Maroon 5 - Animals (Official Music Video)

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Maroon 5 - Animals
Director: Samuel Bayer
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29 Set 2014



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Belén Rodríguez
Me encantó pero ahy aportes para amllores de edad
Cyka HotWater
Cyka HotWater Dia atrás
Pervert Be like :
100 Subscribers with 0 videos
The real story behind the music video. There lives a butcher who works very HARD to earn money so that he can buy a house and have a beautiful wife . Don't get the wrong idea guys
Dhriti Bhatt
Dhriti Bhatt Dia atrás
This is a vegans nightmare....
Maya Sanchez
Maya Sanchez Dia atrás
Ew that's so gross but cute and adorable.
Rawan Omer
Rawan Omer Dia atrás
Lets be honest the song is lit but the video look kinda disgusting
Steve Brown
Steve Brown Dia atrás
vsauce from alternate reality
GTL news
GTL news Dia atrás
This Love you animals
Forever world
Forever world Dia atrás
Мрачновато 🥩
Allisson Gonzalez
jonathan Guzman
jonathan Guzman Dia atrás
Blood bath
Tim Prado III
Tim Prado III Dia atrás
this video is really disturbing.
Kunal Dhuria
Kunal Dhuria 2 dias atrás
3:25 damn too much hotness🔥
Edwin Bonilla
Edwin Bonilla 2 dias atrás
When I was a little 8 year old I thought I was going to be actually animals...not a stalker
Ikréos gacha life
Ikréos gacha life 2 dias atrás
Me i think they ruined ketchup 😭😭😭
Zaire Bright
Zaire Bright 2 dias atrás
Who knew this song was actually about cannibalism!
kaustubh patil
kaustubh patil 2 dias atrás
So nice song and music was very nice
Selim GT
Selim GT 2 dias atrás
*Ah, yes, blood. Romantism 100*
Pineni Jansi
Pineni Jansi 2 dias atrás
Bruh to me you are a animal oh and clinch here if your watching this in 2020
Mistress Irish Wench
Mistress Irish Wench 2 dias atrás
Yummy....Adam can eat me alive
No name
No name 2 dias atrás
*Gordon Freeman?*
Rishet Murdeshwar
Rishet Murdeshwar 2 dias atrás
1:42 mirror
Garduzaa 4KT
Garduzaa 4KT 2 dias atrás
nice song on the radio on the bus after u leave ya after school program
doge master
doge master 2 dias atrás
I regret watching
loco Zoco
loco Zoco 2 dias atrás
Crossed through this on accident las time I heard it was at age 8 memories bro
La_Mas _Perra
La_Mas _Perra 2 dias atrás
Soy Chilena, y estoy re emocionada porq ire a su concierto ;)
Neylan Daughtrey
Neylan Daughtrey 2 dias atrás
Um ima guess this is a out a crazy cannibal that's trying to hunt one specific person that's most likely a person he knows
ankit katiyar
ankit katiyar 2 dias atrás
this song is still killing me.
Saleem Mohamed
Saleem Mohamed 2 dias atrás
Nice song
ass butt
ass butt 2 dias atrás
Joe from You felt this
Kentaro From Wii Party
*this really makes me think this is a song about a yandere-*
Davies Rota
Davies Rota 2 dias atrás
directed by JOE GOLDBERG
Francisca Godinez
Francisca Godinez 2 dias atrás
Serial killer vibes not
Francisca Godinez
Francisca Godinez 2 dias atrás
This a typical stoker song
Iray Aglae Abreo Molina
My animales My animales My animales My animales
Hallysson André
Hallysson André 2 dias atrás
Oisin Van Niekerk
Oisin Van Niekerk 2 dias atrás
This video was an L for adams music
FakeBando 2 dias atrás
00:40 when the song starts
Minax 117
Minax 117 2 dias atrás
and that time you realise that this song is not about animals😓
mja music switzerland
mja music switzerland 3 dias atrás
Nadia Alvarez
Nadia Alvarez 3 dias atrás
Me encanta sus temas y estoy feliz😀😎👍 porque viene a Chile al festival de viña de mar
Aditya Veer Singh
Aditya Veer Singh 3 dias atrás
Joe Goldberg: Allow me to Introduce myself.
T R A S H ·
T R A S H · 3 dias atrás
Looks like Joseph seed in far cry 5
dian sembiring
dian sembiring 3 dias atrás
It gave me nightmares but I love the song!♡
gabrielle lydia
gabrielle lydia 3 dias atrás
Arun Kumaran
Arun Kumaran 3 dias atrás
Very nice
Luciene Teixeira
Luciene Teixeira 3 dias atrás
Aqui é Brasil
Luciene Teixeira
Luciene Teixeira 3 dias atrás
E mesmo
Maliha Parveen
Maliha Parveen 3 dias atrás
Creepy stalker ! :O
Nicoly Isly
Nicoly Isly 3 dias atrás
O clipe dessa musica me lembra a série "YOU" Parece muito
Özgün Er
Özgün Er 3 dias atrás
Avi Sorano
Avi Sorano 3 dias atrás
Song for cannibals
shine galvez
shine galvez 3 dias atrás
She is Behatti Prinsloo, Victorias Secret angel and Adam's pretty wife, just so everybody know
Sanjib Kumar Mohapatra
This is about thrist
Meee Maaa
Meee Maaa 3 dias atrás
Zelia Oliveira
Zelia Oliveira 3 dias atrás
Wilson GmesNotVL
Wilson GmesNotVL 3 dias atrás
Yash Avinash
Yash Avinash 3 dias atrás
This is da only song dat makws creeps look and feels cool
galuh masitoh
galuh masitoh 3 dias atrás
Cuk gila😨😨😨😱😱
G Greer-Shum
G Greer-Shum 3 dias atrás
Just asken but WHATTTT was that snifing her butt
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