Maddie Ziegler & Hailey Bieber eat sushi and do a blindfolded art challenge | WHO'S IN MY BATHROOM? 

Hailey Rhode Bieber
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We're back with another situation in the bathroom! Today I'm joined by the delightful Maddie Ziegler. Watch as we snack on one of our favorite foods (sushi, of course) and go head to head in a blindfolded art challenge!
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Filming Date: May 2022

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7 Dez 2023



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@cinnabunnies6 Anos atrás
These two are a great combo, very much big sister little sister vibes it’s adorable
@SophieKaye1 Anos atrás
Exactly! Love that all four of them (Justin and Eddie too) have grown so close. And so sweet how Maddie said they look up to Justin and Hailey’s relationship 🤍
@janinreschke 10 meses atrás
Irgendwie zu nackig
@adematti Anos atrás
Hailey seriously looks stunning in everything she wears!
@InvestmentIdea Anos atrás
** Finally it's here after so long
@StephenBohna Anos atrás
Just like Justin
@florencembah2626 Anos atrás
Yes, her outfit literally caught my eye in the thumbnail 😘
@wineparty5983 Anos atrás
So trueee
@stephanie3087 Anos atrás
Most beautiful human
@iluvlafferty Anos atrás
Hailey's husband Justin and Maddie's boyfriend Eddie are very close friends and recently went on tour together, so it appears to have resulted in Maddie and Hailey getting very close too - which is great!
@cars4558 Anos atrás
stop making things up,these are just speculations
@maria3993 Anos atrás
@@cars4558 He didn't say anything bad🙂
@kieragrace1304 Anos atrás
@@cars4558 it's real
@sachamoses9233 Anos atrás
@@cars4558 they aren't 😭😭😭
@dejahhowell Anos atrás
Hailey’s drawings looked exactly like what they were meant to be, Maddie subtilely sabotaged like a true competitor😂
that’s what I was thinking! maddie was not necessarily a better drawer, she was the worse guesser.
@Candy94001 Anos atrás
My thoughts exactly. Like maybe it looked like an ice cream cone at first but I would’ve for sure guessed pizza after a bit
Yes, specially de iglu 😂😂 but Maddie’s drawings were better and more obvious so Hailey couldn’t scape from guessing hahah
@Camille-ch4dc Anos atrás
Maddie didn't even try guessing enough
@linal3489 11 meses atrás
I didn't really like this game cuz you can pretend like you don't know what the other person drew just so they wouldn't get a point...
@JordanJSparks Anos atrás
Hailey never brings up that SHE WAS AN AMAZING BALLERINA, it's charming that she kept the conversation focused on Maddie even when she could have trailed off about her own experience.
@andraeadewaele4808 11 meses atrás
She wasn’t an amazing ballerina at all, which is why she doesn’t mention it to Maddie 😂. Hailey was #blessed enough to be trained in fancy places, but she had noooooo where the technique that Maddie has. Xoxo, a dance teacher 😊
@JordanJSparks 11 meses atrás
@@andraeadewaele4808 that’s interesting, as a ballet dancer and teacher myself I’ve never seen anything less than flattering of Hailey personally.
@andraeadewaele4808 11 meses atrás
@@JordanJSparks flattering, sure. The Baldwin family is certainly not going to allow any posts on the internet that aren’t flattering. But the footage available shows severely lacking technique for anyone at that age wanting to pursue professional performance.
@JordanJSparks 11 meses atrás
@@andraeadewaele4808 at no point was Maddie an exceptional ballet dancer either, Hailey has nothing to be put down for about her technique, she had a great facility, lines, feet and turnout. Never seen Maddie do a double pirouette on pointe or even stand on the box of a pointe shoe correctly, personally
@andraeadewaele4808 11 meses atrás
@@JordanJSparks ah yes I forgot that a double pirouette en pointe is critical in the makings of an excellent dancer🤣 Maddie can hold her own in any style (the versatility of her commercial work speaks for itself) , while Hailey was mediocre at one.
@sarahkrogh6409 Anos atrás
The collaboration I didn’t know I needed.
@iluvlafferty Anos atrás
Justin and Maddie's boyfriend Eddie are very close friends and performed concerts together, so I can imagine it resulted in Maddie and Hailey getting very close too
@sabrinat8052 Anos atrás
@mileenacabrera7869 8 meses atrás
I love how Hailey’s vibe of outfits always match the guest on the episode
@YouTube Anos atrás
@hyunjinnie-_- Anos atrás
not one reply? its youtube guys!
@7Angelwastaken Anos atrás
10 likes, flopped on their own app😭
@xlantboi Anos atrás
@@7Angelwastaken LMAOOO
@Thepotato-mo1jh Anos atrás
I don’t think this is the real yt
@chelsealin5712 Anos atrás
@@Thepotato-mo1jh nah I think it is haha
@0xyu9 Anos atrás
Hailey seems like such a kind hearted welcoming person, she makes everyone feel comfortable, i love her
Laya Oke Jesus doesn’t exist
@katelynfaith0520 Anos atrás
@@womanwithsurprise7784 He does! :)
@@womanwithsurprise7784 yes he does!!
@jackderodi Anos atrás
@@womanwithsurprise7784 I agree he doesn’t
@aspect_kal1016 7 meses atrás
That aged like milk.
@misoulas Anos atrás
I’m wishing Justin and Hailey the best in their health. Honestly never seen a couple go through so much in 4 years together. I’m impressed by their love and commitment to each other. This is what marriage goals should be! Taking your vows seriously - they are so inspiring!
@samanthasosa3843 6 meses atrás
Agreed ❤
@stargirl3972 Anos atrás
Will NEVER get bored of this series. There something wonderful and kind about hailey that is just so intriguing. Love her 💗💗
@SophieKaye1 Anos atrás
Agreed! Every episode is so chill, and she’s so right when saying there’s something about setting this in the bathroom which is so welcoming
@ChelseaLucero Anos atrás
I love Maddie, she’s so real, isn’t so precious with herself and especially admitting she spills everything while eating, relatable af
@rachaelamanda5567 Anos atrás
Hailey you could definitely have your own official talk show, beyond the BRvid channel. You are great at keeping a good conversation going ❤️
@Lj-dv2wLl Anos atrás
You’re crazy it’s a real job.
@rachaelamanda5567 Anos atrás
@@Lj-dv2wLl never said it wasn’t lol 😆
@cherrlife1636 Anos atrás
Maddie is soo grown and such a lovely person ❤️
@LifeOfLiana Anos atrás vlog !!
@sarahgobbel6556 Anos atrás
this duo is exactly what I didn't know I needed! Y'all are such classy queens
@morkmeinyourheart Anos atrás
i love how both of them carry themselves, simple but so elegant. and their hand movements as well
@minaben6551 Anos atrás
Hailey's videos are my go to when I'm bored she's so fun and entertaining
@Avinathi Anos atrás
mine too! I love rewatching them
@misstorismith Anos atrás
i feel like maddie and hailey give off the same aura/energy! gentle, kind, loving, comforting💗💗💗
@crisgarcia7627 Anos atrás
Sia's art has made Maddie's artistic talent grow through time. good to see that she is still beautiful, talented and happy. thank you Hailey for such a fun interview 🤩
@oonievlogs Anos atrás
I just realized Hailey used to be a dancer too!! I love how they’re both quite alike, it gives off cute big sister vibes aw 🥺💕
@florencembah2626 Anos atrás
Wow I totally forgot, both started out as dancer
@de-tiny-bean5467 Anos atrás
Loved seeing Maddie!!! She looks so grownup!😍
@kindlykaren1313 Anos atrás
She’s literally like 19….what do you expect her to look like?
@ifeomax Anos atrás
@@rawuelanaji6835 because everyone new her since she was little and basically grew up on the internet chill tf out
Maddie's awkwardness is perfection 🥺❤️
@marie-nm9jo Anos atrás
She’s not awkward?
@charinamoreno6012 Anos atrás
Hailey used to be a dancer as well, It seems they have more in common than we think, I loved this collaboration girls!
@Lj-dv2wLl Anos atrás
One is a pro.
She was a professional
@@Lj-dv2wLl which one r u talking about
@Lj-dv2wLl Anos atrás
@@fgrdvbjmhkjhgcfdx342 Well Maddie ! At least now Hailey let people comment on her Instagram I think it’s great, it doesn’t motivate me to write negative comments tbh.
@nesikhaNofret Anos atrás
Lol 😂 I love how they are eating in her bathroom! I can never imagine doing that in my little New York apartment bathroom but if you have a one like Hailey’s I guess it works!
@Sophie-yf7rb Anos atrás
They’re both so naturally gorgeous, love Maddie!💗
@choicemichael3256 Anos atrás
Hailey has this vibes that makes me want to relate with her so bad 😍😍🥰
@Paligirl19999 Anos atrás
She and Kendall give me mean girls vibe :/
@choicemichael3256 Anos atrás
@@Paligirl19999 vibes on vibes
@choicemichael3256 Anos atrás
@@Paligirl19999 so true
@avyana8506 Anos atrás
You're natural in what you do. I can feel balanced energy from you.
@nickpassion123 Anos atrás
I love hailey's personality so much. She just always has this calm, happy vibe to her.
@Minus-po1hm Anos atrás
Hailey you are a lovely person. I wish you the best with your marriage and all. The concept of your BRvid is also quite intriguing. Utterly watchable. Keep up the good work.
@LifeOfLiana Anos atrás vlog :D
@HannahMarieee Anos atrás
I lovee these who’s in my bathroom, they lift my mood every time, no matter who the guest is 💗
@loririch1560 Anos atrás
Love Maddie, she is so talented!
@bugsbunny713 Anos atrás
Hailey for me is kind, a lot of patience,friendly and honest and also i love her smile❤
@zoka8891 6 meses atrás
Maddie is sooo sweet and kind!❤
@SophieKaye1 Anos atrás
Love that all four of them (Justin and Eddie too) have grown so close. And so sweet how Maddie said they look up to Justin and Hailey’s relationship 🤍
Maddie is certainly the most talented girl in the room.
@natsetien7068 Anos atrás
Thanks Hailey for all the love you send ❤️
@sadielsantos8167 Anos atrás
The competition was so much fun and very professional at the same time , good work girl , and the IG post was brilliant
I love Hailey so much! Been obsessed with your modeling since 2014. :)
@half-bakedstuffs Anos atrás
Maddie has such lovely character! 🥰
@reneewalker7517 Anos atrás
Lol feels like Maddie is getting those wrong on purpose in the game. PS. both you ladies are GORGEOUS.
@linal3489 11 meses atrás
Yeah thats why this game is lame
@audrielle3355 Anos atrás
It's amazing to see Maddie growing so well
@eowyn8263 Anos atrás
I‘m always looking forward to Hailey‘s videos ❤️
@jordanmichelle9042 11 meses atrás
Such a great duo. Love these girls!
@melin._m7192 Anos atrás
love love love this video !! a duo we didnt know we needed !! 🤍
@InvestmentIdea Anos atrás
** Finally it's here after so long
Loving this series, just casual, fun and jovial, thanks Hailey 🤍 you're the best.
@alliekoo7351 Anos atrás
the fact that maddie used to have a huggee celebrity crush on justin bieber when she was young, and now being friends with his wife is so cool
@ninigee3140 Anos atrás
They both have dancing backgrounds, Hailey did ballet too. I would really love a photo of them showing off their flexibility.
@elysepezo9680 Anos atrás
Since Hailey stopped really young I doubt that she's still as flexible as a dancer
@petergabriel8961 Anos atrás
She literally isn’t old she is in her 20’s and that is still young I am sure she is still flexible
@petergabriel8961 Anos atrás
She probably just stopped doing as much because she does other stuff now
@ninigee3140 Anos atrás
Hailey does pilates which also helps her flexibility. Once a dancer always a dancer it should be routine to work out and work on flexibility. But as a model she does other workouts too
@danasalehh Anos atrás
i love the "who's in my bathroom" sereis so much ! i've watched every single episode, entertained
@sylviawatt94 Anos atrás
Hailey is such the lady. I’m addicted 🧡
@saramalik5440 7 meses atrás
Hailey is such a gorgeous woman, with a calm vibe going on. She’s growing on me
@Firstofanyone Anos atrás
people we would LOVE to have on Who’s In My Bathroom: Bella Hadid Kylie Jenner Alexa Demie Joan Smalls any of Hailey’s family members (her parents, sister, cousin, etc)
@lisa25000 Anos atrás
We need a drinking game the amount of times Hailey clasps her hands together.
@ToshaniThisSide Anos atrás
Love seeing you both together!❤️✨
@HannahMarieee Anos atrás
Me tooo
@vig2712 Anos atrás
This is so cute and positive, love this ❤
@nerdynorah4658 Anos atrás
Maddie is now unrecognisable.. She has grown up so fast. Loved to see her in Sia's song videos.
The show is simple but very funny and well done ! For Hailey : 💝 !
@fotinicht7380 Anos atrás
The duo we didn’t know we needed ❤️
@Queensamizzle 4 meses atrás
Hailey is amazing. ❤️✨
@larissa-hh9qn Anos atrás
Please NEVER stop doing these!!!
@87morsal Anos atrás
These who’s in my bathroom videos are my favourite, I love these! Ily ❤️
@carvymaef8999 Anos atrás
I love this whole outfit, Hailey!!! You're my fashion inspo. Love, Carvy from the Philippines
@JordanJSparks Anos atrás
lol this video was so entertaining. You ladies have great chemistry lol
@denarendall Anos atrás
Two of my fave personalities! So sweet and elegant✨✨✨
@sweetgreen7617 Anos atrás
omg I've been Maddie's biggest fan (couldn't you tell by my channel lol) since I was 9 and seeing her with the likes of Hailey Freaking Bieber is surreal. I'm so happy she's acting now and I'm so so proud of her!
@IloveBulletRIP Anos atrás
Hailey actually drew good I don’t know How Maddie did not get that
@linal3489 11 meses atrás
I'm assuming she was doing it on purpose just to Hailey can lose
@ashleykettner5093 Anos atrás
Maddie gives off a mature vibe like Hailey so I’m sure she’ll make good decisions.
@Rob-ry7yi Anos atrás
Maddie has the perfect face, she was born perfect probably the only girl I never see with fillers and all that sht. She is freaking delicious talented and humble.
@heathernicole1215 Anos atrás
I think it would be interesting if Hailey had her mom in an episode.
I love how Maddie was eight years old or so on an interview saying she wanted to dance with Justin Bieber and now she's hanging with his wife Hailey
@Lj-dv2wLl Anos atrás
Hard work
@yupitsregina Anos atrás
It’s the “is that doing anything for you?” about the artichoke salad for me 😂😂
@rosemarypark6093 Anos atrás
Maddie's so nice and sweet!
@ebbakjellman9783 Anos atrás
A collaboration I didn’t know I needed omfg 🥹🥹
@stayinglowkeyy Anos atrás
This is the best collaboration ever! 😭❤️
@staceee7176 Anos atrás
Maddie is adorable 😍
@clairesnelson9961 Anos atrás
I could never pull overalls off but Hailey is over here looking like a goddess in them!!😱😍 She is gorgeous!!
@Arvizu06 Anos atrás
Hailey is such a beautiful soul.
@nhurtado711 Anos atrás
Omg, this is the best guest ever Hailey. Two of my fav gals ❤️
@sakuranaruto7170 Anos atrás
This girl is so beautiful and talented, she can do anything, love you Maddie.
The collab we did not know we needed !!!!
Maddie is basically either Hailey's sister, twin or daughter in another dimension!
Love the games ! And the bathroom / dining vibe !!! Who cares attitude!!!!
@k.nichole2500 Anos atrás
Glad to see you happy and healthy ♥️♥️♥️♥️
@ravrav3788 Anos atrás
she's a natural. defnitely knows how to make her guests comfortable.
@dubdeezzyy Anos atrás
it's a little unconventional to eat sushi in a bathroom, but Hailey pulls it off
@dev8421 11 meses atrás
I love theseeeeee you should make them WAY longer
@SophieKaye1 Anos atrás
So glad these two (as well as Eddie and Justin) are super close after being on tour together 🤍
@ziya31 Anos atrás
A duo I never knew I needed but I love
@user-yy5bu2dy1v Anos atrás
I can’t get over the way they’re holding their chopsticks 😂
@NatalieNichols_ Anos atrás
Yes I love this collaboration Maddie and Hailey I love their friendship and how Justin and Eddie are close friends also I love Hailey’s outfit she’s so pretty and Maddie is stunning
@azrasevindi3480 Anos atrás
Can we just talk about how good hailey looks?
@nicoleang_12 Anos atrás
Loving this series
@user-mh7wd7rc8z Anos atrás
Blindfolded art challenge, 面白かった〜♪こういうの大好き❤ あと、Haileyはいつも美味しそうに、何でもパクパク食べるから、見ていて気持ちが良き!!
@kayleighslaton Anos atrás
i love the like big sis little sis vibe they have, like sisters by chance friends by choice type of thing 🤣
@malakalahbabi6592 Anos atrás
i love this type of episodes :)
@cleangirlouise Anos atrás
no way!! i literally always thought they would be like best friends and then i saw this on subscriptions 🤩💖😂🦋🥰
@cassie1dueces Anos atrás
Maddie is so beautiful and seems very down to earth
@cylaphillips9863 Anos atrás
It would be difficult for me to focus on talking a lot with that sushi in front of me. I would be salivating and thinking, ok, the food is here, I am ready to dig in!
@msmarya100 Anos atrás
This bathroom just keeps getting bigger and bigger! It doesn't even look like a bathroom any more! :O
@jackytran7818 Anos atrás
Hailey: "hey everyone, it's Hailey & we're back Today with another episode of who's in my bathroom."
@ampro8731 Anos atrás
Uhm yeah…
@user-mq1nl1qw1c Anos atrás
@@ampro8731 I mean, it's kinda funny if you read it without context ngl 😅😅
@ampro8731 Anos atrás
@@user-mq1nl1qw1c oh lmao, my bad
@Love-nx7fo Anos atrás
@daoneoddkid8652 Anos atrás
@@Love-nx7fo 8 yr olds be like
@sharonjimenez5433 Anos atrás
Can’t wait til you have Justin in one of the episodes! Hopefully he would want to do it😁
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