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Testing a Lego car against different obstacles and improving it until it becomes a capable climber.
Demonstrates what you need to consider: wheel diameter, gear ratio, 4-wheel drive, tire grip, breakover angle, weight distribution. Enjoy!

Base rules for all builds:
-4 wheels
-no steering (to simplify the builds)
-only Lego parts used

Remote control:
BrickController 2 app (Android)
PlayStation 4 wireless controller

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1 Jan 2021



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hachiroku24 Anos atrás
Another great video! I'd lik to see one with 6 or 8 wheels, it could be unstoppable.
Amit Srivastava
Amit Srivastava 23 dias atrás
@white pirate40 yeah correct some times they get 100k+ likes
Nayab Idrees
Nayab Idrees Mês atrás
@dirtylaundry00_ has 2
can i buy this product
Nitul Das
Nitul Das Mês atrás
let's demand for trackless railway system being having most numbers of wheels on it 😅😂 atleast saves lot of money
piyush joshi gaming short
Apke maths me kitne no. Aane chahiye Egnore=0 1subscribe full no.
As someone who comes from the competitive RC crawler community, this is very impressive. Good work, well done
William Dia atrás
@jj piepho Mordin
jj piepho
jj piepho 15 dias atrás
I want to do this What should I buy
☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭
The life We Got
The life We Got Mês atrás
Gotta say this man has an infinite amount of skill, patience, energy & vision. Worth watching. 👍
GTBgabe14 21 dia atrás
@rigdigwus i can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not
rigdigwus 21 dia atrás
skill for putting together lego? yeah the insane amount of skill necessary
GTBgabe14 27 dias atrás
@Aviv B.A and books
Aviv B.A
Aviv B.A Mês atrás
And lego pieces 😂
Lethark Mês atrás
Love how he's just creating problems and then making solutions for them 😄 Edit: thanks for 700😅
Amin Mohamad
Amin Mohamad 24 dias atrás
Leela 25 dias atrás
Sounds like the human race
Luky Budi Rahayu
Luky Budi Rahayu Mês atrás
Luky Budi Rahayu
Luky Budi Rahayu Mês atrás
Jk ix
Lethark Mês atrás
@Ruan Gabriel you touched my heart bro
Dyllan Mudrik
Dyllan Mudrik Mês atrás
This is actually incredibly useful engineering.. well done Lego dude
Z Reviews
Z Reviews Anos atrás
Someone at NASA hire this man to design rovers.
Zion Alcantara
Zion Alcantara Dia atrás
Krišjānis Ozols
Krišjānis Ozols 11 dias atrás
@Ultragamer Have you even read what I said?
truckdonkey65 13 dias atrás
@Michael Antonio yea lol you have that right
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio 13 dias atrás
This is your basic bachelor's in Engineering, lol. Laced with a great understanding of Scientific Method.
Ultragamer 15 dias atrás
@Krišjānis Ozols this is a joke, right?
Cindy Perry
Cindy Perry 19 horas atrás
Son unos de los Likeex.Uno mañas no se la Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi: "Butter" Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.
Mohammed Raihan
Mohammed Raihan Mês atrás
Absolutely spectacular. Although this may look very easy but the way he put those obstacles and kept pushing was surreal.
Flair Mês atrás
"This requires practice" when the engineer also becomes the pilot. This feels like a premise for a really cool sci-fi movie
Omar Essilfie-Quaye
Omar Essilfie-Quaye 21 dia atrás
Tell that to Neil Armstrong a gifted Pilot and Engineer
Draconai Auracto
Draconai Auracto Mês atrás
3:14 - "This requires some practice" Yeah, just because the equipment is capable of its assigned task, doesn't mean the user is capable of putting the equipment to proper use right away.
Carrotzzss Mês atrás
@Urooj Ali bro you obviously wrote that
Urooj Ali
Urooj Ali Mês atrás
It's all about the user. If it uses it correctly then it is possible but if it does not it is impossible to do it for him. ~ANONYMOUS~
vb0t Anos atrás
A drone, a submarine, a tank, a climber This person is on track to make an all terrain vehicle!
1153mf Mês atrás
You need to teach me how to make one of those Lego cars
Pavel Petrunya
Pavel Petrunya Mês atrás
Steve Mach
Steve Mach 3 meses atrás
GreenHillSonic_2020 Roblox
Track. **badum tsss** **insert sarcastic laughter here**
ABO HuSeEn 3 meses atrás
@黒木昌宏 l
Robert Slater
Robert Slater Mês atrás
Hey could you recomend a Lego kit that could contain these elements that I could buy? Or is it a lot of smaller packs with different elements that has created your collection of gears, motors and parts? Thanks
Honaaa Mês atrás
He's got a lot, he probably buys in bulk online, but there's definitely kits out there
Big Sam
Big Sam Mês atrás
I like your problem solving, can you design one that can drive up a vertical surface?
Rajkumar Tamilselvan
I think these kind of channels deserves credit and appreciation which actually makes people think or pivoting ideas about how to think
Sanjay Krishnan
Sanjay Krishnan Mês atrás
this is the definition of " modern problems need modern solutions "
The Doode
The Doode Anos atrás
i love how this is not a final model from scratch but a constant problem solving process
EnochTheSeer Mês atrás
It's like a game.
Bruno Marić
Bruno Marić 2 meses atrás
Noone: Still nobody: Goats:Ya'll mind if i- *disregards gravity*
Николай Пушкарев
постоянные сложности делают нас незаменимыми. жизнь -поиск решений. селяви. 🙃
Steve Mach
Steve Mach 3 meses atrás
Над Землёй
Над Землёй 10 meses atrás
Happy holiday, dear ladies. Greetings from me from Siberia, from Lake Baikal🖐 May everything be fine with you!
Sidrikel SD
Sidrikel SD Mês atrás
I like that a simple RC car would solve a handful of engineering questions
Gurshaan Gaming
Gurshaan Gaming Mês atrás
Amazing, he knows solution for every problem 🔥🔥🔥👍
Blazze777 Mês atrás
Man I can watch this all day simply genius. So amazing.
Terry McBride
Terry McBride Mês atrás
I love Legos. Now you just made me love them more. Thank you. Awesome stuff
Eckelrock Anos atrás
"Well, it's not a perfect climber, but still pretty good." Me: still pushing my brick with wheels back and forth with my hand
Ivan Ljujic
Ivan Ljujic 2 meses atrás
Same... Tbh, the lego sets with electric motors are crazy expensive. I think I saw some going for around $300-$350?
Gaming Casually
Gaming Casually 23 dias atrás
Would love to see an AT-AT in action like this, great video
Matthew Giller
Matthew Giller Mês atrás
I swear one day this man is just going to combine all of his projects and then we are all screwed
Golda Hong
Golda Hong Mês atrás
Thanks for this interesting video! What are all these sorcery to overcome the obstacles? Where could we learn bout all those techniques? Engineering? Or mechanical?
Curse of the Moon
Curse of the Moon 24 dias atrás
I can honestly say this is more valuable than what I do with my free time
LegoEddy Anos atrás
Imagine you're a dude in lego city, just fell into the river, the usual stuff. And then a giant 4 wheeled tank robot climbs over a couple of houses and then comes into the river to rescue you
Andrey Sab
Andrey Sab 2 dias atrás
Asmael Kurde
Asmael Kurde Anos atrás .
Chrono S
Chrono S Anos atrás
Delta Anos atrás
raatz Anos atrás
That's a monday
Empowered Spark Creations
I can't believe all the obstacles you completed! Some of those were crazy tough!
acuraguy32 Mês atrás
These are so addictive I love it. Keep it up!
Harsha Kalluri
Harsha Kalluri Mês atrás
Amazing..I wish I had the much ideas to put in...😍❤️❤️❤️
Ирма Mês atrás
Очень наглядно. Молодцы,шедевр.
legendarypot8o Plays
This is really impressive, might use that adjustable breaking point in a crawler.
legendarypot8o Plays
@Sam Schellhase yh, that would be cool
Sam Schellhase
Sam Schellhase Anos atrás
Oooh, next video could be this but tracks instead of the wheels. Like that tank from Halo
Beyondfubar Mês atrás
I clearly stopped playing with Legos too soon. This is amazing. Also can you send this to the Jeep designers? On a related note, I wonder what my wife would think if a credit card transaction listed Legos and was around our mortgage in size. Hmm.
AOURS Mês atrás
if you place 2 different Moters on rear wheels , you can steer it buy reducing the speed of one wheel and increasing the speed of other without actual steering
RandomTrooper Mês atrás
I didn't expect the car to make it that far into obsticale 4, I for sure thought it was going to tip backwards and flip
Seth _
Seth _ Mês atrás
Bro you are awesome, the way you showed the evolution by providing different types of challenges. This guy should send ideas like this to nasa incorporate in their planet exploration vehicles
Сергей Остапчук
Я вижу деградация коснулась не только нашей страны. Забавно. Видимо Задорнов был прав, говоря о современном образовании.
CORAZON Anos atrás
so these are the cars of the future? ❤
نونه نونه
نونه نونه 5 meses atrás
lego mind
lego mind 7 meses atrás
burteriksson 8 meses atrás
CORAZON - Yup, running on two LEGO batteries.
Asmael Kurde
Asmael Kurde Anos atrás .
@Alej M-C they definitely should have some, especially space agencies like NASA and space ex should totally make some terrain resistant robots, idek why they just have some weird basic 4 wheelers with solar panels when they could just have this bad boy
DUCER 9 dias atrás
You can tell hes already a super skilled gamer Keep up the good work :)
Celio Lara
Celio Lara Mês atrás
Magnifico adorei parabéns
Sahil Anower
Sahil Anower Mês atrás
These are real engineers of course without a DEGREE 🤤❤️
SharkSoak Mês atrás
this is a mix of creativeness and inventiveness and it is amazing!
Dasher Dash
Dasher Dash Anos atrás
Next episode: "Making Lego Rocket achieve escape velocity" "Making Self-Sufficient Lego base on Mars"
Sobat Miniatur
Sobat Miniatur 2 meses atrás
Mantap mantap
_WELL WISHER_ 2 meses atrás
Steve Mach
Steve Mach 3 meses atrás
lego mind
lego mind 7 meses atrás
Wi-Fi TV
Wi-Fi TV 10 meses atrás
Making a self powered fusion generator from lego
Aces wild
Aces wild Mês atrás
I wonder if this could be a good design for an all terrain drone
Sagar Kumar
Sagar Kumar Mês atrás
This was amazing. Have never seen before anything like this. First problem, then solution.
Pure Alpha Music
Pure Alpha Music 23 dias atrás
The video was satisfying
Montagne Sainte Geneviève
The Spirit of Engineering... I think one could apply this spirit to every field in life, to help solving any kind of problem that occurs in one's life. Practical and matter of fact.
IceTubeDoesStuff 27 dias atrás
This is like when you're in a puzzle game. -it's easy at the start -it gets harder, and then you get stuck -it gives you items/parts to solve the level -success
sonda Anos atrás
The car: almost climbs Mount Everest Brick Experiment Channel: Well it’s not a perfect climber, but still pretty good
نونه نونه
نونه نونه 5 meses atrás
jaнzara pнιllιp
Reid Fielder
Reid Fielder Anos atrás
This is next level fun to watch. Good job.
R J Galvan
R J Galvan Mês atrás
That was incredible! I bet alot of people learned something right there.
Alpha Gaming 2 PH Studios
btw, i love the fact that he's using a play station controller for his legos
Jean-Marc Chevalier
This vidéo is really interesting... the 3-motors chassis could have used torque sensors and climbed all by itself, one can see robotics start with this.
Cody Surfer
Cody Surfer Anos atrás
I felt so happy for the little robot every time it completed a challenge. Better character development than most TV shows
Asmael Kurde
Asmael Kurde Anos atrás .
TheCompleteMental Anos atrás
Wall-E trained me to cheer on silent robots
MadChickenPictures 2 horas atrás
When you make modifications to your car or whatever it is you are working on, do you re run it through all the previous tests?
Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan Mês atrás
That was weirdly super inspirational. Awesome video 👍
Scorpion Mês atrás
This in real life would be just amazing!
Shadydoesit 21 dia atrás
now im wondering what if people started making scaled up cars like these that could actually climb steep cliffs and high walls
EB Anos atrás
Forget legos, this man needs to be making space rovers for N.A.S.A.
Nathan Medjanyk
Nathan Medjanyk Anos atrás
@TargonTheDragon plot twist, he is a NASA rover
TargonTheDragon Anos atrás
Plot twist: that's his day job
t c
t c Anos atrás
Nah, maybe this guy tho
Jacob Keffer
Jacob Keffer Anos atrás
Thats what I was thinking. Like, imagine a giant version of this, with tons of instruments and engineered perfectly by hundreds of the most creative engineers in the world. It would be epic
Alfredo Fettuccine
Alfredo Fettuccine Anos atrás
Out of legos
Shree Walvekar
Shree Walvekar Mês atrás
Just wow.. that vertical climb between books was superb.
Pete Miller
Pete Miller 9 dias atrás
This was one of the most entertaining videos I have seen on BRvid. Cheers.
CWD Game Dev
CWD Game Dev 25 dias atrás
What an awesome exercise! Fun and challenging. It's also a great example of evolution. Dynamic solutions to dynamic problems. Except with evolution, nature just brute forces solutions until something works where as the human brain skips a lot of the trial and error by visualizing possibilities. I guess it's arguable that thought is just part of evolution as well. Amazing stuff!
Noah Martin
Noah Martin Mês atrás
It is so cool how he makes all these. I love you man👏👏👏
MatchstalkMan Anos atrás
“The little LEGO car that could!” You should be working on rovers for planetary colonisation.
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar Mês atrás
@Sammy197 Ok
İsmail DENİZ
İsmail DENİZ 10 meses atrás nn
Asmael Kurde
Asmael Kurde Anos atrás .
Güllich Anos atrás
@If I get banned again BRvid is gay that doesn't mean you got dumb tasks to perform as a jpl (for example) engineer. Each team has to be made of the most imaginative and qualified engineers to enlarge the solutions panel for each issue and to limit r&d costs for their firm
If I get banned again YouTube is gay
@Güllich for which you have hundreds of teams working. It's not that you'll do everything yourself
These are amazing I would buy the final one with a proper controller
You and your team is genuine keep it up
NoUserNameHere Mês atrás
I want this dude to be my engineering teacher
Tersene1 3 dias atrás
This guy is the real “Lego man “
Alexander Prince
Alexander Prince Anos atrás
This guy took “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again” to a whole new level!
Jack Let’s
Jack Let’s Anos atrás
Have you seen all the rocket landing attempts Elon musk made until there was one successful one?
Neck Anos atrás
at first you dont succeed.. increase wheel diameter
BrainTyp Anos atrás
He doesn’t give up
water bottle
water bottle 10 dias atrás
It would be fun to try to make an AI that controls an irl Lego car that goes over obstacles and see how good it gets
Salman Aziz
Salman Aziz Mês atrás
Genius! But which circuit board has been used to make this car? Arduino?
Nagender Sehrawat
Nagender Sehrawat Mês atrás
It's more than awesome but I would have been head over heels if I made the car climb over just 2 books by myself.
Rob Close
Rob Close 12 dias atrás
I'm a year late, but this is so satisfying to watch 🙂
Jan Gruber
Jan Gruber Anos atrás
POV: You're a mechanical engineer and you have to stay at home
HACKS. GEAR Anos atrás what?
Riven burg
Riven burg Anos atrás
lets give thus guy a REAL shop.
james wilmore
james wilmore Anos atrás
Engineer gaming
Q Anos atrás
@Vladimir Grom engineer gaming
Vladimir Grom
Vladimir Grom Anos atrás
@Q ahaha dude, we left the same comment almost at the same time (I didn't see yours when I was typing mine)
Sujit Kale
Sujit Kale 25 dias atrás
Now i can say i genuinely utilised my 5 minutes in the great way
Aitesedba 24 dias atrás
DANG that is some beautiful engineering!
Comercial Dentist Pro Ltda
Bastante increíble , ya me.imagino lo que se puede hacer con presupuesto
NUKE GAMER Mês atrás
what the heck? i just found this channel, pretty must master on engineering
Hackxy Anos atrás
“Well, it’s not a perfect climber, but still pretty good” That is the best climber I have ever seen Lego or not keep it up
Dj voyes
Dj voyes 4 meses atrás
HACKS. GEAR Anos atrás what?
yaman uçar
yaman uçar Anos atrás
@Hide and Tweak .knt. Bu fiyata böyle bir iimjjiiii66n
yaman uçar
yaman uçar Anos atrás
@Mitchell hbb
Asmael Kurde
Asmael Kurde Anos atrás .
smmcreative 21 dia atrás
You make it really beautiful What camera are you using and what editing software are you using?
galacticgamer Mês atrás
you should be an actual engineer for cars and stuff. seriously you are amazing at finding ways to overcome obstacles.
Otaku merim
Otaku merim Mês atrás
Mano se fizesse esse carro real tipo tamanho de carro mesmo, esse seria o melhor carro do mundo, sem obstáculos ksksksksksks
Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown 18 dias atrás
I can't believe I just spent 6 minutes watching a grown man play with Lego. I have subscribed and will continue to watch.
TheThirdErnest Anos atrás
So basically the first half we turned a car into a jeep. This is my kinda content!! Thanks algo! Lol
نونه نونه
نونه نونه 5 meses atrás
lego mind
lego mind 7 meses atrás
HACKS. GEAR Anos atrás what?
Avila Josy
Avila Josy Anos atrás
Priyanka Shukla
Priyanka Shukla Anos atrás
Mariusz Jastrzebski
Mariusz Jastrzebski 25 dias atrás
Super. Ale brakuje tu jazdy z wykrzyżem
RIZQII Channel 21
RIZQII Channel 21 Mês atrás
Wow amazing.. I like to combine wheels, motors and gears
tinhboe 9 dias atrás
I love how it spikes the difficulty from Obstacle 1: 1 book Obstacle 2: 1 thicker book Obstacle 3: book + thicker book Obstacle 1: 8 books 😂
Abdul Kahar Embi
Abdul Kahar Embi Mês atrás
LEGO had reach another level. From brick to robotic
TheBanjoShow Anos atrás
Every single obstacle I was like “no way that’s possible”
HACKS. GEAR Anos atrás what?
Asmael Kurde
Asmael Kurde Anos atrás .
NotFadez Anos atrás
@Skye you smaht
Film People
Film People Anos atrás
Lol, same
Proto Light
Proto Light Anos atrás
Same But we inovate for life
Sahibzada Usman Khan
Great effort. I'm amazed
Ocean Forest
Ocean Forest Mês atrás
He made about 250k with this video! Well done mate, great stuff.
Alexandra Csengődi
hi. my 5,5 yer old son is just so enthusiastic about this car! can You perhaps help me, exactly what elements do we need to build such a car? thanks a lot!
Kwauhn Istronglydislikegplus
I can see real world applications for this design. Is there a name for this kind of rc vehicle?
Utkarsh Sahu
Utkarsh Sahu Anos atrás
His controls are so good that the game "getting over it" is just peanuts for him.
Asmael Kurde
Asmael Kurde Anos atrás .
Sanish Kumar
Sanish Kumar Anos atrás
@Chinh Phan oh
Chinh Phan
Chinh Phan Anos atrás
You're welcome
Sanish Kumar
Sanish Kumar Anos atrás
I thought about the game while watching this video😃
Sunil Kaushik Vedic Astrologer
Power & mind of engineers 👍
GraveUypo 25 dias atrás
wow, that FAR surpassed what i expected it to evolve to
Moubrack Tv
Moubrack Tv Mês atrás
Bravo t'es vraiment un génie 😇🥰
Joanna Henderson
Joanna Henderson 3 dias atrás
REALMENTE VIDEO INFORMATIVO XXLIKe.UnO ❄💕 los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi : "Butter" Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy.. tus.admiradores......feliz .. 💔💙.
Yeeehees Anos atrás
These were the most entertaining 5 minutes of my life
cartoonist Anos atrás
@Hec "These were the most entertaining 5 minutes of my entire life" That is kind of sad if he's not still young. Which is why i said i hope he's still in school.
Hec Anos atrás
@Samuel Parsons Did we miss something here? Cause I don't know what your comment has to do with what OP said.
Hec Anos atrás
@cartoonist ??
Yeeehees Anos atrás
@cartoonist i didn’t get the full 6 minutes so hell na fam, I’m writing down 5
Deaks Anos atrás
@Samuel Parsons cut the kid slack, what your doing is called cyberbullying. I bet you didn't know about rounding up numbers in his age too
Ethan Norville
Ethan Norville 22 dias atrás
I'm a new sub and it's cool very cool that you use a PS4 controller to do all of that amazing you have a brilliant mind and keep up the good work.
I AM ROBOT Mês atrás
Im surprised how much a car can do when you just make it bend
Nerin George
Nerin George 21 dia atrás
Wow, totally impressed 👏 👌 🙌 👍
Klinexxx Mês atrás
That is some true engineering!
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