutionalized like a big fat yawn and no one is surprised by anything. They seem to take the franchise charm for granted. Watching them pull all those BS gadgets off the car and shoot at things was just an eye rolling _"REEEEALLY?"_ Sometimes I think it would have done better as a solo movie. No sequels. If anything the other 3 just make the first one age better.
choreomaniac Mês atrás
So the problem is not that women can’t be great leads in action movies. The problem is that because of the current culture the female leads have to always be strong, in control of the situation and even smirk and not take anything seriously. The problem with this of course is that it sucks out all dramatic tension and you can’t have a climax without a low point, where all seems lost. Agent M achieved her life’s goal 18 minutes into the movie and is repeatedly shown to be the best agent even at the start. Contrast Will Smith who was a fish our of water for most of the movie and made fun of it even though he was a phenomenal cop. Add captain Marvel and Rey who both face little hardship in their movies. I never really felt that they would fail or were in danger. They were instantly amazing and powerful. Contrast that with Iron Man who was an ass, and was overpowered many times. Luke was a whiny boy until Return and for his hand chopped off and often was defeated.
Arhire Stefan
Arhire Stefan Mês atrás
Seriously? that is it? this movie was such a bucket of feces... You do not even point out the god damn feminist agenda at all... High T, wtf is that. Thor is a incompetent moron? That trowing of the small hammer man... And the chick? She know how to reprogram alien technologies and everything after one month? It was a little better than dead man tell no tales and worse than captain marvel.
Sandra Gill
Sandra Gill Mês atrás
First men in black i only watched half way through
Anti-Ningen Mês atrás
I didn't hate it, but I sure as hell didn't enjoy it as much as the first 3. The only parts that made me feel giddy were the easter eggs/Cameos from the previous ones, with the Worms scene, The pug, , and the Portrait of J and K. Other than that.. I watched the movie with a straight face-
Bennie Schepers
Bennie Schepers Mês atrás
When i saw the trailer my first thought was avoid this movie like the plague. It felt like a cheap cashgrab. And i still havent seen it and i dont think i will. Mib 1 is the best.
thechill_guy Mês atrás
Weird thing I was actually looking for a movie to play in the background while I pack to move ... yet is it worth the $5.99 on Amazon?
sheek1982 Mês atrás
I totally agree! The entire movie was extremely bland!
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Mês atrás
I Redboxed this film and I still felt this movie wasted my time.
Dougie Quick
Dougie Quick Mês atrás
Thanks I'll wait till I don't pay a dime extra to see it
Virka Odinenko
Virka Odinenko Mês atrás
Complete degradation...
evil men will be no more
I like the movie
Hadhoudtn Mês atrás
Why did you forget to mention that forced feminism that wasn't necessary in a franchise called "Men In Black"
Horror fan 4 Life
Horror fan 4 Life Mês atrás
This movie is a step up from part three in my opinion. I love the new characters,the look of the alien's and special effects. It is predictable at times especially who the mole is but overall I really enjoyed this film. B+.
Kaycee 310 My crazy random world.
Horror fan 4 Life I just saw mib international and I found it very enjoyable. Part 3 felt like a hot mess lol , with the action taking place in the 60s around a boring space shuttle. Also part 3 hardly had aliens. Mib had tons of alien characters and action, the new alien threat would have gave the avengers trouble. I agree it was like a b+ or straight a- 👍
Jesse Moore
Jesse Moore Mês atrás
Men in Black - "We're looking for the best of the best"... Will Smith already a cop, goes thru the training process. MIB International- "I saw an alien and found you guys". No experience, and an implication of 2 week training. And she's an agent. Why do they continue to make it convenient and easy for women in cinema? It's Rey all over again.
SAMURAI Mês atrás
The whole plot moved so quickly. Literally: “hey I want in” “No” “You look good in a suit” “Ok you’re in”
ionicafardefrica Mês atrás
I really disliked the male protagonist. His character was smug, unprofessional, dumb, over the top and all everything the best special super agent the humanity has SHOULD NOT be. Could not relate to him in any way and found myself rooting for the bad guys in the end. And speaking of that, could they make a more cliche ending to the movie? Coupled with a feminist pushing agenda that was straight on the chin at times, it makes for a terrible movie to watch, much lower than a C
George McDermott
George McDermott Mês atrás
it was forced woman empowerment propaganda bs....not mib quality...imo
iulix max
iulix max Mês atrás
is a mediocre movie!!!! is 5 \10 score !!!!
Mulaxo'ja Xo'jayev
Mulaxo'ja Xo'jayev Mês atrás
"hhh shit" 🤣
XZDrake Mês atrás
God this must have been the laziest pitch meeting ever "Hey how bout a Men in Black reboot with the Thor: Ragnarok guy?"
paweh samli
paweh samli Mês atrás
the first half of the movie its kinda boring..but 2nd half it interested me for a suddent..but yeah C- rating was not bad actually..
Lessly Carthan
Lessly Carthan Mês atrás
So Thor and valkory are fighting the universe oh god spy kids in 3d
Its boyaknow
Its boyaknow Mês atrás
I didn’t know F. Gary Gray directed Be Cool or Italian Job! Be Cool is so good! I like Italian Job too
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