Marvel's Avengers - Part 1 - ITS FINALLY HERE!

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Marvel's Avengers Beta Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - The Fall of The Avengers begins in the first mission on the Golden Bridge which takes place on A-Day.
The game's main storyline takes place five years after A-Day, a celebratory day for the Avengers wherein a tragedy resulted in death and destruction, and the Avengers were blamed!
Marvel Avengers is an online enabled action/adventure game with a focus on cinematic storytelling, built to be played by up to four players online at the same time. While the main characters at launch (Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Iron Man) should be familiar to anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock in the last few years, it’s notable that Crystal Dynamics is crafting their own takes on these characters and their world, so they won’t be part of the same storytelling continuum as the same characters in the comics or movies.
Thank You To Square Enix for giving me early access to the game!
Marvels Avenegers Beta Playlist:

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7 Ago 2020



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Comentários 100
Hollow Mês atrás
So excited guys, let me know if youd like more of this! Enjoy
Adobe Draw with Golden
I love this video so much that I subscribed
THE e f f e c t BRUH
of course
ABeans07 Mês atrás
Stop calling everyone guys. BRvid laziness
Anita Green
Anita Green Mês atrás
Are u drake
rbce ce
rbce ce Mês atrás
SushiFN 13 dias atrás
How is Black Widow So thicc
Morris Maisie
Morris Maisie 21 dia atrás
GNM GAMING 22 dias atrás
Watch marvel avenger gameplay part 2
Tom Amos
Tom Amos 24 dias atrás
I hope they haven’t killed captain America off completely
CB 2 Smoove
CB 2 Smoove 26 dias atrás
thor is so cool
Night Lock
Night Lock 28 dias atrás
Dont know if you know this but when you're Captain America the guy he's talking to is a villain in the comic known as MODOK or Dr. Tarleton
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar 28 dias atrás
Hulk is OP
brian espinoza
brian espinoza 29 dias atrás
it love hulk
Riyan Raahim
Riyan Raahim Mês atrás
How is destroying the bridge saving the people Destruction= saving
savagetimegaming Mês atrás
11:00 GETZ HYPE!!!
FaTeTakeR Mês atrás
Can you get rid of the enemy's health bar??
Wavves909 Mês atrás
They used the same se your ass the flash from DC a reactor explosion and strangers got powers, but I like it
Sebastian Villa
Sebastian Villa Mês atrás
hmmm looks like a get it when its on sale kinda game
Thefurious gamer
Thefurious gamer Mês atrás
I feel sad for captain America that he died already man😭😭😭😭
Thefurious gamer he didn’t die he ran out before he could die
Thefurious gamer
Thefurious gamer Mês atrás
I love this game and those people who doesn't like game fuck em as if you guys make a game and a better one than this. This game is absolutely amazing and the graphics terrific. I was waiting for this game for a very long time and here hollow is playing and i love it.
Ez Rdm
Ez Rdm Mês atrás
I don’t know what to do... I want to watch hollow play the game but I also want to play the game myself. Should I buy it or not? Oops i just realised you can download the beta for free haha
Andrew Michael
Andrew Michael Mês atrás
Movies turned into games or comics turned into games are never good 👎
gaming studio 99
gaming studio 99 Mês atrás
Welcome to our gameing channel 👍 💕
Thedoctoroa 75
Thedoctoroa 75 Mês atrás
I said it once I’ll say it again... I miss the old hollow point
Jason Scream
Jason Scream Mês atrás
no body physics.
Advait Palav S-5121
Wasn't that scientist helping cap in the first place?
Krazy Karrie
Krazy Karrie Mês atrás
That glide Thor did when walking definitely needs to be fixed 😂😂🤣🤣
rifqi bahtiar
rifqi bahtiar Mês atrás
Why black widow vs taskmaster is remind me of kratos vs baldr 😉😲
rifqi bahtiar
rifqi bahtiar Mês atrás
Waiting a battle beetwen thor vs kratos 😏🤨
keno kaonashi
keno kaonashi Mês atrás
“i can’t handle all the action being thrown at me right now” it literally jus looks like watching movie cutscenes with small mini game events in between, i want to PLAY the game not wtavh it. i hate to say i’m still disappointed. ugh
J0EY Hz Mês atrás
speedy dolphin that’s what it is, it’s like the original god of war
speedy dolphin
speedy dolphin Mês atrás
Just looks like pressing buttons with no strategically or mechanical skills needed
Mviem Mês atrás
still satisfying to watch same gameplay over & over
Jonathan DuVal
Jonathan DuVal Mês atrás
I’ve never seen anything so beautiful 😍
Ravoxity Mês atrás
Neither have i
Rozzay Tha goat
Rozzay Tha goat Mês atrás
Camilo Rodriguez
Camilo Rodriguez Mês atrás
Poor Hawkeye
Ethan Mendoza
Ethan Mendoza Mês atrás
I need this game
Carmen Reyes
Carmen Reyes Mês atrás
im on my moms account im geting this game for my birth day in 3 weeks
Spartonix Legit
Spartonix Legit Mês atrás
Anybody know how much time is actually spent playing as the mainstream avengers? Like if we spend the majority of the game playing as Ms Marvel I’m not even gonna bother with this game
LACcontent Mês atrás
Can’t wait for this 👌🏻
Kiley Callon
Kiley Callon Mês atrás
For those of us that ordered it from the Xbox store. To get the Beta you have to search for Marvels avengers beta. It should say you own the game and allow the install!
JetBricks Studios
JetBricks Studios Mês atrás
AIM is a historically evil organization in the comics
Ath Mês atrás
thor has literally the same gameplay as kratos in the last God of war
Joel Martinez
Joel Martinez Mês atrás
Is this based of storyline or no
Peter Chalhoub
Peter Chalhoub Mês atrás
can you play off BETA
You are not the target
a 9 y.o kid's soul trapped inside a 40 y.o dude's body.
Abhimanyu Singh
Abhimanyu Singh Mês atrás
Multiplayer on this game will be gr8.
Bosco Fernandes
Bosco Fernandes Mês atrás
Hulk slamming humans in to the ground and seeing the ground crack is funny. I know they created an impact crater to showcase the power of the Hulk but that was a bit ridiculous. Had this game been 18+ we'd definitely see some blood and gibs with that grab and smash attach from Hulk. The action is too much to grasp and too many things going on at the same time is exactly what makes this game so fun. Can't wait for this one.
T C Mês atrás
I’d say the only draw back is that “new avenger”. There’s so many more hero’s they could’ve used.
Rivers Water
Rivers Water Mês atrás
Looks pretty awful and Thors hammer hits like a plastic toy. There’s no way those humans wearing swat gear would be able to take three hits of a hammer... breaks the immersion.... as does the uncanny valley Walmart discount character designs and faces
Rakesh 624
Rakesh 624 Mês atrás
I want to watch but don’t want to finally get to play it this weekend don’t want any spoilers lol
A V Mês atrás
Square Enix!! I knew it. Quality game.
joe shotton
joe shotton Mês atrás
if caps actually dead, i’m not buying
Jose Villafranco
Jose Villafranco Mês atrás
Captain it’s pretty good.. bad thing he dies tho
Ryu san
Ryu san Mês atrás
I'm a true gamer notice when he fought against task master he said " gottah take out his shield " no u had to shoot his jet pack n other easy thing to do is when u fight him on the bridge u can get alot hit from his back cus the front he will always block this game looks too easy !
Smol boi Hdb
Smol boi Hdb Mês atrás
Hydra _JAYXx
Hydra _JAYXx Mês atrás
Dc better than marvel
Orion MovieClips Cinema
SNRG Dxrk Mês atrás
cap's and thor's armor are not the best but, idk their just not that well made
Chris Paez
Chris Paez Mês atrás
How is the multiplayer going to work and what’s co-op in the game? I’m trying to play with friends but don’t know if it’s worth getting
JDM Love
JDM Love Mês atrás
Is this a pc game?
Josh R
Josh R Mês atrás
Samuel Reid
Samuel Reid Mês atrás
Dammmm DRAKE doing games now....hahah I'm new here 😎😎
Phoenix Harrison
Phoenix Harrison Mês atrás
Its finally here... AND IT SUCKS LMAO
Ravoxity Mês atrás
You’re the only person in the world that thinks that😂😂 btw change your Pfp I can’t look at that ugly ass face
Adobe Draw with Golden
This game is so legit...i subbed IMMEDIATELY
darquethius Mês atrás
So happy they fixed Black Widow's face
Reynaldo Alonso
Reynaldo Alonso Mês atrás
i like when the hulk run into battle 7:51
Opima Michael
Opima Michael Mês atrás
Why does Iron Man look like Ultron?
Adetunji Adeyinka
Adetunji Adeyinka Mês atrás
Please where did u get the game from
TiG3rMat3 Mês atrás
Well, the game looks repetitive to me.
Amar Zulkarnain
Amar Zulkarnain Mês atrás
oh no, another 50% movie 50% game
Kanye East
Kanye East Mês atrás
Is this on Xbox?
Eric Gustin
Eric Gustin Mês atrás
this is the worst looking game i think ive seen in the past 15 years ! it looks like it came out on playstation 1 or maybe 2. awful character design, lame ass bad guy bad guy, boss game play. and worse yet, this is a marvel game! i know they cant spend the money on the facial likenesses of the stars in the movies. but they could have at least kept the costumes and character design the same.! this is terrible. physics are all choppy, voice acting is sub par to say the least, the hulk looks like hes made of plastic, black widow looks like a transexual, thor has plastic silver dinner plates for his costume, and cap looks like a mall cop that got some riot gear at a army surplus. biggest let down of all time. this should have been unbelievable. instead its unbelievably awful. im a huge fan, but i refuse to let my being a fan cloud my judgement as to wether this is a good game or not. unfortunately the guy reviewing this didnt make the same distinction.
Andrexww Cem
Andrexww Cem Mês atrás
Love Tony's humor. Makes me laugh my ass off idk why. Feels like RDJ'S personality with a bit more maturity.
KulotskilonX Channel
Black Widow looks like Jean Grey hahahaha
Robert Onley
Robert Onley Mês atrás
Can't wait to play this when it officially release on September
Captain America
Captain America Mês atrás
This feels like a spiritual successor to the original Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games.
Southfloridadude Mês atrás
Not even
pekinami Mês atrás
This has the exact plot as dc superheroes online where basically everyone has superpowers
Ravoxity Mês atrás
Not necessarily, Terigen mist only gives a few people with certain genetic markers powers
gtay hobz
gtay hobz Mês atrás
Let's get it
jing luo
jing luo Mês atrás
I honestly don’t think it’s well designed. I mean .... a smack from Thor’s hammer should send them flying or ping pong them into surrounding vehicles or fences, I mean just imagine, Thor swings hammer, bad guy goes flying and glues into vehicles
cali_ kush70
cali_ kush70 Mês atrás
for those of us who don't drink.. 420 friendly challenge, take a puff Everytime he says, "let's GO!"😉💨✌️
Tropik Bongz
Tropik Bongz Mês atrás
Am I the only one who heard the crack @3:58 when he pulled his hammer back?
Bruce Shelby
Bruce Shelby Mês atrás
why so blurry?
Marcos Cruz
Marcos Cruz Mês atrás
No hawkeye?
Ramiro Mota
Ramiro Mota Mês atrás
Bro I am so stoked for this game !
Loremaster Xenon phD
Exclusivity deals regarding characters Spiderman for PS4 only
ツSerxu Mês atrás
3:16people say that’s how Bobby shmurda’s hat gonna come back to him when he get out
GTO - CAL Mês atrás
WK Cinema
WK Cinema Mês atrás
Javantae B
Javantae B Mês atrás
i know it's a game but i couldnt help but notice that thor is a literal god beating the bad guys with a fucking sledge hammer like they can take it
somu ganguly
somu ganguly Mês atrás
Orrey Padilla
Orrey Padilla Mês atrás
Looks fun, but Hulk looks a little deformed from the behind tho :/
DH0079 WOW
DH0079 WOW Mês atrás
cant get enough of his laugh. Sound so fake and forced.
Schlomo Baggins
Schlomo Baggins Mês atrás
He’s trying to make people think the game is fun when it’s just a hack and slash with marvel pretty tbh
Shekhar Srivastava A29
Tell me how you are not Hitesh Chaudhary 🙄
Dion Mês atrás
Is this guy the older brother of Drake or something.
sparkel knights
sparkel knights Mês atrás
wheres hawk guy
Le Buford
Le Buford Mês atrás
This is wayyyy better than I expected , I remember it first was announced ppl was mad they didn’t use the real actors.
Brandon X
Brandon X Mês atrás
I want this same game on my mobile!
Brandon X
Brandon X Mês atrás
But why the characters look different? And why they sounding different?!
Luna Werner
Luna Werner Mês atrás
Is there anyone except from me wishing for a Daredevil game or Ant-man ??
TheGermanJuvie Mês atrás
19:47 "I'm gonna be abusing these pistols all day" (immediately gets hit in the mouth with a shield)
KerednaND Mês atrás
14:43 so Dora the explorer came to Marvel now?
Mauricio Rubio
Mauricio Rubio Mês atrás
Why can the SWAT team make them shields
Yy Shot
Yy Shot Mês atrás
game looks basic and boring 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ghetto Gothics
Ghetto Gothics Mês atrás
Play Champions Online.
Arvin Kamberi
Arvin Kamberi Mês atrás
But this aren't the real Avengers voice. It is like the first game released long time ago. I thought R.D.Jr , Ch.H ect were the voice of the characters. Meeeeh! 😐😐
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