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"The Machine" star Mark Hamill takes the WIRED Autocomplete interview and answers the web's most searched questions about himself. How did he win the role of Luke Skywalker? How did he create The Joker's iconic laugh? Did he really do a voice in "The Little Mermaid?" Find out the answer to these questions and more when Mark Hamill takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview.
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7 Dez 2023



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Comentários : 2,2 mil   
@tastyfiddle 6 meses atrás
hearing mark hamill say "i worked at mcdonald's" while i'm sitting in mcdonald's on my break on a tough shift really made me smile.
@ryanrooprai5104 6 meses atrás
I didn't even know Jedi Knights worked at fast food restaurants. I reckon the Wookies would be ordering Chicken Selects big time.
@christopherstein2024 6 meses atrás
@tanadarko6991 6 meses atrás
And he was proud to make minimum wage.
@hardtymz2517 6 meses atrás
it would've meant sooooo ,much more if Harrison Ford said this instead. wasn't this guy called "cockknocker" in a movie?!
Love this guy so much. In all the decades he has been acting, he has had no scandals. No drugs, no serial divorces, no meltdowns, not even a claim that he was mean on a bad day. He's just a solid, decent man.
@worldtraveler930 5 meses atrás
Amen to that!!! 🤠👍
@jimthomas1989 5 meses atrás
Mark Hamill died in 1989 in the movie Slipstream Also staring Bill Paxton Bob Peck
@Ditto.007 5 meses atrás
He's also clearly dedicated when activating, I still remember how he tried to tell fans about how the sequels weren't going to be what we expected
@Ditto.007 5 meses atrás
I meant acting not activating (Before anyone asks why I didn't just edit my comment, I can't on the device I'm using)
@jimthomas1989 5 meses atrás
@@Ditto.007 use the Force Luke
@LootandScoot 6 meses atrás
I met Mark years ago at an airport, of all places, with my parents when I was a little kid. I told him how my name is actually Luke, and he looked up at my parents and said, "Because of me, right?" My dad replies, "It's my fault I took her to see Star Wars on our first date."
@danielfietkau733 5 meses atrás
Your name actually is Luke and you chose "Salted Pork" ?
@MrChrisboyle. 5 meses atrás
​@@danielfietkau733Perhaps he just dont want to be another Luke of internet, there are a lot of them here at youtube and I dont like to think this but, have Luke and Anakin as names or is very good or is very bad. For example, there are a lot of Star Wars memes on facebook and in one of them I read a guy named Anakin, he was using his name at social media without problem. But it was kinda sad to read in his comment that he was bullied in his school for that name. But I got your point buddy, this Luke needs to be very proud. Luke met the original Luke, hes like one of the choosen :)
@rextek5421 5 meses atrás
Thats so sick
@steakiefrags1866 5 meses atrás
​@@rextek5421 what are you doing here
@pmcKANE 6 meses atrás
I could listen to Mark Hamill talk about anything for hours. An absolute treasure he is.
@EdnaK728 4 meses atrás
Even though he's an old man, he's pretty interesting
@jbluther 2 meses atrás
I see what you did there. Sorry it took 3 months for someone to notice. ;-)
@Feesh322 6 meses atrás
His response to 'is Mark Hamill in one piece' question--in the midst of other questions about shows that he was in--is hysterically endearing 😄😂🙂
@anna_in_aotearoa3166 5 meses atrás
He has a very dry, quirky sense of humour so I am 1000% sure he decided to answer that one as a joke (how could you resist with that wordong?? 😆) rather than being seriously about the show.
@Marle_33 2 meses atrás
@@anna_in_aotearoa3166nah he definitely aint realize they meant the anime😂
@Plsrateeight Mês atrás
​@@Marle_33Highly doubt that
@jesseellyson6543 6 meses atrás
I think it is impossible not to love this guy. He's smart, funny, personable, gracious. He's not at all what you would expect Hollywood to churn out.
@emmanuelmeysman820 3 meses atrás
especially now .
@taha_boy 6 meses atrás
The thing I love about Mark Hamil is that he never thinks a role is too small for him. He's cameoed in the CW and been one of the biggest blockbusters of all time and he does his best in each.
@SmashPortal 6 meses atrás
To be fair, he cameoed as the Trickster, who he'd already played in the old Flash live action series and cameoed for an episode of Justice League Unlimited (and later Justice League Action).
@segalliongaming8925 6 meses atrás
That reminds me of the Wing Commander video game series, where Mark Hamill had the starring role in III and IV. I wonder if he remembers that.
@brandonkennedy4160 6 meses atrás
So true! I was genuinely shocked to see him and somethings so fun and weird is the regular show.
@nathancruz9172 6 meses atrás
Me too.
@TonyJewell0 6 meses atrás
He cameod in Greg Davies' Man Down. I fell off my sofa laughing. Hilarious casting.
@tommyo.t.k.1703 6 meses atrás
Man this guy is a legend.Growing up is realizing he is WAY more then just Luke Skywalker.He is a great human being and I hope he stays with us for many more years.
@NickWelch-po2ge Mês atrás
He IS Luke Skywalker
@grocksauce7422 2 meses atrás
Him perfectly impersonating Harrison saying” hey, I don’t sound like that.” Is one of life’s little treats that just keeps on giving.
@flakes1972 6 meses atrás
The idea of Mark Hamill sitting with his Kids / Grandkids and listening out for roles he's done in cartoons is the most wholesome thing I've heard in a good while. xD
@braidena1633 6 meses atrás
Nvm he played Eric
@jcallaway58 6 meses atrás
He’s exactly who you hope he is . Such a warm and kind person.
@Shooter_FPV 6 meses atrás
For someone being in one of the most popular movie franchises in history, he is probably the most humble actor/person I have ever seen. For him to talk about Harrison and Carrie the way he did, even after all this time, brings a tear to my eye. I was 12 when "A New Hope" came out, so I literally grew up with him. A class act in all respects...
@MrMman30 6 meses atrás
You know someone is a legend when he spends nearly 14 minutes talking, and not a single word he says is boring.
@TheTyler888 6 meses atrás
I'd say him saying how he got the role is pretty boring and bogstandard
@77163 6 meses atrás
​@@TheTyler888Probably cause it's just not an exciting story.
@ianskyvox 6 meses atrás
This video could be 14 HOURS long and I'd watch the whole thing
@Tylerson 6 meses atrás
Not to say he's boring, but this is also edited so we don't know how long he was actually there talking.
@kyorikusagami84 6 meses atrás
For star wars fans yeah of course
@GilliganKrueger0829 2 meses atrás
Hearing him bring up how he’s not only happy that Carrie is getting a star but also that it’s right next to his really warms my heart! Him saying “she’s really fun to be around” only intensified the feeling…
@UnderASwiftSunrise 6 meses atrás
What a great interview! Some actors on these Wired things just minimally answer the question, especially if it only requires a yes/no answer. But Mark not only answers, he expands, expounds and explains. He's like my grandfather used to be: ask a question about his life and he's off and running! I'm glad they let him talk.
@jinky0u812 6 meses atrás
Most probably the best "Most Searched Questions" I have ever seen. Mark is such a down to earth, intelligent, kind, humble, and charismatic human being. I could watch him talk all day!
@ArghyadeepPal 6 meses atrás
Mark's episode and Willem Dafoe's episode of WIRED are my favourite ones. You just can't hate these two guys, they are so awesome.
@michaelgualtieri7945 6 meses atrás
For anyone wondering, the character Mark played in "Adventure Time" was the Fear Fester; that ghost like entity that came out of Finn's belly button due to his fear of the Ocean.
@misschanandlerbong753 6 meses atrás
Jeremy Shada met Luke Skywalker confirmed
Which is funny because both Luke and Finn are blond hair, losing an arms, use a robotic arms, met a princess, and a legend.
@yukimaruzam 6 meses atrás
His respect and straight up enjoyment of the animation genre and community is fantastic! I appreciate this interview and wish him continued success.
@DukeDarkshadow 6 meses atrás
Mark Hamill completely misunderstanding the question about whether he is in One Piece or not made me absolutely crack up. 😂😂😂
@faeynelockhart7026 6 meses atrás
Finally I found someone who mentioned it!!
@Vidaluko 6 meses atrás
Explain, I dont get it
@Jorem_K 6 meses atrás
One Piece is very long running anime.
@sethmcmahon9800 6 meses atrás
@@Vidalukoone piece is a show. He thought the question was asking if he was still holding together like “in one piece”
@HonsHon 6 meses atrás
​@@sethmcmahon9800lmao didn't realize that. Thought he meant his character is going to die haha
@Rokudaimedono 6 meses atrás
He's just such a nice and down to earth guy, on top of being funny. That's a really great personality combo.
@randomheadful7190 6 meses atrás
I have loved Mark Hamill since Star Wars debuted in 1977. I was 8 and even then, I couldn’t get enough of him. I could watch him answer questions all day long, he is so interesting and funny and intelligent and fun! Mark, if you ever happen to see this, just know you have a fan who is devoted to you for life. Can’t wait to see your new movie!!! ❤️
@tanadarko6991 6 meses atrás
This might be my favorite one of these yet - he was so funny and friendly and down to earth. I didn't realize he'd done so many little cameos and roles!
@dmgroberts5471 6 meses atrás
I've been a Star Wars fan since I was about four, so I've always loved Mark Hamill for being Luke, but he also comes across as a very engaging, humble, and friendly fellow.
It’s great seeing Mark Hamill still doing his thing. He truly is a legend, No matter what role he portrays
@jacoblashley4018 6 meses atrás
That moment where Mark says it will be nice that Carrie Fisher’s Hollywood Star will be close to his “because she’s always fun to be around” is so wholesome - I love that it’s spoken in the present tense, like she has never left us 🥲
@jackychang9148 6 meses atrás
In some ways she never will.
@Zalintis 6 meses atrás
I involuntarily let out an "awwwww" at that part :)
@davetherave5 6 meses atrás
"No one's ever really gone." - Luke Skywalker
@MaxB.20 6 meses atrás
or its because it is a re-upload..
@Zalintis 6 meses atrás
@@MaxB.20 a VERY plausible reason! But will I confirm it? No, I'd rather not haha like it more this way :P
@JabberCT 5 meses atrás
I'm always entertained listening to him. He has a very genuine attitude. He always sounds like he's talking to you personally, instead of a camera.
@JCA1009 6 meses atrás
Mark is an incredibly humble individual and an exceptional artist. It was truly exhilarating when he liked a tweet I wrote. It served as a validation of his true character and talent.
@MrPhil1st 6 meses atrás
Mark Hamill is a real gem. I'd take a beer with you anyday :) Keep being awesome Mark!
@Enzo-kb4oj 5 meses atrás
Una de las personas que más adoro en el mundo. No tiene sentido lo maravillos que es Mark como persona y como profesional ♥ Infinitas gracias por existir, Maestro Skywalker.
@theuneducatedman5375 6 meses atrás
I think Mark is one of the most amazing people. he's so positive and upbeat. Really hope I get to meet him one day. The guy is like a walking encouragement for other people to just try and not give up. Awesome video
@Kovu2004 6 meses atrás
“This thing is gonna get cancelled in 4 episodes, cuz it’s too smart.” That’s the most depressing yet true line I’ve ever heard.
@mish375 6 meses atrás
Sadly true, but thankfully he was wrong.
@imightbebiased9311 6 meses atrás
Contrast that with him describing the Bark Hamill "joke". That show ran for 12 seasons.
@alejandroalcoser5289 6 meses atrás
Its also true that parents watched it with their kids. I saw it when it was originally released, and binged it with my wife and kids during the covid lockdown. We were all hooked.
@Ydgrasil 6 meses atrás
Yup especially for anything anime, comic or animated. A lot of people thinks it‘s for 5 year olds. You can be thankful for each season you get of something
@howardbannister745 6 meses atrás
@@alejandroalcoser5289 Watched it every few years since I was a kid. It's still so fresh and thought provoking.
@donovanpitts6907 6 meses atrás
Love this guy. Played a big part of my childhood and even my everyday life now with Luke Skywalker and The Joker.
@dudefromtheearth 5 meses atrás
The fact that Mark changed it up and is in The Machine says a lot about him. I recently had a look at the list for everything he's involved in on IMDB and it will blow you mind how he's been working all these years before his role as Luke. Mark is a machine!
@swordsmanoftime3001 6 meses atrás
Fun fact: The role of Han Solo was originally offered to Robert Englund, best known for playing Freddie Krueger in Nightmare in elm street, and happened to see an audition for the role of Luke Skywalker. He thought his friend Mark Hamill was suited for the role so he referred Mark for the role and got the part.
@TheAntsh 6 meses atrás
Shame that Mark didn't mention Englund because this whole 'fun fact' is too good to be true. Not one Hollywood actor would have refused and handed over a part in Lucas' movie.
@allankoyczan3126 6 meses atrás
Did Lucas have any other movies under his belt at the time though?
@kenjutsukata1o1 6 meses atrás
That's been debunked by Mark himself.
@herrypottier4201 6 meses atrás
Yah to think they were roommates that didn't know they will be hollywood legends!!!!!
@TheAntsh 6 meses atrás
@@allankoyczan3126 American Graffiti was a big hit in 1973
I love how just- himself, that he is, whenever he’s on camera. No posturing, no(unreasonably) closed door so to speak. He’s just simply that: Mark Hamill.
@findsharon 5 meses atrás
He's so funny and insightful. I'm glad there's a Mark Hamill in this world.
@IMVoxerus 6 meses atrás
This guy is just pure gold. His ability to remain so humble and still pass on a genuinely good message and wisdom with authority and subtlety is inspiring. He is the definition of a good person, and how he managed to keep his perspective through all his fame is probably his greatest accomplishment.
@mish375 6 meses atrás
That's why we love him. He's a real one and always remained humble.
@tashadent150 6 meses atrás
This man made me fall in love in sci-fi movies and star wars
@TheZamaron 6 meses atrás
When it comes to politics, Mark isn't the smartest, but yah he's a genuinly good person and does does best.
@Khalith 6 meses atrás
He’s a treasure.
@TiestoCalvinHarris 6 meses atrás
@art2norrman872 6 meses atrás
How can someone hate this man? I could listen to him for hours
@thedirtchamber 6 meses atrás
A wonderful human being and a wonderful actor, my all-time favorite together with Harrison Ford. Thank you for everything you've given us over the years, you are great!
@Wikingking 6 meses atrás
I just feel Mark is like Luke. Despite being among the absolute greatest legends of his craft he has remained your humble homeboy who is just happy if everyone is happy. He does his job and tries to be a good example. More people should follow his path.
@benjamintaylor5025 6 meses atrás
How can you not love Mark Hamill. He's got to be one of the most wholesome people out there
@davewarman2976 6 meses atrás
He did such a wonderful job. I could listen to him tell stories for hours.
@rasmuslundstrom4821 6 meses atrás
"Is Mark Hamill in one piece? Well so far, but the day is young so let's wait and see." He is a national treasure 😭😭😭💀
@MappaDoji 6 meses atrás
Considering the next question was about Adventure Time, I'm pretty sure whoever asked this meant the anime One Piece. 😂
@saminusprime2746 6 meses atrás
When he said One Piece I was thinking of the anime 😂
@fintan9218 6 meses atrás
It was definitely referring to the anime
@maximos5748 6 meses atrás
Yeah! I would love to hear him as idk Hiruluk or maybe an Elder!
@dune2themaker 6 meses atrás
Got the impression he did not know about the anime so …
@AndreiCaldararu Mês atrás
The fondness he he speaks with about people he's worked with, especially Kevin Conroy, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher is just amazing.
I love Mark Hamill so much genuinely such a great guy!! and can truly tell he loves everything he works on.
@dean43669 6 meses atrás
Love Mark Hamill. He's nice, grounded and down to earth! Glad to see that fame and Hollywood did not change him for the worse. 😊
@docproc144 6 meses atrás
Mark Hamill is a national treasure. He’s practically nerd royalty.
@OfficialNakatsuMegami 3 meses atrás
I absolutely LOVE this man. He has done so much for the community and is such a personable guy. I would love to meet him in Real Life.
@RadioactiveWeka 6 meses atrás
So heartwarming when he called Kevin his Batman. Kevin was the Batman and Mark is the Joker, can't change my mind.
@reineraldrichleal2814 6 meses atrás
It was heartwarming for me and us too
@Vidaluko 6 meses atrás
More amazing that both Kevin and Carrie where mentioned like they where still with us, he never talks about the deaths when he talks about them, he talks like he is gonna see them later in the day
@daveretzlaff8391 6 meses atrás
For me it depends on whether you're talking about animated or live action. Far animation Kevin is definitely my Batman & Mark my Joker but live action Michael Keaton is my Batman & Jack Nicholson my Joker.
@jacob4920 6 meses atrás
Conroy and Hamill worked together, in various Batman properties, for 25 years! So I would have been shocked if Mark DIDN'T feel that way about Kevin Conroy! lol
@Tebony2 6 meses atrás
Period!!! That's on Mary and all her little lambs
@MrSuperPlush 4 meses atrás
What a great video. I love how passionate and happy Mark is with what he's done in his career. We all should be so lucky!
@MrErik052005 6 meses atrás
For me, Mark Hamill is more famous for playing The Joker than Luke Skywalker. Luke could have been played by anyone. But, no one brings the Joker to life the way Mark does. He is my childhood.
@cdtaylor7732 6 meses atrás
The fact that he has played so many small roles. Just for having fun (and let’s be honest, money too) while doing it. He made my parents and uncles childhoods amazing with Star Wars and made mine awesome with Avatar: The Last Airbender. I wonder how many childhoods he can affect in a positive way with his characters. Making them legendary and amazing for the shows and movies we watched him in.
@jeffwillemain6098 6 meses atrás
You can tell by hearing him speak how nice of a guy he really is.
@Johnykluk 4 meses atrás
Mark is such a fun person and a gentleman on basically any interview. Awesome guy!
@dispassionateobserver 6 meses atrás
I love Mark Hamill. He's naturally funny and he seems to enjoy talking about stuff and telling stories. His impression of Harrison Ford is epic.
@hognuckles 6 meses atrás
I need more Mark Hamill in my life! Where is this guy been for the last 40 years?
@Noobboi99 6 meses atrás
I can listening to his stories for hours man, this guy is a legend
@garmadonthesensei59 6 meses atrás
I could listen to him talk for hours!! I love this man with all my heart, he’s a treasure ❤
@miqvPL 6 meses atrás
they say 'dont meet your idols' but any interview or experience others had with Mark I read about confirms that man is made out of gold. Love the man, I wish him a long life full of happiness
@OfficialAshArcher 5 meses atrás
Love this guy. Always just been a chill, relaxed, good guy
@cleverusername9369 6 meses atrás
I'm convinced that Mark's utter commitment to and palpable enthusiasm for bringing joy to his fans are more powerful than the Force itself.
@Largentina. 6 meses atrás
Of course it's more powerful than something that doesn't exist. Obviously.
@cleverusername9369 6 meses atrás
@@Largentina. wow aren't you smart and superior
@kenjutsukata1o1 6 meses atrás
He definitely seems like such a genuine guy, and I'm always (pleasantly) surprised when I hear he's been married for so long. You don't see many actors make it so long in their relationships, so I feel like he and his wife must both be very genuine and open people with good communication skills and a sense of commitment.
@sassymayg 6 meses atrás
100%!!!! 🙌
@ShesHereForTheMusic 5 meses atrás
Best comment ❤
@genehenson8851 6 meses atrás
What a cool guys. He just has great things to say about every role he’s ever had, no matter how small. Would be a cool guy to sit and talk with.
@thomass.586 6 meses atrás
Just a pleasure to watch him do his thing, a genuine legend.
@DarthWalls 6 meses atrás
I can’t tell you how much I loved this thank you he is one of my favorite actors this is amazing
@zemium0 5 meses atrás
He is the type of person I could sit and listen to for hours without getting bored. Not only that, but he is STILL fun to look at. He looks so kind and respectful. Also, though he is old now, he is still beautiful. What a perfect creation of a human being. We need more people like Mark Hamill in this world. He is the perfect role model for humanity. I am also so glad that he is still here with us. He is proof that not only the good die young, and that the good will be given more life, and live for multiple generations.
@GPS_DS 6 meses atrás
Easily the best WIRED interview, this man gives his all to every interview, ad, and role he’s in, with one of the most likable people I’ve ever seen. One of my biggest heroes.
@brianclark4040 6 meses atrás
People don’t realize how talented Mark Hamill is. When I was a small kid, after I saw Star Wars, I think I watched every show I could with Mark Hamill-Muppet Show, Corvette Summer (priceless). I think he was in the Elephant Man. Everything I’ve seen him in looks like he’s aiming for the fences.
@mish375 6 meses atrás
​@@brianclark4040I agree. He tends to play roles so effortlessly that I've seen people criticise him for it, thinking he isn't even trying. Personally, I think he's more versatile than people give him credit for.
@Sl4pTrap 6 meses atrás
loved this one, but my fave wired is with nick cage :D
@seank7288 6 meses atrás
But if we could get him to do the Hot ones interview, the research would be amazing and how he would answer would be amazing.
@GPS_DS 6 meses atrás
@@seank7288 That would be, no exaggeration, the greatest interview of all time. Or, at least, that doesn’t have Johnny Carson in it.
@Jenisonc 2 meses atrás
Mark is such a breath of fresh air. Such a likeable person.
@josiahstearns9615 Mês atrás
Oh my word…. This guy seems so genuine. I bet he’s an amazing grandfather.
@ainerossman1344 6 meses atrás
I have so much respect for that man. His dedication and sincerity warms my heart
@Ambienfinity 3 meses atrás
What a fantastic, grounded guy he is. No wonder he was so good as Luke.
@MCers-ig7ir 6 meses atrás
My favorite portrayal of a hero ever. Thank you for making Luke Skywalker so special mr. Hamill.
@jesseboy7951 6 meses atrás
undeniably legendary yet down to earth and self-aware. pure class.
@auralepiphanies4055 4 meses atrás
Mark Hamill is freakin hilarious. I love his self effacing humor. What a fine example of a human being!
@cXspXr Mês atrás
the older he gets, the more adorably wholesome he becomes. he also just sounds more like the joker naturally as he ages it seems too lol. especially his laughs, like at 4:21
@Khalith 6 meses atrás
Mark will always be my favorite Joker. His iconic laugh is still the best.
@weeburflurrr4286 6 meses atrás
This man made an impact on countless lives and I hope he knows that
@CarlosSoto-xe2we 6 meses atrás
Mark thank you so much for all you've contributed. It's had such a hige impact on my life!!
@ColinGrym 6 meses atrás
"What does Mark Hamill look like now?" "I look like this! Shame, isn't it?" No Mark, it's not a shame at all. You look like someone who has delighted fans like me for a long time, and who continues to be absolutely amazing to engage with. You look like an interesting life well-lived with class and irreplaceable style.
@mish375 6 meses atrás
He's aged gracefully. Not too much plastic surgery, no wild lifestyle that aged him, and he's been happily married for 40+ years. Just a well rounded guy that gets to do what he loves.
@chloebubbles 6 meses atrás
@@mish375 He was in not such good shape for a while. But then he got fitter and leaner again for his role in TFA :)
@CarSVernon 6 meses atrás
he joked that when parents tell kids this is luke they always have a look of horror on their faces cause they dont know how long ago SW was made
@noellerosella4589 6 meses atrás
Molto ben scritto 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@CodecrafterArtemis 6 meses atrás
And if you squint a little, this black undershirt and brown jacket look a bit like Jedi robes... Gives him wise sort of "Jedi historian" vibe.
@VariTimo 6 meses atrás
Adore him! His performance in The Last Jedi is outstanding. I knew he was a great actor but he brought so much depth and heart to it even he wasn’t on board for a long time.
@NotAClanker 6 meses atrás
He was probably the only thing I liked, seeing him as Luke even if it wasn't really like Luke at all got to me
@VariTimo 6 meses atrás
@@NotAClanker I feel like it would have been a great injustice to the character to just assume that he didn’t change in the time since Return of the Jedi. It only makes sense that he is broken if he hides away. Every other way of picking off where Force Awakens left off would have made Luke a lesser character.
@IlicSorrentino 5 meses atrás
"I worked at McDonald's" and "I love doing animation...", he is humble and generous. Respect.
@scruffd0g193 5 meses atrás
Mark Hamill is the embodiment of all things good.
@lanman6239 5 meses atrás
I have to say that you are awesome. I have watched a few of this series, but you just seem honest. Anyways, I am glad that you found your professional calling and seem to do well.
@SuperMrBlaze 2 meses atrás
Mark has great sense of humour, I wish him all the best...
@witchblade100377 6 meses atrás
I met Mark Hamill once, he was filming a movie near a friends house and my friend called me up and told me and so I rushed over there so I could have him sign a Star Wars figure. He was so nice and very funny. My friend that was with me was also named Mark and he asked my friend, "Do you spell your name with a C or a K." And my friend said a K and Mark Hamill said, "Good, I don't like the French spelling."
@jayhom5385 6 meses atrás
Wait. You guys were Mike and Mark?
@axzaos 6 meses atrás
What an absolute legend
@balkee42 6 meses atrás
Most legendary thing ive ever read
@rosemimi973 2 meses atrás
Mark Hamill is one of those guys that enjoys every aspect of his profession…movies, synchronization, broadway, etc. he does it all and he loves it. Not every actor can do/wants to do it. Mark is the ultimate actor.
@georgehillier1351 2 meses atrás
Just such a likeable guy, and always funny. Would love to just sit and have a beer with this man.
@Richardlikes2014 2 meses atrás
You could tell that this is a man that you could have a beer with and have the best time of your life listening to him
@Bobsk3 6 meses atrás
Hey Mark, gotta say, one of your best characters has to be Detective Mosely (or Mostly for the insiders). Must’ve been amazing fun working with Tim Curry!
@patmalloy3569 2 meses atrás
He is so down to earth and genuine. What a refreshing dude lol. That Dorothy Hamill story is great lol
@coolcat8b 6 meses atrás
I could listen to Mark telling stories and anecdotes ALL DAY. No wonder he's still happily married. Mark, if you read this, know that I hope it works out for you both!
@ninak.5283 5 meses atrás
A man with intelligence, wit and a warm heart! Gotta love Mark Hamill!
@rowster5357 5 meses atrás
I love that old people always have great vocabularies and generally have full answers
@user-eb3dv6sd2h 6 meses atrás
He’s one of our true American Treasures. Truly talented, absolutely humble, and just a super genuine person. One of my all time favorite people.
@chubby_artist Mês atrás
I love Mark Hamill! I could sit and listen to him for hours!
@johnsalvi3870 6 meses atrás
What a legend and a respectable human being
@ChrisGorski 6 meses atrás
It's a beautiful thing that Mark Hamill is so awesome, kind and funny
@KyleEstes108 6 meses atrás
"Awesome, kind, and funny Mark Hamill is, a beautiful thing it is."
@MzAbbyxz 3 meses atrás
He clearly love telling stories about him and such, i love this man, legend ♥
@TrvisXXIII 7 dias atrás
This man is so whimsical and silly lol I died of laughter at the Dorothy Hamill story at the end 😂 “I might get arrested for telling this”
@RubyDoobieScoo 6 meses atrás
It's great to see that he's proud to have been part of Avatar, it really is an anamoly of a kid's show, it's better written than the vast majority of shows made for adults.
@LoyaFrostwind 5 meses atrás
I know right? I've collected all the DVDs and graphic novels published so far.
@toowhitegangster5941 2 meses atrás
I love Mark Hamill. It was great when he said, "I think by law, only Merryl Streep can do dialects." He said it with a straight face and most people probably missed the sarcasm and really believe there is a law that states only Merryl Streep can do dialects on camera. Extremely funny.
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