Matt Gaetz is So Toxic, Even Trump Won’t Meet with Him

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School re-opened for many kids in Los Angeles today, UFO sightings have skyrocketed during the pandemic, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz made an appearance for the “Save America” Summit and was denied a meeting with Trump, Donny trashed Mitch McConnell and wants credit for the vaccine, multiple citizens from Cincinnati called 911 claiming they saw monkeys on the loose, and Jimmy and Guillermo met up with U.S. Olympian Allen James to learn how to racewalk.
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12 Abr 2021



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Comentários 100
f1s2hg3 11 horas atrás
Jimmy Kimmel why is Trump free why isn’t Trump in prison or worse? Why ?
Rich Bee
Rich Bee 21 hora atrás
Imagine being such a lowlife that the world’s biggest lowlife won’t talk to you. Man the Republicans have become just an absolute disgrace.
Lucky the Redpsy Jedi
Remember to keep Content respectful and follow OUR comunity guidelines,, Jimmy Kimmel 🖕🖕
I P 3 dias atrás
And Cuomo still romes free and unbothered
Leslie Holm
Leslie Holm 4 dias atrás
Sir Lance a lot and Sir Venmo’s a lot!
Jude L
Jude L 4 dias atrás
Evil projection. Plain and simple!🤢🤮
Jude L
Jude L 4 dias atrás
Your days are numbered, Jimmy! You make me sick!🤢🤮
Kumquat Perk
Kumquat Perk 5 dias atrás
That witness has UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier’s neck tattoo, mannerisms and voice.
buffalo bill
buffalo bill 5 dias atrás
Jimmy more fun when he drunk and powdered nose
Jacob Reeves
Jacob Reeves 8 dias atrás
That brand new ufo footage is pretty flippin insane.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 8 dias atrás
It's funny when karma catches up to these people they forget all the s*** talk they did about other people
Jhn Hgr
Jhn Hgr 9 dias atrás
How much do the dems pay you to be their lapdog?
Michael Stapelberg
Michael Stapelberg 9 dias atrás
keep remembering Tucker calrson has partied with Gaetz (so Matt claims)
Scott Steele
Scott Steele 9 dias atrás
Strange chin matt gaetz still crying good to see him begging 😂
concrete recovery
concrete recovery 9 dias atrás
Why did Jimmy say that hes getting an erection while hugging Guillermo ?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 8 dias atrás
Tracey Wilson
Tracey Wilson 9 dias atrás
Well Trump is TOXIC as well
Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison 9 dias atrás
Jimmy Kimmel is becoming as popular as the Academy Awards.
- Stiegosaurus -
- Stiegosaurus - 10 dias atrás
Moron masks.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 12 dias atrás
Its like walking with something wrong 😂😂😂
Dj Baran
Dj Baran 12 dias atrás
Too many republicans are probably just as guilty as gaetz is. No sins then you can cast the first stone , but none in the GOP are without sin. They’re guilty as gaetz
Jennifer Bischoff
Jennifer Bischoff 12 dias atrás
Jimmy your a joke
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 13 dias atrás
''The leaks and the lies and the falsehoods and smears'' - sounds like a conservative wish list and an accurate summary of the GOP and MAGA ideology. Amen
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 12 dias atrás
Guillermo is such a good sport and so funny too.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 14 dias atrás
I got disqualified from the walking race because my nose was running ! . 😂
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 11 dias atrás
It's a price hill thing🤣 that's my home
Shaggy 14 dias atrás
malcom in the middle had episode about speed walking like 32 years ago
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 11 dias atrás
Guillermo is such a good sport and so funny too.
Keith WOLF Hoskin
Keith WOLF Hoskin 15 dias atrás
PIZZA GAETZ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joel Chiefmoon
Joel Chiefmoon 15 dias atrás
What I don’t understand is why White people are so concerned with not raising there children. When natives went to school most and half never came back
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 13 dias atrás
Remember when jimmy didn’t try to be a second rate Stephen Colbert/ John Stewart :/ go back to the basics
Lalaine Nash
Lalaine Nash 15 dias atrás
I won't donate to Matt. I do not want to be on the list of FBI list of investigations!
Valentine Solko
Valentine Solko 15 dias atrás
Yet Kimmel's kids are drawing pics if his junk. Y'all are sick. 🤢
Lonnie Manuel
Lonnie Manuel 15 dias atrás
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 15 dias atrás
Its like walking with something wrong 😂😂😂
Jane Michelle
Jane Michelle 15 dias atrás
As a person i love parents who get there kids to be productive people to the society
Lady Clarisse A Visayan Royalty
Kimmel, you are done!
Florjan Basha
Florjan Basha 16 dias atrás
to much bullshit = tryhard
Paul Obrien
Paul Obrien 16 dias atrás
Gaetz looks like a stand - in for the mask. Hahaha
Itzel Deanda
Itzel Deanda 16 dias atrás
pacificrules 16 dias atrás
If the lowest of dirt-loser (aka donald trump) wont meet with matt gaetz, then he's done.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 16 dias atrás
Guillermo is such a good sport and so funny too.
Jordan hopper
Jordan hopper 17 dias atrás
It's a price hill thing🤣 that's my home
Victoria Cameron
Victoria Cameron 17 dias atrás
The Gaetz spokesman .. a four year old dressed up as Orville Reddinbacher for Halloween🤣🤣
Ty Noki
Ty Noki 17 dias atrás
Remember when jimmy didn’t try to be a second rate Stephen Colbert/ John Stewart :/ go back to the basics
dan balm
dan balm 17 dias atrás
Smash mouth wont claim that For their credit.
Kai Berberich
Kai Berberich 17 dias atrás
I'm a BIG gummy fan - Guilermo - you have my respect !!!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 17 dias atrás
Trump reminds me of a guy in his 60's still talking about how great he played football in high school.
Scorp io
Scorp io 18 dias atrás
The save America summit? Are they shuttling all republicans off to another planet? That’s the only way you’re saving this country.
Blue Dream
Blue Dream 18 dias atrás
I used to like watching Jimmy Kimmel, but the fact that now he needs to bring in politics just to stay relevant sucks.
Tedzilla 18 dias atrás
Still trump bashing? Grow up and watch real news.
Anatoliy S
Anatoliy S 19 dias atrás
America go out on the street and overthrow the fascist Biden and his followers!!!
Jillian 19 dias atrás
Trump wouldn’t meet with you either Jimmy so what does that say about you????
janice mearkle
janice mearkle 19 dias atrás
And he was the water boy...
Saint Steven
Saint Steven 19 dias atrás
Funny how trump never noticed Gaetz was toxic before.
Liz Jones
Liz Jones 19 dias atrás
How funny jimmy fallon! Where is Tara reed?
god Time
god Time 19 dias atrás
Miss Caroline is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Mercy Joy
Mercy Joy 19 dias atrás
You are totally correct ma am
Mercy Joy
Mercy Joy 19 dias atrás
I've seen different recommendations about expert Caroline
Makizee 6.0
Makizee 6.0 19 dias atrás
As a Nigerian, The Nigerian Prince does not exist, The country does not run a Monarchy. Y'all are welcome 😊
leavemealone 19 dias atrás
does this "sport" cause bow-legging? I'm still having a really hard time believing that ISN'T will ferrell in disguise.. but even if it's NOT... this IS going to be his next movie, mark my words!
leavemealone 19 dias atrás
I can't believe "race-walking" is actually an olympic sport, wouldn't the original olympians be so proud of the fierce warriors we've become! LOL But yet soccer still hasn't made it?!
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 19 dias atrás
Its like walking with something wrong 😂😂😂
leavemealone 19 dias atrás
HEY... I LOVE Smashmouth!!! stop!
HOOKIE MAMA 19 dias atrás
Re: The mysterious Monkey sightings: Do you have April Fools Day on a different date in the USA than us folks in The UK? It is the kind of story that newspapers pull on their readers on April Fool's Day!
Grady Hall
Grady Hall 19 dias atrás
S T 20 dias atrás
“We were so eager to drop them off, Im not sure if it was their school...”😁😁😁
Zoooli Oli
Zoooli Oli 20 dias atrás
Muy bueno my Friend! Loved it!
Stephanie Flynn
Stephanie Flynn 20 dias atrás
I liked it better without the audience.
Tim Liang
Tim Liang 20 dias atrás
As good as Cuomo
Della Quinn
Della Quinn 20 dias atrás
Nope, Matt. You're done. Totally.
Elena Michael
Elena Michael 20 dias atrás
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Dan G
Dan G 20 dias atrás
Jimmy kümmel owes his career to Donald trump
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl 20 dias atrás
He was famous long before Trump...
ANAND MANJREKAR 20 dias atrás
You reminded me of that guy that tricks people can be awoke every body he is a falls ideal to try to control the people just think about ✳️
ANAND MANJREKAR 20 dias atrás
Dam they coming for jimmy
bera dila
bera dila 20 dias atrás
I always thought Kimmel was supposed to be a comedian and not a political mouth piece for the communi, uh , I mean democratic party. No wonder he sucks. And, now I know why you all are so brainwashed. Every where you turn, you have the democrats vile and twisted narrative being shoved in your face 24/7.
Teo Johnson
Teo Johnson 20 dias atrás
Both of them are funny 😄 😆 🤣 😂 as hell
M Wright
M Wright 20 dias atrás
get bent !
Rob M
Rob M 20 dias atrás
For Gods sake Kimmel wake up. WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT! We have a new cast. Get new writers. Stop beating it. You were barely funny in 2020. Now you aren't funny at all.
Christine Gabriel
Christine Gabriel 20 dias atrás
Seriously, what could someone do that is worse than what Trump has done? Or that Trump doesn’t want it known that he has done?
Christine Gabriel
@bera dila It is not my or anyone’s job to provide a critically thinking brain or a conscience for you or anyone else, who is not wanting to look at his endless crimes and hideous behaviors.
bera dila
bera dila Dia atrás
Tell us, exactly, what Trump has done?
RAM ROD 20 dias atrás
Hey Jimmy...please make fun of the other Ford here in Ontario! He's screwing up with our Covid-19 vaccinations and now we are on a month stay at home order.
Nilene T
Nilene T 20 dias atrás
I just love Jimmy Kimmel. I love that he cracks up at all of the stupid people in the news and these people give him plenty of comedic material to work with ! He makes it so easy to laugh out loud even though people look at me like I'm crazy. My favorite host. Keep it up Jimmy😉😉
Room 101
Room 101 20 dias atrás
I loved having my kids around. All of us would have been stoked to have zoom schooling, so we could all be together more. Those days go so fast. My kids are now 26 and 20 and I wish we were all together still.
Photo Studio
Photo Studio 21 dia atrás
Not meeting with Gaetz would be the smart thing to do, so I believe the people who say that Trump was actually willing to meet with him.
Tommyaka 21 dia atrás
You all should live in the beautiful democrat areas that get your fake winnings and stay there
One Two
One Two 21 dia atrás
This guy is just not funny
user2796 21 dia atrás
Haven’t you watched CNN EXPOSED BY PROJECT VERITAS? No? That’s why you have no clue 😣 Wake up not woke stop being sheep
Ryan 88
Ryan 88 21 dia atrás
Sicko actor fooling the masses. So sad
Lynne Jones
Lynne Jones 21 dia atrás
did that man become bow legged after walking like that for a long while or what?
harry Styles
harry Styles 21 dia atrás
There is always one lady who laugh so much
Crypto Forex
Crypto Forex 18 dias atrás
Have you heard about foreign invest where you earn more and work less
mohith g
mohith g 21 dia atrás
Its all fun and games until this clown becomes the president just like dt.
John Allison
John Allison 21 dia atrás
Gaetz needs to resign.Guys such as loser ,was 38 before he got a highschool sweetheart.
Silicon Nomad
Silicon Nomad 21 dia atrás
Stop calling trump “the president” please
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl 20 dias atrás
It's tradition to call former president by their former role, president.
colby bohannan
colby bohannan 21 dia atrás
I have a lisp, it’s not something I chose to have at birth.... here Kimmel is making fun of people like me. I don’t think it’s very funny, and pretty hurtful if you’d like to know the truth.
gus gus
gus gus 21 dia atrás
He looks like he's been on a horse all his life!
Tim 21 dia atrás
Trump is the rights version of Al Bundy talking about his high school football days at Polk High school where he threw 4 touch downs in one game.
Lominoth Productions
Lominoth Productions 21 dia atrás
They should do olympic archery
Mason Kungle
Mason Kungle 21 dia atrás
Are anti-racists, liberals and humanitarians gloating over Gaetz gate?....Mmmmm...noooo....
Denean Saielli
Denean Saielli 21 dia atrás
Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care. Glide by the people as they start to look and stare.
Crypto Forex
Crypto Forex 18 dias atrás
Have you heard about Foreign invest where you can earn big and work less
Paul Berson
Paul Berson 21 dia atrás
Trump wears ladies underpants, people are saying...
james irving
james irving 21 dia atrás
Jimmy Kimmel gets paid for each monologue he cries in.
james irving
james irving 21 dia atrás
In other words.....Kimmel is a liberal mouthpiece.
C R 21 dia atrás
James, James, James... you spend so much time ranting about people who don't want to follow the CDC's guidelines, then you disregard them all to do a goofball bit on racewalking? C'mon, Jimmy, stick with the program! You say yourself that we're not across the finish line yet. (See what I did there?)
C R 21 dia atrás
You keep that up and I'm gonna sic Grouchy Fauci on you, and nobody wants that.
Sam Downer
Sam Downer 21 dia atrás
Jimmy is stoned of his tots, look at his glazed over eyes.
sacraa77 21 dia atrás
I love Guyermo so much!!!
Mindset Is to Win
Mindset Is to Win 21 dia atrás
Kümmel has been trash for years. Imagine watching him 😂
Chris Burton
Chris Burton 21 dia atrás
Oh yeah, they are dognkeys very common here in Wyoming also.
Lily Ventura
Lily Ventura 21 dia atrás
Jimmy, you make my night.
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