Mathews TRX38 Setup - Tune Your Bow Like a Pro!

Braden Gellenthien
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Mathews Archery, Inc Factory Pro Staff members Braden Gellenthien and Tanja Jensen walk you through the step by step process that they use to take their bows from the box to competition ready!

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12 Out 2017



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Comentários 36
blackarm 14 dias atrás
can tell you know your product that you took looked at one shot and knew exactly what needed to do with the top hat and switch them around you an Steve Anderson good friends? And I feel like 4 finger gives you more control than shooting 3 especially when u shoot alot starts adding constant pressure on ur fingers I probably shoot 300 to 400 shots a week an I noticed 4 finger just feels better to me just wondering if you started shooting 3 finger an switched to 4 and way nice to meet you God bless an be well
Eagle Cliff Development
I have Trx 36 for sale 928-300-3922
Noel Ortiz
Noel Ortiz 4 meses atrás
I have a bow, but dont know how to set up the site 🤔
Ray Mitchell
Ray Mitchell 6 meses atrás
Can you make more vids
Laode Al Muqarrabun
Laode Al Muqarrabun 7 meses atrás
What is the correct way to set the blade height? Do I need to nock an arrow and load it on the blade, and then adjust the blade height until the arrow is level?
margaret severe
margaret severe 8 meses atrás
big bucks bow
Jeremy McClanahan
Jeremy McClanahan 10 meses atrás
great easy to follow video...thx for the tips
MANICKAM G 11 meses atrás
hi sir .i m Manickam form India .i want to talk with you .this is my ..............kindly chat with me becoues i need some details mathews compound bow.............thank you sir........
Doug Preston
Doug Preston 11 meses atrás
Had a Halon 32 that would not shoot clean through paper. Unfortunately, some of the dealers out here do not know how to properly tune a Mathews bow. After searching online and realizing the issue through vids such as this one, I was able to find a bow tech I had used in years past that knew what he was doing. After shooting it for a year and not realizing the incorrect setup, my second year was awesome and I will not let anyone but this one tech touch my bow. Looking to get my own press and educate myself!
Cassidy Miller
Cassidy Miller Anos atrás
Glad to see you're still full of shit buddy.
Tim Anos atrás
My TRX 38 "explode" after the 3rd shot 😂. Dealer ist to stupid to repair, so actually the bow shots "slightly" to left 😂😂😂. Now its a very expensive scrap metal 😤. Each shot cost 400€. Next Bow is a Hoyt or a PSE.
Buran01 Anos atrás
Good, meanwhile James Lutz (21) won the WA World Championship at Den Bosch without a blink with this model, and He isn't even sponsored. The bronze went to Kim Jongho, which also used a TRX38 to beat Braden (which was running a Halon X Comp). Isn't amazing how different can be the output when competent archers draw the string?
Jordan Robinson
Jordan Robinson Anos atrás
What is the lowest draw weight you can put the trx 38 at
xiaemperor Anos atrás
Erik Olsen
Erik Olsen Anos atrás
Who makes that Draw Board? Seems to be the nicest I’ve seen. Also what bow Press is used in the video?
Dalibor Mrkic
Dalibor Mrkic Anos atrás
It is Spikepress bow press and Quick Bow Draw Tuning Machine from Archery Tooling Corp
TheMiojox 2 anos atrás
I've tuned my Halon X comp in 10 shots just moving the rest around. Why would I take the bow apart?
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Anos atrás
Because your Halon X Comp doesn't have these cams or hats. Not to mention, this is just a starting point. They still have to tune it for outdoor distance shooting which will involve rest adjustments.
upstreamer Anos atrás
@ZateC Well, do you move your rest around later when you sight in you bow sight at different distances? I mean for 30-120 etc yards.
ZateC Anos atrás
Then ur bow isnt center shotting
Ricky Bobby shake and bake
Wow I would not want them tuning my bow very sloppy
PJ Reilly
PJ Reilly Anos atrás might rethink that if you know who Braden is.
neurotic 2 anos atrás
The fact that you have to purchase accessories just to 'tune' your brand new bow is terrible.
Jeremy McClanahan
Jeremy McClanahan 10 meses atrás
Because Mathews can develop a bow that fits every shooter and equipment setup perfectly....smh
LittleKing Archery
LittleKing Archery 2 anos atrás
For the price of the bow and the need to use top hats to move the cams would it not make sense to provide the set with the bow? In Europe it takes up to 3 months to get the TRX 38. If swapping the installed top hats is not sufficient then you have to order a top hat kit and wait several weeks for them. In the end it could be 4-5 months from ordering the bow to actually shooting it. Not good...
Tommy Peloe
Tommy Peloe 8 meses atrás
Order the top hats when you order the bow?
Buran01 Anos atrás
@Dalibor Mrkic Fine tunning a bow is a personal experience: I don't think that the same one with the same draw weight and lenght will end exactly the same for two persons. I do agree about that they sould provide the hat set, but the bow can't be exactly pre-tuned to every arrow rest and purchaser in the market.
Dalibor Mrkic
Dalibor Mrkic Anos atrás
For that price you think it would be properly adjusted at factory.
恒俊宇赵 Anos atrás
Ben Burton
Ben Burton 2 anos atrás
Looks like first shot she pulled. Second shot looked better. Seriously you can't tune a bow in two shots. Not even if shes Olympic grade shot. Start with the rest and release style first or at least 10 arrows to prove technical form of the archer.
Tom Stanworth
Tom Stanworth 12 dias atrás
It's fair to assume they shot more shots to confirm and that they were trying to keep the video concise.
urbanarchery26 2 anos atrás
This girl shot a 900 to win Vegas a few years ago. She can shoot.
CraveGaming 2 anos atrás
Hey Braden, I want to lower my draw weight on my TRX 7 to somewhere in the 50s and I have 60-pound limbs. Is 60 the minimum the limbs go or the max that they go?
Legendary Skulls
Legendary Skulls Anos atrás
Max duhhhhh
Tim Sowers
Tim Sowers 2 anos atrás
CraveGaming 60 pound is the max. I have the trx 38 with 60 pound limbs and I’m shooting 53 pounds
ImTrashMyGuys AKA Key
ImTrashMyGuys AKA Key 2 anos atrás
I love it I own a Mathews Reezen 6.5 and thank that it is great that the add poster for my bow is still hanging in this bow shop since 2009 how great is that! wonder if the TRX or Triax adds will last that long Lol
Justin 2 anos atrás
Don't be fooled, this is a bow commercial.
Jarod Stevens
Jarod Stevens 2 anos atrás
I have a Halon x and my center shot is around 5/8 -11/16 to get my pin anywhere near lining up with the string and rest's killing me on fletching clearance.. any ideas ???
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Anos atrás
Don't worry about lining the pins up with arrow. Once your arrow flight is perfect, sight your bow in as needed. If you shoot with both eyes open, your pins will left(or right if you're left handed) of your arrow. Facial geometry determines where your pins will go, not your center shot.
Legendary Skulls
Legendary Skulls Anos atrás
Ya get rid of matthews
urbanarchery26 2 anos atrás
The pin is not suppose to line up with the string and rest when the bow is not at full draw. It should sit to the left a little.
Mitch Adams
Mitch Adams 2 anos atrás
Braden, how true is the draw lengths for the TRX38?
Felix Begay
Felix Begay 2 anos atrás
James Hoosier
James Hoosier 2 anos atrás
what brand of draw board is that.
Dalibor Mrkic
Dalibor Mrkic Anos atrás
Quick Bow Draw Tuning Machine from Archery Tooling Corp
dougk5 2 anos atrás
Looks good..nice to see no bare shaft tune nonsense
Dorin Petrut
Dorin Petrut 2 anos atrás
Very harmful!
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Anos atrás
I think you mean "helpfull"
Dorin Petrut
Dorin Petrut 2 anos atrás
Dorin Petrut
Dorin Petrut 2 anos atrás
You got me the right support on right time sir. Thanks for your help!
Josh Yoder
Josh Yoder 2 anos atrás
What kind of draw board was the one you were using?
Dalibor Mrkic
Dalibor Mrkic Anos atrás
Quick Bow Draw Tuning Machine from Archery Tooling Corp
Chris McHone
Chris McHone 2 anos atrás
Could you put some vids on tuning the c4 please
upstreamer Anos atrás
@Bryan, The pretty easy bare shaft tuning from what distance can be done?
Bryan 2 anos atrás
Bare shaft tuning a conquest is pretty easy. Set it up with the rest and nock point through the berger hole. Adjust the rest up and down to get vertical bare shaft consistency with fletched arrows. Horizontal, I found that adjusting the rest did almost nothing to bring a bare shaft in line with fletched arrows, but adding one twist to the right side of the yolk brought my bare shaft grouping with fletched arrows at 20 yards rather than three inches to the right.
adamrecon 2 anos atrás
Yes please, some of us are die hard loyalist to the trusty old C4.
Ivan Groznyj
Ivan Groznyj 2 anos atrás
Braden!!!! I use an Hoyt and I love Hoyt brand but I have to admit that you are a TOP archer so I really like your video :) Good job man :)
Matt Rolls
Matt Rolls 2 anos atrás
Ciao Braden ! i'm Matteo from Italy, i shoot with Mathews bows ( Drenalin and Apex 7 ) and i'm proudly your supporter :-) ! congratulations for your victory in Rome . You use Halon X and Trx 38. I need a new bow, which one of them can u suggest me?
Trevor Allsopp
Trevor Allsopp 2 anos atrás
Would you not move the rest first before altering top hats or had you already aligned the rest and string?
Jason Evoy
Jason Evoy Anos atrás
it works like a charm...Just because you have ben doing it since the 90's your way, doesn't mean it cant be improved. Don't be so closed minded.
Archergod Anos atrás
@Eichelkompressionsspinne Keeping the rest centered on the original top hat setting will not be centered after the Top Hat have switched position. The rest moves the arrow point left and right, the Top Hat moves the nock left and right. So I think the whole Top Hat thing is just a marketing and sale gimmick. I have been tuning bullet holes ever since 1990s with Hoyt Striker.
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Anos atrás
Mathews used to recommend starting at 13/16" from the riser to the center of the arrow when setting up. Now they're saying that you can set the rest there and adjust the cam centering for absolute center shot.
not if you want to keep everything centered down the middle, I guess.
Jordan Piazza
Jordan Piazza 2 anos atrás
So was that nocking point dead 90° square or a 1/16" high?
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