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Comentários 80
Sara Gerdbo
Sara Gerdbo Mês atrás
Low key disappointed his accent wasn't british..
Mariena Xiong
Mariena Xiong 3 meses atrás
I love this man so much!!! He is truly one of a kind
TuskTheRipper96 6 meses atrás
I’m just a hole, sir.
KK 7 meses atrás
Shawn Mendes vibes lol they sound similar
Tele Vizion
Tele Vizion 10 meses atrás
Why is he so damn kissable?
Tazzi R
Tazzi R 11 meses atrás
I though he was British this whole time
Robert Walsh
Robert Walsh 11 meses atrás
"No, it is."
Pragati Singh
Pragati Singh 11 meses atrás
He's reallly cute❤️❤️
Giovanna Viscardi
Giovanna Viscardi Anos atrás
I love this album!!
Bikini Burger
Bikini Burger Anos atrás
He’s so fuckin beautiful.
Lala Fildzah
Lala Fildzah Anos atrás
No sad daddy in this interview
Gable Anos atrás
His best friend he’s talking about is probably Sean Lennon
NAT Anos atrás
He really fell off after Amy passed
NAT Anos atrás
Why does Colbert say Gaga like that?
louise. Anos atrás
4:38 reminds me of paramore's "after laughter" because hayley williams says "cry hard, dance harder" to describe the album lol
ugh i love him he's so cool, and as as 24-year old he is the oldest man i legit have a crush on
Melissa Lozano
Melissa Lozano Anos atrás
ive been thinking this dude’s 30 tops, but then he mentioned growing up with grand master flash and i was like tf when was this mf born. HE’S 43
Betsy R
Betsy R Anos atrás
i guess this alum is appropriate because he seems really sad
Gregory Reed
Gregory Reed Anos atrás
Mark Ronson can use my face as a toilet seat and even forget to flush! Fuck he's hot!!
Charmedsas1 Anos atrás
Hes so awesome😍😍😍 I really like him cuz he's so humble❤
colacoven Anos atrás
he's so cuteee
Duarte Jorge
Duarte Jorge Anos atrás
His new album is absolutely AMAZING !
J. G.I
J. G.I Anos atrás
That's how you pronounced "lykke li" lolol yearssssssss listening to her music and that's the fucking first time I listen someone mention her name.. wtf
John Luu
John Luu Anos atrás
Lol he always says that. "My step-dad played in this band, dunno if you've heard of them - The Foreigner..."
Peege Clarke
Peege Clarke Anos atrás
Peege Clarke
Peege Clarke Anos atrás
Smoke less.. Hold attn.. more. A der dong du da daie
Esub Miah
Esub Miah Anos atrás
He looks and sounds exactly like Max Greenfeld from New Girl
ricopedrajrs Anos atrás
So where's the f'n song?
Lina Bx
Lina Bx Anos atrás
"it's a song that makes you dance and cry" he's perfect, dang it.
Tommy Lellan
Tommy Lellan Anos atrás
Lykki Lee is what we used to call a kid in school with bladder problems
January Baby
January Baby Anos atrás
January Baby
January Baby 11 meses atrás
@Allagí complimenting a guys looks = worshipping celebrities as deities
Karen Ling
Karen Ling 11 meses atrás
the loudest voice june 30th on showtime
Dekarius Small
Dekarius Small Anos atrás
Chelsea E lmao sis thought she did something.
Chelsea E
Chelsea E Anos atrás
ahepperl it’s not that serious. The fuck?? Shut up.
Allagí Anos atrás
GUESS WHAT HE"S REALLY FUCKING RICH! Tom Cruise is 57 Selma Hayek is 52 do they look that old? No of course not because immeasurable wealth means the best preventive cosmetic surgery/treatment for anti aging nonsense that money can buy. Stop comparing regular humans to multi millionaires. They aren't genetically superior, they spend insane amounts of money to disguise the fact they are in fact getting old. Death waits for no one, regardless of your bank account, and humans are foolish to forget that. You are foolish to admire or envy his "youthful" looks. Time waits for no one, and you'll realize that soon enough. No such thing as vampires, stop worshiping celebrities as deities.
Inês Machado Casamentos
I find him so irresistible
Michelle Foucault
Michelle Foucault Anos atrás
Mark Ronson looks more like Ernie Grunwald with every passing day.
bactheusllo Anos atrás
He looks like a young Elvis.
MultiOne4all Anos atrás
He looks like harry from "3rd rock from the sun" with that hair and shirt
chinookvalley Anos atrás
Kids these days! My idea of a "sad banger" is Etta James singing, "Cry Like a Rainy Day". Damn kids and their hippity hoppity music tunes. Where is the world headed? Or, that at least, is how my dad would have phrased it. 8-}
Leso Varen
Leso Varen Anos atrás
"My dad was a musician." Very modest way to say my dad played in Foreigner.
c. camille
c. camille 9 meses atrás
well maybe he calls him dad. my mom technically has a stepsister but she has never called her anything else than sister, so I don't call her step-aunt, but just aunt. so, what I was trying to say was, who cares?
Allagí Anos atrás
Step Dad. His Step Dad was Mick Jones of Foreigner and clearly that launched his musical career but facts are important.
Lynn Walker
Lynn Walker Anos atrás
boobtuber06 Anos atrás
So this is the individual contributing to all the terrible music today??
Chris R
Chris R Anos atrás
Legend has it we have Mr R to thank for Amy Winehouse's hit Rehab. Apparently they were walking along the street and she semi-sang the intro line in conversation and he suggested she build it into a song. :-)
rotenhoko Anos atrás
He does not look 43 at all! good for him~.
gjnoto1 Anos atrás
rotenhoko make up
apauls Anos atrás
Colbert didn't even mention that Mark Ronson is a Oscar winner, this year... just his Grammys
CantStayAway Anos atrás
I can't believe Mark Ronson was the kid from "Almost Famous"
CantStayAway Anos atrás
@junglechick13 It was a joke :P
junglechick13 Anos atrás
He wasn't. The kid was Cameron Crowe who grew up to write and direct the movie.
socrappyicoulddie Anos atrás
I thought he had an English accent
rotenhoko Anos atrás
me too! apparently he grew up in NYC most of his life.
justmemadison Anos atrás
The audience...hello? Were they asleep - they barely clapped when he walked out. It was awkwardly quiet when he sat down.
Resonant Body
Resonant Body Anos atrás
Songs that make you dance and cry -> Maggie Rogers
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa Anos atrás
Because of his Dad...
The Green Queen
The Green Queen Anos atrás
A pretty big deal. Thanks for doing Colbert.
Carrisa Grace
Carrisa Grace Anos atrás
Best sad banger... Dancing On My Own by Robyn
Carrisa Grace
Carrisa Grace 11 meses atrás
strawberry oh shiiiiit it would have blown our minds 😍
strawberry 11 meses atrás
he should have included her on the record... omg
Halftrick Anos atrás
Yes! Off for a listen
1freerangechick 39
1freerangechick 39 Anos atrás
Back when music was good....that’s what Mark is saying...when music used to be really great. Here are some good artists now, you just have to know where to go.
U Seleme
U Seleme Anos atrás
ehm, oscar winner.
ranchozaragoza Anos atrás
That shirt is too cool!
soth1 sol
soth1 sol Anos atrás
"my dad was a musician"
Ana Perez
Ana Perez Anos atrás
OSCAR & Grammy Award winner, DJ , Songwritter & Producer 😉
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Anos atrás
Yes, the best 👍
Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell Anos atrás
Mark Ronson AND "True DJ Story: I met a washed-up 90s Rave DJ, who crashed my campsite, when I was homeless in the Mountains of Colorado, in 3017. He went crazy & pretended he was a wearwolf 4 nights after the full moon scaring campers."
Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell Anos atrás
Mark Ronson AND "But Has He Worked With Beethoven, Mozart, & Vivaldi?"
Sheena345 M
Sheena345 M Anos atrás
Those aren't "his" hits, per se.
Jasper Paolo
Jasper Paolo Anos atrás
Sheena345 M he produced them
qwaqwa1960 Anos atrás
Crushi: Original Indie Artist, Producer & Musician
Could you please, internet, share my music with Mark Ronson and see if he knows what to do with it? 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤
Ana Franklin
Ana Franklin Anos atrás
Disc Jockey
Marsh Wetland
Marsh Wetland Anos atrás
That is one fugly shirt, damn.
Holly Broughton
Holly Broughton Anos atrás
Stephen Invented the Sad Banger when he did Carry On My Wayward Son on Strangers With Candy when chuck was toying with pursuing being a rock star. I need him to know this.
Helgali Anos atrás
He was like the kid in Almost famous.
junglechick13 Anos atrás
He wishes...Cameron Crowe is the Almost Famous kid
DJL66 Anos atrás
Is he high?
lockergr Anos atrás
enimsekips Yep, that's just the way he speaks.
superschmolz Anos atrás
@enimsekips like Seth Greene in Can't Hardly Wait?
enimsekips Anos atrás
DJL66 Nah, he always sound like that.
New Message
New Message Anos atrás
I thought a 'Sad Banger' was what you call those girls you see in the club parking lot at 4 am, who have already been passed on by the last call crowd, and were waiting for the clean up crew to file out in hopes of one more shot at a desperation lay.
Carrisa Grace
Carrisa Grace Anos atrás
you do know its the males who are lurking around at that time desperately trying to get anything. Not the women. DOn't get out much, huh?
Loam Bart
Loam Bart Anos atrás
Tell me who subsidizes you, and I will tell you who you really are.
heavypizza Anos atrás
DJ= Jimmy Saville....
Stephanie P
Stephanie P Anos atrás
I always thought he was British, still somehow think he is.. lelel
Nex Anos atrás
He is. His accent is weird because he moved to New York as a youth, and his accent changed over time. :)
abemagic10 Anos atrás
no mention of his oscar win for shallow?
Ronna Anos atrás
@ 0:17...
abemagic10 Anos atrás
ok , maybe i'm wrong but i thought he won along with LG etc. , but maybe that was the grammys ...?
Like Bot
Like Bot Anos atrás
"Is my profession a joke to you?"
The Green Queen
The Green Queen Anos atrás
Like Bot he can cry into his piles of money 💰
Betty Thomas
Betty Thomas Anos atrás
DJ profession is a joke, to many people playing the same music charging micky mouse prices....pure white greed. A TRUE DJ has a collection of rare unique tunes!
Nex Anos atrás
You should see what he packs in his crate. It's wild.
True Black Knight
True Black Knight Anos atrás
This is really cool to learn 💯👍🏾👍🏾
zicquatee Anos atrás
The Heart Of A Blackbird
It's all in who you know - perfect example of rich entitlement. And the results are bland.
The Heart Of A Blackbird
@dielaughing73 I’m sorry for what your idea of “great” music is. I guess ignorance is bliss.
dielaughing73 Anos atrás
What? He makes great music. Sorry if that upsets you.
soth1 sol
soth1 sol Anos atrás
@The Heart Of A Blackbird and never showcased on late night
The Heart Of A Blackbird
@Betty Thomas Totally agree. There is passion still out there, but it's usually not popular. :(
Betty Thomas
Betty Thomas Anos atrás
Just like the industry.....everything is stolen from black peoples passion into a money making ting for non musical graduates.....AWFUL!
Matome Ramphele
Matome Ramphele Anos atrás
Older version of Harry Styles
WheelmanGames Anos atrás
I miss my Zune....
Acidic Anos atrás
I'm only here because the thumbnail made Mark Ronson look exactly like French Stewart. 😂
Acidic Anos atrás
@Rob L lol you're totally right
Acidic Anos atrás
@superschmolz He's currently on the TV show "Mom". He plays a chef.
superschmolz Anos atrás
What ever happened to that guy?
Rob L
Rob L Anos atrás
That would be the kind of shirt he would wear on 3rd Rock From The Sun too.
Teppup Retsam
Teppup Retsam Anos atrás
He kinda got an american accent now
Wren Poldark
Wren Poldark Anos atrás
Kinda? He sounds fully American.
lichga100 Anos atrás
Steven Colbert is a Trump Derangement Syndrome victim
DaReal Dedo
DaReal Dedo Anos atrás
Oh Mark can get it!!!
Ry Sun
Ry Sun Anos atrás
DJing as well as hip hop is a joke now
heavypizza Anos atrás
it always was.....
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