MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)

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MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)
"Man's World", available now! Download/stream:
Written by MARINA
Directed by Alexandra Gavillet
Creative Direction & Story by MARINA
Song Produced by Jennifer Decilveo, Co-Produced by MARINA
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18 Nov 2020



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Comentários 100
Zheraz Annuh
Zheraz Annuh 10 minutos atrás
Brett S.
Brett S. 3 horas atrás
even as a man I don't want to live in a mans world anymore
Iancharles Flores
Iancharles Flores 3 horas atrás
this song is soooooooo good omfgggggggg!!!
Ladey Gags
Ladey Gags 5 horas atrás
Beautiful work mom
Christin Köhler
Christin Köhler 12 horas atrás
I love everything about this song and video. this pictures are art and with the music a damn powerful statement. And can we appreciate that this is lived diversity. All this different women*! I love it.
Saliva Baby
Saliva Baby 12 horas atrás
this makes me want to punish a man
Joan Alegría
Joan Alegría 16 horas atrás
Hola, alguien sabe cuando sale el nuevo disco de Marina?, lo necesito
Jonny Fredheim
Jonny Fredheim 17 horas atrás
Nice song, floating like the calm ocean! 😊 🇧🇻
Neko Marc
Neko Marc 18 horas atrás
someone please do a tik tok trend about this song so Marina gets the Attention she deserves
Henrique Nunes
Henrique Nunes Dia atrás
You are the most underated Singer that I have ever seen! Marina GOAT!
Henrique Nunes
Henrique Nunes Dia atrás
Alguém do Brasil? 🇧🇷 👇
lucia bazzani
lucia bazzani Dia atrás
crying this is so good
Cassandra Glazier
Marina says trans rights!
Alice Oliveira
Alice Oliveira Dia atrás
conceito coesão e aclamação !
mahalia h
mahalia h Dia atrás
I can’t explain how much I literally worship everything she is
Pineapple Gacha
Pineapple Gacha 2 horas atrás
Oml sameee
yaqbec23 Dia atrás
Ah, of course. The mythical patriarchat. I'm kinda disappointed in her right now.
Marry Dia atrás
I don't know why but tbh this song reminds about a book named "Burned Alive"
Iancharles Flores
Mode PDX
Mode PDX 2 dias atrás
Sky cannon bless her Truth.
mhmmd.h salehi
mhmmd.h salehi 2 dias atrás
marina is art
lianahit 2 dias atrás
she always has been a feminist icon
agucha 2 dias atrás
feminist queen
fleur webber
fleur webber 2 dias atrás
i can’t believe how underrated this woman is
Bruna Bparecida
Bruna Bparecida 2 dias atrás
o cliepe 0etfereeeitoooobakeeei nada fico tão feliz quando acontece
Rushack CZ
Rushack CZ 2 dias atrás
This is a message. Don't be selfish, stupid and blind.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 2 dias atrás
I love her unique music
Cat Killjoy
Cat Killjoy 2 dias atrás
✨greek goddess vibes✨
Weronika 2 dias atrás
She's half Greek
yuri 6907
yuri 6907 2 dias atrás
It's cool that an older woman is playing the guitar in this mv;)
Mystic Dream
Mystic Dream 2 dias atrás
Marina is a goddess
Dennerson Samarony
Dennerson Samarony 3 dias atrás
I'm a gay man and i dont wanna leave in a man's world anymore.
Jonathan S Fisher
Jonathan S Fisher 3 dias atrás
I felt the lyrics for the first time today. I FELT them!!! I knew what she was saying. I cried so much. I found myself saying I don't want to live in a man's world anymore with her. Thank you Marina for a thought provoking and meaningful song!!!! I love you!!!
yeha 07
yeha 07 3 dias atrás
A nova formação dos Power Rangers está bem diversificada
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 3 dias atrás
This is lit 🔥
DangerIncreased 3 dias atrás
Then just go to freakin' mars with Elon Musk The mAn😆
Kalmár Ákos
Kalmár Ákos 3 dias atrás
So as a man, I’m the reason for every wrong in this Earth. I should really kill myself.
Mislayne Apolônia
Mislayne Apolônia 3 dias atrás
This is so fantastic
grimoiregirl 3 dias atrás
Those who disliked this are those who benefit from systematic oppression. Guess they can't let go of patriarchy 🥴
Andy Windbird
Andy Windbird 3 dias atrás
Girl, u deserve a Grammy for this song!
Ethan DeMinter
Ethan DeMinter 3 dias atrás
All these women are stunning. I’m a cis straight male and I think this is art. What beauty.
Regan Regan
Regan Regan 3 dias atrás
I thought she was doing a cover for Nova Miller “Mans World”
Никита Платиновый
не хочешь - не живи
a a
a a 3 dias atrás
now i feel deep love vibe from mother earth and all womans in this wolrd
Juliana alves nunes
Juliana alves nunes 3 dias atrás
Gustavo Da Silva
Gustavo Da Silva 3 dias atrás
Lucas Godoi
Lucas Godoi 4 dias atrás
Hey guys, let's stop saying that Marina is underrated. Actually she is very famous. I'm from Brazil and love her, Marina has fans all over the world. Marina is an amazing artist and she cares about her art. The quality of her work is the most important thing to her and that is what makes a real artist, right? So let's start to say how wonderful she is, let's focus in the music and not in the charts, and let's also do our part telling people about Marina, asking for reactions on youtube channels and giving her lots of streams. Can't wait till the album is out 💕
Juliana alves nunes
Juliana alves nunes 3 dias atrás
abby iglesias
abby iglesias 4 dias atrás
I love how she has evolved but its always with how we feel!! so goood!
Sad Larry
Sad Larry 4 dias atrás
Tigre! Tigre!
Tigre! Tigre! 4 dias atrás
Do I watch this video at least 5 times a day? Absolutely
Tigre! Tigre!
Tigre! Tigre! 19 horas atrás
@Beauty With BD exactly 😂
Beauty With BD
Beauty With BD 22 horas atrás
The world is so messed up that watching this 5 times a day is the only thing keeping me sane🤣
So '
So ' 4 dias atrás
This is truly awesome !!! 😊🙂
꧂Ali axi꧂
꧂Ali axi꧂ 4 dias atrás
Honestly, they're wearing masks and she's right. hilarious: 0% repeating this: 10% juice: 30% beautiful: 10000000000% 😱😱😱😱
꧂Ali axi꧂
꧂Ali axi꧂ Dia atrás
@Private Info So?
Private Info
Private Info 2 dias atrás
tat's not how percentages work...
Diego Polanco
Diego Polanco 4 dias atrás
Diego Polanco
Diego Polanco 4 dias atrás
Dan S
Dan S 4 dias atrás
I, for one, am grateful she is not a man. She is so talented and gorgeous.
Dan S
Dan S 4 dias atrás
@Terka Mašková Totes can and are. I don't know, I think I was trying to be funny again.
Terka Mašková
Terka Mašková 4 dias atrás
Why can't a man be talented and gorgeous?
Oks MahOo
Oks MahOo 5 dias atrás
Однозначно хорошо
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 5 dias atrás
Why does everyone hate men
tettty 4 dias atrás
Goo goo ga ga baby
Wow... I used to listen to her music in my childhood and WOOOOOWWWW!!! So many memories coming back. Glad that she’s still recording music. Love her! Keep doing it girl 🖤
Julia Pawlus
Julia Pawlus 5 dias atrás
who is that guy in a dress?
Antonio Scala
Antonio Scala 5 dias atrás
Love it so much 😍 voice of Godness ❤
Genna Santaquilani
Genna Santaquilani 5 dias atrás
I'm not crying. You're crying... *sobs because this is so beautiful.*
Alan Araneda R.
Alan Araneda R. 5 dias atrás
There's something so badass yet charming about that lady in blue playing the guitar 💞
brennen green
brennen green 5 dias atrás
Pablo PriBal
Pablo PriBal 5 dias atrás
Isa K
Isa K 5 dias atrás
I’ve had this on repeat every time I take a shower for like a weak. It makes me feel powerful
Abel salvador vazquez tapia
Pasando la Mans World Ya toda Mans World quedaste OMGAGA pisé Mans World
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan 6 dias atrás
Oh dear. I love marina but it turns out she is one of them too now. What do I mean. She has fallen into that cabal. The irony of this video. “I don’t want to live in a man’s world” but she is quite happy to display her acceptance of slavery making her female props wear slave masks for a hoax pandemic
tettty 4 dias atrás
Pfffft this made me laugh go tend to your grandkids grandpa
ARTVID-19 6 dias atrás
This song is so fucking inspiring. Whenever I see something mysognystic, sexist or that generally pisses me off in the gender department, I blast this song. And belt it is no one is around. The perfect amount of frustration and beauty.
Azuregryphon1 6 dias atrás
Marina's voice is SO clear and angelic. Kudos for representing many different women in this video!
Areesha Qureshi
Areesha Qureshi 6 dias atrás
I literally thought she said jisoo rosé instead of 'cheeks are rosy'😂 So I came here to find who else felt the same but there's no one
Jacqueline Luz
Jacqueline Luz 6 dias atrás
Wonderful, Beautiful...❤️🌟
Felicity 6 dias atrás
no witches were burned during the salem witch trials
ricky grant
ricky grant 6 dias atrás
Is that Joan Baez ??
ELECTRA MARINA 6 dias atrás
To all the fellow boys who are watching this, she's not insulting men in general, she's talking about the sexualization that men put on females and expect girls to be stereotypical
Terka Mašková
Terka Mašková 4 dias atrás
@tettty well let's not forget that yes, the ones who probably started it were men, but they weren't the only ones who thought that women should be treated differently. Mothers taught that to their sons and fathers to their daughters. It wasn't just men having women on a leash. Well, crying over the past won't help anyone, so I think people should start talking about present , and actually try to solve something 🤷
tettty 4 dias atrás
@Terka Mašková maybe so but it's 100x worse when it comes to men bc they've been doing it so much for so long
Terka Mašková
Terka Mašková 4 dias atrás
Don't both genders do that?
ELECTRA MARINA 6 dias atrás
The Holy Trinity: MARINA, Lana Del Rey and Florence + The Machine
Mystic Dream
Mystic Dream 4 dias atrás
Omg yeah I’m obsessed with all of them
Rosee 0xx0
Rosee 0xx0 6 dias atrás
I absolutely love it! Piece of ART
Kishalay Mondal
Kishalay Mondal 6 dias atrás
Wow!!! What a song..... Love it.
Héctor Ricardo De la Cruz Montes
I like Marina's work, i enjoyed the song And i got the message: Blame the man
Sapphire Halliday
Sapphire Halliday 7 dias atrás
larp 7 dias atrás
god I love Marina
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez 7 dias atrás
How did this get disliked at all?? This is a masterpiece of pure genuine art.
tettty 4 dias atrás
It's just salty men who think it's directed at them specifically lmaooo
Kauana Nunes
Kauana Nunes 7 dias atrás
"the planet has a funny way to stop a fight" remember when 2020 started and we thought world war III was about to start but then coronavirus happened
Terka Mašková
Terka Mašková 4 dias atrás
It's basically the same🤣
Sébastien Shang
Sébastien Shang 4 dias atrás
her mind.. ugh, so powerful.
Joan Segel
Joan Segel 7 dias atrás
A liked it, but it made me laugh more than realize what is she criticized. I rather BY FAR, 'To Be Human'.
messymonster 7 dias atrás
i really dont want to live in a mans world anymore.
Nicholas Austin
Nicholas Austin 8 dias atrás
As a 36 year old straight dude, she speaks the truth. Love Marina, she's her own dude. Classy, intelligent, strong, independent.
Tomie Katana
Tomie Katana 6 dias atrás
wassuup 7 dias atrás
Fergie 8 dias atrás
I love how the lyrics are so gently putting firm the truth, she still uses feminine costumes, paired with bright colours to show strength and perseverance.
Jerusha Stevens
Jerusha Stevens 8 dias atrás
This gives me that Getting High With the Girls meme vibes
Deirdre Oh
Deirdre Oh 8 dias atrás
I will forever return to this song when I am in need for female empowerment 🙌
Chaaleesi 8 dias atrás
My new favorite song. Hauntingly good and I love so much the inspiration it gives me personally in moving forward with working on my book(s) about Queens and Goddesses and Witches...I have been working on this concept for a year now (it is likely going to be a saga lol) and I have been curating a playlist to listen that goes with my writing...and this is my anthem for the series for sure!! Hands down, in love with this!!!
chicken.nugget xoxo
chicken.nugget xoxo 8 dias atrás
the variety of colours is pleasing my eyes
shelly 8 dias atrás
I love Marina so much!! Her music is art. Art. I wish more people would see that!
Jose Santos
Jose Santos 8 dias atrás
This Song is freaking Beautiful. 💓💗💓
Jose Santos
Jose Santos 8 dias atrás
I've been listening to Marina for many year's now. She's an Amazing artist . And I'm not a Pop music listening person. More of a Metal head But Marina & Lana Del Dey are my favorite for that type of music. 💀🦂💀 💓💓💓
Aidan Cote
Aidan Cote 8 dias atrás
Very political but its message is very clear
A A 8 dias atrás
There's an impostor among us
Poem with Poet
Poem with Poet 8 dias atrás
I think,we want more People Like Marina who are beautiful due to their natural Beauty. She has denied for dye and has not dyed her hair for 1 year and now she is showing her gray hair which is completely graceful and so REAL. if we see this more,then we can probably and perfectly neglect the statement "To be famous is everything" Sending Lots of Love And Respect To Marina♥️♥️
Cat with Blood pink
Cat with Blood pink 8 dias atrás
Oh ❤️❤️❤️🥺
Suraj Arvind
Suraj Arvind 8 dias atrás
dis some astral sheeeet !!! malaysia loves u marina 🇲🇾💓🇬🇧
Suraj Arvind
Suraj Arvind 8 dias atrás
@Hamad • حمد we’re very well aware of her greek heritage , isn’t she born in the uk !? 🙄
Hamad • حمد
Hamad • حمد 8 dias atrás
She’s Greek
Ari Daniel
Ari Daniel 9 dias atrás
Caroline Sofie
Caroline Sofie 9 dias atrás
Why is this queen so underrated
Poa 9 dias atrás
this is magic and hard work
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