Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Trailer

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“Let me tell you the story of the space viking, Thor Odinson…”

Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder and witness it only in theaters July 8.

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22 Mai 2022



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Comentários 57 450
Better Chapter
Christian Bale lived long enough to become the villain.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
One thing guaranteed from this movie is a stellar performance from Bale, he doesn’t disappoint. Good to have him part of the MCU.
Audience Reactions
Audience Reactions 14 dias atrás
Why do i have the feeling that Christian Bale is barely gonna have enough screen time in this 😂 We might see him the opening, the middle and the end. Lol
Sam Polanco
Sam Polanco 9 horas atrás
I love how even the old man faints at the sight of Thor’s perfect body.
MaroreriMerareMaro 21 dia atrás
I am really digging the black & white easthetic of Gorr and the moon-like area where they fight. It feels so fresh to see something different.
Art Bro
Art Bro 11 horas atrás
Letting Hemsworth and Waititi go wild with the Thor movies is easily one of the best things to happen with the MCU.
The first trailer had me hyped. This trailer has me ULTRA HYPED.
Rian 14 dias atrás
The character development Thor has had is Incredible. Going from a ignorant boy to a hero to a man full of vengeance, to a depressed man who lossed everything, which he recovered from in this movie.
Vinck Nade
Vinck Nade 28 dias atrás
I love that now you can see what part of the trailer is most replayed and its pretty much exactly what you'd expect
Fionnbarr Casey
Fionnbarr Casey Dia atrás
sad and touching to see Thor has been keeping track of the exact amount of time since he saw Jane
Iron Deficiency Man
Iron Deficiency Man 14 dias atrás
The amount of joy Thor had when he saw Mjolnir made me smile.
Lonely Sandwich
This is the craziest, silliest Thor yet; and yet the coldest, most terrifying villain. I'm intrigued to see how they make it all work.
NormalYoutubeUser 21 dia atrás
Everybody is talking about Gorr’s design but can we take a moment to admire how comic accurate Jane’s suit is? It looks gorgeous, this movie’s cgi, cinematography, and costumes all look good, it’ll be amazing to see it all on the big screen at the cinemas
TexasAntMan 21 dia atrás
This movie is going to be a blast, and Gorr looks terrifying! Can't wait for this one ⚡
MIYU san
MIYU san 9 horas atrás
Having Taika Waititi directing Thor is straight up the best decision Marvel ever made. I trust that man with my entire life
Gabe Tynes
Gabe Tynes 5 horas atrás
Marvel never disappoints and u can tell me one time they did 😁
Scott Manley
Love what they did with the music in this trailer, looking forward to the return of Korg
dream_edits 28 dias atrás
Thor has lost so much. Both of his parents, his brother, his best friend, his title as King and his home world. His own sister (who also died) tried to kill him and took his eye out, and he watched Loki die, not once, not twice, but three times (the charm). Hs hammer no longer belongs to him, and he was forced to bear the guilt of being partially responsible for the deaths of trillions for five years before his mistake was reversed by someone else. And yet, above all, he continues to smile, make friends and use his past mistakes to motivate him into being a better hero.
Tamethea Bush
Tamethea Bush Dia atrás
That looks awesome. Can't wait to see it. 😍
Flakes 16 horas atrás
Honestly I was pretty skeptical about the whole Jane Thor adaptation with Natalie Portman but she looks like she really put on some muscle and the costume looks pretty cool. Jane Foster wasn't the most exciting character in the prior movies but lets be honest, neither was Thor in the first two and Natalie Portman is a good actress so I'm sure she can pull something good off if the direction is different. I'm pretty curious and excited to see where it goes.
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