Marie Osmond Performs With Olivia Newton John

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
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Children's Miracle Network Hospitals co-founder Marie Osmond delights crowds at the charity's annual conference "Momentum" during a performance with friend and fellow performer, Olivia Newton John.

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2 Mar 2016



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Debbie Lee
Olivia has the most beautiful voice, no one can replace her! Olivia lives on.🙏💜
Unicorn Princess
The world is a lot sadder without Olivia Newton-John she was amazing and everything she did and her fight was so courageous
Elizabeth Lee
Her voice lives on. No one can ever sing like her; her voice, her passion and her personality .. such an Angel. Will
Angelo Casimiro
Rest in Peace, Olivia Newton-John. Your fans will always be "hopelessly devoted to you. You and Marie Osmond were my favorite female singers from the 1970s on. I'm so happy that the two of you were able to record this beautiful duet.
David Hall
This song is truly beautiful. Their voices complement each other perfectly. Feeling so emotional. I have loved Olivia from the age of 13. I am now 66. A shining star. Love and light.
sweatintotheoldies 4 anos atrás
These two moral, strong, TESTED, beautiful, mothers/sisters/daughters/friends are wonderful role models!!! Adore them both!
Declan McLeod
Declan McLeod 2 anos atrás
Wow! Their voices are perfectly matched! Such beautiful women, such beautiful talent!!! Prayers for Olivia, and her battle with Cancer! I'm a stage four Cancer survivor....survived naturally, no chemo!
H London
Olivia is legendary and one of the most kind persons to have lived. Her strong sense of caring and giving is a testament to her enormous soul. Her passing was very sad and has touched the hearts of millions.
web Surfin
web Surfin 2 anos atrás
Marie & Olivia..... in recent decades there are not 2 women performers that come close to the talent they both have.... it's timeless!
sharon jemmott
Truly one of the greatest voices ever. Such a beautiful person inside out. Rest In Peace Olivia. Your memories will always live on.
David R
These are two highly experienced professionals that have been singing live for the past 50 years.
Alex Carratu
Two great, sensitive talents here. So much talent, so much kindness. RIP, Olivia. Your battle is over now. Your music will live on.
BoMitchell83 6 anos atrás
Olivia seems so real and adds sincerity to the words in the song. Even her facial expressions seem so loving.
LA Lane
Battling stage 4 breast cancer right now. This song just gives me goosebumps! Expresses a lot of sentiments in my heart. 💗💜💗Thank you for this beautiful song!!!
Jo-Ann Rutherford
You just hear ONJ's strength in voice. I love her harmonizing and her deeper tones. Such a beautiful soul, beautiful lady, beautiful singer!!!!!
Mike Oakley
Mike Oakley 4 anos atrás
Both are ultra-talented performers and vocalists. Never thought Marie got the credit she deserved.
I first came across Olivia when I saw Grease, first single was A Little More Love. Pure class of voice. So sad that Olivia has sadly gone, but lots of wonderful music to keep on listening to.
trini 5 anos atrás
OMG Olivia sounds just as amazing as she always did. Been a long time since I've seen her on a stage.
Luis Enrique Perez
Luis Enrique Perez 6 anos atrás
Two exquisite voices. These ladies don't get the credit they deserve.
Two angels. Literally. Marie is that rare, cute sweetheart that keeps getting more beautiful as she gets older. Incredible. Olivia? Was always beautiful and Heaven is a much better place now with her in it. I know it got brighter for my parents, who KNOW how much I love Olivia. Rest In Peace, beautiful angel. And as I have said before, thank you God for gracing us here on Earth with both Olivia and Marie. I feel privileged, and only hope that the current generations get as lucky as we did during the 70's.
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