Making Costumes From the Upcoming Barbie Movie: Western wear!

Micarah Tewers
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Let's make some shrimp on the Barbie! Idk.
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9 Ago 2022



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Comentários 2 094
Micarah better have a ticket to the premiere. If she doesn’t we riot.
you and gereon have a special song?? 🥺 ADORABLE
"Her Barbie car was in the parking lot." Maya and Lauren are living the dream!
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•
you come to micarah’s channel for the fashion, you stay for the chaos, birbs, and home makeovers.
The Womanatee
I have a feeling that everyone in Micarah's neighborhood checks her BRvid channel once a month and group watches any new videos just to 1) explain whatever weird crap she did in the front yard that week and 2) ensure that their house numbers aren't visible, either.
mary angel
she’s funny. she pretty. she talented. she can even sing. i love margot robbie but micarah is the real BARBIE GIRL.
Ashley Sheffe
Micarah can you do a tutorial on Anastasia’s blue dress? Ever since I was seven and watched the movie for the first time I wanted to wear it for my senior prom and now senior year is upon me and I don’t have any idea how I’m going to get it. So I figured why not make it? But idk how so if you did that would really just be magical. :)))
She is absolutely amazing
Madi Brown
I just wanna see this girl blow up so bad. All of her videos are just absolutely hilarious from start to finish. She’s literally the only BRvidr who’s ads I’ll watch and not skip through. She’s genuine and heartfelt and honest about herself and her life without crossing any lines. She knows how to push the boundaries without being too controversial and also seems to just generally promote genuine human connection through her interactions with her friends and her parents and her siblings and im just so proud every time I see her level up in any way. I hope to see you do so many more amazing things Micarah!! Please keep up the amazing work and know how many people are watching and getting inspired by you every time you post!!
emma. bruh
We all need to collectively go crazy when the movie comes out, I feel the urge to flood theaters in pink after they’ve just been flooded by suits lol
Meiralora Duncan
You know that you have found the perfect partner when they have no issues with dressing up and doing all of the different adventures you create. Pretty funny when Gereon told Joe no when he told him to come down. I also love that you have a special song with Gereon. When I saw the pictures of you two in old people makeup I didn’t think it was really you. Great makeup job.
Micarah should get tickets to the premiere and then she could MAKE an outfit to go to the premiere in.
Julia Cornejo
Micarah: "Whatever's in the camera roll just kinda ends up in the video"
Snowdrop ⋆ˊˎ-
We need more Bella content immediately
Anyone who’s ever edited any video knows
Alex Camacho
Courtney needs a freaking Oscar for that beautiful acting
Micarah! You helped me discover my individuality and sense of style after years and years of feeling like I couldn't understand myself. You're a huge inspiration to me and I'm having so much fun experimenting with fashion. I can't wait to start making my own clothes to expand my horizons even more and I just wanted to thank you for helping to make this possible :)
Micarah's ads are literally the only ones I enjoy watching. She really had us in the first half 😂😂
Weronika Linda
I'm really hoping you'll do outfits from Totally Spies soon. The fashion is
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