Mark Knopfler - Brothers In Arms (Berlin 2007 | Official Live Video)

Mark Knopfler
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A live performance from the Meistersaal, Berlin on the 10th September 2007 filmed and broadcast by German TV station, RBB. In a pre-tour showcase, Mark plays a few teasers from his soon to be released 5th studio album, “Kill To Get Crimson“ as well as other hits taken from previous albums.
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27 Abr 2018



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Comentários 7 537
Nachtmuis 3 horas atrás
Even when he makes a mistake it sounds beautiful
Tallita Muniz
Tallita Muniz 3 horas atrás
So emotional this song always when I listen! ❤️
mayomona simao
mayomona simao 4 horas atrás
100 palavras quem sabe sabe
Joe Panciarello
Joe Panciarello 8 horas atrás
My personal pick as the greatest song ever written. I heard Mark's guitar and could not believe how clean he plays.
AteumasterProg 9 horas atrás
Luis Hernández Revilla
Luis Hernández Revilla 11 horas atrás
Mark Knopfler: La guitarra de Dios.
semmd sem
semmd sem 11 horas atrás
Брат .. здоровья тебя .. за то что ты делаешь !! Спасибо
Helena W
Helena W 12 horas atrás
Drinking red wine jus remembering all is gone. Bless humanity
Jorge Trapote
Jorge Trapote 13 horas atrás
Yo perdí a mi padre por culpa de un cáncer de pulmón. Se me fué en cuatro meses y medio, el cáncer se volvió galopante. Cada dos por tres me acuerdo de él. Cuando pongo ' Brothers in arms' de los Dire Straits, mentalmente le hago un homenaje a mi querido padre.
Pavel Kuznetsov
Pavel Kuznetsov 14 horas atrás
Молодец, не перестаю удивляться как все у тебя получается
MsJohannaking 17 horas atrás
RIP Dad 💚
John Hogg
John Hogg 20 horas atrás
Absolute class love this version 👍
Camila Raugust
Camila Raugust Dia atrás
Alivio para mente
K E Pritchard
K E Pritchard Dia atrás
What took so long 98 % 523 😂 Rookies 😁 Mr Trump. 🌵
K E Pritchard
K E Pritchard Dia atrás
K E Pritchard
K E Pritchard Dia atrás
My name is Karen
K E Pritchard
K E Pritchard Dia atrás
Dance the dance of the 7 VALES WITH ME!
K E Pritchard
K E Pritchard Dia atrás
Gary walks I am looking down the river The rest is you ❤️
K E Pritchard
K E Pritchard Dia atrás
And I am watching and listening for Gary He will return.. He is out on the land... 🙏
K E Pritchard
K E Pritchard Dia atrás
I will always leave you a 🗝 Gary suggested that we try this one 1⃣ Your Grace 🙏 Your Royal Magesty 🙏 Andrew ☺ 😘 👑 God Bless you all 🌿 Karen.
Allan Dia atrás
Juste dire que C est absolument parfait !!!!! Just so perfect Remenber
Алексей Добрый
Спасибо за этот шедевр...
Frank Munich
Frank Munich Dia atrás
thx Mark hammer
Frank Munich
Frank Munich Dia atrás
Mirko Mihailo
Mirko Mihailo Dia atrás
The best live version
matthias schmidt
matthias schmidt Dia atrás
one of their best Song , une de leur meilleur chanson , la chaire de poule à chaque fois
Andrea Cuomo
Andrea Cuomo Dia atrás
Wow grazie davvero sei è sarai sempre un grande
Vitamina D by Dian GH
Bellissimo, I love it
Admon Guitar
Admon Guitar Dia atrás
🎼💎💯🎸🌹🎵🎯💕👍🌹Beautiful 🎼🌹🎸🌹🎼👍
Mick King
Mick King 2 dias atrás
The man is truly one of the greatest guitarist we,ve ever had the pleasure to listen to.
Anatoliy Makarov
Anatoliy Makarov 3 dias atrás
Эта вещь на времена. Марк молодчина .👍👍👍
Gérard Knops
Gérard Knops 3 dias atrás
yeah :)
Steven Gulla
Steven Gulla 3 dias atrás
September 21 2021 let's see how many people are listening to this masterpiece
DaLer 3 dias atrás
This song is really very beautiful!!
tiago johannes
tiago johannes 3 dias atrás
I doubt anyone will see this but I felt like saying it. My father said *”Now the sun's gone to hell* *And the moon's riding high* *Let me bid you farewell* *Every man has to die* *But it's written in the starlight* *And every line in your palm* *My brother in arms.”* At his best friends funeral which he has known since he was a 7 year old boy as well as his other friend. They grew up in a small village in Congo which people found odd when he tells them about it because he is white but he is Belgian and they had colonised Congo so I assume it’s why they were there, he is now 53. They called themselves the 3 musketeers, Kris(*the one he has died*),Lawrence my dads other best friend and my dad Thierry. The 3 of them went to school together, shared a room with each other at boarding school. They all grew up together. Everything they did they did together. His father was an abusive alcoholic and died when my father was 9 while his mom was in hospital with cancer which she overcame but died 3 years later from TB so he didn’t really ever have family, but he told me that the 3 of them were brothers. Whether they were blood or not. After school they would go down to the river and get on their little sail boat with a few friends. There were crocodiles and hippos there but they didn’t care, they were young and foolish but they had fun. One of his friends had a brother who had gone missing, 3 days later one of his arms were found on the banks of the river. The 3 musketeers later went to Belgium to finish their studies so they could make it one day, when they had finished they all moved to South Africa because they missed Africa, but it wasn’t the same kind of Africa. When they came here they had very little money so the 3 of them rented a small apartment and stayed in it together. They searched tirelessly for jobs and my dad and Kris found jobs, they both became engineers, the other friend Lawrence went back to Belgium because he couldn’t get one here and later found one there. Kris introduced my mom to my dad and he is the reason I,my brother and my sister exist. He was the one who had wanted a family the most out of the 3 of them, he had many girlfriends, he ended up finding the right one and they got engaged and a few months later she died in a car accident. Years past, my dad and Kris had some arguments and didn’t see each other for a few months but they resolved their problems. He finally found the person who would become his wife and start a family with. They tried many times to have children but she had some problem with her which was preventing her from getting pregnant, they went to doctors and tried to fix the problems and after some time they finally managed to have children, 2 daughters 1 year difference in age. The 3 musketeers still saw each other often even tho the one lives in Belgium who also has a family and the other lives almost 2 hours from us. They all made it and were successful in life but Kris was a very unlucky man because he then got COVID when working on some project in Congo which is ironic. The last time the 3 of them were together was 2 years ago because of COVID and then lockdown. Lawrence and his family came here because it was Kris’s 50th birthday. That was the last time we saw Kris. He died on the 16th of August 2, 2021 days before my dads birthday after being in hospital fighting COVID for nearly 2 months, when I got home my mom called me to come downstairs and I had the feeling something was wrong and I saw my mom and dad standing in the kitchen, they told me that he had died just before my mom started crying, my dad tried to act strong like always but at the dinner table halfway through dinner he just started crying, I had never seen my dad cry in my entire life, I am 17. He had multiple infections and organ failures and my father wasn’t allowed to visit him but it would have been pointless because towards the end he was tired and looked deathly ill and was mostly sedated, a week before he died his wife went there and kept telling him he will be fine but with the little strength he had , he shook his head and said no, he asked to see his girls who are 5 and 6 but they weren’t allowed in. They are now currently with us as his wife is suicidal and has gone to some institute to try and help her. They don’t seem to understand what death is and that he isn’t coming back because they say “my daddy died and that’s why we aren’t at home but we waiting for mommy and daddy to come back” They don’t seem to be upset but they keep saying they miss mommy and daddy which hurts me to hear and I think it hurts my dad more as his friend isn’t here but his children are. My dad had to carry the coffin and do the eulogy which is when at the end he said those words because Brothers in arms was Kris’s favourite song, *The 3 musketeers are no more*. I am writing this with tears in my eyes as I find it very upsetting, I had to watch the funeral online as your are only allowed 50 people in a venue. My dad put his hand on his coffin and patted it and said something which he says if just for Kris. Kris’s family couldn’t fly here because of restrictions so they had to do a funeral in Belgium without the coffin. We had to watch it online. Lawrence did the eulogy too but he broke down at the end. It was in french so I couldn’t understand but my dad could. He was very upset for the rest of that day and didn’t speak. My dad is now depressed and he doesn’t know what to do with his life which is upsetting for me and my family but the words he said in the eulogy *“Now the sun's gone to hell *”And the moon's riding high* *Let me bid you farewell* *Every man has to die* *But it's written in the starlight* *And every line in your palm* *My brother in arms.”* I will always remember those words. My dad has tears in his eyes when he listens to this song now. He says when he goes he wants his song to be *Blood Brothers* By Bruce Springsteen because Lawrence will be the last one. Rip Kris.
Georgiou 3 dias atrás
Творчество этого человека это просто подарок всему человечеству...
Sergue Cooper
Sergue Cooper 3 dias atrás
Безумно круто!!!👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥 СПАСИБО!!!
johnson 3 dias atrás
There will never be another Mark Knoffler. Thank U for the nearly 40yrs of gud music. Wish U well.
loreto velascojr
loreto velascojr 3 dias atrás
I always listen direstraight music when I was in Saudi Arabia,, untill now,, being a truck driver I always play their music,,,,
D BRISSAUD 4 dias atrás
daniel girardin
daniel girardin 4 dias atrás
Superbe morceau que j'adore, beaucoup de souvenirs remonte et j'ai partager celle-ci sur mon Facebook. Bravo Mark Knopfler
MaryStarfly 4 dias atrás
maite yaki
maite yaki 5 dias atrás
Gracias Equipo, excelentes Canciones, y la más grande fantástica.... 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘
Aaron 5 dias atrás
I had this song looped for 8 hours all night what a great emotional song
Gustavo Lalli
Gustavo Lalli 5 dias atrás
the Creep Galaxy
the Creep Galaxy 5 dias atrás
The Creep Galaxy BRvid
Valmir Gonçalves de Oliveira
Yaâkoub FARAH
Yaâkoub FARAH 5 dias atrás
This song reminds me of my room when I was a freshman in college. I was and will always be a fan of Mark knopfler.
Dave Caddy
Dave Caddy 5 dias atrás
Anyone who had attended Ride To The Wall will be very familiar to Brothers in Arms. Always makes the dust blow into your eyes when it's played at the Natonal Memorial Arboretum
Paul Harding
Paul Harding 6 dias atrás
Such an iconic and moving song, fabulous guitar of course from Mr Knopler.
Luis Martins
Luis Martins 6 dias atrás
00:19 Putin playing guitar.
valter manuel ferreira paiva Paiva
Bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo magnífico Muitos parabéns muito talento Muitos parabéns você é especial um grande abraço amigo
Pavel Pozharsky
Pavel Pozharsky 6 dias atrás
Деда Марк форррева))) Встаю на колено!!!
Сергей Калиберда
Мировой музыкант я поклонник его ещё из СССР.
Ratu Vadiga
Ratu Vadiga 7 dias atrás
1982 Falklands War🙏🙏🙏
Mohamed Wahran
Mohamed Wahran 7 dias atrás
Said anas
Said anas 7 dias atrás
Is my best in western style music 🎶
Anthony Royal
Anthony Royal 7 dias atrás
I lost my younger brother to cancer in 2014. Our music tastes were very different. Except for this.
Ján Jacko
Ján Jacko 7 dias atrás
Keď máš zlý deň......toto ťa naštartuje....Božské....radosť počúvať....
Cristiano Mota
Cristiano Mota 7 dias atrás
King Chris Breezy
King Chris Breezy 7 dias atrás
Anyone in september 2021? ???
Roselyne Delhaie
Roselyne Delhaie 5 dias atrás
Me from France 🇫🇷❤️❤️
Jan Leczycki
Jan Leczycki 8 dias atrás
Co jest z wami bracia
Bumjae Lee
Bumjae Lee 8 dias atrás
One of my favorate artists in my life, and this song is one of top ten numbers of mine.
George C Schautteet
George C Schautteet 9 dias atrás
Great song of the Era and Ever Forever!!!
Alessandro Augusto de Campos
The guitar even cries in the hands of this genius
Maria Ines Muller
Maria Ines Muller 9 dias atrás
It's impossible not to get emotional. the more I listen to the song the more it touches me. my genius Mark, thanks for the magic of this absolutely fabulous song. I love you forever ♥️❣♥️❣♥️
Астр П
Астр П 9 dias atrás
Музыка которая не стареет.... Слушаю течении нескольких десятилетий,не надоедает, и отношение не меняется.. Спасибо за шедевр....
S Sh
S Sh 9 dias atrás
Great singer. Great song. It's not even music, it's philosophy
israel benjamin Eizyk
israel benjamin Eizyk 9 dias atrás
A great song, brings tears to my eyes
nickdemondares 9 dias atrás
Damn . . . Magician
sandrinha diniz
sandrinha diniz 9 dias atrás
Brigitte Langlois
Brigitte Langlois 9 dias atrás
The very, very beautifull song... Oufff. Just Wow....
Roberta mattar
Roberta mattar 10 dias atrás
Linda música,Paz em cada detalhe 😍
JoThiAn92 10 dias atrás
A écouter sans modération…
Udo König
Udo König 10 dias atrás
Go vegan 4 ever and Love animals 4 ever 😸
Uzzal Kanoo
Uzzal Kanoo 10 dias atrás
I had been listening this particular song in my childhood days when I was in 8th standard.... Today I am 57 years old and still listen this song to relax... but this song has never become old. Standing ovation to mark for this song... You are really a Legend.
Anthony Algorithm
Anthony Algorithm 11 dias atrás
I'll die in the Highlands, as did my parents. The Highlands are home.
zorakzoran1 11 dias atrás
Very white audience ...
Vado Oliveira
Vado Oliveira 11 dias atrás
Como o vinho 🍷 salve!
jefferson goes
jefferson goes 11 dias atrás
Seloko mano.... Nada contra os demais ritmos... Mas aqui o negócio é outro nível.... Putz
Ingrid Bagger
Ingrid Bagger 11 dias atrás
It doesn't get any better
alessandro aiello
alessandro aiello 11 dias atrás
Mark uno dei migliori chitarristi al mondo
Sulejman Arifaj
Sulejman Arifaj 11 dias atrás
Super Song Dhe Voice e Cuitar Fantastik Dhear Are,, 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸❤️❤️❤️💔💘❤️💔💘😎🇭🇺🇦🇱😭
Madeline Marler
Madeline Marler 11 dias atrás
Fabulous - brings back memories
Adrian DC
Adrian DC 11 dias atrás
Today my sadness is reminding me of my three brothers when we were young. At the Dawes Road. Simple carefree laidback lives. How we have to distance from each other and things get complicated when we get older. We can't be together every single day even if we wish to. Last four years were especially sad for me. The lowest point in my life. My health deteriorated drastically. I still wait in my basement when I will hear one of my brothers come to home with loud music turning off, opening the car door, closing it off, closing the trunk and I will hear their footsteps by the door. I don't speak much with my brothers but they are my guardian angels and wish fulfilling magicians. I will always cherish the memory with them at Dawes Road. We had lentil soup and mashed potatoes and rice. But we were happy. No illnesses or no regrets or lamentations for anything. But I accept the fact that they have a life too. Just because I am ill they can't follow no child Left behind policy for me. I understand that fully. Just I am sad today. And this sadness will never seize to exist. I am not that selfish that I will let them know about my pain. I don't want to break their happiness. Just for me. It would be very self centric and egotistical of me. I can't do it. I will always remember us, four brothers, as brothers in arms. And my eldest brother as the five star general Collin Powell and Eisenhower. The compass and radar and oar and paddle of our family. Sorry to say I am suffering a lot healthwise. But can't do anything.
Queen Street Systems
Queen Street Systems 11 dias atrás
Music that shaped my life. 13th Sept. 2021
Hii MeeJiong
Hii MeeJiong 11 dias atrás
katharina morch
katharina morch 12 dias atrás
lisanelli 68
lisanelli 68 12 dias atrás
.My Brothers ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Georgette ABOIN
Georgette ABOIN 12 dias atrás
C nul ça me donne envie de vomir
Eva Mariotti
Eva Mariotti 12 dias atrás
Du hast blaue Augen Mark,y Jude from Slovakei❣️ Best 👍
Richard Chandler
Richard Chandler 13 dias atrás
Wonderful guitar finger picker
Richard Chandler
Richard Chandler 13 dias atrás
Just amazing Mark
Leandro Costa Monteiro
Leandro Costa Monteiro 13 dias atrás
Top demais, não se faz mais música como antigamente, muitos já são mitos lendas do rock
Sofia Ribeiro Camargo
Sofia Ribeiro Camargo 13 dias atrás
Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Pena Tsennaa
Pena Tsennaa 13 dias atrás
Aouad Sba22
Aouad Sba22 13 dias atrás
Merci mark
Maria López Castellanos
Nigel Meredith
Nigel Meredith 14 dias atrás
One of the greatest songs ever 👍
Mônica É isso ae
Mônica É isso ae 14 dias atrás
Amo você
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