M2 Max MacBook Pro Review: Back to Bumps!

Marques Brownlee
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22 Jan 2023



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NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip
Marques production quality is on point, mad respect for 14 years of hard work
azt 5 horas atrás
@Brendon Lee O'Connell Exactly, I show the chart, it was all 2 generation old chip from Intel and AMD.
GOAT OF DUTY Dia atrás
Not so sure about that... pretty annoying to watch and listen But yeah, he is just "different"...
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans 2 dias atrás
APPLE still makes glued together trash, ready for the recycle bin before you open the box... After 3 dead broken apple products, I've had enough... Especially after the ''Genius'' at the Apple store said, ''Oh, well. Just buy a new one !'' :-/
Alex D
Alex D 2 dias atrás
Most Definitely
SHQ_ main
SHQ_ main 2 dias atrás
@zulfika And how did he get there? 🤔
TimeBucks 3 dias atrás
Still one of my favorite tech channels!
MD Dipu Islam
MD Dipu Islam Dia atrás
Nice apps
MegaRetr 3 dias atrás
That intro felt like an apple event
June Chevalier
June Chevalier 3 dias atrás
Sleek video editing quality, but also the review feels more grounded unlike those usual company-style reviews. Great vid, Marques and the team!
Quazlyy Dia atrás
Looks like your production quality is also increasing incrementally by 20% every year, it's awesome to see you and your team expressing your passion!
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Auto Focus
Auto Focus 4 dias atrás
That intro felt like an apple event. Great job MKBHD team!
Auto Focus
Auto Focus 12 horas atrás
@Pritesh Ruthun lol what?
Arman Öztürk
Arman Öztürk 16 horas atrás
That’s cause this channel is basically an Apple ad company.
chowdri s
chowdri s 17 horas atrás
looks like marques become a advertiser for Apple
Pritesh Ruthun
Pritesh Ruthun 22 horas atrás
LOL...this is what they mean when they say self congratulatory, kids.
Nala1230 Dia atrás
apple would not ever distort like mk does.
Meme FPV
Meme FPV 2 dias atrás
The production quality has gone up and up and up and doesn't stop. Great work Marques and team!
Meme FPV
Meme FPV Dia atrás
@GOAT OF DUTY and you took the time out of your day to be negative, also without any points. I hope something brings you joy today, a**hole.
GOAT OF DUTY Dia atrás
Bad joke, your comment as well as the "review" with basically barely any points.
Ray Peckham
Ray Peckham 3 dias atrás
3:30 2 questions... a) where are the more recent cpus from Intel on the cinebench charts as comparison? I did not see 12 or 13th gen represented. b) I know thermal throttling can make a difference in overall performance. Any idea how the cooling solution on these laptops are doing in keeping the cpu working full speed for more than a minute?
FastSloth87 3 dias atrás
As a comparison the Core i9-13900K scores 2,243 in single-core and 39,689 multi-core.
Test User
Test User 3 dias atrás
I have a M1 MBP from $work and I’ve called it “beta hardware”. It takes a while to get packer to build an x86 image (because servers are still x86 - this was improving, but beta hardware would). I’ve also run into path issues with things like terraformer etc. The chip is solid, but it’ll take another year or so for it not to get in my way.
Montezuma 3 dias atrás
I really like how he pointed out to the people that "should" be waiting for the next M3 chips. You'll be waiting forever, but also miss out on some great deals on the older M1 that'll appear and you'll just waste your time and money by the time you're tired of waiting.
Sue D Lamb
Sue D Lamb 4 dias atrás
the opening shot looks amazing! you can tell they’re getting so much better at using that robot lol
Maranta Tech Official [MTO]
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Dia atrás
Says the literal scammer using bots...
vBlueIce Dia atrás
Do you get paid to promote these stupid links?
Sabero 2 dias atrás
Wait a minute, I watched the whole thing assuming that was a render and then read this, that's an insane shot
BigFriendlyGiant101 2 dias atrás
Can someone tell me the name of the intro song ?
Awa Ndiaye
Awa Ndiaye 3 dias atrás
The quality is so good that you wonder why other tech channels even try 😂 I've been watching for over 8 years so it's crazy to see the growth. Great review, I am hesitating between the M1 and M2 and this helped a lot.
Hamza Ahmad
Hamza Ahmad Dia atrás
@Vic Birth thats why i specified IF you find m1 on a good deal
Vic Birth
Vic Birth Dia atrás
practically the same price to be honest.
Hamza Ahmad
Hamza Ahmad 2 dias atrás
@Awa Ndiaye M1 pro should be more than good enough for that so yes if you get a good deal on it, go for it over the M2
Ausbals 2 dias atrás
@Hamza Ahmad definitely m1 is enough
Awa Ndiaye
Awa Ndiaye 2 dias atrás
@Hamza Ahmad Thank you for your input! I have 2 youtube channels and a blog that I run. So a lot of editing and writing. Plus some designing that needs to be done every day and a lot of freelance work haha The M1 should be good for that right?
Travis Bowers II
Travis Bowers II 3 dias atrás
Man, the visual effects and videography are so freaking good. I love this channel.
P. Wingert
P. Wingert 3 dias atrás
As for the M3, I know that Apple had a working Ray-tracing engine in their A-Series lineup planned and tested. But thermals in a phone form factor bombed it out. But what if that Ray-Tracing Engine were to be in the M3. Moving to a 3nm process node may give them the real estate to implement it in the laptop thermal envelope.
A 4 dias atrás
Hey! Everyone, I have a question regarding the Geekbench score that like the Apple optimizes these laptops for applications like final cut pro or others. Can`t they also optimise the Geekbench application and improve the score of these new laptops thus misleading ? p.s. thanks for the amazing video Marques
Liquid Audio
Liquid Audio 3 dias atrás
I really want to say just how much I respect what you do and your approach man. You deserve all the success and more for raising the bar and showing just how good BRvid can be.
Bryant Collins
Bryant Collins 3 dias atrás
Many thanks for making this video! Been reading and watching video reviews on the new Mac. I'm one of the ones who has an older mac (2012 here lol) but watching your video and Andres Vidoza's review have helped tremendously on my decision
Timothy McSwain
Timothy McSwain 3 dias atrás
8:34 The new Mac mini interested me too. I won’t be getting one (I have the M1 Max Mac Studio and LOVE IT) but it’s interesting to see the M2 Pro in a Mac mini. That being said… they should’ve made the M2 Pro variety in Space Gray. That’s a way better look for the mini, and I’m disappointed the Mac Studio didn’t also get that darker color.
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin 3 dias atrás
I can't wait for the episode where MKB reviews his knew maxed out Mac Pro. I feel like Apple has already developed the machine and is just scrambling to get the matte black finish on the box perfect.
Dixit Manani
Dixit Manani 4 dias atrás
Man these intros are super crazy! Kudos to the team for hours if not days of planning and execution to render out the finest of intros!!
TheEncryptedPartition 4 dias atrás
@LittleBigParardise I guess we’re different
Elith 4 dias atrás
@TheEncryptedPartition aesthetics is part of the content? If you just wanted info then read an article. You are just barfing words hoping that one of them will stick to the board of meaning. Look, I can do it too. lol
thecolorofmysoul 4 dias atrás
@TheEncryptedPartition ¿Porqué no los dos?
Sundew 4 dias atrás
the team actually purchased like a 20 thousand dollar camera gimble which is programmed to take shots like that, i thought it was pretty cool. I remember seeing a tiktok though about how marques thinks it ultimately wasn't worth it lol.
LittleBigParardise 4 dias atrás
@TheEncryptedPartition how sad that people show appreciation to a well made, quality intro 😐
Simon Murray
Simon Murray 3 dias atrás
Love the honest and unbiased review from Marques!
TL C 3 dias atrás
Curious about the return to the mag safe charger. I had a Circa 2017 MacBook Pro and needed to replace it in 2020 because the batteries were overheating and starting to bloat. Is the mag safe charger safer now?
Danelle Smith
Danelle Smith 3 dias atrás
Thank you for giving such a detailed review. I’m in the market for a laptop and this helps!
Rubbela_XxSnipper_ 3 dias atrás
the opening shot looks amazing! you can tell they’re getting so much better at using that robot lol
Joel Conolly
Joel Conolly 4 dias atrás
Those intros are getting more and more fun each video. Like literally every intros and title screens are unique to the product it showcases. As if it was having fun and yet still feels professional. Kinda somewhat reminds me of the classic intros of you used to have.
Sayan De
Sayan De 3 dias atrás
@@DontReadMyProfilePicture.3 so you're the 3rd one doing this? ok, good luck sir.
CrispBacon-_- 4 dias atrás
@Random Dud3 It does, do you want the same bot comments on your videos?
CrispBacon-_- 4 dias atrás
@Jordan Pulciani You make no sense at all
CrispBacon-_- 4 dias atrás
@Joel Conolly It’s everywhere
LaterNerd 4 dias atrás
They are so amazingly well done. This channel really could half ass it and probably be close to as successful as they are now. But they are always looking for ways to up their production quality. It makes these videos a joy to watch.
Tobias young
Tobias young 2 dias atrás
Be great to hear your thoughts on apple taking away the M1 pro / max laptops and now have their baseline pro laptop i.e the m2 pro £200 more expensive. Feels like a bit of a money grab. The M1 Pro is more than enough power for most pro apps not that I’m against an upgrade of power. Just a shame they’re essentially raising the price of a pro model by £200 for something no one was asking for. Will the m5 be £1k more expensive?
How does this dude get 3 million views within two days? This dude is the best tech reviewer on BRvid. I wish we would review TVs more often though. As far as the new MacBook goes, it looks dope; but I wish they didn't get rid of the Touch Bar. I have 2020 16 inch MacBook Pro and I love the Touch Bar. Also, adding the notch on top was unnecessary.
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ItzNT 3 dias atrás
Imagine if there would be dynamic island for the upcoming MacBooks. Its gonna be soo good!!
Kuro Chan
Kuro Chan 3 dias atrás
The writing of these videos are so on point it feels like he is having a spontaneous conversation with the audience. This is so hard to pull off! BUT: It's not proper sandal shame if you aren't wearing white socks on black sandals. Wearing black socks is cheating!
Jalu Andura
Jalu Andura 4 dias atrás
The team at MKBHD is killing it again. The quality of the reviews keep going up and up.
Paul Aulridge Jr
Paul Aulridge Jr 3 dias atrás
I'm over here rocking an M1 MacBook Air, and desperately looking for a reason to upgrade. But...I can't! Literally, this has been the best laptop I've ever owned. I'll probably have it another three years and it'll run dependably because Apple did SUCH a knockout job. They really hit the ground running!
Vibe Music
Vibe Music 4 dias atrás
Looks Amazing! you can tell they’re getting so much better❤️
Nick Ether
Nick Ether 3 dias atrás
I am just so excited for new tech, it's one of the few things that create hope for a better future
Warlock 2 dias atrás
I really want one of these, but I have no real need to upgrade my 13" M1 (besides wanting a slightly larger screen). A 14/16" is very tempting though!
BoomTharis 4 dias atrás
That robot intro ❤
stampppp Dia atrás
Any plans to use it on your channel soon? lol
Szymon Slominski
Szymon Slominski 3 dias atrás
@Rodrigo Mirazo how i feel 20syl remix
SG J2 3 dias atrás
What is the name of the song
Rodrigo Mirazo
Rodrigo Mirazo 4 dias atrás
song is crazy 😝
Rodrigo Mirazo
Rodrigo Mirazo 4 dias atrás
what’s the name of that song???!??!
Joe not your mama
Joe not your mama 4 dias atrás
I personally really like the touchbar. I have the M1 macbook pro and its always so much fun using the touchbar and I never understood why it got so much hate
CuteClaire 3 dias atrás
Mad respect for Marquees. I dont fail to watch your reviews before buying these products
UH Studio Design Academy
It would be great to start including the Blender benchmark when comparing benchmark results
Jamen Stewart
Jamen Stewart 3 dias atrás
Great video as always, love your work. I have to say I have always been a PC person, I mainly was into gaming in my spare time as I grew up. My brother was the sports ball guy, I was the tech gaming enthusiast. We had MACs growing up and PCs, I always gravitated towards the PCs. My new job had the option to go PC or Macbook. I do a lot of data processing and the PC was what I thought I would need to help flow better. there are still things I can do on a PC with MS suite better. I do have to say though, I have really come around to the Macbook. I have an older intel chip one, I believe a 2020. I really love the built in fingerprint scanner, I've really liked the touch bar for quick access on some stuff. I do dual boot windows with bootcamp if I need a windows application that isnt on Mac like Access. My only complaints about this system are 1 post ventura update, my mac will randomly shut down during sleep due to an error. 2 doing multiple monitors on this macbook was hell and I had to buy expensive special hardware for it (I need multi screens on my working set up) and I can only have two additional monitors even with the special hardware I have. The new upgrade sounds nice, but I am pretty sure you cannot dual boot windows on it. Also I would miss the touch bar, I dont use it all the time but man when I do I love it and kind of want one on my next PC laptop.
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Deepak Shetty
Deepak Shetty 4 dias atrás
There's absolutely no one does this level of production on tech videos on BRvid, mad props!!🙌🏼
Einfach Fredhaft Gaming
@Fantasytky I never said a single word about mkbhd being better than ltt. Sure ltt production quality is wonderful but all they do contentwise nowerdays is praise 3 sponsored laptops to the sky a week with some clickbait mixed in between. Sure they visit a factory from time to time but that's it
death 4 dias atrás
@BTTRSWYT kk im the complete opposite ngl lol because i know like nothing about tech and am only 12
BTTRSWYT 4 dias atrás
@death ya know, that’s fair. I guess my opinion of him overall is based more on him as a reviewer and less based on the fancy packaging.
Fantasytky 4 dias atrás
@Einfach Fredhaft Gaming if ltt do nothing impressive then mkbhd do nothing. All you fking guys care only about the intro production quality. Content? Biased like shit is fine for you guys. You guys don't care about content. Just see how ltt went to micron semiconductor production floor to show you how ssd is produced and you guys bash ltt for doing nothing and praise mkbhd just for the fking intro every time?
death 4 dias atrás
@BTTRSWYT were talking about he PRODUCTION quality, like the editing, at least i am, i know marques know more about tech and so do many others, but mr who’s the boss editing is way cooler in my opinion
YAMMY MOO 3 dias atrás
Great review(as usual)...I have the first gen 16" and I could use a bump ...considering it..
Claudinei Pereira de Sousa
Your videos only get better! So much quality. Thanks for the content. 😍
ctrl 3 dias atrás
I decided to stop waiting for a M2 Pro when I wanted to upgrade from my 13 M1 MBP in November when all things combined (welcome offer on a new credit card, cash back on that card, it being on sale, being able to sell my original M1) it came out to just under 2 grand before selling my M1 MBP. Loved it since and since I'm not in the category that needs a super uber powerful laptop not looking to upgrade (I would have gone with the Air if they had a 15 inch with ProMotion because I'm sensitive to refresh rate)
Player To Player
Player To Player 2 dias atrás
The thing that still blows my mind about these laptops is the performance while running on battery power. Windows laptops simply can’t compare in that regard. Additionally, the battery life is outstanding. My laptop will last for several days where windows laptops will die after only a few hours of normal use.
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SANKARSON DAS 4 dias atrás
Man these intros feels from a different universe altogether. What production guys!
ThePeddle 4 dias atrás
From this day hence forth you will be called "Captain Hyperbole"
BBROPHOTO 2 dias atrás
I've been waiting soooo eagerly for this machine. I'm on a 2015 15" Macbook Pro, almost maxed out in spec. I have constantly maxed that machine out since new, but with the saga of the butterfly keyboards, removal of magsafe, etc etc... I had to wait so damn long for a replacement. Apple Silicon was an amazing swap, but I've also had to wait for the devs of the specific applications to support them. Now that is the case, I can look at finally get a workstation level machine in a laptop that can run Final Cut and astrophotography software.
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Joe Piervincenti
Joe Piervincenti 3 dias atrás
Can definitely see why they didn’t need an event just to update a couple of Macs from M1 to M2.. people would have just complained that it was an underwhelming event!
Fenwia 3 dias atrás
Really excited for the Mac Mini review! In my opinion it is affordable and powerful, and it is the product which will push the Apple Silicon series up the market.
darealphantom 3 dias atrás
I really wonder if the M2’s missing the 2 video encoders makes a difference
Dan_CreaMundos 4 dias atrás
The production quality of this videos is the reason why I watch every single video from MKBHD, even the ones about stuff I don't care that much. It's amazing to watch the awesome work they all do with every single aspect of the video from start to finish.
Adam J
Adam J 4 dias atrás
Huh? He just sat in one spot and talked to the camera the whole video. While pasting in a couple clips.
Brian Lee
Brian Lee 2 dias atrás
Just a comment on the chart topping single core cinebench score. Saw 1700 for m2 max, but I recall getting around 1600 on my 5800x. I think the 13th gen Intel and 7000 series and chips hit over 2000. M2 max looking great nonetheless :)
Henry Isaacs
Henry Isaacs 4 dias atrás
MKBHD content just gets better and better I love it :)
Vishal Kanwar
Vishal Kanwar 13 horas atrás
Loved the intro, the transition was so smooth. Amazing work!
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Aditya Chakraborty
Aditya Chakraborty 3 dias atrás
What gave away that the "event" video was filmed months ago was the weather. I live a couple of miles away from Apple Park and it's been raining a lot. The skies in the video are fairly good, so probably wasn't filmed in the past month at least.
Jacob Elias
Jacob Elias 4 dias atrás
It's an honor to have grown up together following tech and watching your videos. They just keep getting better and better
danceyrselfkleen 3 dias atrás
Another marques ball gargler. Be sure to wipe your chin on the way out.
SB Films
SB Films 3 dias atrás
@A. A. Exactly
A. A.
A. A. 4 dias atrás
@SB Films like telling other people they need more honourable things in their life?
SB Films
SB Films 4 dias atrás
An honour? You need more honourable things to do pal
nonefvnfvnjnjn jevjenjvonejn
ya but he is doing all this cool shit. and you are not! how does that make you feel @Jacob Elias?
J V 3 dias atrás
Funny how the first thing I’ve been looking forward to after seeing the M2 Macbook pros was this video! Says a lot about how MKBHD is a cultural reference.
Timothy McSwain
Timothy McSwain 3 dias atrás
I’d have an M1 Pro 16” MacBook Pro already if it still had a Touch Bar. I don’t think the Touch Bar was an issue, but rather a huge feature that third parties neglected. The new MacBook Pros needed to have a physical function row AND a Touch Bar, which solves both issues.
HFox 3 dias atrás
MKBHD it's "the Icon" of tech review blogs since day one!
frmcf 2 dias atrás
Honestly, I got the 14" M1 Pro last year. For my needs, it's already completely OP and I can't imagine needing more performance. 20% more would be completely wasted on me.
Mr. Hovis
Mr. Hovis 4 dias atrás
That intro was smooth af, those transitions were absolutely beautiful
QS BG 4 dias atrás
@Harish KR as fuck
Fresh Choice
Fresh Choice 4 dias atrás
He’s putting that robot to use 👌🏼
Flo 4 dias atrás
@Harish KR as f*ck
Harish KR
Harish KR 4 dias atrás
Af means
JLT Yes 2 dias atrás
This is great and all, but what happens if something needs to be replaced? Do I need to pay half of what I already paid to get it fixed? Or can I get inside to replace something obvious like the battery or SSD?
WYS by Adam Lash
WYS by Adam Lash 23 horas atrás
Man, congratulations on your superb production quality. You set the standard so high for the rest of tech BRvidrs!
ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀᴄᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉Official_Brownlee
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Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 3 dias atrás
I am using M1 pro on 16 inch MacBook and the biggest thing which i love about the device is the battery life, it is just amazing .
Alasdair 2 dias atrás
Great real world review, and someone not saying that "the old one was slow so you must upgrade". Thx
Jared Jackson
Jared Jackson 4 dias atrás
I love the way you explain this. Jumps and bumps. Also, the production quality you have is insane. Love it.
Jared Jackson
Jared Jackson 4 dias atrás
@Adam J Were you paying attention at all? He’s got sweet opening shots and a sweet intro. He’s also very creative about his opening shots as well as his review. I doubt you could do better. 😂
Abid Hasan
Abid Hasan 4 dias atrás
@Adam J if It's that easy, why don't u do it?
Adam J
Adam J 4 dias atrás
Huh? There’s countless BRvidrs with great production. He just sat in one spot and talked to the camera the whole video. While pasting in a couple clips.
kiwami livingston
kiwami livingston 3 dias atrás
Literally went for my phone to shout out the intro. Mkbhd’s intros are master classes in themselves. Props sir!
Yasas Nanayakkara
Yasas Nanayakkara 3 dias atrás
After watching that short on the making of the intro, I have a new found appreciation for this intro. So dope 🔥
Cobe Kingston
Cobe Kingston 3 dias atrás
Random Question: How much ram & storgae would you recommend for 10 bit video and photo editing? Also m1 pro or max?
David Joy
David Joy 4 dias atrás
Thanks for the video! Love it. I always come and watch your stuff if I'm looking for reviews 👍. Could you please compare the M2 Macbook Air vs new Macbook Pro? There is such a small price difference, is it worth the extra money?
stuvius 3 dias atrás
With Macbooks already destroying the competition before M2, these changes just widen the gap even more
FabTBC 3 dias atrás
No one does tech reviews as good as MKBHD
SumoRugby 2 dias atrás
Stayed until the end and wasn’t disappointed 🧦🩴🤣 You’re a man of your word, indeed!
Marques, you’re good for so many reasons, including keeping your word. Great content as always
Tele'gram me👉marquesbrownlee002
congratulations👆👆 you've won🎉 some package let's talk with the 👆 above name 👆👆👆 only one on telegram.....
zizak143 4 dias atrás
Unpopular opinion: I actually love the touchbar and use it all the time for taking screenshots, volume and brightness sliders, easy access to VOIP apps controls, app drawer access etc
Simon Clark
Simon Clark 3 dias atrás
Holy shit that intro
I Make The Sites
I Make The Sites 2 dias atrás
Great points, I'm sticking with my M1 16. BTW, I love when you and Max Tech fight
Do nald
Do nald 3 dias atrás
Question: What about Apple’s M2 Max chip with 30-core GPU vs Apple’s M2 Max chip with 38-core GPU 🤔 That’s my buying dilemma ordering the MacBook Pro 14-inch with Apple’s new M2 Max chip …curious about thoughts which new M2 Max chip to choose ?
Emile Hamwey
Emile Hamwey 3 dias atrás
The cinematography in the intro sequence is just perfect.
felixgv 3 dias atrás
Hey Marques, thanks for the review, but one thing I haven’t been able to understand yet is: how does the M2 Max compare to the M1 Ultra? Can you include that in a future video?
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Stephanie McKaskle
Stephanie McKaskle 3 dias atrás
I LOVE my M1 Pro 14” and don’t see myself upgrading for a long time
Joseph Allen
Joseph Allen 2 dias atrás
When your production budget is in the tens, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars the least it can do is look this good.
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Man that intro plus transition!! Team at the studio never disappoints
Mrunknown16 4 dias atrás
Chill nerd
Zaydan Alfariz
Zaydan Alfariz 4 dias atrás
Her throne is now losing really fast
GigaChad 4 dias atrás
@Minecraft mojang fans It looks like there were 455 likes in just one second. It seems like these likes are from bots, as they all came at once.
Zaydan Alfariz
Zaydan Alfariz 4 dias atrás
@Wicked John Bots that are attracted to the catchy name
Wicked John
Wicked John 4 dias atrás
Definitely all likes are bots as well lol
ErikTheAndroid 2 dias atrás
I just wish they made the 16 inch in a more basic/cheaper spec. I like having a large screen, but I simply do not need performance in a laptop, and I am convinced that most buyers do not need it either.
Timothy McSwain
Timothy McSwain 3 dias atrás
5:06 I actually didn’t know the new MacBook Pros had mini-LED. Before I bought my M2 iPad Pro (12.9”) I would’ve been interested in that… but the mini-LEDs of this iPad’s screen are the worst part of the device. I upgraded my TV last year from a typical LED to an LG NanoCell and hated it because of the local dimming zones. I exchanged it for an OLED, and obviously that’s superior. But honestly, if OLED didn’t exist… I’d have a typical LED TV. As much as the fully backlit panel isn’t great for contrast, at least it was consistent. The blocks of lit pixels around lit areas in contrast to the true black areas away from those light areas makes the device honestly look defective. Knowing that mini-LED has the same issue as those NanoCell TVs (albeit slightly improved) kills my interest… this iPad has vignetting all the time and at night the local dimming of the mini-LEDs is hideous. It’d make me miss my A12X iPad Pro from 2018 if the rest of the M2 one wasn’t so great.
HelplmChoking 3 dias atrás
I can't wait for my work machine (maxed out i9 16") to come up for replacement in a few months, these things are so, so much faster and don't wind up cooking themselves under anything harder than web browsing. Imagine that statement 5 years ago! Looking forward to ditching an absolute top of the line i9 for a tiny ARM chip that's basically a bunch of really fancy smartphone processors glued together because the i9 is too slow, hot and power hungry. I don't love any company, and I certainly don't love Apple, but I couldn't see myself getting a non-Apple laptop at this point. Desktop is still Windows for gaming, but the M1/M2 is just objectively better for mobile devices in every way - unless you have to pay for your laptop, holy shit are they expensive
Tony 2 dias atrás
The amount of these that will end up just being used for Word or web will be astounding.
Oliver Cochrane
Oliver Cochrane 3 dias atrás
I love my M1 Macbook Air, but as I get further into my degree, the code I will be writing will give this thing some struggles. I do some football pxp analytics but filtering out 10 years of data takes over a minute. Some more power would definitely be ideal, and the Air not having many ports (I use a second monitor) is tough too. I have a bit of wire Jenga going on between my console, monitor, chargers, etc. An HDMI and more than 2 USB-C ports would go a long way for me in a new MBP.
Secret Scarlet
Secret Scarlet 2 dias atrás
Great eye for the 2022 url! It's a small thing but it makes me appreciate your meticulousness in tech stuff more.
Antonis D
Antonis D 4 dias atrás
That intro was awesome ! job well done Marques !
Aaron Plunkett
Aaron Plunkett 3 dias atrás
I had a 2012 MBP that cost me $2,900 fully spec’d out in 2012… I just upgraded to a $1,099 M2 Air… insane how much faster it is, and how far it’s come.
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Salama K
Salama K 4 dias atrás
Amazing production and nice review. Hearing these come out honestly just makes me hope to find a good M1 MacBook deal! Was literally looking for laptops as this video dropped
Abel Binoop
Abel Binoop 4 dias atrás
@Eden Thompson ah that sucks. glad you're happy with the mbp tho! i have the m1 air myself, it's great
Eden Thompson
Eden Thompson 4 dias atrás
@Abel Binoop Yeah, unfortunately
Abel Binoop
Abel Binoop 4 dias atrás
lmao what, i have a way better system than that, 3070ti with 32gb RAM, i spent like $1200. i assume you bought it during the chip shortage?
Eden Thompson
Eden Thompson 4 dias atrás
@MrHawkyy Not for my workflow, I have a desktop PC with an RTX 3060ti and 32gb of memory that I use as a render station for VFX and graphics work, that system is about ~$2200 and my macbook is faster than that machine for everything other than rendering, and even in a pinch I could easily render on my macbook. Also, the display the macbook is worth so much to me for what I do, having what is essentially a small portable pro display XDR on the go is incredibly valuable to me
MrHawkyy 4 dias atrás
@Eden Thompson Thats the price of a fully fledged desktop or laptop with dedicated graphics. Probably ALOT faster than a macbook and much better value.
Nathan Murguia
Nathan Murguia 3 dias atrás
Apple really needs to optimize their products for gaming
Paola Animator
Paola Animator 3 dias atrás
I'm so curious if M2 Max are capable of 3D animation and rendering it into a video. I have an underpowered Macbook Air from 2017 and I just use it for basic everyday tasks because it can't handle 3D animation, I have a more powerful Windows computer for 3D work. But I always loved the battery life of the Apple laptop, and how portable it is. If M2 Max can do 3D animation or 3D modeling, that would be amazing.
SIBIDOP (WANTO) 2 dias atrás
3d animation is always shit on apple lmao, their gpu is not that good if you compare it to a mobile rtx3080ti if you use it for 3d work
dominique Boudreault
dominique Boudreault 13 horas atrás
You and your team makes such great videos. Full of info while still be very entertaining. Thank you.
Raymond Umbara
Raymond Umbara 3 dias atrás
Hi mkbhd. So, my wonder now is if M1 Max or M2 Pro would be faster, and or cheaper to get
Rich Aesthetic
Rich Aesthetic 4 dias atrás
I loved the real world example shown of screenflow. that's the stuff that actually matters
CargoShorts 3 dias atrás
snagged the base model M1 Macbook pro on sale for $1500 and while I feel like that was a killer deal, the tech consumer in me wants the newest and best thing lol. But I'm sure the base M1 pro will still cruise through music production and other basic needs.
M Mehdi
M Mehdi 3 dias atrás
I know the GPU performance on these machines is amazing, but if you don't edit videos and they are not good for gaming, what use people will have for all that power ?
Speed Demon
Speed Demon 4 dias atrás
This video overall was so good, beginning, ending, everything was so perfect it feel’s impossible. This is why i watch this guy, motivates the hell out of me to start yt.
Agustin Gutierrez
Agustin Gutierrez 22 horas atrás
Great video, love the intricated zoom in for looking for clues when it was done!!!
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