Making Thanksgiving Dinner In 4 Hours (Last Minute Guide)

Joshua Weissman
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This is the Last-Minute Thanksgiving Guide you've been looking for.

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23 Nov 2021



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Comentários 1 605
Tim Evans
You do great with all these "fastest", "cheapest", "Leftovers" ... But I want to see your all-out, no holds barred, ideal feast. Maybe a Christmas present for us? If we want to plan ahead, spend a little more than usual, and really impress our guests, what would you make?
The editing in this video is so chaotic I love it
Here's my gift to yall this thanksgivin.
AJ Talkitive
Thanksgiving is just the beginning, imagine what he'll drop on Christmas.
Marta Valdes
The salad looked so good that I ordered all the ingredients at 2am thanksgiving day. Drove to whole foods (only grocery store open nearby) and made it as a last minute side. It was soooooooo good. It was worth the last minute scramble and I can see myself eating this anytime. I did the prep and cutting ahead of time and just put it together quick when the turkey was resting. Even some picky kids really liked it. With all the thanksgiving leftovers in my fridge I am here standing in my kitchen at almost midnight scarfing down the tiny amount that was leftover. Highly recommend.
Sam Hassel
I've been prepping over the last few days so I don't need this right now, but there are definitely things that I am going to use going forward. The salad in particular looks fire.
Edward Vining
I see the "But quicker" series has begun 😎
WilCook For Food
Wow! I can actually do this! I also just watched your pumpkin pie from scratch video and I'm doing that today! Super excited! Happy Thanksgiving!!
omar cortes
4 hours for a skilled chef, all day for amateurs cookers like me.
As an european, I'm adding this to my" American culture any% speedrun" folder
Dang, I never thought Papa would be sponsored by Tums. I'm going to see my doctor about heart burn because I get it real bad. Thank you for looking out for us Papa
Nerfed IRL
Not american, dont celebrate thanksgiving but this looks so damn good ima just make it for a hangout with friends on a weekend
I’m trying to imagine the type of person who didn’t prepare for thanksgiving but somehow has shirodashi on hand
A Dedow
You're awesome, Josh. Just gonna say it. And I'm looking forward to trying that salad. I'm in charge of pies and rolls this year (yes homemade, what do you take me for?!) but I'm keeping those green beans and cabbage on the "need to try" list.
I watched this before work super anxious, and the little "Breathe in and out" not only cracked me up but helped a little 😂 Thank you
David Chestnut
I don’t appreciate you letting my family know how easy cranberry sauce is. I usually get big credit for that 8 minutes of work. (insert joke)
Natalie Wilson
I’ve been preparing all week, made my turkey stock and 3 lbs of butter and bread for my stuffing! No last minute meal here, but I’m still watching! Lol …. the salad looks so good.
He was fed up 😂 | #shorts
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He was fed up 😂 | #shorts
Visualizações 9 108 959