Man Arrested for Eating Breakfast at Train Station

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A California commuter was detained by police for eating a sandwich on a train platform. It happened last week in Conchord, outside San Francisco, as 31-year-old Steve Foster was put in handcuffs and issued a citation. Foster's girlfriend, Nicole Hernandez, shot the video. After it was posted on social media, many comments suggested the police officer used racial profiling. Fellow commuters were so upset that they ate egg sandwiches in protest Saturday on other BART property.

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11 Nov 2019



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Comentários 3 301
Sagyjups 12 horas atrás
I can tell real crimes have gone down
jeff eaton
jeff eaton Dia atrás
I hate this video Racest
STOP COPPA 2 dias atrás
Wait it’s illegal to eat.
《 IAMBASIC 》 3 dias atrás
What $250 fine and 48hrs of community service. That's outrageous.
James Althoff
James Althoff 3 dias atrás
I liked San Francisco but now I never wanna go there bc I love food
Samira Xoxo
Samira Xoxo 3 dias atrás
For a fucken sandwich what is this place 🤣
MrRandomTV1000 4 dias atrás
I’ve seen those sandwiches. Those things can kill!
Xonorex 5 dias atrás
Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez 5 dias atrás
Ye bro I got the book bag to.
xqxr0p 5 dias atrás
Mr tt
Mr tt 5 dias atrás
People who got arrested for dum resones
Jayce Dawson
Jayce Dawson 5 dias atrás
a little man with a badge bad combination
MrClockWise 6 dias atrás
Those cops just want a reason to get a raise
The CIA 6 dias atrás
Police Agenda 101: *_People shitting in street? ...nah it's cool._* *_Illegal Immigrants murdering civilians? Ok._* *_Man eating sandwich? ArReSt HiM!i!!!_*
Le WeIrD aLiEn NoThiNg
Man what will be illegal next breathing?
In Lucem
In Lucem 6 dias atrás
Meanwhile, somebody was getting robbed down the street. smh.
VNL 670
VNL 670 8 dias atrás
MTA passengers will not approve that...!
William Lim
William Lim 9 dias atrás
Honestly this world not gonna be much better when there's Pigs like this still lurking around.
Super Potato90000
Super Potato90000 9 dias atrás
People sell drugs, and the cops arrest someone for eating an sandwich like a sandwich 🥪
Space Monkey
Space Monkey 10 dias atrás
Why does a man need to be detained for eating a sandwich?
John Li
John Li 7 dias atrás
Because it’s illegal and instead of him cooperating and putting away the sandwich, he escalated the situation
Isaac Voo
Isaac Voo 10 dias atrás
Now eating is illegal. Well i hope, breathing aint illegal next.
nosedank 11 dias atrás
These dudes really hate jimmy Dean
W 11 dias atrás
levi wadleigh
levi wadleigh 11 dias atrás
People want to start crying when they didn't even see this guy's attitude when he walked through the line downstairs we don't know what happened before the camera was turned on
Abner Trabanino
Abner Trabanino 11 dias atrás
What's next? We go to jail for breathing?
Cool Cat
Cool Cat 11 dias atrás
The guy was a dumbass who exacerbated the situation ...he should have put away the sandwich then complained later ....he also said the officer had a small penis and couldn’t satisfy his wife ,not a great thing to tell a cop ...or anyone. And yes the officer was a dick for taking it to that level, but the guy didn’t t do himself any favor ...
Yassin vlogs
Yassin vlogs 11 dias atrás
You should not eat .obey the law
Subrosa44zz 11 dias atrás
They’re arresting him because they were on lunch break lol
Dean 12 dias atrás
gregthestoner 12 dias atrás
Wtf weird yoy can't eat on public tranist. I always do
Bush did It
Bush did It 12 dias atrás
His girl tho
CPNICHOLLS 12 dias atrás
Wait..... It's illegal to eat? I'd be doing life behind bars at this point!!
Ng Soon Lee
Ng Soon Lee 12 dias atrás
Saddest thing of this episode. Ever wonder what kind of stupid children will this few stupid white cops produce?
Juls c
Juls c 12 dias atrás
What If you had food stuck in your teeth and you finished eating it on the train???🤷‍♂️
Cicada YT-
Cicada YT- 13 dias atrás
That’s so dumb
fran goodburger
fran goodburger 13 dias atrás
why not just taze him while youre at it
SIR 13 dias atrás
Goddamn. Im afraid to go in America. I contantsly eat because of my acid attack.
Blitzify Bomber
Blitzify Bomber 13 dias atrás
Easiest way to commit a crime. Eat breakfast in a train station.
pain is real
pain is real 13 dias atrás
Thsts what he gets signs say NO EATING ALLOWED plain and simple
tiggle5485 13 dias atrás
Don’t forget: “it’s the law” doesn’t always mean “it’s right.”
John Li
John Li 7 dias atrás
There’s no-eating zones everywhere because they don’t want it to get dirty. It’s common sense
Abraham Perez
Abraham Perez 13 dias atrás
Do it Dex
Do it Dex 13 dias atrás
Don’t eat on the subway, you will not have problems. Black people we sometimes have to call it out, this brotha failed, this is the same type of brotha who stops next to a police car not wearing a seatbelt and no license. Then ask “Why you pull me over?”
otakuzilla gaming
otakuzilla gaming 13 dias atrás
Is it because he's black
Rigoberto Gordillo
Rigoberto Gordillo 13 dias atrás
Imagine what would happen if he was eating a donut? 🤔
DankMemes101 13 dias atrás
Criminal: I got in here for breaking in to a family of 5 house killing them all including there 3 pets then taking everything valuable and then burning the house. how about you? Guy: I ate a sandwich
Mally16 12 dias atrás
R T 13 dias atrás
Don't eat on transit when its the rule. Can be exempted for children or diabetics. But rules need to be followed to maintain order and discipline
ashton r
ashton r 13 dias atrás
He didn't share
yoshi 246
yoshi 246 13 dias atrás
That's dumb
OC 14 dias atrás
This is when i agree killing corrupt police.
Monk Mode
Monk Mode 14 dias atrás
Only COWARDS need back up for a sandwich eater but he wasn't supposed to be eating in the 1st place..
Dakota Clarke
Dakota Clarke 14 dias atrás
Thank the people in the city that made him a cop...
Black Ice
Black Ice 14 dias atrás
Later a staged “eat-in” protest was done.
Coyote Bite
Coyote Bite 14 dias atrás
But he wasn't on the train, you just said no eating "on". So, what's the issue? Also, apologizes because he knows he's about to get a ton of flak over it.
Nato Escobar
Nato Escobar 14 dias atrás
These fatass cops were just salty they didnt have their own sandwiches
Da NOobTUbE 14 dias atrás
The police probably ate food at the station after arresting that poor guy
shaoni banerjee
shaoni banerjee 14 dias atrás
Maybe the area was a 'no food's zone. okay, then the officer could have fined that man, or give him a warning.instead of arresting him.
Napalm Wolf
Napalm Wolf 14 dias atrás
Jimmy Dean?! Never mind he deserves jail
ML-Vlogs and Gaming
ML-Vlogs and Gaming 14 dias atrás
Damn they need to add this on GTA eating outside gets you 5 stars!!. And wait wtf he owes $200 and community service lol??? Yep our tax dollars going to waist for sure!!!
Concrete Monkey
Concrete Monkey 14 dias atrás
This is the same police department that shot Oscar grant by the way
Clark Misener
Clark Misener 14 dias atrás
Glad to see our tax dollars at work
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