March Milkness Taste Test: Sugary Cereals

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March Milkness is officially underway! What’s the sweet breakfast favorite from the Sugary Region?! GMM #1510
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25 Mar 2019



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Comentários 8 285
Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning 24 dias atrás
SPOILER ALERT: This episode is now spoiler-free. Thanks for hanging in there while we fixed it! Enjoy.
Slice Dice
Slice Dice 3 dias atrás
Rice crispys? Original
Super Moosie
Super Moosie 16 dias atrás
Too late sadly.
Urboiii R345ytd
Urboiii R345ytd 18 dias atrás
Oh my god life saver
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store 19 dias atrás
Now it makes me wonder what you do with your Tuesday through Sundays if you film everything on Monday?
Raccoon 20 dias atrás
Reggie Shmeggie Nobody has. Scientists haven’t proven that it’s even real lol
Jake Chen
Jake Chen 2 horas atrás
if cap'n crunch is a pilot he would be a first officer
Deh Pigeon
Deh Pigeon 7 horas atrás
Yaaaay cotton candy randy!!!!!!!
Alice Liddell
Alice Liddell 18 horas atrás
Everyone is saying how they are being biased but this is a ranking based on their own personal choices so of course not everyone would agree.
cindernies67 Dia atrás
Honestly I can’t eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch in milk. It leaves a nasty feeling/film in my mouth and I can’t handle it. I will only eat it dry and just like a couple pieces or a small handful. I’m also mad about the Frosted Flakes/Frosted Mini Wheats thing too...Frosted Mini Wheats get soggy quick and then its just mush in a bowl because they literally absorb ALL of the milk. Gross.
EvilGodAsura Dia atrás
With Enough milk i prefer mini wheats over everything because i care about my health and still get a tasty cereral that makes great sweet milk after
Fatal Parsley
Fatal Parsley Dia atrás
Anyone else have a lot more milk than these jabronis?
SquirrelMiester Dia atrás
Fury was robbed *Frosted flakes: hold my milk*
Hannah Link
Hannah Link Dia atrás
Whistler854 2 dias atrás
In the US Navy there is the rank of captain but any officer in charge of a ship is called captain. If the commanding officer of the ship is a commander you would still call him captain.
Liam Lingenhag
Liam Lingenhag 2 dias atrás
After five years of almost always eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast, I can never truly enjoy them again.
Sassy Aninani
Sassy Aninani 2 dias atrás
Frosted mini wheats beat frosted flakes because frosted flakes get soggy immediatly.
Alex Chidester
Alex Chidester 2 dias atrás
Wow, so many people are upset about Frosted flakes not being moved up. I guess that's why judging should never be biased.
Michael Luu - Glenhaven Sr PS (1173)
I was eating cereal too.
N Dunning
N Dunning 3 dias atrás
12:51 Link’s face tho
O - Rhino
O - Rhino 3 dias atrás
Half of mini wheats has no frosting, way too much wheat, too big pieces. But frosted flakes have a great texture, a very seeet flavor that blances perfect with the milk. And the same goes with lucky charms vs mini wheats. BS, the end. Atleast they didn’t win
HENRY O. ZUNIGA 3 dias atrás
Cereal taste better a bit soggy fight me
Ethan Rowcliffe
Ethan Rowcliffe 3 dias atrás
We just have corn flakes and weetbix down in aus
AndreanBenn 3 dias atrás
everything about this is wrong
Robert Burns
Robert Burns 3 dias atrás
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite cereal and snack along with Raisin Bran and Frosted mini wheats
Rhys Ocean
Rhys Ocean 4 dias atrás
Com'ndr Crunch is the best!
jaquipewpew 4 dias atrás
In México we call the Tiger, Tigre Toño (Antonio)
Korean Hitler
Korean Hitler 4 dias atrás
Lucl charms are bad and honey bunches is better
bandgeek89 5 dias atrás
Honey Nut Cheerios and Bunches of Oats aren't sugary...right??
Mysterious 4 dias atrás
Well honey nut cheerios is sweet
wank memes
wank memes 5 dias atrás
I eat rice Krispy treats cereal all the time and that's definitely not how they're supposed to look lol
Lacey Rose
Lacey Rose 5 dias atrás
So I would like to clarify that pretty much all of your choices this round were WRONG. Oh, my GOD.
Kevlar Burrito
Kevlar Burrito 6 dias atrás
I think if Cinnamon Toast Crunch hadn't moved along GMM would've had a riot outside it's doors lol
Chemical Oof
Chemical Oof 6 dias atrás
14 seasons later btw
Matthew Brock
Matthew Brock 6 dias atrás
frosted mini wheats are literal ass No cAPp
Sergeant fish face _
Sergeant fish face _ 7 dias atrás
Wait is link getting old? HE HAS SILVER HAIR
DXZETA Kris 7 dias atrás
You guys are dumb
T0xic 7 dias atrás
SUGAR NIPZ 7 dias atrás
Frosted mini wheats better than Frosted Flakes? BLASPHEMOUS. LINK SHOULD BE BANNED FROM TALKING CEREAL
Gary Lux
Gary Lux 7 dias atrás
Cotton candy randy 👎🏻
Ari Murphy
Ari Murphy 7 dias atrás
I actually really hate Cotton Candy Randy and legitimately wish this joke would die out...
Alexander Arriaga
Alexander Arriaga 7 dias atrás
Even though cotton candy randy did us dirty, I still love him
Lea L
Lea L 8 dias atrás
I agree with Link. Frosted Mini Wheats are the best!!!
Anthony Aguilera
Anthony Aguilera 5 dias atrás
friskyrobber 89
friskyrobber 89 8 dias atrás
Capn crunch is my favorite
Lovetohatehatetolove 8 dias atrás
They didint let the capn crunch get a little soggy from the milk or it would have won!
Raven Steward
Raven Steward 8 dias atrás
I friggin love Cotton Candy Randy 😂 And that Simpsons cereal is as old as me
Bethany M.
Bethany M. 8 dias atrás
I hate the abrasion feeling on the roof of my mouth when eating cereal I love cinnamon Life cereal
GARBAGE GAMER 8 dias atrás
Does any else like there cereal soggy?
The Awesome Sisters
The Awesome Sisters 8 dias atrás
Is it only who me who doesn’t eat the marshmallows in lucky charms
Ben Herczog
Ben Herczog 9 dias atrás
I never knew I needed March milkness until now
Hunter Morris
Hunter Morris 9 dias atrás
Peanut butter captain crunch better than all these
Mikaela Argyrakis
Mikaela Argyrakis 9 dias atrás
Unpopular Opinion: Lucky Charms aren't magically delicious.
Unicorns Group
Unicorns Group 9 dias atrás
It’s Monday morning! Me: I watch this at Monday night…
Ayo Loves
Ayo Loves 9 dias atrás
Okay first of all Link was superrrr biased in this. Frosted Mini Wheats are not that good tbh nor are they even that sugary, like Rhett said most of the flavor is from the icing. Secondly, I don't understand why Link complained about the Cap'n Crunch scratching the top of your mouth when frosted mini wheats literally destroy the roof of your mouth. And lastly, Honey Bunches of Oats are NOT a sugary cereal and should have definitely been put in the healthy cereal category. I love y'all but y'all gotta do better.
Taisto Tammilehto
Taisto Tammilehto 9 dias atrás
Is it just me or was Cotton Candy Randy so much nicer in this episode
_ chessyab _
_ chessyab _ 9 dias atrás
where was lucio’ohs
Jaedon Angel Arceo
Jaedon Angel Arceo 9 dias atrás
Man I love Rhett and link but their taste buds are getting old. THEY DIDNT EVEN TAKE THE MILK TASTE INTO ACCOUNT LIKE WTF!
Tsunami_Iva 10 dias atrás
Honey bunches of oats are my favorite cereal 😋
Want Want
Want Want 10 dias atrás
Oreo-os wya
rainyroyale 10 dias atrás
I love how they're not even worried about double dipping.
Princeofillusion 42
Princeofillusion 42 10 dias atrás
Elyssa Sage
Elyssa Sage 10 dias atrás
Jennifer Powers
Jennifer Powers 11 dias atrás
Hey, I live in Battle Creek, Michigan. Cereal City, USA. And yes, the air does smell like cereal.
Sades XOXO
Sades XOXO 11 dias atrás
How did frosty mini wheats beat lucky charms?!!!???!!!
SwafflesYT 11 dias atrás
All about food and reused thumbnails, this channel is long past its prime. Used to be creative
babecat2000 8 dias atrás
Then quit watching and stop whining.
Official Medicated
Official Medicated 11 dias atrás
Every time randy says daddy’s I feel like that’s gay
Official Medicated
Official Medicated 11 dias atrás
Isn’t Rhett lactose and tolerant
Landon Green
Landon Green 11 dias atrás
"I adopted a miniature horse and his name is Mini Wheat"
Charlotte Dixon
Charlotte Dixon 11 dias atrás
What, the rice crispy treats cereal is back?!? I used to get that for As on my report card in grade school. I swear I have talked about this before in a GMM comment thread. I'm off to the cereal store now!
Big Dog
Big Dog 11 dias atrás
Lucky Charms is the best sugary cereal. Their taste buds are messed up are something.
ZebraJ 11 dias atrás
Is it just me that likes soggy cereal like if you prefer soggy cereal
D_Dirty_ RL
D_Dirty_ RL 11 dias atrás
I’m eating toasted crunch right now lol
ClarkwithanE 11 dias atrás
Captain crunch is just as good as cinnamon toast crunch so how did it get beat out by Cheerios
ClarkwithanE 11 dias atrás
What abut sugar crisp
Tyler Blask
Tyler Blask 11 dias atrás
frosted flakes not moving on is not fair at all
Chris Britenbaugh
Chris Britenbaugh 11 dias atrás
Now that you have done this, you should see what milk will taste better after leaving the cereal in the milk challenge.
Maya Abdaljawwad
Maya Abdaljawwad 12 dias atrás
Cinnamon Toast Crunch will always be the best😂
Elizie_YEY 12 dias atrás
I got 3 minutes in and started eating those sweet sweet mini wheats (they’re the best cereal)
kellybananabelly 12 dias atrás
I was about to protest if Mini Wheats won instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The fact it even got as far as it did and beat the ones like Frosted Flakes is absurd. LINK U BIASED PLEB. Still love ya doe
Cassidy Costanti
Cassidy Costanti 12 dias atrás
You guys are a disappointment
First Last
First Last 12 dias atrás
Do soda next year!
Aedan Kennedy
Aedan Kennedy 12 dias atrás
How did captain crunch get out so fast!!!
Greg W.
Greg W. 12 dias atrás
Just got around to this video and I need to correct you. While yes Captain crunch is only the rank of Commander, he can still be a Captain if he is in charge of his ship. And Captain Crunch is in charge of his Cereal Box Ship.
Shahnia 12 dias atrás
I like how everyone agrees that Frosted Flakes deserved to go further
UnicornSkyz 12 dias atrás
Link and Rhett were actually kind of biased, ngl
Baisil Sunny
Baisil Sunny 12 dias atrás
Cmon froasted flakes is a's the very definition of corn flakes....
Master Muzduf
Master Muzduf 12 dias atrás
*Cotton Candy Randy was an alias for my uncle*
Jackson Schlee
Jackson Schlee 13 dias atrás
Link goes “ you can eat them frosted side down or frosted side up or frosted side down it’s like eating two different cereals!” Um, according to who? That’s like saying if you turned a piece of toast upside down than it’s a completely different piece toast.
we are living art98
we are living art98 13 dias atrás
lol people in the comments actually like frosted flakes XDDDD
Hassaan Khan
Hassaan Khan 13 dias atrás
T-series is traaaaaaaaash
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington 13 dias atrás
I think Link is going to need Help Emotionally, Mentally and clinically after this.
The_JS _Squad
The_JS _Squad 13 dias atrás
Tell me why seed 3-6 are all better then lucky charms like idk I would categorize these way differently
I’m miss munch maddnes
BeccaRaptor94 14 dias atrás
BEST SUGARY CEREAL (best cereal ever) IS HOSTESS "DONETTES"!!! You cannot change my mind! I swear I gained 20lbs from this but it's so good! lol
BeccaRaptor94 14 dias atrás
French Toast Crunch > Cinnamon Toast Crunch (why is it not in here?)
Joe M
Joe M 9 dias atrás
I think it is regional and often
jessica miller
jessica miller 14 dias atrás
I like frosted mini wheats over frosted flakes but it shouldn't have beaten lucky charms.
Jules' Life
Jules' Life 14 dias atrás
Lucky charms is my favorite. I eat it everyday of my life...
Dan Maler
Dan Maler 14 dias atrás
Mini wheats have always been my favourite!
Gaskit 14 dias atrás
Yeah but rice crispies are already cereal
Alexis Murphy
Alexis Murphy 14 dias atrás
Living in Cereal City (Battle Creek) is probably one of the best things. Walking out and smelling the cereal through out town is fantastic. That’s how you know it’s summer time 🤷🏻‍♀️
bintlooda 14 dias atrás
Link is living his Dream Job loooool
Grand Lee
Grand Lee 14 dias atrás
Milo cereal is actually the best
scottembler 14 dias atrás
I hate Cotton Candy Randy, but I laugh at Link's reaction every time he comes out, so maybe I don't hate him?
Paulina Sanchez
Paulina Sanchez 14 dias atrás
It was driving me crazy how little milk the cereal had
Hevy The Ghost
Hevy The Ghost 14 dias atrás
OMG the intro gets worse and worse
jsim0210 15 dias atrás
I actually totally agree with Link's comment on Cap'n Crunch's roof of mouth abrasion annoyance.
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