Melissa McCarthy's Hidden Camera Prank - Extended Cut

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Check out the uncut version of Ellen's hidden camera earpiece prank with Melissa McCarthy at a local dry cleaner!


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14 Set 2019



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Comentários 255
Alienadin 11 dias atrás
Alexis seems like the nicest girl, and she is absolutely beautiful too. I got a crush on here just from those couple of minutes alone.
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 18 dias atrás
Melissa is a fine woman, soooooo gorgeous and sexy
Meg Igarashi
Meg Igarashi 22 dias atrás
Not sure who's laughing or Ellen XD
engrahmeds 22 dias atrás
Too much curse words
D 25 dias atrás
5:32 slow it down to 0.25x and you can see the person on phone dialing 911
Junior 27 dias atrás
I need Alexis' @
Madeline Sprecher
Madeline Sprecher 29 dias atrás
This is hilarious! I love Melissa McCarthy
jolie fille
jolie fille Mês atrás
Alexis patience that's all I need
Chris Po
Chris Po Mês atrás
Please send Andy and Melissa though a haunted house this year!
Manuel Sr Rojais Aldana
Amy was a girl I talked to in elementary Collins Garden so I took my bike and first bully was a guy named Tony Belony .lol....flat my tires was it my bike or Amy ...?
Ryanne Barlow
Ryanne Barlow Mês atrás
I would have been too star struck from the jump.. Who doesn't know who Melissa McCarthy is?!?! Then if she continued I would automatically assume I was being pranked.. Melissa McCarthy is one of my favorite actresses...
Katrina U.
Katrina U. Mês atrás
The girl was just too dang cute! 💗
Uriel Camacho
Uriel Camacho Mês atrás
Jokes on you “Amy” 😂
Kylie Dee
Kylie Dee Mês atrás
Alexis is absolutely beautiful!! I love her lashes and tattoos!
Irish Rose
Irish Rose Mês atrás
Love how sweet & caring Alexis was.
Ashley B.
Ashley B. Mês atrás
anyone notice the girl calling 911 at 5:29
Kevin Mês atrás
5:41 that girl and her mom were literally trying to get a photo with Melissa right after she fainted.... like how desperate can you be. So embarrassing lol
Enigma Germanotta
Enigma Germanotta Mês atrás
JennyLo Mês atrás
Who is this Alexis girl? She is cute 😂
Leo Plaza
Leo Plaza Mês atrás
Ellen could you please have Elon musk in your show?
Maria Scheer
Maria Scheer Mês atrás
Abhishek Thakur
Abhishek Thakur Mês atrás
good sport both Melissa and the counter lady
Lina Borres
Lina Borres Mês atrás
What a really good prank your the, best Ellen.... 😂😂😂😂
Marlene P.
Marlene P. Mês atrás
Amy, Amy.....😂😂😂😂
Minecraft Nikki
Minecraft Nikki Mês atrás
Is she saying her sentence 2 times?
Zak the PENGUIN Mês atrás
Just to let you all know she might be playing as Ursula in the new live-action little mermaid
TheFilthyLiam Mês atrás
Zak the PENGUIN That would be cool!
DANI S Mês atrás
Nonameone Unnamed
Nonameone Unnamed Mês atrás
Not funny
ruth arjona
ruth arjona Mês atrás
I would walk away.. 😂😂
SophieSophs Mês atrás
This was so good melissa is just so adorable love her !!!
SophieSophs Mês atrás
Melissa is such a good actress this all seemed so real 😂
Ivan Silva
Ivan Silva Mês atrás
my dream is to meet her
Hangfire-13 Mês atrás
Is this supposed to be funny?
F.R.p GG
F.R.p GG Mês atrás
nick clizzie
nick clizzie Mês atrás
She mixed up amy s for the gem Melissa McCarthy 🤡😡. Uncultured swine hahaa
dont be outta the loop
Melissa and Ellen GREAT DUO ♡♡♡♡
Ryan Eng
Ryan Eng Mês atrás
When does Melissa introduce her as Amy Schumer? I can't seem to find it. lol
# Fall
# Fall Mês atrás
Ellen: do you know who loves this place? Melissa: do you know who Alexa plays? Me: *dies* 😂😂💀
ChrisPiano96 Mês atrás
I need Melissa in my life 😂😂❤️
Mathius S
Mathius S Mês atrás
Melissa got some jelly back there
Kimberly Simpson
Kimberly Simpson Mês atrás
she said 😳ooo ooook
yy chinese무한중국어
She was so shocked So cute
nk nk
nk nk Mês atrás
She is such a good actress but i really like the patience of tge girl on counter
Victa Nguyen
Victa Nguyen Mês atrás
That girl fine asf I'll eat her 💩
Emmerich Hämeinen
Emmerich Hämeinen Mês atrás
Camera is installed everywhere in the store and u want us believe this is real reaction ???
T P Mês atrás
At what point is this funny?
Khalid Thompson
Khalid Thompson Mês atrás
Ellen is hilarious.
Jessica Grether
Jessica Grether Mês atrás
These bits always stress me out
yum yum Turiim chapa
Is Amy schumer and Melissa McCarthy twins? I can't make the difference between those two, least funny human being in the world.
Glamp63 Mês atrás
Melissa McCarthy is life! lol! I’ve loved her since her Gilmore Girls days!!❤️
Martin Lucero
Martin Lucero Mês atrás
Ellen needs more videos like this 😂😂 SO FUNNY!
Séverin Official
Séverin Official Mês atrás
she is one of the funniest person ever lol
Tabitha parks
Tabitha parks Mês atrás
She's really pretty.
ChallisInChains Mês atrás
Best. One. Ever. McCarthy is a comedic genius! 🖤 "You gotta nut up." 😁
Krist Tujague
Krist Tujague Mês atrás
I love Melissa McCarthy. 💕 Alexis is a legend.
Litzy Bitzy Hairstyles
5:23 Amy! Lol. It's Melissa 🤣
cathy 01
cathy 01 Mês atrás
Alexis is so cute
Mary Mês atrás
She’s so good at fake laughing omg
cloudmafia Mês atrás
That was amazing. Allen was really having fun today 😂😂😂👌😍❤️
Amanda Seth
Amanda Seth Mês atrás
lol the girl in the back was like was calling the cops "hold on i dont need an amblulance"
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