Maddie Ziegler & Hailey Bieber eat sushi and do a blindfolded art challenge | WHO'S IN MY BATHROOM?

Hailey Rhode Bieber
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We're back with another situation in the bathroom! Today I'm joined by the delightful Maddie Ziegler. Watch as we snack on one of our favorite foods (sushi, of course) and go head to head in a blindfolded art challenge!

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9 Ago 2022



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Comentários 804
Hailey's husband Justin and Maddie's boyfriend Eddie are very close friends and recently went on tour together, so it appears to have resulted in Maddie and Hailey getting very close too - which is great!
Hailey seriously looks stunning in everything she wears!
sarah Krogh
The collaboration I didn’t know I needed.
These two are a great combo, very much big sister little sister vibes it’s adorable
Dejah Howell
Hailey’s drawings looked exactly like what they were meant to be, Maddie subtilely sabotaged like a true competitor😂
Hailey seems like such a kind hearted welcoming person, she makes everyone feel comfortable, i love her
jj bee
I’m wishing Justin and Hailey the best in their health.
Cherr Life
Maddie is soo grown and such a lovely person ❤️
Will NEVER get bored of this series. There something wonderful and kind about hailey that is just so intriguing. Love her 💗💗
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks 14 dias atrás
Hailey never brings up that SHE WAS AN AMAZING BALLERINA, it's charming that she kept the conversation focused on Maddie even when she could have trailed off about her own experience.
joelle oon
I just realized Hailey used to be a dancer too!! I love how they’re both quite alike, it gives off cute big sister vibes aw 🥺💕
mina Ben
Hailey's videos are my go to when I'm bored she's so fun and entertaining
Naya Vel
Hailey your hair looks so healthy!! Would love to see a hair care routine
cris garcia
Sia's art has made Maddie's artistic talent grow through time. good to see that she is still beautiful, talented and happy. thank you Hailey for such a fun interview 🤩
Loved seeing Maddie!!! She looks so grownup!😍
50Minus 25
Hailey you are a lovely person. I wish you the best with your marriage and all. The concept of your BRvid is also quite intriguing. Utterly watchable. Keep up the good work.
Soumia Benrekia
Maddie's awkwardness is perfection 🥺❤️
Tori Smith
i feel like maddie and hailey give off the same aura/energy! gentle, kind, loving, comforting💗💗💗
Choice Michael
Hailey has this vibes that makes me want to relate with her so bad 😍😍🥰
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