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@Cafe Maddy shows us how she uses kimchi to make 3 different recipes. Check it out here:
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14 Dez 2019



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Comentários 80
Bradyn Girdler
Bradyn Girdler 12 horas atrás
I lile how when they first started and took their biggest bite they just murmured at each other and they completely understand each other.
Quentin_Playz 18 horas atrás
1:46:56 "thas is it" xd
nahar akter
nahar akter 23 horas atrás
Z dy
Guskinator Dia atrás
He says it so big then he says massage it and make it hard🤣🤣🤣
Brianna Hu
Brianna Hu Dia atrás
You should make a giant egg cake
theresa chambers
theresa chambers Dia atrás
Vince Lam
Vince Lam 2 dias atrás
Watching this guy speak makes me nervous.
Christina Pewitt
Christina Pewitt 2 dias atrás
yo i ship alvin and rei together so hard lmaooo
mr.Duckyt 2 dias atrás
i should make a giant cookie
Rustam Saidkulov
Rustam Saidkulov 4 dias atrás
Minecraft 2b2t players when they hear Brad Pitt;
Melanie Schnieder
Melanie Schnieder 4 dias atrás
He neverclickbaited us
Eric Limon
Eric Limon 4 dias atrás
Season 3😊
arkiry aravinthan
arkiry aravinthan 4 dias atrás
alvin: imma name him.....brad pitt jin: ✨👄✨
NooB 1234
NooB 1234 4 dias atrás
that is some bad rice you did not make fluffy rice😒😒😒
PDP bomb
PDP bomb 4 dias atrás
where are the beansssss
0nly1 Mariii
0nly1 Mariii 5 dias atrás
bruh kalen had me dyinggg😂💀
x•anns•x ???
x•anns•x ??? 5 dias atrás
"He's also bald so i don't know why he told me that" 😂
sisi429 5 dias atrás
I feel like making these foods are great full-body workouts!
Mathilda Sommerfeld
Mathilda Sommerfeld 5 dias atrás
Can you do a giant chocolate cake as one of the dishes in season 3?
Deanna Carnell
Deanna Carnell 6 dias atrás
Why doesn't this dude sell any of these giant foods or sell them to the starving children in america
Tobias Gunnar
Tobias Gunnar 7 dias atrás
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #100
Saiba Azad
Saiba Azad 7 dias atrás
I want a husband like Alvin
Ryan Burns
Ryan Burns 7 dias atrás
This video made me want a midnight snack
lucy williams
lucy williams 7 dias atrás
How was your mukbang with ateez kalen and you finding out juicy stuff from monsta x 😂😂
Theodor Zacho
Theodor Zacho 8 dias atrás
alvin all this food is making me big lol
dragonfire 874309
dragonfire 874309 8 dias atrás
slayer 8 dias atrás
Make the giant pizza hot pocket, I will eat my shoe if you make a giant hot pocket. Actually, I'll most likely eat the hot pocket and not my shoe but you get it.
Nichie Ganminsheng
Nichie Ganminsheng 8 dias atrás
Hi Alvin can the next time you have a new making it big video can you invite Matt stonie he can eat a lot
SieaWolfDeadly 8 dias atrás
25:11 Vegans be qwaking
Chelsea Amber
Chelsea Amber 8 dias atrás
Also I just love how Alvin has to smell EVERYTHING 😂😂😂
BranksYT 8 dias atrás
Gorden Ramsey: *Watches* Where the f*ck is the lamb sauce!?
Chelsea Amber
Chelsea Amber 8 dias atrás
“You’re a fat baby” 😂😂😂😂
kanokporn w
kanokporn w 9 dias atrás
the spaggets duud oh WAW when peppa is looking the meatballs spaggets duud got killed by peppa
Vesper's GymLife
Vesper's GymLife 9 dias atrás
Giant Ice Cream? Giant Banana Split? Giant Milkshake? Like if u wanna see that!!!!
Aj Odinson
Aj Odinson 10 dias atrás
Giant corn dog
Sothy Phay
Sothy Phay 10 dias atrás
i kinda ship them ... iykyk
Lee Tsai
Lee Tsai 10 dias atrás
Alvin should make something jiggly big and laugh at it.
DarknessPlayz 10 dias atrás
oooo yes South Korea
michael murphy
michael murphy 10 dias atrás
SEASON 3 BABY!!!!!!!!!
ADerpyReality 10 dias atrás
This is my Korean soap opera.
Pulsedog 11 dias atrás
Marathon Timestamps!!!! 00:00 sushi boat 16:35 giant spaghetti 35:08 s’mores 53:36 giant grilled cheese 1:07:17 100 layer dip 1:29:38 giant pizza Hope you enjoy!
RaPTurE-ICY 6 dias atrás
Pulsedog thx bro
Jasmine Dodd
Jasmine Dodd 11 dias atrás
Henry Aguilar
Henry Aguilar 11 dias atrás
Can you make a giant Scottish egg
Skull Crackers
Skull Crackers 12 dias atrás
Do you fail at what you do
Rylan Wooden
Rylan Wooden 12 dias atrás
Did anyone else realize that he was making pasta while wearing an anti noodle noodle club shirt 😑😑😑
kjnjbjkgjvfcdxsrdtgyu Hrharuqh
this is what quarantine does to me...i watched this whole thing
Sheepdog Smokey
Sheepdog Smokey 12 dias atrás
2:44 - I just had the image of Jamie for Sorted Food walking in and screwing with the entire thing.
Jillian vs Lily
Jillian vs Lily 13 dias atrás
Kelsey it’s my turn to say “ I ship it “ ❤️
The rich family
The rich family 13 dias atrás
Malvin Lai
Malvin Lai 13 dias atrás
Hey Alvin why don't you try and make me a giant 🍡 the tradisional dango
Lexi _
Lexi _ 14 dias atrás
It’s basic...just like my friends
Olivia Hayward
Olivia Hayward 14 dias atrás
When Alvin said "It's your boy Alvin" i just face palmed mtself🙅
That’s tuff That’s tuff
Who else is watching this cause there hungry as hell
That’s tuff That’s tuff
Ouuuu Herbert ouuu Herbert one white van windows tinted can’t see mee
xX•Yours Truly__•Xx
So one time I was hanging out with my friend (I’m Asian) My friend: Hey, how do you cook rice..? Me; I use a rice cooker. Why’d you ask..? My friend: YoU DoNt uSe A bOiLeR?! AND WHAT THE HELL IS A RICE COOKER Me: what- wait. You don’t know what a rice cooker is?!
Shivani 15 dias atrás
Wow that's crazy, I really love all of it 💖💖💖💖💖
Møonlight Gåchä
Møonlight Gåchä 15 dias atrás
Me: watching at 3am unable to get food "ok maybe mey water will help" *Spills water* Also Me: GOD DAMN IT
Mark Bannon
Mark Bannon 16 dias atrás
Imagine them just dropping it ahahahaha
Forza Horizon
Forza Horizon 16 dias atrás
Sugar? Thats interesting
GreninjaCraft 16 dias atrás
Giant Poutine
bruh mcdonald
bruh mcdonald 17 dias atrás
here from 2020 and still hasnt been a new making it big vid
Ole The Canoli
Ole The Canoli 17 dias atrás
You should make giant Chinese noodles
Shui Guan Lin
Shui Guan Lin 17 dias atrás
Are you doing season 3
•Sara -Chan•
•Sara -Chan• 17 dias atrás
Hi Alvin! You should try to make giant dumplings or giant Chinese food
Worm Hole
Worm Hole 18 dias atrás
Such waste while others starve...
Shealyn Stephenson
Shealyn Stephenson 18 dias atrás
Irham Irdhan
Irham Irdhan 18 dias atrás
Season 3 please
Yah Yeet
Yah Yeet 19 dias atrás
ksi vs logan paul more like giant tough vs alvin
TN PIMP 19 dias atrás
This was funny
Lazarbeam Is best
Lazarbeam Is best 19 dias atrás
I feel bad for the guy who has to do the dishes
Citlali Garcia
Citlali Garcia 19 dias atrás
Please make a giant dumplings 🥟
Jordi6304™ 20 dias atrás
Anyone else binge watching at 3am and suddenly craving all of this food?
Jordi6304™ 13 dias atrás
@10billymac it was 3am for me when I commented tho lol
10billymac 13 dias atrás
Now 4am lol but same
10billymac 13 dias atrás
Jordi6304™ it is 359 rn
Rafal Battawi
Rafal Battawi 20 dias atrás
Am i the only one who wakes up at this? 😆
Sonnah Barry
Sonnah Barry 21 dia atrás
GIANT food is big
Leostar Specstrum
Leostar Specstrum 21 dia atrás
Ryan is the mix of Ryan Reynolds and wade Wilson = Ryan Wilson
IAMTIFFANYKING 22 dias atrás
Just looking at all the yellow add spots makes me want to vomit this video is gonna take forever
Cosmic Jc
Cosmic Jc 22 dias atrás
Mbv shmm
Patricia Baldwin
Patricia Baldwin 22 dias atrás
We know riea likes Alvin
LogicWasTaken 22 dias atrás
riggity riggity ray
riggity riggity ray 23 dias atrás
i love rie. i wish she was my best friend.
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