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6 Set 2019



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A K I K O ‘S
A K I K O ‘S 19 horas atrás
It’s not free 🤬🤬🤬
Gabrielle Olih
Gabrielle Olih 19 horas atrás
Melanie Martinez must be poor or greedy cause she wouldn’t have made in premium if she wasn’t so greedy like wtf
Alyssa jordan
Alyssa jordan 19 horas atrás
Wanted to listen to fire drill so I just keep playing the end credits over and over 🤷🏼‍♀️
Ria Da Wolfie
Ria Da Wolfie 20 horas atrás
'Me Seen All The Comments Saying "It's Not Free Anymore"' 'Also Me I Can Watching It Normal And I Don't See Nothing About Premium ._.'
[ michii ]
[ michii ] 20 horas atrás
i remember watching it before you gotta pay for it im really sad abt it :(
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ mimi
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ mimi 20 horas atrás
its not free anymore? :( i really liked this movie
Emma f.
Emma f. 20 horas atrás
3:50 Wheels On The Bus 12:19 Class Fight 20:49 The Principal 24:36 Show & Tell 28:56 Nurse’s Office 34:39 Drama Club 40:20 Strawberry Shortcake 46:16 Lunchbox Friends 50:59 Orange Juice 56:11 Detention 1:01:39 Teacher’s Pet 1:06:35 High-school Sweetheart 1:17:33 Recess 1:27:51 Fire Drill
telukorj boskovski
telukorj boskovski 20 horas atrás
ree i wanna watch it but i cant so im gonna scan the internet for a free k-12 because im that addicted to melanie martinez
Paige Broughton ye i agree
Emma f.
Emma f. 20 horas atrás
You inspire me bring me up cure my mental ilnesses your my everything Melanie ❤️❤️❤️
Andjela Mirkovic
Andjela Mirkovic 21 hora atrás
y'all are lame i can still watch it for free lmao
My sister and me
My sister and me 21 hora atrás
NOOOOO WHY?! It was free before! I'm broke 😢 Welp, at least I watched the whole movie before it wasn't free anymore! _(._.)_
ilovechickennuggets cookiesandchocolate
Why can't I watch it again waaah I love it but I don't know why I can't watch it again
Lapinas 22 horas atrás
Im so glad I watched the movie twice when it was still free
ღEl mundo kawaii de Cami ღ
Me encanta la película :3
solly x
solly x 22 horas atrás
What the actual fuck is this bullshit that I have to have youtube premium??
M a b e l • S t u d i o
I didn't was here when it was free :(
A Koumi
A Koumi 22 horas atrás
I didn’t finish it and now you have to pay :(
ImSalma 23 horas atrás
Livia Feitosa
Livia Feitosa Dia atrás
A Melanie vai toma no cu
GACHA Icy Dia atrás
Ehh Ima get yt premium yay
Jolien Dia atrás
I'm so happy i buyed the movie rn ksk
Наталья Наумова
Dislike because of Premium. Bye.
Наталья Наумова
@Amemelise_ more dislikes, that's good
Amemelise_ 22 horas atrás
Dislike because of your comment. Bye.
Anna Zueva*ೃ༄
Stop complaining about it being for premium members only, the queen needs to earn some coin
ياسمينة -
ياسمينة - Dia atrás
I watched like the beginning and then I came back to watch the full film..
DiagonalSymetry 22 horas atrás
dude i remeber seeing some 1.5 hour long video and i clicked it and saw it was an acutal film. and thats how i found melanie martinez
ياسمينة -
ياسمينة - 23 horas atrás
DiagonalSymetry lmao but yesss I know and I regret not watching it earlier
DiagonalSymetry 23 horas atrás
not tryna rub it in, but you definetely missed out and i missed out on my grammar classes
Cookie Crisps
Cookie Crisps Dia atrás
Dam I wanted to watch it again
Amai Nanami
Amai Nanami Dia atrás
damn it we cant watch it anymore ;-; least i have watched this so....yeah.... luv u mel UwU
PhantomRubi Dia atrás
im so sad please give me my rights back
seri Dia atrás
what the hell
•BxrryTea• Dia atrás
Who actually stole her/his moms credit card for this film only like me? (That is not a JOKE) Me .....okay 👌!
i love turtles and animals are my passion
i’m so happy i watched it before it was only for premium
Elyna Rolland
Elyna Rolland Dia atrás
Fuck off Music Premiun
Jujubas açucaradas S2
Tomara qUE tenha k12 2
yairah Montgomery
Wow I'm so happy I watched it while it was free☺ I was coming to watch it again cause I love this movie but Im happy I saw this movie more the 2 times before it was money.
Jessica Lemon
Jessica Lemon Dia atrás
I came here too late rip me
tinkie winky
tinkie winky Dia atrás
Im so glad i watched it before it wasnt free anymore 💀💔
Lyssa Dia atrás
This was beautiful. I love the creativity! Hope everyone knows how cool it was for her to make it free ever.
livix Dia atrás
excuse me since when did this film become Music Premium members only?? like i enjoy watching this every week, hello???
Voilet Rodriguez
Voilet Rodriguez Dia atrás
Eryx SFX
Eryx SFX Dia atrás
I got BRvid premium thankgodddss
Poqto Xx
Poqto Xx Dia atrás
Cmon why it gotta be premium members to watch??
HeArTN Dia atrás
I wanted to come here and watch it for the 4th time to hear Fire Drill premium now :(
Stone George
Stone George Dia atrás
This whole video is forgetting your listening to melonie Martinez and then being rudely surprised at art at every other scene
• Little Llama •
THANK GOD I WATCHED THIS WHEN IT WAS FREE My heart goes out to those who couldn’t
Aubriana Ezzo
Aubriana Ezzo Dia atrás
Please make it free again
nora The theatre nerd
nora The theatre nerd
I just noticed theres a melanie martinez concert In a few days and I dont have tickets :(
isaiah the piano man
Its one right now
Alberto Concepcion
Pero like mel Noh :,( mi don’t premium 🤕😔
eryn jackowski
eryn jackowski Dia atrás
i was more excited for the music bc i didn't expect to be able to watch the movie but holy shit the queen fr just went wrong
Autumn•Studios Dia atrás
Got to watch the whole thing while it was free before it requires premium!💕
leigatha Sellanes
La tenia vista por la mitad y poco más, ahora esta solo disponible para los usuarios premium, la concha de tu madre usuarios premium
Celia Walls
Celia Walls Dia atrás
Am I the only one who watched some of it, but then came back to finish it and it wasn’t free? Like the hell? Where else am I supposed to find this? I get she needs the money but, I broke af! Seriously though, anyone know where to find this for free? Help a sister out?
Isabelle Nguyen
Isabelle Nguyen Dia atrás
nope it costs less than a starbucks drink on youtube to rent that's the best option
MxchiiBean Dia atrás
Guys, if Melanie were to keep the movie free, she wouldn’t be getting profits therefore, unable to make more projects like this. We could support Melanie by buying the K-12 Album or buying the movie on BRvid premium!
Gigi Vlogs
Gigi Vlogs Dia atrás
luckily I watched it when it was still free
Janet Franck
Janet Franck Dia atrás
Im Samantha I Loveee Your Mucisc Videos! Im 8 Years Old And My Favorite Song That You Made Is Mad Hatter
Krystal Rock
Krystal Rock Dia atrás
If you watched the film all the way to the end like Please Subscribe to KrystalRock
Jackson Dia atrás
The movie is great I would pay so much to watch it. Great music,setting,story line,message, and characters
Haylei Melton
Haylei Melton Dia atrás
I just wanted to watch my k 12
Haylei Melton
Haylei Melton Dia atrás
Ughh these ass holes controlling her
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