Mathews VXR Bow Review | New Features for 2020

Whitetail Properties
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Check out the brand new 2020 Mathew VXR! See what features have been added to this new hunting bow for 2020!


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20 Nov 2019



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Matt Gravitt
Matt Gravitt 5 meses atrás
Sean! I was not expecting to see you come out and shoot this bow! Funny that I clicked on this video to watch. Just picked me up the 28 this last weekend and love it!
Whitetail Properties
Whitetail Properties 4 meses atrás
@Caleb Searle Yes generally speaking a bow with a longer ATA is going to have a greater string angle at full draw, theoretically producing a smoother, easier draw cycle and improved stability. I personally have a longer draw length and prefer a longer ATA bow. In my opinion/experience an extra few inches in ATA length isn't going to make or break a tree stand set up. -Sean
Caleb Searle
Caleb Searle 4 meses atrás
Whitetail Properties i mean i know they are both going to be whisper quiet with little to no handshock. Im more concerened with string angle and stability at full draw so id really like to be able come to my anchor points left handed. I guess if push comes to shove ill just get the 28 because i loved it and i do majority treestand hunting. But i keep hearing the 31.5 has tournament bow stability which sounds pretty attractive in a shorter ata bow
Whitetail Properties
Whitetail Properties 4 meses atrás
@Caleb Searle Well as you might have seen at the end of the video, Sean is left handed also, and he shot the bow right handed for the first time and still immediately noticed how quiet and dead in the hand it was. You could also shot a right handed 31.5, left handed, it wouldn't be ideal, but you could still potentially get a feel for the difference in the draw cycle, if there is any. But you are right, there aren't many lefties out there so most shops don't stock many left handed bows. Maybe call around to some local shops in neighboring areas and see if someone has one in stock!
Caleb Searle
Caleb Searle 4 meses atrás
Whitetail Properties problem im running into is im left handed, nobody here has a left handed 31.5 in stock
Whitetail Properties
Whitetail Properties 4 meses atrás
@Caleb Searle Yes definitely shoot both before you make your final decision!
Donovan Stockton
Donovan Stockton 7 meses atrás
Hmmm, yeah I'm not upgrading from my Vertix. Better size for saddle hunting. VXR is a superior bow though.
God sees all!!!
God sees all!!! 7 meses atrás
Best bow on the market hands down, doesnt do it justice shooting without a sight since Mathews really went after accuracy and they nailed it!!! I went in on fully intent on buying the 31.5 and left with the VXR 28, however after a week of shooting this amazing bow, I'm going to buy the 31.5 as well for 3D and shooting around! If you want a quiet, fast, sniper of a bow, this VXR is the bow to have 100%!!!
God sees all!!!
God sees all!!! 5 meses atrás
@Sam Marsala good choice, yes it's a tad stiff, especially the #75 mods is pulling 82 pounds for me and have shot that for a couple years with the Vertix too but I just got #65 mods for 3D and it's amazing how much easier of a draw it is, the #65 mods pulling 67 pounds and it does have that stiffness just before roll over, but I enjoy it because I know that's where that speed is coming from. Great choice, I love my 28 and dont regret selling the 31.5 at all
Sam Marsala
Sam Marsala 5 meses atrás
I intended on getting the 31.5” at first since it’s typically what ATA I prefer. However after shooting both, the 28” does everything 31.5” does but just handles better and is lighter too. 31.5” had a barbell type feel and almost feels like the riser is a tad too long to be practical or necessary. Hands down 28” is the better of the two. Only complaint is the draw cycle is very stiff. Almost makes a 70# draw weight feel 5 lbs heavier than it actually is. That I didn’t like. Especially after drawing the Bowtech and PSE models. However the Mathews is better in all other areas. So I went VXR 28.
Whitetail Properties
Whitetail Properties 7 meses atrás
Thats awesome! They are some really good shooting bows thats for sure!
God sees all!!!
God sees all!!! 7 meses atrás
@Woody Ousley that's funny after a week of shooting it I'm going to get the 31.5 too lol I mean the Hoyts are $1750 at my shop can dang near get 2 bows with that. I have 2 QAD integrates and 2 Fast Eddie's so it will be perfect! Shooting a Quivalizer and it's amazing to shoot
Woody Ousley
Woody Ousley 7 meses atrás
Boxing 101 Totally! I have the 31.5 and going to get the 28! This bow is legit!
ERM Outdoors LLC
ERM Outdoors LLC 7 meses atrás
I love my Mathews bow. Very temping for an upgrade from my creed.
Whitetail Properties
Whitetail Properties 7 meses atrás
Mathews makes a great bows! The creed is a sweet bow! "If it aint broke don't fix it!" Although, an upgrade it always nice too!
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