Maxwell Celebrates Living Legend Award With Performance Of Classic Hits | Soul Train Awards '21

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Maxwell performed some of his biggest hits while gracing the stage as Soul Train's Living Legend. .


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27 Nov 2021



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Comentários 4 432
BETNetworks Mês atrás
Maxwell was a LEGEND in the making. Watch his 90s performance of "Sumthin' Sumthin'" on Soul Train!
nia mushi
nia mushi 28 dias atrás
@Le Général Pépin You are cringe AF, add lame and embarrassing as well. what do you know, have you released even one record, pls leave Maxwell alone. Troll Fail
nia mushi
nia mushi 28 dias atrás
Thanks for the recommend will do so right now, love love Maxwell in the 90's in the 2000's in the 3000's.
e y
e y Mês atrás
Zinga N.O.
Zinga N.O. Mês atrás
@Le Général Pépin What the hell are you talking about? Maxwell is a legend end of story.
Beth Shakespeare
Beth Shakespeare Mês atrás
@omoya 1
Ryan Voltaire
Ryan Voltaire Mês atrás
Maxwell doesn’t come out often, but when he does he leaves a presence.
blaquediamondd2 5 dias atrás
@Christina E. Amaker I love him but definitely thought something was OFF with him. He may have been high. He should have kept the look he had earlier in the evening.
Erin Watkins
Erin Watkins 5 dias atrás
@Christina E. Amaker 😂😂😂
Christina E. Amaker
Christina E. Amaker 5 dias atrás
This was a HOT MESS!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ His outfit was terrible and the way he was acting was weird.. I was kinda embarrassed 🙈🙈🙈 😂😂😂
Gio tayyy
Gio tayyy 10 dias atrás
@Monique Robinson he colorist
Gio tayyy
Gio tayyy 10 dias atrás
Ain’t he colorist
Nichole Green
Nichole Green Mês atrás
Maxwell, Sade and D'Angelo can go missing for 25 years and their music will always make the crowd go crazy.
elisa george
elisa george 10 dias atrás
@ADon The Father Heck yeah!!!!!!!!!!
Lin Bonn
Lin Bonn 10 dias atrás
@Gio tayyy WHAT colorist comments??🤨🤔🤷🏽‍♀️
Tiny King
Tiny King 10 dias atrás
@Gio tayyy Who!? 😳
Tiny King
Tiny King 14 dias atrás
Angelique Tarver
Angelique Tarver 17 dias atrás
Periodt and these be the people with the that smooth r&b baby making music
Dr. Jeffrey Person
Dr. Jeffrey Person Mês atrás
25 years of this brother's music and he's still on point, hasn't missed a beat.
Hispter 1
Hispter 1 11 dias atrás
@Le Général Pépin This has 1.3 million views is what I'm saying not trying to impose on your views but it's entertainment...
Juls Latt
Juls Latt 17 dias atrás
Well said!✌🏾🤣
Le Général Pépin
@Hispter 1 Justin Bieber has millions of views, Kardashian has millions of subscribers, sorry but the stream milion is not a relevant argument.
Le Général Pépin
@Breanna Vienn-Brock You look nice but you're uninteresting. So, if you could avoid notifying me for nothing, that would be super nice of you too. :)
Le Général Pépin
@Debra James Oh but I had a lot of fun watching his performance. And why am I here? Because I saw my girlfriend laughing in front of her phone, I asked her why she was laughing so much. She shared the link with me and tadaaaaam, here I am! : )
R.J. Ronquillo
R.J. Ronquillo Mês atrás
Lord that was so good.
Lin Bonn
Lin Bonn 21 dia atrás my own lil personal concert.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!🎼🎵🎶🥰🥰
Lashaud Pollard
Lashaud Pollard Mês atrás
@David Canada it’s called “Off”
Nora Robinson
Nora Robinson Mês atrás
@David Canada Google his albums
David Canada
David Canada Mês atrás
Give me the name of the song before the last one.
insertyourquarters Mês atrás
Honestly this whole performance was so attractive. Men dancing and feeling the groove is always a win in my books. Maxwell slayed.
Movingdifferently 4 dias atrás
HONESTLY! so attractive !
Gio tayyy
Gio tayyy 10 dias atrás
He colorist
Tiny King
Tiny King 14 dias atrás
He’s definitely my crush 😌🔥😍😍
Cynthia Jordan
Cynthia Jordan Mês atrás
Yes!!! The Men were Grooving right along with the Women!!! Brotherly Love!! Well Done Maxwell!!!❤👍
Lydia Arrayo
Lydia Arrayo Mês atrás
seriously, he’s pretty hot
Jzon Azari
Jzon Azari Mês atrás
Maxwell is part of my holy trinity. This celebration of his art means so much.
Crystal Walter
Crystal Walter 6 dias atrás
@HerbSaint YES💯🙌🏿🔥🎯
Crystal Walter
Crystal Walter 6 dias atrás
Fannie Dixon
Fannie Dixon 18 dias atrás
What you mean by Holy Trinity?
Fannie Dixon
Fannie Dixon 18 dias atrás
@Aimé gildas Portella which one when he was sitting on the steps “OFF”
Classy-4-Life 21 dia atrás
Holy Trinity? That's deep!
Real Life
Real Life Mês atrás
Gina Samuel
Gina Samuel 23 dias atrás
It sure is..Still got those sassy ..Vibes... Beautiful Soul..I grew up with Motown music..and then Maxwell came along..and he is still rocking it...Legend of the Soul music..
Lin Bonn
Lin Bonn Mês atrás
I LOVE watching the crowd singing along....word for word...vibin' and dancing!!!!
Lorraine Banath
Lorraine Banath Mês atrás
I was just wondering about Maxwell a couple of days ago. Said to my husband -- I wonder where is Maxwell and I need him to bring us some new music. My Folks I started singing me some Maxwell songs..😄😂 Lo and Behold - Maxwell New song and video on BRvid.
Lorraine Banath
Lorraine Banath Mês atrás
Real Life 👍👍💯
Gina Samuel
Gina Samuel Mês atrás
Definitely..RnB SOUL.. AUE..He gives me goosebumps.. 🥴🥴🤭🤭💖🍒
Fred Fells
Fred Fells Mês atrás
The Brother finally free from his contract and now will own his Masters going forward.. I have been supporting him since day one.. been to several concerts front row.. let's keep supporting this Brother.
Gio tayyy
Gio tayyy 10 dias atrás
@Fred Fells ain’t the man colorist lmao. He liked having a master.
Homeless In Peckham
Homeless In Peckham 19 dias atrás
@BeefyTime1 I take it, this was before the internet existed?
Fred Fells
Fred Fells Mês atrás
@Alex Adamantium may not been "horrible" but owning your masters is everything.
Fred Fells
Fred Fells Mês atrás
@Alex Adamantium same contract he signed since the early 90's. Now he can reap his rewards.
BeefyTime1 Mês atrás
I’ll never forget when I first heard him. Was cleaning my room and had on videos for background noise. Heard the baseline and drum track and immediately glued my eyes to the tv. Watched the entire video grooving’. The moment the video ended, I picked up my keys and headed out the door to find the album. Auditory pleasure with every release since then.
emerald_skai Mês atrás
He can still get it the same way he could back in 95!!! This man is FINE AS HELL!! give him his flowers while he is still here!! Such a talented, beautiful soul!
Gio tayyy
Gio tayyy 10 dias atrás
He colorist stop supporting him
Fannie Dixon
Fannie Dixon 18 dias atrás
@Homeless In Peckham jealous huh???
Fannie Dixon
Fannie Dixon 18 dias atrás
Homeless In Peckham
Homeless In Peckham 19 dias atrás
Calm your thirst, he doesn't want to be with you, or any of the other thirsty women above
Nolies Truth
Nolies Truth 24 dias atrás
I agree!
Deborah Frederick
Deborah Frederick Mês atrás
I was SOOO LUCKY to see him on his last tour with Jill Scott. He is a total professional, the crowd went insane!!!
Just Me
Just Me 28 dias atrás
Now that's a concert JS N MAXWELL
Iris Cox
Iris Cox Mês atrás
He never disappoints on stage. He entertains the crowd from end to end and we are all into it with him.
shelly davis
shelly davis Mês atrás
Those smiles from the men & women , satisfaction at the highest oevel & he can dance too! Celebrated Souls for Soul Train Don Cornelius Thanks for kicking the door down in the industry
Cashout Steve
Cashout Steve Mês atrás
It's about time Maxwell is respectfully honored for his contributions. He's an icon in his own right. Countless number of R&B hits!!!
blaquediamondd2 Dia atrás
Miss B
Miss B Mês atrás
Shae Dixon
Shae Dixon Mês atrás
@Courtenay Harris you’re welcome 😇
Fa Ri
Fa Ri Mês atrás
Say that!!!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Cashout Steve
Cashout Steve Mês atrás
@Carlette Cannon You do the same and enjoy the holidays, Miss Carlette!
Tiawanee Stevenson
Tiawanee Stevenson Mês atrás
This right here ladies and gentlemen is what you call performing. You don’t get a show like this anymore
Charmaine Ty
Charmaine Ty Mês atrás
Cordell Senior
Cordell Senior Mês atrás
Wow. He's so reclusive. It's a special treat whenever he and /or D'Angelo appear. It's like catching sight of a blazing comet.
Turner0630 Mês atrás
Love Maxwell and his music! Saw him live: unbelievable. BUT what entertained me even more was the nod to Apollo with the woman in white at the very beginning dancing and gyrating with the big glasses! Back in the old days (‘80s baby) when ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ would come in TV, there was an older woman that wore glasses that was at every show and would get up for EVERY performer and do just what the lady in white did 😆 I think Maxwell set her up as a part of the performance like an ode to Apollo…
Max Mustardman
Max Mustardman 12 dias atrás
She did the only Sensible thing, get up and dance
Psalm 150
Psalm 150 16 dias atrás
I was seriously wondering what was going on
gail brooks
gail brooks Mês atrás
He did!! That was a set up, because he sung about it in his song "talking about he 8s going on with "SOUL TRAIN"!! MAX YOU OUGHT TO QUIT!! YOU MUST TO HAVE GIVEN HER SOME OF THAT "$200 BOTTLE" LOL!!
throughthefire Mês atrás
Tchina Arnold
Constance Purches
Constance Purches Mês atrás
The old lady was pam from martin show and the person who came and got ger was Gina
Robin Lateef-Pharms
He has his own unique style..He is one of the best performances of all times
laina J
laina J 21 dia atrás
Yes..Do you think thats why he doesn't have many features..him and Alicia keys were the best but who else could he do a song with? He's too original
LCG Mês atrás
Well deserved! This man’s catalog stands the test of time. He’s classy and classic.
Shonda Mês atrás
@TVwriter23 you're right. If it's not right, he won't put it out. He's true to his craft.
Carlette Cannon
Carlette Cannon Mês atrás
Yes it did yes it did be safe and careful all the way from Baton Rouge Louisiana 2021
MJ Mês atrás
G Baebie Da GoGetter
Torre B
Torre B Mês atrás
Kristian Cheyenne Tirado
I love how much literal FUN he had with this performance lol
vwgreen1 6 dias atrás
Absolutely! That part!!!
IWill Music
IWill Music Mês atrás
Verzuz dropped the ball.. instead of letting D’Angelo do one solo, should’ve called Maxwell to battle him… that would’ve been a SHOW 👏🏿 DOWN 👏🏿
Tunisa Mês atrás
They did… Maxwell couldn’t make it due to other obligations
Angel Davis
Angel Davis Mês atrás
@Andrea Madison or Maxwell vs Seal
IWill Music
IWill Music Mês atrás
@Andrea Madison Eric Benet don’t have the bag to make it a good battle vs Maxwell.. I can’t remember more than one hit Eric got besides the one with Tamia from back back in the day 😬
Andrea Madison
Andrea Madison Mês atrás
Maxwell vs. Eric Benet would've been better in my opinion
Breanna Vienn-Brock
Next Time...This was perfect
Angel Davis
Angel Davis Mês atrás
You know you’re a true performer when don’t even need backup dancers. It was the split for me!!!
Bieassia Law
Bieassia Law Mês atrás
I won’t say people don’t know because y’all know! Maxwell could get it in the 90s and he *DAMN SURE CAN GET IT NOW 😍*
Kimberly James
Kimberly James Mês atrás
He's a true artist. I'm so happy that he got his flowers
Isaiah Edwards
Isaiah Edwards Mês atrás
I watch this like once a day, this performance was a Master Class
Limelight 7 dias atrás
Watch like 5 times a day.
Isaiah Edwards
Isaiah Edwards Mês atrás
@Pernitha Hearne he got tf DOWN, still got the pipes and hasnt aged a day since 96'.
Pernitha Hearne
Pernitha Hearne Mês atrás
Isaiah I watch this eery time I want to feel good.He makes me smile through the whole performance.
J Lou
J Lou Mês atrás
Karabo Moreki
Karabo Moreki Mês atrás
I'm crying diamond encrusted tears at this man's genius STILL!
nubinikki Mês atrás
I've never stopped listening to Maxwell. His music never gets old to me. Love this!
K. Simmons
K. Simmons Mês atrás
This man has been out for almost 3 decades and his music still stands. Beautiful performance!
Walking-MY-Path Mês atrás
@Nai Atelu Musze
Don Zatana
Don Zatana Mês atrás
@CodyCole80 before he got the record deal in 1995 he had already been singing in clubs nyc
Leona Mês atrás
@Netnet Mathis Me too ❤️🌹
Netnet Mathis
Netnet Mathis Mês atrás
@Leona I love me Maxwell music 🎵🎶🎤💖✨✊🏽😘
Nai Atelu
Nai Atelu Mês atrás
Sublime songwriter
Felicia Roland
Felicia Roland Mês atrás
Maxwell never disappoints. He has amazing vocals and range tones
DJ Mista Xclusive
DJ Mista Xclusive Mês atrás
yall better not ever fire this band. they kill EVERY award show...
Tanya Stuart
Tanya Stuart Mês atrás
Fortunate and This Woman’s Work would have been the crown on this performance nevertheless this was absolutely amazing. This transported me back in time and evoked feelings which is what true soul music is supposed to do. Thank you Maxwell
Stephanie Donato
Stephanie Donato Mês atrás
The audience is on their feet. That's how you know you're watching an icon. Well deserved .
Jazmine Martinez
Jazmine Martinez Mês atrás
THIS MAN IS A LEGEND FOR A REASON!!!! My parents were fans and had all of his cds so I grew up listening to him. This was awesome!!
Summez Mês atrás
I would've liked to hear him sing Fortunate but his whole set was amaaaazing!!!
J.A.S. 19 dias atrás
@BeefyTime1 Definitely because R. Kelly wrote it. Damn good song regardless.
LaShanda Hudson
LaShanda Hudson 28 dias atrás
And that's very unfortunate because though it was an amazing performance, Fortunate was def missed
James Alston
James Alston Mês atrás
@BeefyTime1 That's my thought.
BeefyTime1 Mês atrás
@Summez R Kelly
Summez Mês atrás
@James Alston care to share?
Danni Toma Christensen
Grew up with this music. This man is a genius. Will always be one of my biggest heroes.
Mika Mês atrás
I appreciate artists who can sing live.
Kayla D
Kayla D Mês atrás
He's one of my favorite male artists of all time. He deserves all his flowers.
Di Small
Di Small Mês atrás
Yes!!! Thank you for giving him his 💐 🌹 💐 while he is alive. AMAZING!!!!!!!
Paw W
Paw W Mês atrás
mine too love me some maxwell
Deborah Montanez
Deborah Montanez Mês atrás
@Aimé gildas Portella he sampled about 5 of his song's!! Sounded fantastic, too. I love me some Maxwell! 😍
Mrs Clarke
Mrs Clarke Mês atrás
Yep mine too 🥰
Kayla D
Kayla D Mês atrás
@Aimé gildas Portella Till The Cops Come Knockin Ascension Sumthin Sumthin Bad Habits Lifetime Off (New Song)
deano9110 Mês atrás
He killed it , loved how he introduced his new track in there and it just fitted
Tasha Trusdale
Tasha Trusdale Mês atrás
When you live up to the Legend Award... I was literally tearing when he spoke on stage... talk about someone who deserves their flowers 💐😍💐💐💐💐💐💐 he was so humble and graceful and he literally shook the stage with that split... how do you spell Icon. M.A.X.W.E.L.L. ... PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️ MAX YOU SHUT IT DOWN SIR !!!!!! 25 YEARS !!!
Brenell Hornsby
Brenell Hornsby Mês atrás
This man has the most PASSIONATE crowd of any performer. There is a difference between passionate and crazed lunacy. His crowd is filled with enraptured passion for him and his music!
ගුප්ත අඩවිය
fact he never made music for fame he made music the way how he felt❤️
Mary Harper
Mary Harper Mês atrás
I love his music and he a nice and humble gentlemen. The gentlemen deserve this. Might I say! And very pleasing to the eye. Congratulations to you Maxwell!! Song's are very heartfelt.
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
Maxwell doesn’t just make masterpieces, HE IS A MASTERPIECE, A VIBE AN ERA!!
Pernitha Hearne
Pernitha Hearne Mês atrás
@Breanna Vienn-Brock not replying to you.I don't care what he wears the sexy still comes through.
Breanna Vienn-Brock
We keep talking maybe they'll give him his proper platform and 👑 as he will always be a Gentleman ❤. The World needs more of this Healing 🎶 🎶 🙏 factor ...
POVHFR Videos Mês atrás
Debra Light
Debra Light Mês atrás
Tee Money
Tee Money Mês atrás
My guy
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones Mês atrás
Saw him a couple of years ago at Fox Theater in Detroit. He is just a gem. Protect him at all cost. 🥰
Dosmonique Frank
Dosmonique Frank Mês atrás
He’s so amazing sounds sooo good and moving even better I’m glad he got his flowers while he is alive!!
Apprille Harris
Apprille Harris Mês atrás
He is probably one of the last concerts I went to and he’s a class act. Let his background vocalists shine and sang in their place in the background like it was nothing.
Danee The BlkWidow
Danee The BlkWidow Mês atrás
I totally agree. And Stokely from Mint Condition
Cryssy W
Cryssy W Mês atrás
This man never misses after all these years!!! He is such a blessing to the industry!
Kay Robbie
Kay Robbie Mês atrás
I mean his version of "This Women's Work" is so hauntingly beautiful. That was the only song that was missing from here for me.
Eunice Radak
Eunice Radak 7 dias atrás
I was waiting for pretty wings....but I guess he has hits upon hits upon hits.
J.A.S. 19 dias atrás
@Devin Pelt I think he purposely left out Fortunate because R. Kelly wrote it. It's one of my favorite but I think it was smart move to keep it out of the lineup.
laina J
laina J 21 dia atrás
He saving a little for his 2022 tour
Ladybug Royal
Ladybug Royal Mês atrás
I agree with this entire thread... I also so wanted him to sing matrimony....but damnit, too many hits.
Devin Pelt
Devin Pelt Mês atrás
I would have liked to hear “Fortunate” as well but unfortunately he just has too many hits. Pun intended.
gail brooks
gail brooks Mês atrás
I'm 68 yr old; Maxwell has had me up better than any medication I have ever had since that "SOUL TRAIN AWARDS performance"!! Thanks "Maxwell"!! I have watched this video almost 50 times!! My Son is out trying to find me a "VIDEO"!! I HAVE TO SEE "Maxwell"!! HE loves his "Audiences"!! A very good heart!! Weighing!!!
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Mês atrás
This on repeat how I played the tape and CD when UHS first dropped in '96. The whole set slams. RESPECT to all fans 🙏🏾😷
Ole Techie
Ole Techie Mês atrás
True entertainer, the man still got that special "Maxwell" swag! From ‘fro to toe!
Sherrica Spikes
Sherrica Spikes Mês atrás
Fro to toe 😂😂
Renee Fox
Renee Fox Mês atrás
Overjoyed he was finally acknowledged and honored! His voice hasn’t changed. Absolutely beautiful performance. Please tour again!!
@Renee Fox Hope to get a ticket! The Night Tour: Maxwell, Anthony Hamilton, and Joe. Triple Threat!
yunggrinda12 Mês atrás
Chris Cooks
Chris Cooks Mês atrás
Weed has affected his voice.
Carlette Cannon
Carlette Cannon Mês atrás
Yes he give us that special beautiness to birth forth out of our souls with his style Grace voice body talent just 100% correct all the way from Baton Rouge Louisiana 2021 please be careful and safe
Renee Fox
Renee Fox Mês atrás
@Wilma Cromwell OMG!!! Thank you!
beatrice sitibe
beatrice sitibe Mês atrás
I did not understand his music when I was young bt now I respect him.
Brittany Alonge
Brittany Alonge Dia atrás
This!!! It hit different now that I know.
jennerial Mês atrás
This was so cool and unexpected. Im happy to see him honored, it's well deserved. Also his energy level was off the charts - he's 48 WOW
The Natural
The Natural Mês atrás
Definitely planning to see Maxwell in 2022, I am ready for this live experience! He’s one of my favorite 😍🥰
Grown Girl Films
Grown Girl Films Mês atrás
An absolutely wonderful performance! Everything was thoroughly entertaining, Maxwell knows how to put on a show! The supporting vocals were absolutely luscious too.
Benjamin De Cruz
Benjamin De Cruz Mês atrás
Maxwell hit the classic split!! Smooth af! This is how u perform and spotlight on the shoes too! Sharp! 🙌🏾
Karen Borden
Karen Borden Mês atrás
I've had the pleasure of listening to him in concert and it was one of the best nights of my life. That was 17 years ago. He's just amazing!
D McK Mês atrás
Privileged to see Maxwell at Manchester Uni back in the Urban Hang Suite days. Wow can that guy sing! Still one of the best live performances I’ve seen to this day. Great to see him getting this much deserved accolade.
Jason Thomas-Fournillier
It's about time he gets his dues what classic act Maxwell is just a treasure.
Nicola Beckford
Nicola Beckford Mês atrás
It was so refreshing and to know the lyrics after all this time it got me so charged up and revisit Maxwell music, thanks for blessing us with your talent 🙏🏿👌😊
patrice dixon
patrice dixon 3 dias atrás
Yes! I'm listening to All of his music during this pandemic.
soledisciple Mês atrás
He is the “Prince” of my generation! Props to both legends
soledisciple Mês atrás
@Andre Motivation that's 💯 accurate!
Andre Motivation
Andre Motivation Mês atrás
@soledisciple oh i never saw him live in person, i just meant that whenever u would watch him at award shows or tv performances he always killed it.
soledisciple Mês atrás
@Andre Motivation that's cool that you got to experience Prime Maxwell. I never been to his concerts. My wife actually put me on to his music 20 years ago.
Andre Motivation
Andre Motivation Mês atrás
I agree, every live performance I've seen of this dude since I was a kid has been on point. Minus the instrumental skills and extravagance wardrobe of Prince, Maxwell is a showman just like him.
soledisciple Mês atrás
@Jacob Kom Yes, I'm not saying he is equal to Prince but his creativity and uniqueness and funky style carried the torch.
Sharon Stroud
Sharon Stroud Mês atrás
OMGoodness there is NOTHING that I can say, that has not ALREADY been said about this man's VOICE!!!!!!
TamDarby Mês atrás
Absolutely love him!!! Such a treasure. "Suitelady" is still one of my favorites from him. Well deserved 💓
Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson Mês atrás
The old Maxwell is back. With him owning his masters and being from under the record label, he feels free. I’m here for it!! This was a great performance and well deserved.
Drew Bundy
Drew Bundy Mês atrás
Folks listened to Prince
DA BIG D Mês atrás
@Dawn Jackson He is just SO CLASSY. He stays above-the-fray and out of the FOOLISHNESS. I miss the classy black r n b stars of yesterday.
gail brooks
gail brooks Mês atrás
There is not one "ARTIST" that ever put on a performance as smooth, meaningful or silky as "Maxwell"; dead or alive!!
Whitney Mês atrás
He did that. See this is how we want our artist to evolve, yes I said OUR. He was exceptionally smooth but intense. I loved it. A better performance then what I see lately in this newer generation of artist.
Allison Page
Allison Page Mês atrás
One In a Million Performance by an Extraordinaire Soul.
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis 24 dias atrás
I am watching this for I can't tell you how many times and I just realize he is a master he goes from song to song to song not randomly but in a way that builds up the concert or performance
Diana Estipona
Diana Estipona 29 dias atrás
His voice, I swear, it gives me goosebumps EVERYTIME…
Drea Clark
Drea Clark Mês atrás
Can we please just talk about how he took us ALLLL the way tf back with that Fro please!? He understood the assignment and delivered it!💯💯
patrice dixon
patrice dixon 19 dias atrás
So full and lush. Love it.
Quindara King
Quindara King Mês atrás
But he just didn’t age. Still as handsome as he was when I was a kid and I’m 35
_PrettyBrownBrown Mês atrás
Lol yea he did !
Itkahs ramaL
Itkahs ramaL Mês atrás
Lol right 😍, I was looking like is this old. Nope!
Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith Mês atrás
Did anyone else notice he also shaved his beard to give us that Maxwell "look" we remember. Check out the beginning of the show when he was in the audience. YES! He definitely understood the assignment. I LOVE it!!!!!!
s Mês atrás
5:05 Wow. Seriously this guy is a legend. Wow.
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis Mês atrás
Are we not going to talk about the shoes Maxwell has so much presence and soul He just keeps getting better with age
Lenora Mcghee
Lenora Mcghee 4 dias atrás
He’s timeless, so damn original and definitely worth the wait
Elyse Morris
Elyse Morris 22 dias atrás
What a musical genius!!!! Thank you BET for honoring a legend and icon while he is still here among us. I felt this for real🖤🖤🖤
Brooklyn Black76
Brooklyn Black76 Mês atrás
Ever since the beginning, Maxwell has been that true R&B/Neo-Soul King Pin.
Allen C.
Allen C. Mês atrás
I love that he had a lot of the elements of his first performance on that stage. He's a true elevation of R AND B music. You deserve because he doesn't give anything but his best on the stage. A master of entertainment.
J.R. Williams
J.R. Williams Mês atrás
I was blessed to see a Maxwell concert in OH a few yrs ago. He was on my "Bucket List." Maxwell was awesome! That eargasm energy will never be forgotten. ❤️🤎❤️🤎
Amazing performance! Maxwell looks so happy. Incredible talent, extraordinary vocal ability, gifted song writing abilities, and a humble spirit. No one more deserving of this honor😊
Love Serenity
Love Serenity Mês atrás
Maxwell doesn’t just make masterpieces, HE IS A MASTERPIECE, A VIBE AN ERA!!
Love Melanin
Love Melanin Mês atrás
Yes I agree.
I agreed ❤️❤️
Jennifer Brigitte
Jennifer Brigitte Mês atrás
He's Immaculate
Michelle Dozier
Michelle Dozier Mês atrás
Couldnt have worded it better myself👏👏👏👏👏
Aimé gildas Portella
can i have the title of the song he sings in this live
Ann Fryer
Ann Fryer Mês atrás
His music can still stand out amongst the so called singers today! Absolutely gorgeous, talented and sensual!! Love me some Maxwell!! Long overdue and well deserved!!!
Deborah Ruffin
Deborah Ruffin Mês atrás
I just love this extremely talented man and I'm grateful to him for his many contributions to music which I thoroughly enjoy!! 💕💖💞💝🎵🎶🎼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⭐
Sonya Shelton
Sonya Shelton Mês atrás
Maxwell and Kem are the two huge soul singers who have strong stage presence. They have class, sound great and always put on a wonderful show. These guys are excellent performers. I appreciate the soul train awards. Congratulations Maxwell
Denise Williams
Denise Williams Mês atrás
Maxwell never disappoints. It’s like he never left, even when he hasn’t performed in awhile..his grown man sexy is always amazing.. hand to the sky!!🔥💕😍🙏🏽
G Baebie Da GoGetter
This is absolutely what we need back in our lives. Real music.
G Baebie Da GoGetter
@Dexter 💯 facts
Karen Simmons
Karen Simmons Mês atrás
Real MUSIC!!!!! Amen!!!
Dexter Mês atrás
Real music ain’t go nowhere. You just can’t rely on commercial radio for it.
Carlette Cannon
Carlette Cannon Mês atrás
Yes yes yes agreeing with you 100% all the way from Baton Rouge Louisiana please be safe and careful
Musiz Lovva
Musiz Lovva Mês atrás
And LOVE SONGS........and not all the crazy talk in the music......that type of music that makes just say oh yeah that's my JAM.
Kayla Stephens
Kayla Stephens 12 dias atrás
You know his new music is going to be great, when he slides a new song in and it fits beautifully. 0:00- Till the cops come knockin 0:48- Bad Habits 3:03- Lifetime 4:58- Sumthin Sumthin 6:48- Off 8:48- Ascension
vendetta 11 dias atrás
thanks ❤️‍🔥
Mado4384 Mês atrás
I still remember the first time I heard Maxwell (Unplugged on TV)... Mind blown wondering where I was all this time, then went out and bought everything I could find on this man!!! Everything is perfection! Only wished he would do some shows in Montreal Canada...
JIGG_WAVY 19 dias atrás
The fact that he actually sings every song….. I miss the old days before DJ’s
Monique Abram
Monique Abram Mês atrás
This is the kind of Maxwell I grew up listening to he still got it after been gone for so long. Glad he came back to show out and boy did he. Can't wait for the next album
Samantha Dallas
Samantha Dallas Mês atrás
Its like this man is frozen in time,, the voice and the hair and his looks haven't changed ❤️❤️❤️ a legend right here!!!
patrice dixon
patrice dixon 26 dias atrás
True and I'm listening to the Embrya album during this pandemic, it just mellows me out. Timeless music!
DA BIG D Mês atrás
@Samantha Dallas YAAAASSSS! For the GROWN N SEXY ONLY!!!
msgenevajb Mês atrás
Dana Vixen
Dana Vixen Mês atrás
Frozen in time. Well said. Congrats Maxwell!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
yunggrinda12 Mês atrás
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis Mês atrás
Can't tell you how many times I've watched this video his performance was perfect from start to finish everything he just has that cool factor always did always will I love what he said I love you and black is beautiful
R Perkins
R Perkins Mês atrás
Gotta see him on tour next year. Love his music.
Sandra Motley
Sandra Motley 4 dias atrás
This was one of the best performances I've seen in along time.
fiona nyangoma
fiona nyangoma Mês atrás
This was absolutely beautiful.
Robert Marshall
Robert Marshall Mês atrás
I love how he brought us the fro with the vibe..NOSTALGIA
patrice dixon
patrice dixon 26 dias atrás
Yes and lots of men are growing out their God given hair during this pandemic, women too. It's so beautiful to see. Wear the crown.
Breanna Vienn-Brock
You know JMK, Maxwell was recently on Breakfast Club with the short fro and was asked about his signature fro so then he must of got the hint cause he grew it back. Professor Angela Davis still sports her lovely locks too.
Robin Lanier Tomlinson
It's like the last 20 years never happened. This man is an R&B jazz God. ❤
Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith Mês atrás
YES! And did anyone else noticed he shaved the beard off just before performing. Check him out in the audience when he was acknowledged at the beginning of the show.
nervygirl1 Mês atrás
yep. it's how he introduced himself to us back in '96. Now that he's free of his record label, it's how he's bidding those vampires buh-bye. It's like he saying, "I'm still me." Go on, Maxwell!
Melinda Kreative Koins Parker
I love he came out as the original form of Maxwell... Especially how they incorporated someone to portray the old lady Eva from the Apollo that always sat in front row and approached the performers on stage.. I truly felt the essence of the whole performance
The Goat
The Goat Mês atrás
I was wondering when they was going to give him a award he been deserved it my brother for life love all your music had my oldest child listening to your music
Angie Hamilton
Angie Hamilton 20 dias atrás
He is deserving of the long overdue honor! I’ve been a fan from day one! For me, he’s right under Prince🖤❤️
Jake Jon
Jake Jon Mês atrás
I remember an old friend from Eastern Europe discovering Maxwell through one of my song covers. She went to go to sleep and I went to go to sleep I woke up the next day to check on her and she hadn’t slept a single second because she was going through all of Maxwell‘s music. She literally looked at me and said “this guy is unbelievable”
mike856ms Mês atrás
Even he was humble on stage. Clapping back, applauding at his fans. Truly a great artist.
Bonnie Anderson
Bonnie Anderson Mês atrás
Absolutely 💯 love you MAXWELL 😍
SoulEducation Mês atrás
Maxwell sounds so amazing live! He puts on EXCELLENT concerts! He has NEVER made a song I haven't liked. So talented! I have ALL his albums!
patrice dixon
patrice dixon 26 dias atrás
Yes, I'm mellowing out with the Embrya album just had to re- visit it during this pandemic.
LudeleNYC Brooklyn
LudeleNYC Brooklyn Mês atrás
Listen, you gotta give your favorite artists their flowers while they are still HERE.
Kween Ellis
Kween Ellis Mês atrás
Welp… time to blast my whole Maxwell playlist🤷🏾‍♀️
Trisharla Blair
Trisharla Blair Mês atrás
MAXWELL FANS LIKE ME HAVE WAITED FOR THIS MOMENT 😍 To Me, we lived in the BEST OF TIMES because of Artists like this who gives Stellar performances....WOW! WOW! WOW!! Is all I have to say from beginning to end!! We love you Maxwell....I probably would have slid off the couch if he sang this Woman's Worth!! But Til the cops come knocking video is what made me fall in love with this man!! WOOOO lol
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