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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Senior Creative Director Bryan Intihar narrates a first look at the newly expanded Marvel's New York and what you can expect from its next-gen open-world gameplay.
Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 continues the saga of the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise.
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13 Set 2023



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Ludoviajante 8 dias atrás
I love how you can feel the difference between the two, both in weight and agility. Not to mention that the graphics seem to have improved! HYPE
gwouth 8 dias atrás
oiiiiii ludo, nao esperava ver vc por aqui
ArthropodSpidey 8 dias atrás
They said the earlier showcase was an early build. Were you asleep? The graphics have always been great
GGG420 8 dias atrás
yeah bro obviously years after the previous game the graphics would improve? do you think they would just stay the same? people on youtube are so slow i swear😂
Vex Gamer
Vex Gamer 8 dias atrás
@GGG420Maybe the slow one is you because they aren’t talking about improving graphics from past games, they’re talking about the graphics being better than previous trailers and showcases, because they were earlier builds of the game. Insomniac has confirmed that they’re improving and touching up on the graphics for the final build that’s gonna be released Just wanted to clear that out for you not to embarrass yourself
Sonicfan640 8 dias atrás
​@ArthropodSpidey many games have failed to make significant improvements after "early builds". You can never be too sure until there is solid proof. Especially with the number of games that get rushed out these days.
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
i love the assist from miles it looks like he was just doing his on thing probably going somewhere and saw peter fighting and just decided to help out while causally still heading to his destination it’s soo smooth 😭
Daddy J
Daddy J 7 dias atrás
Can you time stamp that part, I wanna see it again
Phoenix Mario
Phoenix Mario 7 dias atrás
“Imma do my own thing…right after this”
abhishek90152 6 dias atrás
Blown away by insomniac’s ability to improve and provide more .. honestly great job 👍👋
Sigma GigaChad
Sigma GigaChad 4 dias atrás
Imagine insomniac’s wolverine
Clout Lord
Clout Lord 4 dias atrás
@SigmaGigaChad-yv4ci can't wait for that one, honestly.
John Williams
John Williams 3 dias atrás
​@FreshIceimagine having a different opinion
Fablemanor 20 horas atrás
they didn't improve the face.
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar 5 dias atrás
Wow, The way they are taking forward with this game is breathtaking. Maybe in the future, Would love to see a Spiderverse cross over and travel across the worlds just like in the movie. The possibilities are limitless to this Game
Faraz Huq
Faraz Huq 7 dias atrás
I have no words. Insomniac? Congratulations. You’re one of the best developers around and have elevated yourselves to legendary status.
Igor Razylnikov
Igor Razylnikov 6 dias atrás
paid comment
DutchVanderLinde 5 dias atrás
@Igor Razylnikov Prove it
Marshall 5 dias atrás
​@Igor Razylnikovhater
Funny Redemption
Funny Redemption 5 dias atrás
​@Igor RazylnikovMad Xbox player.
SansthemanTalks 5 dias atrás
This game looks absolutely beautiful
MARCELINE 4 dias atrás
looks absolutely awful, past games so much better
Mimicker 4 dias atrás
Jaylin 3 dias atrás
And don’t know it***
Malachi Plays Games
Malachi Plays Games 3 dias atrás
@MARCELINE it’s okay to have an Xbox but no need to hate
William 3 dias atrás
@MARCELINE have you been living under a rock mate
Shivam Trivedi
Shivam Trivedi 8 dias atrás
This game just keeps getting better every time they decide to show us something 😍🔥can't wait!
Note-DS 8 dias atrás
What'd up my saggin
Angry Jack
Angry Jack 8 dias atrás
Facs, but did nobody see Mysterio or am I trippin?
Eli Kellen
Eli Kellen 8 dias atrás
I thought it was mysterio, but I wasn’t sure
Sal Vulcano
Sal Vulcano 8 dias atrás
@Eli Kellentimestamp?
Eli Kellen
Eli Kellen 8 dias atrás
@Sal Vulcano 1:53, but now that it’s paused, I’m not too sure
Gunsgolf 7 dias atrás
I think the ability to combine certain aspects of each suit into one for essentially endless combinations would be extremely cool, would definitely allow each player to have their own unique style.
Eli Kellen
Eli Kellen 7 dias atrás
I just want the spider-undies 🥵
HISHAM A.N 6 dias atrás
That's probably the intent & ngl I'm really hyped for that.
Konkey Dong
Konkey Dong 4 dias atrás
@HISHAM A.Nnah a suit customizer will probably be more spiderman 3, this one will probably only have styles
Tyler F
Tyler F 7 dias atrás
I’m literally never going to stop playing this when it comes out! Game of the year right here!🎉🔥😆
Jasny 5 dias atrás
Yokai-Odyssey 5 dias atrás
Totk came out 5 months ago
Professinoal Idiot
Professinoal Idiot 5 dias atrás
@Yokai-Odyssey Your point?
Magix 5 dias atrás
tf is that?@Yokai-Odyssey
Andrew Galioto
Andrew Galioto 2 dias atrás
Looking great so far. This video + their current track record = I can’t wait to see what they do with Wolverine.
Conor Tobin
Conor Tobin 7 dias atrás
This was a really well choreographed conversation about the game's new additions, and although it didn't for one second feel like an advertisement, it's certainly sold me on the title. Kudos, Insomniac, and Bryan. I'm finally beginning to look forward to this one.
Toly Gunn
Toly Gunn 5 dias atrás
Just beginning? Imagine knowing for 2 years it was going to be great
Antony Morris
Antony Morris 6 dias atrás
This game looks absolutely insane great job insomniac we appreciate what you have us 👍
ManMythLegend 8 dias atrás
Insomniac is taking Spiderman gaming to historic heights!
Sean 8 dias atrás
Not really when the original PS2 gave you way more actual physics for web swinging this is boring and automated like always, and here you come defending it 😊
CP prasath
CP prasath 8 dias atrás
@Seansomebody doesn’t have a ps5 🤣🤣
Slebandogux 8 dias atrás
@Sean you talking to the wall bro
Robert Watts Jr
Robert Watts Jr 6 dias atrás
That shot at 0:55 is what I can't wait for. The ability to swing over the bridge at night brings back so many comic memories
Windghost2 6 dias atrás
It’s also really cinematic, I just hope there’s a raining option.
I Have The Juice
I Have The Juice 5 dias atrás
​@Windghost2There was rain in a couple scenes
Stege C
Stege C 5 dias atrás
This is gonna be awesome with the new graphics,suits and combat system it would feel like real life with the graphics.
Captain Deadpool
Captain Deadpool 4 dias atrás
Real life? You from MCU?😂
Inotnas 4 dias atrás
"It would feel like real life with all this stuff" 😂 you know how the suit feels and fight crime in real life?
Stege C
Stege C 4 dias atrás
@Inotnas nah just the graphics would look like real life I didn’t make it seem clear sorry
Stege C
Stege C 4 dias atrás
@Captain Deadpool maybe XD
Funny Redemption
Funny Redemption 4 dias atrás
@InotnasYour reading skills go under the floor from how low they are.
IManjis Gotem
IManjis Gotem 6 dias atrás
Bruh this is way more than I expected, and I expected a lot. This team is crazyy 🕷️
Iron Gears - Heavy Construction Machine
The passion this studio shows is incredible, you know Wolverine is going to go crazy
Ms Jesica
Ms Jesica 4 dias atrás
I love the assist from Miles! 😍 It seems like he was just doing his own thing, maybe on his way somewhere, when he spotted Peter in a fight and decided to lend a hand. 🕶🚶‍♂ His help was so smooth, like he effortlessly joined in while still casually making his way to his destination. It's just amazing! 😭🙌
calamity_edits 8 dias atrás
I can’t believe they included the Black Raimi Suit and the Superior Spider-Man suit in the game. This game is going to be spectacular!
Zander Tries Drawing
Zander Tries Drawing 8 dias atrás
Where was it??? WHAT TUME FRAME
Gergely Molnár
Gergely Molnár 8 dias atrás
​@Zander Tries DrawingBlack Raimi suit 3:04
Patson Manda
Patson Manda 7 dias atrás
The craftmanship shown by Insomniac Games is to be admired.
Mzomuhle Zondi
Mzomuhle Zondi 7 dias atrás
I think adding a color variation to the spider arms of any suit you in the game would be an amazing detail to add And please Insomniac can add a few more air tricks to Pete's move set it would be much appreciated to all the fans
Joe Devaney
Joe Devaney 5 horas atrás
This is one of those games that, even before it's released, you just know it's going to be better than what came before it.
PixelStacker 7 dias atrás
This game just keeps getting better every time they decide to show us something can't wait! agreed!
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 4 dias atrás
Ratchet and Clank has always been my favorite game. If you've played any of them, you understand exactly how bananas Insomniac can get with their creativity. I can only imagine the gadgets we'll get and how they can be upgraded.
SHREY YT 8 dias atrás
Can't wait for this Masterpiece 🕸️🕷️🕷️❤️
bricked up
bricked up 8 dias atrás
Can't wait to play this in 2028 when I finally get a ps5!!!
KillRBlue 8 dias atrás
@bricked upits easy to get now bud no excuses
DisneyPlusMember 8 dias atrás
​@bricked upbro no excuses except your poor😂
Non Existent  Homie
Non Existent Homie 8 dias atrás
For real just 5 more weeks
Redj350Z 7 dias atrás
This game has a lot to live up to if they're gonna try to get the GOTY this year. So many insanely great games have come out this year and it isn't over yet.
Life in the HANDS
Life in the HANDS 6 dias atrás
Just look at it Spiderman 2(One of the best beat em up games of all time) Bg3(Best C-Rpg of the decade) Re4 Remake(Remake of One of the best tps and survival game all time) Starfield(One of the best A-Rpg of the decade) Diablo 4(One of the best classic rpg's sequel) Easily only year that we ha both Rpg,Tps,Survival,Beat Em Up game in goty conterders.
Aleš Jeras
Aleš Jeras 7 dias atrás
I love it! ❤️ It would be lovely to see this game in multiplayer to play with a friends
Bolocan Cristian
Bolocan Cristian 4 dias atrás
As always, Insomniac promises, and Insomniac delivers. Seeing how much this improved I cannot wait for the Wolverine trailer
Gameplay Area 76
Gameplay Area 76 2 dias atrás
Espectacular. Sin duda va a ser uno de los juegos del año!
Funny Redemption
Funny Redemption 5 dias atrás
2:33 Did anyone else realize that it made Miles appear exactly in the same location where the player had the dot over? This might mean we can fast travel in every corner of a district without the need of subways.
PrimalVelocity 5 dias atrás
Indeed, that is correct. I noticed too.
Balmi 8 dias atrás
That fast travel where it seamlessly goes from the map to the 3D environment looks insane
muresan andrei
muresan andrei 8 dias atrás
That's how you do next gen travel unlike Starflop 🤣
Mol 8 dias atrás
​@muresan andreiand there we have our petty little console fanboy.
Doomslayer chilling in the coffin
​@Mol ehh, nothing really to do with the platform as much as the game itself. Starfield is a disappointing mess, doesn't really matter where you play it.
iPlayerify 8 dias atrás
@Doomslayer chilling in the coffin that's like your opinion if you played the game, why bringing up an irrelevant game to a Spider-Man announcement then lol no wonder PS fanboys are petty
ryboits75 8 dias atrás
@iPlayerify As someone who owns both a PS5 and a PC and regularly swaps between both systems regularly, Starfield's travel system is pretty empty and ugly in comparison.
Spidermannerd 2 dias atrás
I’m actually so hyped for this game. This has to be game of the year!!!!
103peanut 4 dias atrás
It looks like a greatly improved sequel in so many ways!
t22c 7 dias atrás
This looks like so much fun. Can not wait to get my hands on it
rodry a.j
rodry a.j 6 dias atrás
Increíble la calidad gráfica y el gameplay también conserva las habilidades de los anteriores juegos ya quiero probar el poder del simbiote espero y den ofertas para adquirir la ps5 versión spiderman
Dribble Pi55
Dribble Pi55 8 dias atrás
The passion this studio shows is just incredible you know wolverine is going to be insane
vandmann 8 dias atrás
In 2026 😭
Osugoox2 Boyd
Osugoox2 Boyd 8 dias atrás
​@vandmannor more fr
hntrip 8 dias atrás
Next gotta be Hulk by Insomniac, They already making 2/3 Goats why not Hulk
SeriousDragonify 8 dias atrás
​@hntripHulk will flop. Can't destroy environment because it's sucking too much fps. Consoles and weak PC's can't handle it. Where Battlefield 3-BC-4 had that for over a decade.
Osugoox2 Boyd
Osugoox2 Boyd 8 dias atrás
@hntrip fr that would be goated to see a hulk game
auiliamate 3 dias atrás
New York City getting upgraded is total hype! I know a lot of people were feeling a little ticked that Spider-Man: Miles Morales kept the same map size, so seeing more of New York is great! I wonder maybe some day in the future we'll get the entire city!
Mikail Maaz Khan
Mikail Maaz Khan Dia atrás
imagine being able to travel the entire thing. from new york to NEW JERSEY
Boom Boo.
Boom Boo. 14 horas atrás
This clip gives me the chills everyone was set perfectly with the music in the background to the clips made me so hype 😂
Soapy Bread
Soapy Bread 6 dias atrás
Each day I get more and more hyped for this game!!!
Bugl 5 dias atrás
Now those are the graphics I’m talking about. Looks sick!!
Caroline 6 dias atrás
Belíssima. Sensualidade em cada movimento.❤️💜🤗😍 Eu amo essa música,essa batida :person-turqo uise-waving: Que coisa....maravilhosa ver uma criança preocupado com a preservação da natureza! Lindo de ver!..Parabéns Eve e Adam, Deus abençoe.
SPIDER OF SPARTA 5 dias atrás
You do know this is a game right?
splashyDIAMOND 8 dias atrás
Creating games is already an insanely difficult task. But creating a game like this? The top of the top? Can't imagine the stress and the cooperation amongst hundreds of people. It's a miracle how it even happens.
Bigshoemcgoo 8 dias atrás
Hardwork pays off my guy, and it comes as an 80 dollar payout from my wallet for that deluxe edition
What? 8 dias atrás
Wdym the top of the top?
IQ Battelle
IQ Battelle 8 dias atrás
Bruh its either u are a boot or sony fanboys really worship Sony
Maniacfr 8 dias atrás
@Bigshoemcgoowell said my boy
Mazemix 7 dias atrás
This game is going to be in the top 5 games of all time and it will win goty. There's not a single game that came out this year that can compete with this masterpiece
Biggie Barela
Biggie Barela 7 dias atrás
This has game of the year written all over it!!!🔥
Lucían Takemikazuchi
Lucían Takemikazuchi 2 dias atrás
Es un orgullo ser de la.familia Sony desde el año 2000 seguir asi sois brillantes
Elias Portillo
Elias Portillo 4 dias atrás
Increíble! Me encantaron los primeros 2 juegos, ya quiero jugar este!
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez 7 dias atrás
This feels like it got upgraded since the last showing. Great draw distance, colour grading, lighting. Looks fun.
jar jar
jar jar 6 dias atrás
Its gonna get upgraded till the release this trailer show an old build too
gabrielwhite Dia atrás
@jar jar where you have the info from?
jar jar
jar jar Dia atrás
@gabrielwhite Insomniac
SecretChiley 8 dias atrás
2:32 That loading time is insane. Its crazy how instant and seemless it is.
Brandon Waters
Brandon Waters 8 dias atrás
the funny thing is i dont think im ever gonna use it. i never used the subway in sm1 cause swinging through the city was just too fun. it does look pretty sick though
Santiago Morales Garcia
yeah, also you can see how fast are peter and miles flying in the city
Akatsuki Mi
Akatsuki Mi 8 dias atrás
Never seen anything like that, seriously.
Georgie 8 dias atrás
@Brandon WatersI might use it just to complete the game 100% speed running it
Camilo Zavala
Camilo Zavala 8 dias atrás
I was looking for this comment
Isaac6969 7 dias atrás
Not a deal breaker but definitely hoping for a dynamic day night cycle
Glasweg1an 7 dias atrás
This looks absolutely magnificent !!
Pickle_Brix 7 dias atrás
Okay this is just insane! I can't wait to play this!
Skyheart 6 dias atrás
This is one my many reasons why I own a PS. So many outstanding games that they have already now here we are with potentially the best Spider-Man game yet…what a time to be alive
Spiduka 8 dias atrás
I've never been so hyped for a game like this in a loooong time. I miss this feeling and I am confident this game will be a masterpiece
Pablo Navarro
Pablo Navarro 8 dias atrás
Arkham games are better.
JazSlaysXoxo 8 dias atrás
Corey Casciano
Corey Casciano 8 dias atrás
@Pablo Navarroeverything except Knight
Milton Gomez
Milton Gomez 8 dias atrás
@Pablo Navarro 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I Wouldn’t Like Me Either
@Pablo Navarrosalty much stop comparing games
triple neck d
triple neck d 7 dias atrás
This has potential to be the greatest sequel to a video game ever released
Wanderyen Erin
Wanderyen Erin 7 dias atrás
The art direction here did a very beautiful job!
m1odrag06 6 dias atrás
03:03 NO WAY MAN! That's Raimi Symbiote Suit from 2007! I'm so excited to see this game in action with how many suits there is!
Arthur Has Tuberculosis
Honestly made me feel reassured about pre ordering this game
SK Le 8 dias atrás
Spider-Man will never get old for me, one of my all time favorite heroes since I was a kid.
Michael Tsang
Michael Tsang 8 dias atrás
Daniel Andrés
Daniel Andrés 8 dias atrás
Typisch Efe
Typisch Efe 8 dias atrás
Ghazi khan
Ghazi khan 8 dias atrás
BEASTKING 8 dias atrás
Sash 2 dias atrás
Looks like a real upgrade! I hope you can still play as the alter egos though. I'm also hoping for more interaction with the public.
Thunda 704
Thunda 704 6 dias atrás
You know how dope this would be if they allow online co-op
Dingorrito 4 dias atrás
I've 100% both games in prep for this masterpiece
Fcoie Jtro
Fcoie Jtro 4 dias atrás
The Spiderman video game series from Insomniac is reaching new heights!
Murk.mp4 8 dias atrás
Though I'll miss the loading screen whilst fast travel, 02:35 that transition from the map is mindblowing!
TicTac27 8 dias atrás
Yes I had to rewatch it because I couldn’t believe my eyes
its_just_joke 8 dias atrás
Makes you realize how much power the ps5 has
FItzpatrick Salazar
FItzpatrick Salazar 8 dias atrás
Reminds me of beamng drive fast travel
Stylz. 8 dias atrás
Yeah it’s finally “fast” travel now
Devin Hunnewell
Devin Hunnewell 8 dias atrás
In miles morales it let you turn on a setting where get to still see miles taking the subway when you fast travel it might be the same for this game
Juan Pablo Chavez
Juan Pablo Chavez 7 dias atrás
GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS es hermoso ver a mi super heroe favorito en tan buenas manos❤ lo voy a disfrutar mucho
Lucas Wilke
Lucas Wilke 6 dias atrás
Too many great games this year and too little time. The fast travel system looks amazing.
GoonTubeFilmz 6 dias atrás
This company is the best yet!!!!!! Hands down I can’t wait for this game. Honestly one game I can say I’d happy to buy, I can’t say the same for other games in the world that just makes me doubt, but insomniac is taking over no doubt. I can’t wait for that Wolverine game man
Bevin James
Bevin James 7 dias atrás
Already pre-ordered at GameStop and ready to swing! 🕷🕸⚡🖤
Fransisco Armendáriz
Fransisco Armendáriz 5 dias atrás
R u ready to pay 165$ for playstation premium to play the one year plan because I ditch the subscription ,😜
Hardware y tecnologia
espero que saquen el port para PC lo antes posible
ThatGuy 8 dias atrás
it's nice to see that some developpers are very dedicated and passionate for their work. Great job insomniac once again, Remaining as one of the few companies who are worthy of preorders.
SnapshotMC 8 dias atrás
Rockstar is definitely another! Just like insomniac. Take pride in their work!
Sathira Wickramatunga
Sathira Wickramatunga 8 dias atrás
Scurry Murray
Scurry Murray 8 dias atrás
@Sathira Wickramatungawhy is that funny? Rockstar is awesome just like Insomniac.
Talha 8 dias atrás
Most developers are passionate it’s often the higher ups of the company’s fault with deadlines, work conditions etc.
Sathira Wickramatunga
Sathira Wickramatunga 8 dias atrás
Yeahhhhhh suree of course of course. GTA 6 is the best🤪
معلومه علي السريع
Awesome, I'm sure this game will be a huge success again 👏👏
Odins Raven
Odins Raven 7 dias atrás
Looks incredible 🤯 can't wait
BeatBlocksgaming 2 dias atrás
We did it bois, we got new swinging animations 👏 but seriously, the hype is unreal, every second of this just makes me think “this is right”, keep it real insomniac, you’re doing us and the wallcrawlers proud
Easton Goodman
Easton Goodman 6 dias atrás
I love the suit styling mechanic. It looks so cool.
Zach Bollman
Zach Bollman 3 dias atrás
It dose
B.Y.O.P. 5 dias atrás
I don't have a Playstation 5 yet, but best believe I'm buying the game when it arrives. This is the best Spider-Man game so far! Outstanding.
Giulianne Gualberto Teles
If you buy the Ps5 you can enjoy other incredible games
B.Y.O.P. Dia atrás
@Giulianne Gualberto Teles Thank you. I definitely will. 🙂
NikTek 8 dias atrás
I loved how they sneaked in that Symbiote Raimi Suit, looks absolutely fantastic!
SalTheSlime 8 dias atrás
i screamed i now have multiple noise complaints.. little do they know...
Vishesh Sharma
Vishesh Sharma 8 dias atrás
The goat is here ❤❤ wassup man
Parker_435 8 dias atrás
Where was this? You got time stamp?
Dipen Chavda
Dipen Chavda 7 dias atrás
this looks absolutely fantastic.
Shadow Daulton99
Shadow Daulton99 3 dias atrás
brought tears of happiness watching this i can’t wait for this to come out🤝❤️
MicHaeL MonStaR
MicHaeL MonStaR 6 dias atrás
Love how Venom is properly monstrous (as far as this game's art-style allows) and not just some goofy goober like even in most of the live-action movies.
KidNamik 7 dias atrás
Instant GOTY for me! Can't wait to play🔥🔥🔥
Jp Dar
Jp Dar 2 dias atrás
This game will be game of the year hands down
Volume Productions.
Volume Productions. 8 dias atrás
The Sam Raimi Symbiote Suit looks amazing, can’t wait to see more suits they added into the game. 🔥
Velocity 8 dias atrás
Wait where?
Mathias Vargas
Mathias Vargas 4 dias atrás
Esto va ser una locura 🤯🔥
James 6 dias atrás
What a beautiful thing. This is the definition of nailing it. All I can say is thank you.
TajTone 4 dias atrás
I‘m so HYPED!!!! I would buy it twelve times if I could play it today
Ceejay ThizzLink Rigmaiden
Game of the year for me. I teared up just seeing this. We came so far and were finally here
Ben 5 dias atrás
Teared up over a video game, get a grip 😂😂
Gus Moris
Gus Moris 4 dias atrás
touch grass bro
Funny Redemption
Funny Redemption 4 dias atrás
​@Gus MorisYou're telling people to touch grass while you're here, on the internet yourself.
Gus Moris
Gus Moris 3 dias atrás
nerd@Funny Redemption
Fablemanor 20 horas atrás
How can it be game of the year? you haven't played it.
FATEd Pondera
FATEd Pondera 3 dias atrás
So nice when spectacular heroics live up to the hype :)
mellow man
mellow man 8 dias atrás
This is absolutely amazing to hear from them taking opinions from the players and actually putting that info into work. I truly can't wait to see what amazing game this turns out to be.
Slick Bat
Slick Bat 8 dias atrás
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 8 dias atrás
wings are opposite of amazing
Lerwa 8 dias atrás
@Snow Puddlesounds like a you problem
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 8 dias atrás
@Lerwa nah, it was supposed to be a spiderman game not squirrelman
Mathis Leger-11
Mathis Leger-11 7 dias atrás
Absolutely Amazing, I can’t Wait to Play this.🎉🎉
Rodrigo Parra-Perez
Rodrigo Parra-Perez 7 dias atrás
It's so refreshing to see a game studio take its time to release QUALITY content. Imagine if insomniac used the call of duty formula and released Spiderman 2 a year after Spiderman 1on the PS4 😭
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold 3 dias atrás
at 2:34 when he fast travels down, you can see what looks like a sandy or desert area to the right? and to the bottom of it you can see another little area to the city where it looks like you can go to. I reckon there's more to the map than what they're showing.
John Lai
John Lai 7 dias atrás
This game looks incredible Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be fantastic!
Omega 5 dias atrás
Now that there’s a skill and gadget wheel, I think it would be cool to have loadouts. Like you could have a specific suit with a specific selection of skills and gadgets
Gustavo Santos
Gustavo Santos 5 dias atrás
You'll be able to make your customizable set for skills and gadgets
Omega 5 dias atrás
I know but can you save them and have a quick select for them?
Gustavo Santos
Gustavo Santos 5 dias atrás
@Omega OH, i got it now. I don't know if the game going to have this function
MF Stew
MF Stew 8 dias atrás
As someone that lives in New York, it’s really nice to see more of the city implemented into the game.
wrath 8 dias atrás
Same man and I live in forest hills imma be swinging up to my own house
Papi Chulo Chad
Papi Chulo Chad 8 dias atrás
Same, Brooklyn over here lol
r011ing_thunder 8 dias atrás
Fr this jawn is gonna be amazing ;)
Critical Lol
Critical Lol 8 dias atrás
Hopefully they'll include the Bronx in the next game. They don't have to worry about putting in Staten Island.
roy boy657
roy boy657 8 dias atrás
I was hoping for the bronx since I was born there but hey it's not one of the super popular places so I'm not surprised.
misterx gaming
misterx gaming 7 dias atrás
this game is going to be one off the best rated games ever
Larva Super Show
Larva Super Show 7 dias atrás
Love the subtle hint of Venom's weakness which is Miles bio-electric charge
Tommy Gitas
Tommy Gitas 6 dias atrás
Can’t wait for its release 🔥
Cristyan Félix
Cristyan Félix 7 dias atrás
Esse será o jogo mais completo em relação aos trajes
Dylan Lazarus
Dylan Lazarus 8 dias atrás
This game is going to be massive and I cannot wait
Arin Hossain
Arin Hossain 8 dias atrás
uvy 8 dias atrás
couldve been more massive if it wasnt an exclusive
uvy 8 dias atrás
couldve been more massive if it wasnt an exclusive
Pablo Navarro
Pablo Navarro 8 dias atrás
Even EA FC 24 is already more massive 😂😂
Himanshu Magar
Himanshu Magar 8 dias atrás
@uvyrelax you can play it after 4 years on pc
sircaptainMO 7 dias atrás
In this day and age I really appreciate this video. Well thought out and clean looking 👀
Klacken 7 dias atrás
3:03 is enough of a reason for me to buy it, The spider-man 3 suit is just perfect
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