Make a Router table

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How to make a router table
↓Click here for the plan
【Plan List】
・​Extendable Circle Cutting Router Jig
・Drill stand
・Magnet drill stand
・Belt sander
・Making a 2-in-1 Circular Saw Slide Guide (Easy Panel Saw)
・How to make Line laser module
・Homemade height gauge
・right angle corner clamp
Hand saw (Leather Saw 180)
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Makita RT50DZ
Makita RP2301FC
Circular saw

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2 Jun 2020



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JSK-koubou 3 meses atrás
If you find any unauthorized reproduction of the JSK-koubou video, please report it to me. Thank you. JSK-koubouビデオの無断複製を見つけた場合は、報告していただけると助かります。
Wim Brouwers
Wim Brouwers 12 dias atrás
. m'n
Wim Brouwers
Wim Brouwers 12 dias atrás
@Kadhum Shanshal stuk
Dkfnfkfkkf Dkdkfkfkfkf
Dkfnfkfkkf Dkdkfkfkfkf 13 dias atrás
Jon Seymour
Jon Seymour 2 horas atrás
you sir are a genius and a very talented craftsman, i would put that router cabinet in my living room for all to see, its a work of art, i especially like your setup for raising and lowering the bit. please keep making videos like this.
Oleg Kukharenko
Oleg Kukharenko 7 horas atrás
Япона мать - как же приятно смотреть на такую работу!
I have seen this video and i would like to post like a hundret comments. Can´t remember when i have been THIS amazed. This craftmanship totally blows me away. I am your biggest fan, dude. You are the toolman!!! Home improvement king!
This table is the frigging BOMB!! Awesome!!!!
Abdullah AlRumaithan
Amazing work thank you for the interesting video I would like to know the type of door hinge|glass that you use to the a cleric door from where could bye please God please you
henrikbakk1 3 dias atrás
Some videos just makes me want to hit the like button multiple times! There are so many elegant solutions and techniques here, but the anodizing of the base plate... hat off, JSK-koubou-san!
True Snuh
True Snuh 3 dias atrás
This was very calming to watch. One day, I will make this.
Death Song
Death Song 4 dias atrás
Make a router table. Step 1. Buy a router table. Step 2. Use Roater table to make router table.
Martin Ransom
Martin Ransom 4 dias atrás
With such a luxuriously equiped workshop, no doubt you can make wonderous things like this router table. But for beginners, wanting just to know ony how you install a router, your very long tutorial is a show-off and a waste of time. Regards.
Surfing on my dreams
Surfing on my dreams 4 dias atrás
Instant sub! Just one thing, why not benefit fully from top aluminium plate and make quick release system for the top ring rather then four screws every time you need to change the bit? Otherwise top work!
Dom Thierry
Dom Thierry 4 dias atrás
Avec du matos...
glen paul
glen paul 5 dias atrás
Excellent precision work..
Agustin Arango
Agustin Arango 6 dias atrás
craig thomson
craig thomson 7 dias atrás
Is this guy Batman!?!
Dave L
Dave L 7 dias atrás
You move your hands like a magician and create magic. Everything looks effortless and appears flawless. I don't know whether to feel joy for your talents or sadness for my lack thereof. I'm running to Lowes to purchase a crappy router table as God has not endowed me with your abilities or the intelligence to learn your skills.
James Hannigan
James Hannigan 8 dias atrás
OCD ?????????????
James Hannigan
James Hannigan 8 dias atrás
Position at NASA has just opened If you are interested,?? Also I have vacuum proof sterile clean room for rent if interested also ??. 😆😆.. Just pulling your leg. I've never seen a workshop as sterile as yours though lol. Very precise You don't work for IKEA do you??
robsta 9 dias atrás
What is the hold down glue...that just pulls off and leaves no trace?!?!
Ta Panta Ola
Ta Panta Ola 10 dias atrás
The only thing I can imagine for the so many thumb downs is they thought that by pressing the button they would download the plans
starcatify 10 dias atrás
Very nice work! A video about the anodisation would be marvelous! Cheers, mate!
Николай Миронов
Robin day
Robin day 11 dias atrás
Great build - a pleasure to watch a master at work. Where might I find a drill guide like that one?
Gordon May
Gordon May 11 dias atrás
Old school chemistry and old school carpentry skills. Well learned and well taught. It is nice to see a student become a master. It is amazing to watch a plan come together so calmly and precise. There was a moment I saw a CNC machine. Was that necessary. Lol 😂 awesome video!
Kris W
Kris W 11 dias atrás
Unbelievable! His attention to detail is UNBELIEVABLE! It's amazing what one can do with the right tools and mega skillz
Jean-Luc MARQUETTE 12 dias atrás
Bonjour, je découvre ta chaîne par hasard (depuis quelques jours) et je suis ébloui de tant de soin et de précision dans tes projets Bien sûr je me suis abonné et j'attends avec impatience tes nouvelles vidéos Merci pour tes partages ;-D
Tiger Audio Inc
Tiger Audio Inc 12 dias atrás
Your outlet doesn’t have a ground? How i it that all yoru electrical is 1950s standard with no ground?
Tiger Audio Inc
Tiger Audio Inc 12 dias atrás
Curious, why do you use those pocket screws instead of a production stapler?
Tiger Audio Inc
Tiger Audio Inc 12 dias atrás
This is the best video you have done. That anadize job was steller too.
Prince among men
Prince among men 12 dias atrás
All this time I’ve been thinking I’m pretty good, this video has just shattered that illusion damn that’s bloody smart guy...
Ed Gloss
Ed Gloss 13 dias atrás
hayati savtak
hayati savtak 13 dias atrás
Antonio Villanueva
Antonio Villanueva 15 dias atrás
Muy bueno y educativo
Antonio Villanueva
Antonio Villanueva 15 dias atrás
Muy bueno
Patrice Naas
Patrice Naas 16 dias atrás
Hi, can you indicate where you get the 90° aluminium profil for the guide?
Oksa Stebak
Oksa Stebak 16 dias atrás
TEXANMEX 17 dias atrás
WHAT THE F...!!! Well there goes another hobby out the window, I'm still trying to figure out dove tails :( Sir, You are an unbelievably talented individual and that piece is almost angelic.....But kiss my ......
MAPIS RED 17 dias atrás
Essa é top demais.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith 19 dias atrás
I agree with the other comments are incredible. Keep up the great work.
Rafael Yamaga
Rafael Yamaga 19 dias atrás
This is so humiliating.
Mariusz Borowski
Mariusz Borowski 20 dias atrás
Brawo. Kolejny high-tech z Japonii.
Piyush Suthar
Piyush Suthar 20 dias atrás
Good warking thak you
Busyfingers 24
Busyfingers 24 20 dias atrás
High end tools, high end skill, attention to detail - FLAWLESS 👍 Your shop is as clean as any medical lab!! Well done sir...
Ercan Kitir
Ercan Kitir 21 dia atrás
This man annoys me the good way!
Patricia Pilcher
Patricia Pilcher 21 dia atrás
Very clever indeed.
McCubbin Aerial Drone Photography & Video
Holy Hell... I thought I was a decent woodworker, this guy makes me look like a bull in a china shop, im feel utterly amazed to watch a true craftsman but also one that has that Japanese perfection and attention to detail aspect. ICHIBAN! TEKISASU KARA KON'NICHI WA!
Dave Dudding
Dave Dudding 22 dias atrás
Great table! But why did he use the battery trimmer? As he over worked it... you can tell by the noise it made, the bearings where screaming! Router table! So why didn't he use the router? Which ever you use you should know certain things, like how much of a pay load you can put on the power tool. This is a problem, even pro make the mistake. I can only put it down to modern techniques, which made people do things in one hit, rather then doing it right and making more passes, and not over loading their power tools.
Kami Pollet
Kami Pollet 22 dias atrás
what is he doing in the minute 18:30?
φρανκ πολυ
φρανκ πολυ 23 dias atrás
こんばんは、このツールが必要です。ユーロでいくらかかりますか?Good evening, I need this tool. How much does it cost in euros?
Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson 23 dias atrás
There's always a guy like this that makes me feel like I shouldn't even be allowed to own a screwdriver.
K P 11 dias atrás
That’s very funny 😆
Giorgio Borgonovo
Giorgio Borgonovo 24 dias atrás
I'm speechless... Thank you :-)
Marcin Łukasik
Marcin Łukasik 24 dias atrás
and this is how Japanese make stuff... hats off to you sir!
Sean Wagner
Sean Wagner 25 dias atrás
The attractive cormorant traditionally zip because interactive ontogenetically risk a a delicious temple. second-hand, productive volleyball
Emmanuel Alves
Emmanuel Alves 25 dias atrás
Where's the project??
Makers 25 dias atrás
20:00 amazing result ! how is named the technic/method to color aluminium (?) plate ?
Miloslav Vlach
Miloslav Vlach 24 dias atrás
It is pretty nice...I would like to know too please
Craig Larkins
Craig Larkins 26 dias atrás
Why cover both sides of the table top? But such a good post.
Juan Fernando Trcka
Juan Fernando Trcka 26 dias atrás
Con dinero cualquiera puede. Más que una máquina de carpintería eso parece un refrigerador. ¡Qué ridículo!
Rusman syah chanel
Rusman syah chanel 26 dias atrás
Martin Hazelwood
Martin Hazelwood 26 dias atrás
Great This is best router table I've seen. I wish you sold them. I would most certainly purchase one. Great video and Great job. Martin
wayne Johns_Photographer
@JSK-koubou such beautiful work and craftsmanship. Truly beautiful skills and always so calming to watch.
Cesar Felipe Paredes Fuentes
Excelente trabajo.....pero en comparación contigo soy como krilin al lado de goku con su transformación de ultra instinto jajajaja felicidades
gus hani
gus hani 27 dias atrás
I swear sometimes I feel like he meticulously does certain things so perfect just to piss me off. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Михаил Федченко
СПАСИБО, все очень доходчиво.
Chockalingam Ganesh K R
Your workshop is cleaner than my study. Subscribed!
George Adrian
George Adrian 27 dias atrás
Love the router table, in the video you use a router sled to push small items on the router table, at about the 3:26 mark. DO you have plans for that router push sled?
Iron Freddy
Iron Freddy 27 dias atrás
Keiner kann vernünftig mit nem Akkuschrauber umgehen immer muss das Getriebe Knarzen.
EZ Guitar (player view)
ㅆㅂ것. 광고 3분에 한개씩 계속나오네. 앵간히좀 처박아넣어라. X같아서 못보겠다
Masud Rahman
Masud Rahman 28 dias atrás
He is precise all around. A hi- quality job.
caster love
caster love 28 dias atrás
신승철 28 dias atrás
말로 해주는 설명이 없으니 봐도 모르겠소..
Raphael Vianna
Raphael Vianna 28 dias atrás
A wizard
Александр Ткачев
Хочу себе такой же собрать. Фрезер Makita RP2300FC. Какие примерные габариты у столешницы и боковых ящиков? Размер пластины для фрезера?
Grant Shuttleworth
Grant Shuttleworth 29 dias atrás
Dude I love the portable drill press!!
Jon Holl
Jon Holl 29 dias atrás
i knew this was gonna be good but when he anodized the fucking base plate i lost it. this router table is too good for mere mortals
J Lindsay
J Lindsay 25 dias atrás
meeee too . holy shit.
Rovpanda 29 dias atrás
ReDragonDima 29 dias atrás
11:55 ok right here I came...
Arnold V. Pacetti
Arnold V. Pacetti 29 dias atrás
I don’t even have a tool and I watched the whole video hahahaha .... amazing 🙏🏼
Syukur Syukur
Syukur Syukur 29 dias atrás
Patut ditiru....cara kerjanya. Brooo
AnthonyR May
AnthonyR May 29 dias atrás
OK so what size perfect workshop plus tools do I need to make this?
Ian H
Ian H Mês atrás
even his hands are clean, you should see me after one router pass. :-/
Josh Laher
Josh Laher Mês atrás
Impressive is an understatement. Subscribed lol
Дамир Бухаров
Мужик, ты реально крутой мастер! Смотрел, не отрываясь....это очень круто!
dashifoo Mês atrás
could someone help? I didn't get how he made the lift @ 41:18, thanks!
Cesar Guzman
Cesar Guzman Mês atrás
Wooo good job 👍👍👍👍
shawn limy
shawn limy Mês atrás
That Router Table is cleaner than my China Cabinet...
Dji Oen
Dji Oen Mês atrás
the precision is amazing...kudos..
OFANA Motorcycles & DIY
good work, love it. From VietNam
Hữu Huấn Đoàn
Nhìn thì đẹp, mà tháo lắp hoặc điều chỉnh cực thấy bà!
Denis Aguila
Denis Aguila Mês atrás
Hola que tal. Me gustó mucho. Quería preguntarte, que procedimiento tienen la base de aluminio. Me gustaría poder copiar tu proyecto tal cual lo hiciste! Es espectacular!!!
SF Crafting
SF Crafting Mês atrás
great job i like it
Sebastian Vidaurre
Sebastian Vidaurre Mês atrás
Oh yeah shure, I make 3 or 4 like this everyday in my workshop, not impressed at all..... man you are good, the best I've ever seen. Congrats
Денис Недорезов
Какой материал использовался для покрытия стола на клеевой основе?
Dr Evil
Dr Evil Mês atrás
That is absolutely beautiful..... Excellent craftsmanship/utilitarian value...
так получилось
Великолепная работа!
Daniel Borja
Daniel Borja Mês atrás
현대인 Mês atrás
Great Master !!!!!!!
Сергей Кузьменко
Реклама Макита полным ходом. Но стол зачетный. Лайк однозначно
Luciano Pagano
Luciano Pagano Mês atrás
non ho visto mai una precisione del genere mi incanto vedere i tuoi video
Vuttavandla Rupesh
Vuttavandla Rupesh Mês atrás
what u 're making
henry chu
henry chu Mês atrás
Another video when the DIY project ends up costing way more than buying an actual router table. Would be good if you could describe what you do in this video, ...IE using the chemicals to dye the aluminum piece.
Klaus-Peter Zillmann
Ich mag die Ruhe die Du beim arbeiten ausstrahlst
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