Making Buffalo Wild Wings And Sauces At Home | But Better

Joshua Weissman
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Homemade wing sauce is the most important component to the best wings of all time. It’s easy to make, but it requires the knowledge and technique to make it truly great. Today we go head to head with the coveted buffalo wild wings and their zing sauce, mango habanero wing sauce, and the parmesan garlic wing sauce.

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25 Jul 2021



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Comentários 4 382
Guled Osman
Guled Osman Hora atrás
Whats the name of the intro song?
Joshua Conine
Joshua Conine 5 horas atrás
Lol I work at a Buffalo Wild Wings
ACE112ACE112 7 horas atrás
Ranch instead of beu cheese. its blasphemy
Lil Glue
Lil Glue 9 horas atrás
Okay try doing that all over the country serving millions of people everyday . Let’s see how much your recipe will change.
Avery Rummy
Avery Rummy 9 horas atrás
Blue cheese is superior to ranch in EVERY application. There are absolutely no exceptions.
Mayson Noeth
Mayson Noeth 12 horas atrás
I love vicram but those elbows doh
Perla Cardiel
Perla Cardiel 13 horas atrás
Okay you make every recipe super easy to cook! Gonna try making some wings with store bought sauce though😮‍💨 lol
Squi'rell 42K
Squi'rell 42K 14 horas atrás
Resident of Buffalo, NY here. For shame! Buffalo wild wings is not from Buffalo, NY and their wings ARE ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. Do this video again and go to Buffalo, NY. Get hot wings from Duffs, medium or mild from Anchor Bar, and Mumbo wings from Young's “Wings N' Things”. Then try and make those better, you won't. I REPEAT, BUFFALO WILD WINGS IS GARBAGE. THIS VIDEO IS A DISGRACE TO CHICKEN WINGS!
Santiago Wasienko
Santiago Wasienko 14 horas atrás
Blue cheese is better
Tunnel Rat13
Tunnel Rat13 17 horas atrás
Oh the garlic parm wing sauce: Why would you use a neutral oil over olive oil or butter?
Bryan Baer
Bryan Baer 19 horas atrás
Buffalo Wild Wings boxes are the absolute worst! They instantly get soggy when they put food in them!
XyAckhart 19 horas atrás
For Vicram AND Josh: You're beautiful, wonderful, a true delight. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK.
out_the_sea 19 horas atrás
I hate blue cheese 🧀 😒
Joseph P
Joseph P Dia atrás
The way you ate that first wing made me uncomfortable.. not sure I can trust someone who eats wings like that 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣
Oneil Nelson
Oneil Nelson Dia atrás
Blue cheese > ranch any day
Saint_ D3L3ON
Saint_ D3L3ON Dia atrás
I always hate these videos cuz you're comparing something that's mass produced on such a large scale that of course one single batch that's homemade by someone who cooks for a living is gonna taste better.
BenWard Dia atrás
Blue Cheese is many times superior to Ranch bro
fordkd1 Dia atrás
Wow I just fell in love with this guy watching him make these wings, guess what I have having for dinner this weekend? Definitely not Buffalo wild wings but it will be Dicks wings, Georgia girl is my favorite favor
Keval Prajapati
Keval Prajapati Dia atrás
Ok... I think my wings are better...
SenseiKai Dia atrás
jacob kindsvatter
Yeah but the difference is at bdubs you get a dui on your way home just because you wanted to watch a game and eat crappy food, with yours you can do the same thing but with out getting a DUI on your way home But better!
FlopBlox Dia atrás
Sambal Oleg you mean Indonesian sambal ??
daniel szymanski
daniel szymanski Dia atrás
I’m full we’ll aware this isn’t the newest video but I have to say I’m very happy that Josh has become so successful I love seeing someone passionate about their craft go from struggle to success honestly josh keep the hustle going you’re the man
King Hargun
King Hargun Dia atrás
No hate josh I love your videos but I don’t think that fast food chains have a lot time like a day to make your wings fam and why are they called fast food because they serve you as quickly as possible that’s probably why you make it better cuz you don’t care how much time you are spending but the fast food chains so care otherwise they will get bad reviews and just to say again no hate to you it’s just my opinion absolutely love your content and keep Up the great work
Xenith R
Xenith R Dia atrás
Disappointed to see them fried in oil
André Garcia
André Garcia Dia atrás
Gosh, I love BWWs...
Zachary Tyge
Zachary Tyge Dia atrás
Wtf no blue cheese?! I’m beyond offended, my feelings have become involved 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂
MIchael Petco
MIchael Petco Dia atrás
Love the recipes but a couple of these ingredients, most notably canola oil and corn syrup are going to lead to an early grave.
Stephanie Vahsholtz
Please do the Jammin Jalapeño sauce please!
Steven Dia atrás
I have no idea where you got those wings at, but it wasn't Buffalo Wild Wings. The ones I order in Colorado at best have a drop of sauce on each wing. I have never seen them coated in sauce like that before.
baba tunde
baba tunde Dia atrás
did someone say sus
Danny K.
Danny K. Dia atrás
Me: You can't piss off an entire city by one video Papa: Hold my ranch cup
Kimberley Lizana
Kimberley Lizana Dia atrás
OMG finally!! Blue cheese🤮
Jay Day
Jay Day Dia atrás
Bro how can u hate blue cheese :(
Luisa GAC
Luisa GAC Dia atrás
shake shack shack burger and fries with cheese and bacon please!!!
Pix La
Pix La Dia atrás
Bro it's called fast food
xTessek84x 2 dias atrás
I live in Buffalo buffalo wild wings are not Buffalo wings. Buffalo wings are hot, med or mild made with Franks hot sauce & butter. & if it's not Blue Cheese it's NOT Buffalo wings, it's sacrilege!
Tucker Means
Tucker Means 2 dias atrás
Tell me if I spelled this right: kwithpietht
Raycefan 2 dias atrás
Josh. Dude. I love your recipes, HOWEVER you simply CANNOT make an “alternate” ranch dressing/sauce, and not include the only really flavor component of actual ranch dressing: GARLIC!
CrispCarGuru 2 dias atrás
boneless wing competition! I can't find small wings or drumsticks! :(
R0B0boy 2 dias atrás
How do I get hired as Joshua's IT guy on standby just so I can enjoy all his cooking
Jesus Mena
Jesus Mena 2 dias atrás
Wingstop is way better though imo
Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez 2 dias atrás
Fyi I worked at bdubs...8 yrs...and it's all popular foolio
Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez 2 dias atrás
Man u think u better at everything u think u are to criticize or judge in general.......and mexican dishes lol u are a jk !!!!!!
Demar Eddington Junior
Blue cheese is amazing like why would you hurt me like that tho
Smokyie 2 dias atrás
Fire on the mountain better tho
Aachen Elsinghorst
Aachen Elsinghorst 2 dias atrás
You lost me when you said ranch over blue cheese.
Derek M
Derek M 2 dias atrás
F blue cheese brother
shayla Carrasquillo
shayla Carrasquillo 2 dias atrás
🙌🏼 yes finally I know someone who hate blue cheese as much as I do
Shelby 2 dias atrás
Blue cheese taste like stomach acid
Silent Tiger
Silent Tiger 2 dias atrás
So not only place I have seen package wings that way, and they all do the same thing. Steam escapes from the wings and joint seam until it tears like cheap thin wet cardboard, because that's exactly what it is.
Rj Yarbrough
Rj Yarbrough 2 dias atrás
I expected more from josh... his disrespect of blue cheese is hard to over look
Chingon 2 dias atrás
Wing with no bone, yankee hat no brim lmao
SuperMonkeySage 2 dias atrás
bruh bww used to be my favorite place for wings back in the good ol' days, but these days their just dont meet the cut. Idk but it probably has to do with their business failing because of the expensiveness of procuring mostly chicken wings and drums but i dont even need to taste papa's wings to know he won.
Typokeke 2 dias atrás
just eat them raw if there is no bluechees dip :O
Mile Away Honey
Mile Away Honey 2 dias atrás
Super good sauce recipe. The only thing I would change it to switch the fresh Habanero with fermented Habaneros but good job on the wing front!
Matthew Shelburne
Matthew Shelburne 2 dias atrás
To be fair Parmesan garlic sucks. Whoever put that on your discord has like no taste buds
D Rassman
D Rassman 2 dias atrás
How you feel about blue cheese is how I feel about ranch.
D Rassman
D Rassman 3 dias atrás
How you feel about blue cheese is how I feel about ranch.
Chandra Shekar
Chandra Shekar 3 dias atrás
but did it take cost the same amount as theirs? NOPE!
Dhiobokobokk 3 dias atrás
oh shit, Sambal oelek is already good on their own tho
celestefan139 3 dias atrás
4:30 joshua: flats are papa's favorite hololive fans: wait
CHRIS SARGUNAM 3 dias atrás
Btw what do you do with that much oil remaining?
Jared B
Jared B 3 dias atrás
Blue cheese is delicious if you don't have the palate of a 3 year old.
Sal Atti
Sal Atti 3 dias atrás
Stumbled upon this. Great video loved it………however as a Buffalo native the Blue cheese comment hurt, lol. At the very least “Buffalo style” always should come with blue cheese. I understand you not liking blue cheese dressing. Subscribed!!
Bladimir Armenta López
holy shit the parmeggiano ones OMGGGG
Tomasthetrain. 3 dias atrás
can you pls make a McChicken
LT W0LF 3 dias atrás
I want to take this to the backroom. I'm sleep 😴
UsurperKizan 3 dias atrás
Yeah I hate blue cheese sauce….
Brittlby 3 dias atrás
Bleu cheese requires a rarified palate, you monster.
W Ick
W Ick 3 dias atrás
Ranch. Fucking gross.
SFP Xeno
SFP Xeno 3 dias atrás
Bruh I subscribed as soon as he said he disliked blue cheese
TwoTimer 3 dias atrás
please make me food everyday for the rest of my life
C B 3 dias atrás
so people are sucking the sauce out of your "wang" ??? :P
Amber Jewel
Amber Jewel 3 dias atrás
I do not like ranch or blue cheese dressing haha. I like to eat my wings with no sauce like that - just hot and spicy and delicious
Clovercake summonerswar
duh it's fast food
Sierra Clark
Sierra Clark 4 dias atrás
“If you declare with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9). Now is the time to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Obey His commands and repent of your sins because Jesus is coming back soon. Tomorrow isn’t promised.
makumaku 4 dias atrás
Asian wings didn’t come from anywhere in asia lmao they just put a stereotypical “Asia” word in it so it’ll make a more convincing menu
Edgar Zamarron
Edgar Zamarron 4 dias atrás
Josh: give that a little whiff to get your nose on platinum same day shipping directly to hell My sinuses: and I took that personally
VibeWith Kye
VibeWith Kye 4 dias atrás
The garlic Parmesan is so nasty taste nothing like the name on the bottle 🤮
Ana 4 dias atrás
Platinum same day shipping to hell🤣🤣💀
Yet 2 Be Denyed
Yet 2 Be Denyed 4 dias atrás
Dawg your b-rolls always FUUUUUUCK! Also, found out you are a flats guy which is fuckin sick (am newer sub). Thanks Papa
That One Dude 123
That One Dude 123 4 dias atrás
I wanna make this but I also don’t have that kind of time
Rolando Rodriguez
Rolando Rodriguez 4 dias atrás
time 7:47. Did he just say holy shit when he blended it? lol i think that was to much
Griffin Jacquot
Griffin Jacquot 4 dias atrás
Bryson Dill
Bryson Dill 4 dias atrás
This really is not a difficult task, it's just BWW.
Mike 4 dias atrás
Josh is a "stop liking what I don't like" person. ;-)
Kaito 4 dias atrás
What’s the first song?
rosebean 4 dias atrás
bro youd proly hate that i love bleu cheese and hate ranch
Brennen Cox
Brennen Cox 4 dias atrás
2:10 Asian zing I'm guessing means soy sauce is used as a flavor. Since a generic "Asian" is given, it may incorporate other seasonings from that part of the world too. I guess I may find out soon.
Ron Colwell
Ron Colwell 5 dias atrás
Derek A
Derek A 5 dias atrás
Thank you! Blue cheese is horrible. Kills me when they mess up my order and don't include my ranch.....
Rekkless 5 dias atrás
I kind of feel it was a bit of a wasted opportunity to have not made superior traditional buffalo sauce. Especially since buffalo sauce is pretty much the go to sauce for wings. Yes, all these other sauces have their place. But when it comes to Buffalo Wings nothing beats Buffalo sauce.
Tyler Stanley
Tyler Stanley 5 dias atrás
blue cheese is good
Alice 5 dias atrás
Blue cheese is good I said it.
sharon kayembe
sharon kayembe 5 dias atrás
I thank God for Snapchat coz papa, I never would have found you❤️
Griffin Tschudin
Griffin Tschudin 5 dias atrás
Blue cheese dressing only belongs on pure Buffalo wings, it has no other place
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