Mariah Carey - Always Be My Baby (Live at iHeart Living Room Concert For America)

Mariah Carey
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29 Mar 2020



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Comentários 80
Cicera Alves da Silva Alves da Silva
Mais ta feia
Akasha Kunar
Akasha Kunar Dia atrás
Amazing love this
Adrián Rojas
Adrián Rojas Dia atrás more to say
Aksha B.
Aksha B. Dia atrás
Her whisper and whistle voice makes her Unique and special! And dont forget about melisma and low notes.
Aksha B.
Aksha B. Dia atrás
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 2 dias atrás
I have beautiful memories associated with this song.
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 2 dias atrás
I think the wear and tear have made her voice more expressive and more soulful.
jános Burai
jános Burai 2 dias atrás
I never understood those who mentioned him on the same level as Whitney. Celinnel, Barbraval.
NEVER STOP 2 dias atrás wopuld you sing a this song. i make this song
benedicteknutson 4 dias atrás
Laurent Kalter
Laurent Kalter 5 dias atrás
Did you know we've been married ? then suddenly I woke up and ...sadly I'm alone she always be my love forever she's the greatest
Stefano Gaslini
Stefano Gaslini 5 dias atrás
Piccolina ma bella
mi777co k
mi777co k 6 dias atrás
日本からありがとう( ˊᵕˋ🙏🏻 ) 大好き!
Raul Jimenez
Raul Jimenez 7 dias atrás
Please sing Againt All Odds
marialuz miño
marialuz miño 7 dias atrás
En los negros naturalidad increíble..ella se esfuerza un poquito para q salga una voz juvenil
Kaabria Robinson
Kaabria Robinson 7 dias atrás
I just noticed that them people are her backup singers🔥
Willa P.
Willa P. 7 dias atrás
I love you Mariah!
Gifty Lamptey
Gifty Lamptey 8 dias atrás
So no one's gonna talk about her very white hands? 😱 And i think i saw her shake at the end of the video. Is she nervous? 😱 It doesn't matter i love her so much 😌❤️
Vanessa McHugh
Vanessa McHugh 8 dias atrás
Trey Lorenz. Yes.
Melanie Estrada
Melanie Estrada 9 dias atrás
I loved this. Thank you Mariah 🦋🤍
André 9 dias atrás
bembo leconia
bembo leconia 9 dias atrás
I love you idol😘😘😘
Paul Murdock
Paul Murdock 10 dias atrás
OMG Mariah I have the same headphones. It was unintentional thus we are the same...
Juliana cedeno
Juliana cedeno 10 dias atrás
Her voice healed
Andreza Santos
Andreza Santos 10 dias atrás
Que mulher Brasil
Gabriel Diniz
Gabriel Diniz 10 dias atrás
Stefano Gaslini
Stefano Gaslini 10 dias atrás
Piccola ma brava
Tshepo Aubrey
Tshepo Aubrey 11 dias atrás
The QUEEN of whistle register ... WOOOOOW MC
Lolit Tongol
Lolit Tongol 11 dias atrás
1:31 , whas that a whistle??!
Britney 12 dias atrás
Legend 💖
Kerbouaneillam NeillamKerbouaneillam
Beautiful voice love u Mariah
hannah A
hannah A 13 dias atrás
I love sing
Simone Souza
Simone Souza 13 dias atrás
Sempre maravilhosa como amo ♥️+♥️=♥️♥️♥️♥️°✓
Luisa D
Luisa D 13 dias atrás
Love Mariah!!! Always been a fan since I was a child!
Claudia Regina
Claudia Regina 13 dias atrás
Claudia Regina
Claudia Regina 13 dias atrás
Mariah ..linda como sempre..
Gigi Hoseok stan
Gigi Hoseok stan 13 dias atrás will always be my one and only diva 👩‍🎤💚💚💚❣️
Wiktoria Kula
Wiktoria Kula 13 dias atrás
love you
Ron Karlo
Ron Karlo 14 dias atrás
Fascinating those whistles can blown your calm mind...corona virus will definitely go away..babbbbbyy babbyyy
kate bautista
kate bautista 14 dias atrás
I loveee you mariah your voice is like an angel 💙💙
Butterfly Rainbow
Butterfly Rainbow 15 dias atrás
This is so sweet. Beautiful music from the heart. Thank you Mariah Carey.
Lilly Stryker
Lilly Stryker 15 dias atrás
“I’m going to put my gloves on, even in my own home.” Yeah because your cooks, maids and butlers are still employed. Just send them home, pay them a stimulus, cook your own meals, do your own chores. Trust me, you will be just fine and happy.
Bruuh Costureira Externa
She is wonderful and perfect !!
Taewook Kim
Taewook Kim 15 dias atrás
You are amazing Mariah!
thricys nunez
thricys nunez 16 dias atrás
Oh my god thank you for giving Mariah Carey to us.. your songs are part of my existence here on earth.❤❤❤
Mag 16 dias atrás
The best
F C 16 dias atrás
I love that the backing singers also came in, instead of using a backing track. They're all, including Mariah, such major professionals
MugurDeBrad 16 dias atrás
Trey Lorenz is there. Mariah sings like crap. This song wasn't even hard...
RetroGamerVX 17 dias atrás
Please redo anytime you need a friend, I'd really love that please!
Elisa Encenares
Elisa Encenares 17 dias atrás
I love mc ❤️
Jesi Mellamo
Jesi Mellamo 17 dias atrás
The One
Milton Lopes
Milton Lopes 17 dias atrás
É incrível como voz dela continua maravilhosa... ou eu que sou apaixonado demais pra não ver defeitos!!!
Mandell Hawkins
Mandell Hawkins 17 dias atrás
As much as I loved those whistles I want to someday hear the climax live (lambs we all now she does the climax liped) but other than that I can’t believe that after all these years she still got it ❤️
Ana María
Ana María 17 dias atrás
Ana María
Ana María 17 dias atrás
THE BEST!!!!!!!!
Insomnia Blues
Insomnia Blues 17 dias atrás
daniel edwards
daniel edwards 17 dias atrás
It's like she is threading a magic string through her heart, and through ours, when she hits that whistle! :)
ASMR Xi Zui 4 dias atrás
Spiritual connection
Hayley Ad
Hayley Ad 13 dias atrás
So perfectly said!!!
Lucas Domingues
Lucas Domingues 17 dias atrás
I love u quennn💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Valantina J.
Valantina J. 17 dias atrás
kymsamp espellarga
kymsamp espellarga 17 dias atrás
I was so impressed the way she, delivered her whistle its very amazing~
Cristine Torres
Cristine Torres 18 dias atrás
Mimi i will always love u
Taurino Ciumento
Taurino Ciumento 18 dias atrás
Leeanna Lashes
Leeanna Lashes 18 dias atrás
Love you Mariah!💕
iGot7 Stay-Aroha-Army-OneIt-Once
Truly a masterful vocal technician.
Rachel McNeal
Rachel McNeal 18 dias atrás
Love you Mariah this is my favorite singer and that's why I named my baby girl after you momma. God bless you girl. 💝🙏💝🙏
Thabang Mlonzi
Thabang Mlonzi 18 dias atrás
She is the Queen of Vocals
Vdj Inferno
Vdj Inferno 18 dias atrás
May God bless you a thousand more times Mariah
Glenda Rogers
Glenda Rogers 18 dias atrás
方淑芬 19 dias atrás
Still good song I love it very much
2002 CHANNEL 19 dias atrás
Mimi we lova ya
Quang Nguyễn
Quang Nguyễn 19 dias atrás
I can't believe that she's 50 years old 😱
Cedric D
Cedric D 19 dias atrás
Cause of you my headphone became magic
james harris
james harris 19 dias atrás
She seems to have found confidence in her voice again.
Peter Chandler
Peter Chandler 19 dias atrás
Your always awesome in saved my life so many times and I gain great happiness and joy from listening to you. Your such a beautiful soul in this challenging world......always be you ❤❤❤
Priscilla Balardini
Priscilla Balardini 19 dias atrás
Como amo a Mariah.....meu sonho assistir seu show um dia....Que Deus a abençoe muito
Jesse James
Jesse James 19 dias atrás
Mimi is so cute !
Stephane Rukirande
Stephane Rukirande 20 dias atrás
Anytime that I feel alone and need some good and relaxing music to ease my mind ... i know that it’s time for me to start listening to your music .It still has the same effect that it used to have on me when I was younger ,thank you Maria for being the Best ...
oOProtexOo 20 dias atrás
Sï Na
Sï Na 20 dias atrás
Kezia Johnson
Kezia Johnson 21 dia atrás
Love her 💕 queen 👸🏽
Bieleve Me!
Bieleve Me! 21 dia atrás
She's hot af plain and simple
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