Mahomes 0-3 VS. Burrow ahead of AFC Championship, talks Josh Allen's shortcomings | NFL | THE HERD

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Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd after his Kansas City Chiefs successfully secured their spot in yet another AFC Championship. But with Patrick Mahomes suffering with a high ankle sprain, Colin and Nick weigh their chances against the rival Cincinnati Bengals, lead by a quarterback, Joe Burrow, who is 3-0 against Mahomes. Plus, Nick lays out why Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills have been exposed in their loss to Cincinnati in the Divisional round, and lost their right to be considered the Chiefs' rivals. Nick and Colin also talk the future of Dak Prescott, who was eliminated when the Dallas Cowboys lost to Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers.

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Mahomes 0-3 VS. Burrow ahead of AFC Championship, talks Josh Allen's shortcomings | NFL | THE HERD
• Mahomes 0-3 VS. B...

The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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23 Jan 2023



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Comentários 1 144
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Check out the What’s Wright? with Nick Wright podcast:
Arcayn Gaming
Arcayn Gaming Mês atrás
Should change that title to "Wright is Wrong" or "Wright, Not Right"
bobfwd Mês atrás
didnt age well
Jonathan Haven
Jonathan Haven Mês atrás
"Why did the Bills get more credit for losing to the Chiefs in the playoffs than the Bengals got for beating them." Might be the smartest thing I've ever heard Nick say.
brandon ohara
brandon ohara Mês atrás
@CJ tell that to Brandon beane
Chilbo Swaggins
Chilbo Swaggins Mês atrás
The smartest thing said by a guy that's a fan first and an analyst second is a very low bar.
CJ Mês atrás
@Iam Champit’s coming I have no doubt. Maybe this year or another, he is that good!
CJ Mês atrás
@brandon oharaget a good running back,
Iam Champ
Iam Champ Mês atrás
@B Ever and where is Burrow’s Super Bowl ring? Lmfao 🤣
MtnMan1981 Mês atrás
The ability that Nick Wright has to walk the "you love me, you hate me" tightrope is a balancing act us mere mortals could never understand. All kidding aside, he's sharp and quick-witted, and always has a funny take for Cowherd's show.
John Smith
John Smith Mês atrás
@C.K.888 🤡
C.K.888 Mês atrás
And unlike Skip he doesn’t just focus on Brady or the Cowboys Remember The Prince That Was Promised?
Kevin Coggins
Kevin Coggins Mês atrás
@corey morrissette maybe you haven't seen Nick in his radio days. Guy has had a pretty solid glow up since then.
D Mês atrás
John Smith
John Smith Mês atrás
@FoToRealistic 🤡
Annie Van Auken
Annie Van Auken Mês atrás
Hilarious! The sincerity in Nick's eyes after he cracks this enormous "Mahomes on one leg" joke; it's priceless. 4:12 Notice he doesn't blink for 13 seconds while justifying that #3 choice.
Annie Van Auken
Annie Van Auken Mês atrás
@corey morrissette It's the stare of a sleepless coffee head. Good observation!
corey morrissette
corey morrissette Mês atrás
How about his eyes looked full of drugs and lack of sleep?
Carlos Murana Jr
Carlos Murana Jr Mês atrás
👁‍🗨 confirmed
Zachary Beeson
Zachary Beeson Mês atrás
Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed
Christopher Hernandez
The talent Philly and Niners have is unreal. Colin didn’t even mentioned any of the Philly pass rushers or Niner’s receivers. Can’t wait for this game
brainsmasher66 Mês atrás
@Chilbo Swaggins I've seen the Chiefs get good pressure on Burrow and collapse the pocket only for him to slither out time and time again.
Chilbo Swaggins
Chilbo Swaggins Mês atrás
@brainsmasher66 Joe Brrrr was top 2 regular season for release time just over 2.5 seconds but still brought it down a tick for playoffs. He must remember watching TB12 during those seasons without Dante Scarnecchia coaching his O Line. Get rid of it or Von Miller was digging up grass with your facemask.
George Washington
George Washington Mês atrás
It probably could be a top 30 list
gavriil nick
gavriil nick Mês atrás
@One Nation Underground yup
OgPage Mês atrás
@Christopher Hernandez facts!! I do think Purdy is nice but put Hurtz on the Niners and they would be blowing teams out by 14-20 points every game..... not even close
slim Large
slim Large Mês atrás
Nick has really grown own me. He's frickin hilariously sardonic and does in fact know his stuff.
Tyson Moran
Tyson Moran Mês atrás
@Slabby Fatback so is Baker Mayfield Joe’s daddy?
Slabby Fatback
Slabby Fatback Mês atrás
@Tyson Moran The classic excuse "they aren't actually on the field at the same time blah blah blah" that's only good when your QB gets bounced-And, No, I don't think Pat could carve up his own D-Chris Jones would ruin him. Just get used to it, Joe is Pats daddy and u at least still got Josh to compete with for 2nd place, that's not so bad
@Tyson Moran eh he’s virtually on par with mahomes td wise. Joe started his rookie year and was hurt 6 games. Mahomes sat behind Alex smith a year and inherited an extremely good yac/ redzone team in Kareem hunt kelce Watkins and tyreek hill. Mahomes also has two more years playing. They both are averaging in the mid 30s for yearly tds. Even with cincy running it more.
Tyson Moran
Tyson Moran Mês atrás
@TheGraffitiPlayground doesn’t throw as many touchdowns either 🤔
dadillonful Mês atrás
BrockMoneyH20 Mês atrás
Nick is actually a genius. I mean he can definitely be annoying with it, but it’s undeniable. That man is brilliant 👌🏻 he deserves the success he’s achieved, especially now
Corey Goldstein
Corey Goldstein Mês atrás
Nick and Colin need to get a show together. They’re so good together. I love how funny Colin finds Nick.
LAPZ x Mês atrás
Crazy how much talent is going to Be on the field for Eagles vs 49ers going to be an insane game
surinder474 Mês atrás
49rs and Eagles have best talent ...way..way more than Chiefs and Cincinnati and still only tean can beat them , will be Chiefs. If both Purdy and Hurts play for other team, they will be exposed in second game in the season.
steve Mês atrás
All the quarterbacks are in the AFC ,,,,eagles 49ers for 2nd Place
Gold Tau
Gold Tau Mês atrás
Lots of injuries
One Nation Underground
Burrow, Mahomes, Kelce, Chase, Higgins, Boyd, Hendrickson, Karlaftis, Mixon, Hubbard, Bell, Bates, Hilton, Wilson, Pratt, Reader, and I'm sure there's Chiefs players I forgot about.
june bug
june bug Mês atrás
When it comes to ratings….. not even close compared to last game dallas/sf….
J 2213
J 2213 Mês atrás
Love them together can’t lie, great chemistry like big brother little brother
Tjay D
Tjay D Mês atrás
Nick deserves to take this victory lap, I thought he was just hating but he was right about Josh allen
Joe Sebol
Joe Sebol Mês atrás
@Robert A. tl:dr - I have no idea how to start and stop a sentence.
Robert A.
Robert A. Mês atrás
All this Allen hate, Mahomes came into the league with probably the best offensive system and play caller in the history of the league I mean Reid won 12 games every yr with freaking Alex Smith, and he came in and got to just learn for a yr and then had hof level weapons all over the field, what did Allen have? What Allen still have? A bad o line, a defensive hc that puts all their cap and high draft capital into a defense that falls apart in the playoffs, a rookie o.c. that can't scheme a guy open or make in game adjustments, and only 1 legitimate weapon in Diggs, Knox is not Kelce not even close he is not a safety net for Josh, he isn't used in the middle of the field, he averages 2 catches a game, Knox is a one trick pony, if u can get him to the red zone he is slippery and a size mismatch, but he does none of the stuff Kelce does on every drive all down the field, the bills have no running game outside of Allen (800 freaking yards) and no other legit weapons, Davis drops more than he catches and that's when he actually gets open, go look at drop rates this yr, bills recievers led the league, watch a bills game, every game is the same, it's all on Allen, no one has accomplished more with less, compare who Mahomes, Burrows, Tua and Hurst have had to play with, Nick has hated Josh because Josh was the first guy to be able to legitimately challenge Mahomes, from a physical talent stand point Allen has no equal, that doesn't make him better just means he has more tools and it scared Nick the previous 2 yrs when Daboll was play calling and those tools allowed Allen to compete against superior rosters, now Burrows has beaten Mahomes 3 times so Nick has no choice but to give Burrows his props or he loses all credibility, but Burrows has Chase and Higgins and a brilliant o.c. and d.c., my point is all these guys have x amount of talent, physical ability and intelligence but where that takes any of them is largely a byproduct of the system they r in the guy calling the plays and weapons they have, Josh hit a ceiling with the roster and play calling he was provided and I do believe he did more than the other 2 could have done with the same roster, I don't see Burrow or Mahomes getting 800yards with their legs, and remember Josh isn't a run first or even 2nd qb nor does the current offense use many designed runs, so when he does run its because he has to, either the scheme failed, the o line didn't hold up or his receivers failed to get open
GoodLuckBeatz Mês atrás
@kentwpiano you’re in denial my guy
GoodLuckBeatz Mês atrás
@Jeff Tomasello stahp 😂 that was a good laugh 🤣
Joe Sebol
Joe Sebol Mês atrás
@Suneil Motwani My mistake. ✌
Gecko Brah
Gecko Brah Mês atrás
A number of teams saw that Tampa Bay and the Rams won Super Bowls by pushing their chips all in for a single year, so they follow suit. Not a long term strategy, and if it fails in year one, the team is in trouble. The five-year thing has a lot to do with winning with very good young players Who haven’t gotten to franchise tag or free agency yet. it’s all about the salary cap.
Mike Lozano
Mike Lozano Mês atrás
Nick has the best takes in the business. And Colin has the best perspective. Love these shows👌🏾
David Savon Jr
David Savon Jr Mês atrás
Love when he has nick on! You’ll never hear him laugh as much!
corey morrissette
corey morrissette Mês atrás
Drugs can do that LOL
McLoven 3000
McLoven 3000 Mês atrás
Veach and his staff are some of the best, keeping this roster going every season. In Veach we trust. Go Chiefs!
Jerry S
Jerry S Mês atrás
Boo boo chiefs
carsonc29 Mês atrás
Veach is gonna have to get more pass rushers cause outside of Jones, KC doesnt rush the passer enough....they have a lot of sacks, but often times they've need to blitz to get those...that will work against most QBs..but not the elite ones
Rawkstar1960 Mês atrás
4:35 Great analogy. I’ve been saying this about Allen as well. Cagey, tough to bring down. Crazy athleticism. Ben had lotsa talent around him.
Don't drink the Kool-Aid
Terrible analogy. Allen plays nothing like Big Ben lol.
Patsallday Mês atrás
The price of the brick going up. 😂😂😂 Gotta love when sports talk crosses over with the wire.
The Ocean Man 1984
The Ocean Man 1984 Mês atrás
Im going with the Bengals, but I also realize this could go either way...Burrow is deadly accurate and makes good quick decisions
The Brooks
The Brooks Mês atrás
Mike Klug
Mike Klug Mês atrás
@GoodLuckBeatz no worries. Burrow isn't afraid to be tackled. It's football
Nikk Keating
Nikk Keating Mês atrás
@GoodLuckBeatz, it doesn’t show in his passing numbers, though.
EnjoytheMENT Mês atrás
@GoodLuckBeatz he would be number one by a large margain if he wasnt so good at moving in the pocket and buying some extra time he is by far the best at that currently in the nfl
GoodLuckBeatz Mês atrás
@Robert 5th most sacked qb in the league 😬
BlitzenLLC Mês atrás
I love nick and Collin together. Freaking smart dudes.
Allan S
Allan S Mês atrás
Awesome discussion!! Nick is so talented in his commentary. He makes some eye-opening revelations
Michael McIntosh
Michael McIntosh Mês atrás
Nick has really come along these last 2 years.
Great Outdoors
Great Outdoors Mês atrás
Maybe it’s because I’m a Chiefs fan, but I love Nick. In a field that is mostly talking heads he brings his own personality and perspective which is refreshing
Paul Y
Paul Y Mês atrás
I’m a Bills fan, but I still love Nick. He’s great.
Derrick luv
Derrick luv Mês atrás
Not a chiefs fan but I see yall pulling out this win most definitely if Mahomes is good to go. I just don't see the bungels defeating y'all for a 4th time because it's hard to keep defeating the same team over and over again.
Jonathon Poehner
Jonathon Poehner Mês atrás
I’m a bengals fan but nick has grown on me. The most over the top smack talker you want to slap but the most graceful loser shockingly. Let be honest most fans are toxic in defeat but nick is just toxic all the rest of the time lol 🤝
Mudslut Music
Mudslut Music Mês atrás
Bengals fans everywhere
Sandman Mês atrás
Chris Culhane
Chris Culhane Mês atrás
Full of excuses for his team and why they lost like he should. God bless this man for being real like we all do
Fratboy Fitness
Fratboy Fitness Mês atrás
Comparing Josh Allen to Big Ben is disrespectful. By this point in Ben’s Career he already won 2 super bowls.
kris xchirbas
kris xchirbas Mês atrás
@scott michael96 so much idiocy in one comment! Definitely a bills fan!
Fratboy Fitness
Fratboy Fitness Mês atrás
@Left Leg Cemetery Colin just did
Left Leg Cemetery
Left Leg Cemetery Mês atrás
I never heard anyone compare Josh Allen and Big Ben🤷
GoodLuckBeatz Mês atrás
@scott michael96 man you were right up until you went far right wing extremist 😬
jay2thaudy Mês atrás
His defense won 2 Superbowls
Mike Oley
Mike Oley Mês atrás
You know it's a damn good game when Deebo Samuel isn't a top 10 player in it!
Blake Markowski
Blake Markowski Mês atrás
The bills biggest issue is their o line and no run game outside of josh Allen. It’s too much responsibility for one player
ajh856 Mês atrás
I hope mahomes can be competent this weekend. High ankles are no joke at all. Not rooting for any team in particular. Just rooting for a good game.
Kevin Coggins
Kevin Coggins Mês atrás
@Christian Graff it doesn't matter, Cincy fans will assume they are and call it out before anyone does or doesn't use it as an excuse. I was happy for Cincy when they started improving, but they haven't been as good of a fanbase as I'd hoped. Or as good of fans as some other improving teams. Shame too, they have a solid team.
YouGotHouses WeGotMahomes
@TorpidRL Can't speak for other fans, but Sunday will be different.
Chris Culhane
Chris Culhane Mês atrás
I love that he doesn't pretend to not be partial. I love his bias wearing it on his sleeve
sitonmypillow Mês atrás
I saw one episode where he completely trashed the Bengals, saying they had no business getting this far again. He needs to emotionally heal from those losses.
Philip Ruo
Philip Ruo Mês atrás
@Jamie Alexander but... where did he lie in that segment? The Mahomes on 1 leg being the 3rd best QB with a little tongue in cheek, but it's probably not that far from the truth.
EnjoytheMENT Mês atrás
@Matt thats fine until he goes on his betting show claims to be impartial yet still always favors the chiefs
Matt Mês atrás
It’s consistently presented tongue in cheek. He openly spreads his bias and then pretends he doesn’t with a wink and a nod for entertainment value. That’s why it’s fun to watch.
Jamie Alexander
Jamie Alexander Mês atrás
He always says he's dripping in objectivity.
ZachoRockz Mês atrás
I don’t always agree with nicks or Colin’s opinions but they have awesome chemistry. I love watching their segments together
Nigga From Diary Of A Mad Black Woman
The price of the brick is going up!! Greatest show ever
KingBradicus Mês atrás
My name is my name!
robert ponce
robert ponce Mês atrás
Can’t wait to see Nick’s energy on Monday when the Chiefs lose.
D HECK Mês atrás
These guys just gel together so good.
Stache Man
Stache Man Mês atrás
Nick and Colin have great segments. Nick is a hot take enigma.. his explanations and facts behind the hot takes seem reasonable. And Skip Bayless should take notes if he knew what was good for him.
DuskDeepens Mês atrás
The Josh Allen-Cam Newton, Philip Rivers and Big Ben comparisons are spot on.
DuskDeepens Mês atrás
@PANTHER189 Allen was also a more risky prospect while Cam was an undisputed #1 pick so I think it balances out
Black sheep
Black sheep Mês atrás
@PANTHER189 lmfaoo my fault
PANTHER189 Mês atrás
@Black sheep can you read? I said Allen has done LESS with MORE. More as in talent
Black sheep
Black sheep Mês atrás
@PANTHER189lies cam done more wit less way more than allen
Brian Mês atrás
@PANTHER189 when it comes to Cam and Big Ben, he’s just done less, period.
CJ Mês atrás
All the Bills need to advance as a team is a great running back who has good hands too…..
Randy Harrington
Randy Harrington Mês atrás
There are a couple positives if Homie spends the game hiding in the pocket to avoid more damage, He will probably be throwing very quick short passes that have a higher degree of completion, Take longer to get down field to make a touchdown, This will have a secondary benefit for the defense, They will be able to rest more, and be able to play fresher when thay do play......So there are reasons this could be a decent scenario for the chiefs.
Orion's Belt
Orion's Belt Mês atrás
God bless you Nick. I love your delivery always makes me laugh and smile.
Tommy Mês atrás
The Eagles look unstoppable!
justin saving
justin saving Mês atrás
We believe in our guy even if they lose again.
Gabe M
Gabe M Mês atrás
The Fred Warner disrespect, man is literally the best backer in the league, he should be third on this list
🍪Mr. cookie🍪
🍪Mr. cookie🍪 Mês atrás
It would be awesome if the Bengals go against the 49ers like in that '89 Super Bowl. That was the first one I remember watching as a kid growing up in the 80's. Imagine that, a 9 year old kid watching a bunch of grown adults acting like kids screaming at the television.
Jyrlan Mês atrás
"The Arrowhead Invitational" I guess were just going to ignore that it took a canceled game to gift the chiefs the number 1 seed
J Wilson
J Wilson Mês atrás
"The price of the brick goes up" 🤣🤣🤣 classic
Steve Chaffin
Steve Chaffin Mês atrás
If the Bengals Oline can run and protect like they did last week it will be a long day for KC
All 5 starting Philly lineman made the pro bowl as a starter or alternate w/ 2 of them being All Pro hall of famers to go along with a defensive line that had 70 sacks. 70!!!! It’s going understated how good we are in the trenches. 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
NorthSacKing Mês atrás
Lets go Niners …. Sunday will be fireworks
Brandon Cheever
Brandon Cheever Mês atrás
I honestly think Nick is right about my Buffalo Bills and it hurts. The SB Window is closing and that's assuming it already isn't closed and it hurts.
Brandon Cheever
Brandon Cheever Mês atrás
@Joeywheeler II Honestly we have a WR Core full of underperforming players we can trade away. Then again, I don't know if I trust this Coaching staff
Joeywheeler II
Joeywheeler II Mês atrás
Do what the Eagles did and trade for more picks
Anthony Decker
Anthony Decker Mês atrás
Nick saying his prestan pick was 9ers V Chiefs. Well mine was Bengals v Eagles. So I guess this weekend we’ll see who was actually right😂😂
Christopher Mês atrás
Someone gotta prove to me that he’s not Phillip rivers 😂😂😂 nick
Chris Culhane
Chris Culhane Mês atrás
Love nicks loyalty and complete biases. Coming from patriots nation
SleepLio Mês atrás
Nick Wrights hair comeback story is a first ballot hall of famer
Vicki Mês atrás
My favorite sports duo!
Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz Mês atrás
Worst 2 on tv. Well 2 and 3 after Skip
sun Diego
sun Diego Mês atrás
Nick Wright is awesome!! Funny, Analytical and 100% real!!
Jimbo 03
Jimbo 03 Mês atrás
he looks like hans gruber
Tou Lia Lo
Tou Lia Lo Mês atrás
Nick is right to a certain point. If Kansas can't be beat now with Mahomes injured, Bengals still having great receivers, Joe not paid yet, start your reservation for years to come for Chiefs success. Management of your team for long term success is better than pushing all your chips in. However, what the 49ers are doing is important, build that offensive line, invest on that defense, then grab offensive talent.
matt o
matt o Mês atrás
Props to Nick for the semi-obscure Wire quote. The game is the game.
Wolfgineer Mês atrás
That stat on coach/qb combo superbowls is an incredible stat i never thought about. Seriously never?
BlueBerry OG
BlueBerry OG Mês atrás
If mahomes wants to put a dent in this 0-3 record it would preferably need to be this Sunday.
jBone Mês atrás
I’m just here to see my homeboy Nick!
Nicotine Glaze
Nicotine Glaze Mês atrás
If there is ever a guest I like seeing every week, it's Nick Wright.
Joe Stuck
Joe Stuck Mês atrás
I love how they’re acting like this is a mahomes injury season when he missed 1/2 a quarter of a game
Fratelli  Tutti
Fratelli Tutti Mês atrás
It adds to the greatness of Mahomes to admit Allen’s greatness
IamBestBuy Mês atrás
I just hope my Chiefs been watching some browns footage because they beat on Cincy frequently. We can definitely learn from them
John Doe
John Doe Mês atrás
Yooo Nick is having sooo much fun with his hair. I still remember the shaved head that still looked balding. Now he is out here with the John Wick look. I love it.
Sava Bout
Sava Bout Mês atrás
Nick Wright's trolling of the bills is only second to Steven A trolling the cowboys
Ewok Mês atrás
Someone convinced nick to not be bald and he just took it way too far😂
Ninja-Tuna Mês atrás
3 people that can always be wrong and still have a job, the weatherman, every politician and Nick Wright.
wali Mês atrás
Only a matter of time before Joey Cool gets his ring 😎
Darius Manoiu
Darius Manoiu Mês atrás
joe burrow literally got nick gulping
Warrior Jennings
Warrior Jennings Mês atrás
Lmaooooo exactly what I thought lol 😆 coincidence maybe? 🤣
James Tonga
James Tonga Mês atrás
The best sports segments I’ve seen in awhile. Hilarious!
Shlomo Feuer
Shlomo Feuer Mês atrás
If Mahomes can’t make streetball plays because of his leg it might be a long day for KC. Nick now has the perfect excuse for his team if they lose.
Matt Weiss
Matt Weiss Mês atrás
I have nothing against the Chiefs, but I find myself rooting against them because of Nick Wright
Dell Johnston
Dell Johnston Mês atrás
The key is the Chiefs D is a totally different animal compared to the previous 3 games.
carsonc29 Mês atrás
they are gonna have to be..that pass rush needs to be on point..a OL full of back ups shouldnt be able to keep Burrow as clean as they did and open up the run lanes like they did
C. Teare
C. Teare Mês atrás
Wow. Nick Wright is a very intelligent sports analyst when he isn’t talking about LeBron.
Tom Daniel
Tom Daniel Mês atrás
Nick is the goat of sports talk…he quoted Marlo Stanfield from the wire off the rip.
CJ Mês atrás
No! MJ Acosta-Ruiz 👍 😍
FBI Mês atrás
The reality is, the offense will always have an advantage over the defense. I'm not sure if the 85 Bears or the 2000 Ravens will be as dominant if they play today.
Rob Chuk
Rob Chuk Mês atrás
Nick is in rare form, lol
Andrew Funcheon
Andrew Funcheon Mês atrás
These two need to talk more than once a week
Matt Woolridge
Matt Woolridge Mês atrás
Nick Wright just said the price of the brick is going up 😂
Vlad Chenkov
Vlad Chenkov Mês atrás
It was not just Ben not winning as much, the coaching was atrocious the end of nearly every year since Tebow. 2 play off wins in 12 years… half the time trying to back door into the playoffs.
John Beeler
John Beeler Mês atrás
I can’t wait to see Nick Wrights reaction after the eagles beat down the niners on Sunday lol😅
gio reyes
gio reyes Mês atrás
I’m eager for the eagers next season
Louise Regan
Louise Regan Mês atrás
Wow, Mixon was a great guest! 👍
Burner Account
Burner Account Mês atrás
Lmao George kittle in the hall of fame 😂
Ham 1982
Ham 1982 Mês atrás
the Eagles slightly favorites as long as Jalen Hurts is healthy, but the 49ers are a very good team
steve jaco
steve jaco Mês atrás
They said we wouldn’t be good this year either
Kevawn Mês atrás
S/o to Nick for The Wire reference 🔥
BNStyle101 Mês atrás
Big Ben catching strays from Colin saying “he didn’t win that much” WTF?? He went to 3 super bowls lol
Joshua Beeker
Joshua Beeker Mês atrás
Nick is brilliant
Banks Mês atrás
Everything Nick said bout the cowboys is truth
Ethan Swartz
Ethan Swartz Mês atrás
3:40 the arrowhead invitational so real lol
zacharykelway Mês atrás
He says Huffanga is the best safety in the NFL and he's the 3erd best safety on the Niners. 😒
sdparks357 Mês atrás
The Marlo reference 😎😂
John Adams
John Adams Mês atrás
Allen cannot be expected to be QB AND the team's best RB! Every time he takes off running I cringe. Look what happened to Mahomes this week! Someone landing on the QB's leg when in the wrong position changes everything! Totally nuts! Allen needs to get help he can count on!😗
SK Mês atrás
Nick Wright was spitting that gospel
Dowens89 Mês atrás
Two of the bluntest and sharpest minds on sports TV
Fish R Relaxing
Fish R Relaxing Mês atrás
As a 9er fan.. it pains me to point out.. mahomes won 2019 with a sprained ankle.. I believe too that was also a high ankle sprain as well..
NothingLatest Mês atrás
@TorpidRL Mahomes beat burrow on one leg and with cab drivers as his receivers
TorpidRL Mês atrás
@EnjoytheMENT For real. Bunch of idiots always making excuses. Watch if Burrow wins the SB this year. Chief's fans will be saying "BuT MaHoMe'S HaS TwO mVp'S sO hE's beTtEr" (If mahome's wins MVP which he will)
dugsbunny og
dugsbunny og Mês atrás
@DarkSydeArturo rivalry? Yall won a superbowl? hahahaha
EnjoytheMENT Mês atrás
@TorpidRL chiefs fans and the media are desperate for a curb stomping to be a rivalry
EnjoytheMENT Mês atrás
@dugsbunny og scared of what? chiefs fans think this is a rivalry but the other side has to win for it to be a rivalry its just a curb stomping
Se eu perder…
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LAND ON IT & WIN!🎁 #shorts #football