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4 Set 2017



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Comentários 60
BUBBA JENKINS 12 horas atrás
Keyana Ray
Lightning Lance
Lightning Lance 15 horas atrás
Who listening in 2020 🎶
Belton Sanders
Belton Sanders 22 horas atrás
Always in rotation 💪🏾💯
Dave Ettah
Dave Ettah Dia atrás
saybree fillyaw
saybree fillyaw Dia atrás
Prize Saydee
Prize Saydee 2 dias atrás
long live FBG duck man fr. Black Lives Must Matter To Us Before Anything
Francis Gallagher
Francis Gallagher 2 dias atrás
This shit hits hard. I miss my son. Stupid baby mama playing games.
Michael Segovia
Michael Segovia 2 dias atrás
Yes I do love my son I love my daughter and yes I don't want anything that ever happened to me I pray to God to still be there for them as they grow to watch their father do something right that's being honest cuz I am quitting a lot of things that are bad for me especially I want to be successful and open up some businesses if I had the opportunity to
Neutron Tron
Neutron Tron 2 dias atrás
Who this here in 2020
Aurora Zambrano
Aurora Zambrano 2 dias atrás
Antowian Kelly
Antowian Kelly 3 dias atrás
I wanna Meek mill Rock that Wopo Hoodie again🤞🏽💯🤙🏾🤘🏽🙌🏾💪🏾
Latroy Trapp
Latroy Trapp 3 dias atrás
I remember running those school halls 🙌 #fitzSimons middle school 💪💯😎🤫
Tauheedah Shabazz
Tauheedah Shabazz 4 dias atrás
Yeah Meek
katherine smith
katherine smith 4 dias atrás
Tiara Smith
Tiara Smith 5 dias atrás
misma mirrors mijah
misma mirrors mijah 6 dias atrás
ryan matthew
ryan matthew 7 dias atrás
DreamChasers4life.Started off wit “0s” now we seeing $M’s, pull up ghost ghost, real niggas in my army, gave mama $10000 at least a 1000times do d math#1942flows. HMU on my SC n plug in 👻:weedblows only real G’s will get it💨💨🔥👽labs# turning a qtr-oz-qp-p🌿 do it for the fam don’t forget ur purpose..
The Reaper
The Reaper 7 dias atrás
I was breakin bread wit people that was shady
Praying rn
Olowo Kuti
Olowo Kuti 8 dias atrás
Katelyn Lynch
Katelyn Lynch 8 dias atrás
❤️ I miss my ex so much he is locked up and he has to trust me us not talking right know is best
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith 9 dias atrás
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith 9 dias atrás
If I can’t trust u
Sean F Proson
Sean F Proson 10 dias atrás
This the shit you relate to. Rich or poor. Meek is for everybody coz he speaks to you! 2020 till forever
Radane Smith
Radane Smith 11 dias atrás
2020. Real if i cant trust you fuck you Its important to keep it a 100
Jeremiah Logwood
Jeremiah Logwood 11 dias atrás
Kill i love this song Vl niggas 🤑🤑🤑💏😄😄🙏🙏💪💪👌😃😍🙂😷and stay positive
Inderjeet Gujjar
Inderjeet Gujjar 12 dias atrás
His best album
Rahvarie Martin
Rahvarie Martin 12 dias atrás
Everyday a listen diss when my nigga switch on me 😔🙏🔥🔥
Bello Eli
Bello Eli 13 dias atrás
Having a 7 month old daughter in my arms while listening to this song makes me wanna cry. All i want everyday is to make it home and hold my Daughter.
Āvree Evans
Āvree Evans 13 dias atrás
Alexis Foster
Alexis Foster 13 dias atrás
This is how I feel when someone black dies
Nonoi Nion
Nonoi Nion 14 dias atrás
Go to song especially during my breakup.
Dia Dollaz
Dia Dollaz 15 dias atrás
Heidisidjhdhee don’t know what to type forreal forreal
Dia Dollaz
Dia Dollaz 15 dias atrás
Lmaooo what is wrong with me like rs
Dia Dollaz
Dia Dollaz 15 dias atrás
Think I’ll make me a Twitter again? Anybody there?
Jacary Hawkins
Jacary Hawkins 15 dias atrás
This song played in my head while I was fighting for my life. I used to avoid it because it reminded me of it so much. But now I embrace it because I feel alive when I hear this shit !!!! I used to turn it off. Now I turn it up !!!!!!!
NOLOVE NOPAIN 15 dias atrás
Somebody please save me but I know only God can
Donnie Meekins
Donnie Meekins 15 dias atrás
So save my life period
Carla Rompies
Carla Rompies 15 dias atrás
Meek mill look like my dad rip
Glitter & Gossip
Glitter & Gossip 17 dias atrás
Your not alone call me text me I’ll answer I promise!! 5043700873 This my real number‼️‼️
Glitter & Gossip
Glitter & Gossip 17 dias atrás
Your not alone call me text me I’ll answer I promise!! 5043700873 This my real number‼️‼️
vanessa lopez
vanessa lopez 18 dias atrás
Rashaan Woodson
Rashaan Woodson 18 dias atrás
Never deal with shady people Never react to negativity Never let a women run ur life Always stay loyal to urself then u can be loyal to others ✌️✌️
Nbm Wes V
Nbm Wes V 19 dias atrás
Paul N. M.
Paul N. M. 19 dias atrás
Greetings from Kenya Meek!
Darnell Simpson
Darnell Simpson 19 dias atrás
If I can't trust you, fucc you. Wanting to see & spend time w/ my lil' ones gives me strength. Every day.
Vince Guerrero
Vince Guerrero 20 dias atrás
Tryna please a bitch it almost drove me crazy lmaooo ahem nicki
Shenika Wilson
Shenika Wilson 21 dia atrás
Reco Smith
Reco Smith 21 dia atrás
Free Gotti
Foot Dollaz
Foot Dollaz 21 dia atrás
Stay blessed MEEK it took alot of hard work to get were your at now ⌚📿
Foot Dollaz
Foot Dollaz 21 dia atrás
Bossylex5 21 dia atrás
I love u meek....DIS A BANGER👌🏾🤟🏽😍🤗😘🙏
Regg Rice
Regg Rice 21 dia atrás
I feel y he went crazy....its almost impossible to please mankind...its always somethin
Daniel Niefergold
Daniel Niefergold 21 dia atrás
L K 23 dias atrás
Don't ask who is here in 2020 because we never left, we always here taking this to 2050 and beyond
Regg Rice
Regg Rice 21 dia atrás
1 of his best songs...i rap too
Taytay lilpartayporp Spivey
You make a hoodie look so damn good 😍😍😍
Drey Jones
Drey Jones 24 dias atrás
Truly inspirational, emotional, and moving. One of the best pieces of art meek has released, and I dare say one of the best rap songs in the last few years at least.
Pinder Fresh
Pinder Fresh 24 dias atrás
Remember riding around the Bronx listening to tht is album and not having a lot of worries.. feels like longer than when it was
M.E 2299
M.E 2299 24 dias atrás
This rap is bad
Samuel Santana Jimenez
Samuel Santana Jimenez 24 dias atrás
Finally understand what he meant when he said 23 and 1 🤦‍♂️
Bash 25 dias atrás
David Beltran
David Beltran 26 dias atrás
Lost my girl my job my house but meek be motivating you to go get it. To all my real ones keep it 💯 God bless everyone
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