Ruben Lourenço
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I wanna be free just you and me
I am the only one, you are the only one
I can smile cause I feel loved
Like a seventeen year old
And my watch is fiveteen minutes slow
You turn me on don't turn me off

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5 Abr 2010



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reddavo 19 dias atrás
Victor Nandayapa
Victor Nandayapa 21 dia atrás
gran tema
Red Ivan Airsoft
Red Ivan Airsoft 3 meses atrás
This Moscow rock reminds me winter times in Odessa when I was 17 years old and in love. Why the hell this band break up?!
Alonzo Typer
Alonzo Typer 3 meses atrás
Marco Antonio Ibarra
Marco Antonio Ibarra 3 meses atrás
La soledad son cigarrillos y esta canción.
Mario Facer
Mario Facer 4 meses atrás
Hate today's music sounds, I'm traveling back here. 2019 where you at ?
Kartonnen Doos
Kartonnen Doos 6 dias atrás
@Anonymous Duckling Very good advice!
Anonymous Duckling
Anonymous Duckling 4 meses atrás
Do check out "Molchat Doma" if you like this stuff mate. They're just as good as Manicure!
Francisco Gonzales
Francisco Gonzales 4 meses atrás
que buena banda, amo post punk ate morir
Neergaard 6 meses atrás
Это здоровый кайф ребята
Oliver F
Oliver F 7 meses atrás
Who on Earth is this band ? I am a goth from the beginning but never heard before about them! Shame on me!!! Fucking great stuff!!
Anonymous Duckling
Anonymous Duckling 6 meses atrás
@Oliver F Haha no worries!. I'm here to share music after all, tis my purpose. Oh and I'll check those banda you mentioned out too!. Cheers!
Oliver F
Oliver F 6 meses atrás
Anonymous Duckling thx for that Tip! Molchat Doma ??? Absolut stunning!!!!! So what can i do for you ? Maybe....try german groups: Andreas Gross, Chandeen or Untoten (Nekropolis) have fun.....
Anonymous Duckling
Anonymous Duckling 6 meses atrás
I know, they were brilliant. Tis a shame that they're gone now, or at least I assume so. You should probably check out "Molchat Doma" if you like such stuff mate. You probably never heard of em either...
Lebazarderaf 7 meses atrás
No follow up from this band... A random master piece. Good enough !
Anonymous Duckling
Anonymous Duckling 6 meses atrás
They had other bunch of wonderful songs too, like "Winter" and "Grow up". If you like this band, you should probably check out "Molchat Doma". They are a brilliant post punk band which began playing music this year....
Елена Вайс
Елена Вайс 8 meses atrás
прямо в сердце
carlos regis
carlos regis 8 meses atrás
Now I turned 22 see how sad it looks
carlos regis
carlos regis 8 meses atrás
19/20 years passed by blindness
Bichromate 9 meses atrás
Time machine, very good and convincing
Duan Torruellas
Duan Torruellas 10 meses atrás
Never gets old , its perfect.
Lager Bear
Lager Bear 11 meses atrás
б ля детишкам гитарку купили а спеть не купили жалкий подъеб под годноту
julio zetera
julio zetera 11 meses atrás
Victor Kutz
Victor Kutz 11 meses atrás
nice workl
Maria Danowa
Maria Danowa Anos atrás
best song of all time)
evil jörg
evil jörg Anos atrás
Fuck this is cool!! 😍 I love it!
DARLOSZ1ELL Anos atrás
This is so dope!!!
arjaman Anos atrás
i wanna be cure just me and you
kalashnikovo Anos atrás
Eduardo Casanova
Eduardo Casanova Anos atrás
🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 🚬 ♥ 💘 😍 Es perfecta!!
Lexli Perez
Lexli Perez Anos atrás
Amo esta canción
Jorge Vale
Jorge Vale Anos atrás
Eu também
Петр Федоров
Клип-Взять и выбросить на хуй!
Bichromate Anos atrás
They were closed for a long time in that 80s rehearsal room
Domitilla Anos atrás
ammappa che testo profondo e significativo! i nobel per la letteratura!
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson Anos atrás
This is excellent.
Stef mit1f
Stef mit1f Anos atrás
This song makes me wanna cry 4 no reason
TeaLover Anos atrás
Stef mit1f me too but It’s just because of depression
Amanda Mayen
Amanda Mayen Anos atrás
Trabalhe em casa
Trabalhe em casa Anos atrás
Olá Ruben Lourenço Só videos top ! Excelente, continue assim ! Já conhece a Técnica mais procurada da internet ? Acesse: Aprenda fazer adesivos para unhas com desenhos, imagens, fotos e etc.Você aprenderá também como fazer a película de adesivos. Coloque nas suas unhas a foto do seu artista preferido ou desenhos. Ganhe dinheiro com sua impressora, faça adesivos para usar e vender ! Acesse:
super mariole
super mariole Anos atrás
fuck , i wanna be free too , like a 17 year old
Fernanda Villaseñor This is the original.
Bichromate Anos atrás
Good post punk sound
Vander Blue
Vander Blue Anos atrás
El guitarrista debe mejorar ya que no sobre salía de la misma pista
miriam grimaldiranieri
Vofa Store
Vofa Store Anos atrás
Great band i remember joy division
N V Anos atrás
strongly prefer this youtube version to the album one, personally. More passion in the vocals, richer guitars...
Edward Aleman
Edward Aleman 10 meses atrás
Hey where can i buy their music??
RaveGalaxyInc. Anos atrás
yeaaah amazing indie
Vinicius marginal
Vinicius marginal Anos atrás
muito bom! u.u
Sound Dark
Sound Dark Anos atrás
Listen to the new wav post-punk on Birock Radio (
super mariole
super mariole Anos atrás
this is really good !
Marc Chessé
Marc Chessé Anos atrás
Excellent, une pure merveille
lafemmelily Anos atrás
Greg Reyna
Greg Reyna Anos atrás
Woah a wild lija
NUZ GUL Anos atrás
Молодцы красивую музыку делают, панк жив!
Adam C.
Adam C. Anos atrás
Glad to see Russian artists producing this sound!
Kariel Müller
Kariel Müller Anos atrás
Ohh yes
disorder Anos atrás
Quiero ser libre..
the best of radio 1
Angel Ponce
Angel Ponce Anos atrás
holy shet that voice
Emanuel Germán Gomez
feel like dancing
Hope Scandinoval
Hope Scandinoval 2 anos atrás
Oh, I like and love these lyrics.
Максим ДВ
Максим ДВ 2 anos atrás
Максим ДВ
Максим ДВ 2 anos atrás
А Москва причём???
Максим ДВ
Максим ДВ 2 anos atrás
Ясно, очередные недороссияне прогинающиеся перед англосаксами, палец вниз.
Prof cosme Pinheiro
Prof cosme Pinheiro 2 anos atrás
Maravilhosa canção!!!
Anthony Elmore
Anthony Elmore 2 anos atrás
Pencil neck geek rock forever!
Alexander Olah
Alexander Olah 2 anos atrás
fucking perfect, thanks
MB Live Channel
MB Live Channel 2 anos atrás
Pápež Judáš II
Pápež Judáš II 2 anos atrás
Super ..respect from Slovakia
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