Lush Caves - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 24

Alan Becker
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Orange and Red meet someone deep in a cave. And it's not a warden.

Music by Scott Buckley!! Huge apology for forgetting to credit him.






axolotyl glow squid 1.17 dripleaf spore blossom amethyst glow berry moss azalea glow lichen

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12 Jun 2021



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Alan Becker
Alan Becker Mês atrás
No one: Not a single soul: Alan: cHeCk oUt tHis rEaCtiOn and dIrEcTorS cOmenTary
game_ play
game_ play 12 dias atrás
Wei Bu
Wei Bu 16 dias atrás
Is episode 25 done
Guardify 25 dias atrás
Kobra Berat
Kobra Berat Mês atrás
성이름 Mês atrás
M. Rafa' Asy Syahida Ramadhan 2B
Alan backer buatin animatio vs minecraft episode 25
Rain Gaming278
Rain Gaming278 3 horas atrás
I really wanna see a crossover on animator vs animation and animator vs minecraft but i dont know why
Spicy Dorito Animations
Can we make the captions PLEASE
Opadein Roblox
Opadein Roblox 8 horas atrás
I’m surprised they didn’t get netherite yet
That One Person
That One Person 9 horas atrás
Animation vs Animation
촐싹1호 12 horas atrás
Wow... It’s a masterpiece.... awesome
KRiSS 12 horas atrás
make a vid of the blue axolotl pls
ngoc anh cao
ngoc anh cao 12 horas atrás
The robot
The robot 16 horas atrás
The fact that giant orange stick figure king has the command staff thingy yet doesn't have the creative mode block implies that he managed to make it in survival
Nemo 16 horas atrás
Mobs:we kill! Stikmans: SHUT UP!
Dark monster Minecraft
Dark monster Minecraft 17 horas atrás
Nguyễn CN
Nguyễn CN 18 horas atrás
Có 3 con hiếm kìa 🤤🤤🤤
Emily Urbina
Emily Urbina 19 horas atrás
I want to Ep.25 . Plaeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
HEAMI_subaccount 23 horas atrás
Robert Gaming
Robert Gaming 23 horas atrás
woooo red and orange escaped from the parkour and head to their world
Abdullah Tabog
Abdullah Tabog 23 horas atrás
i don t have the cave an clifs opdete
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo Dia atrás
The battle vs warden is epic
Gabo Ramirez
Gabo Ramirez Dia atrás
no puedo esperar por el sigiente episodio
Carolina Marchant
y cuando van a subir la segunda parte
Neon tooth
Neon tooth Dia atrás
Ayo does anyone else thought that they are fighting like peter and that big chicken from family guy?
You are genius
rex 27
rex 27 Dia atrás
F3NOPLAYS Dia atrás
Muito top
KIM 10
KIM 10 Dia atrás
sorry late😔
Navdeep singh
Navdeep singh Dia atrás
Its nearly 1 and half month Where is episode 25 We are waiting Plz. Upload as soon as possible
Gaspar Blunda
Gaspar Blunda Dia atrás
Yes me too
Nhat Nguyen hong
Nhat Nguyen hong Dia atrás
Hello anh nha am from Viet Nam
Dani_Stars230 Dia atrás
When the series finishes- Alan: Okay that’s enough More then 16 million people: No.
Thùy Trang Đoàn
them: only on 1 hunger bar also them: fighting and sprinting like nothing happened
Nurriam Lumuma
Nurriam Lumuma Dia atrás
RAFFA Gaming
RAFFA Gaming Dia atrás
When eps 25
Think FS
Think FS Dia atrás
Wait what I did not know that Minecraft players can come to!
Jaci McDaniel
Jaci McDaniel Dia atrás
I enjoy these animations and I never miss a single episode
Jaci McDaniel
Jaci McDaniel Dia atrás
BTW Jackie ain't my real name My atull name is Anastainplayz
Jaci McDaniel
Jaci McDaniel Dia atrás
No one really likes my comments so I like my own
Adilson Ribeiro
Adilson Ribeiro Dia atrás
one player
Adilson Ribeiro
Adilson Ribeiro Dia atrás
realy lush cavaes
Adilson Ribeiro
Adilson Ribeiro Dia atrás
you increrible
Adilson Ribeiro
Adilson Ribeiro Dia atrás
wath you make this
Adilson Ribeiro
Adilson Ribeiro Dia atrás
Adilson Ribeiro
Adilson Ribeiro Dia atrás
Adilson Ribeiro
Adilson Ribeiro Dia atrás
i'am portuguese
Mr Arrhythmia
Mr Arrhythmia 2 dias atrás
If I were one of the mobs in the beginning fight, I would just sit back and enjoy some apples while red and orange fight.
ImNobody / Anti
ImNobody / Anti 2 dias atrás
The fighting scene is basically me and my brother when one of us did a dumb thing and cared about it
刘佳 2 dias atrás
when is ep 25 coming, I'v seen all the animation vs minecraft and animator vs animation
Maria Nelva Mendoza
Maria Nelva Mendoza 2 dias atrás
plis episode 25
Maria Nelva Mendoza
Maria Nelva Mendoza 2 dias atrás
like para que Alan becker lo vea
Wolfy_Boy104 2 dias atrás
Rigel 2 dias atrás
Welp time to delete alex's computers
Malware Anims
Malware Anims 2 dias atrás
2:10 Peter vs Chicken vibes
KEÃ FĞ ŤV 2 dias atrás
I like watching so much I want to keep watching
Alan Hernandez
Alan Hernandez 3 dias atrás
I like when they show
Juan sebastian Giraldo
Episodio 25
Putra Alpajri
Putra Alpajri 3 dias atrás
Tolong buat episode 25 nya
Ana Chacin
Ana Chacin 3 dias atrás
alan i have an idea for u how it will be all the effects of potion+lucky block+command block+beacon+minecraft block and also an complete enchanted set of netherite armor on a single stickman think about it
Israel Gutiérrez
Israel Gutiérrez 3 dias atrás
You should make the fight so epic that even BRvid drops the service
TheThad 3 dias atrás
Is nobody gonna point out the photos in the "Picture" files. It's kinda SUS
Cape of mother hand
Cape of mother hand 3 dias atrás
5:28 LOOK at then diamond sword in hotbar and his hand, hoatbar one is not enchanted, and his hand one is enchanted
Marecel Guiao
Marecel Guiao 3 dias atrás
alan i love your channel so much
sridhar sheela
sridhar sheela 3 dias atrás
eposide 25
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 3 dias atrás
Việt nam
Marlon Aipassa
Marlon Aipassa 3 dias atrás
cmon man
Youtube Bob
Youtube Bob 3 dias atrás
Alan. I am gonna male an animation inspired by u. I will send the link when I am done
ilhanirfanihsan inc
ilhanirfanihsan inc 3 dias atrás
Alan are u done with episode 25
MasterChaos 3 dias atrás
I like how Orange is just completely destroying Red like he’s the Chosen One or something.
Hướng Đoàn
Hướng Đoàn 3 dias atrás
Where green?
Jona Olivares
Jona Olivares 3 dias atrás
No entendi ni mergas no c inglis me in spaning
Vera Bastos
Vera Bastos 3 dias atrás
Ep 25 Coming soon
GamingWith Eli
GamingWith Eli 3 dias atrás
im suprised he had LDD (Lego Digital Designer)
FlameHand 3 dias atrás
Now the two friends fight
ComboBoooiii 4 dias atrás
3 rare blue axolotls ? Sus?
ComboBoooiii 4 dias atrás
3 rare blue axolotls ? Sus?
the moon
the moon 4 dias atrás
Alan Becker is one of few Stick Figure Animation Channels that still gets millions of views per video, I think this is because not only does he incorporate a story into his Animations giving people something to come back too but he also makes shorter "Shorts" like content, around the 4 - 8 minute length which usually means someone can just pop it on whenever wherever and watch when a new short comes out, either way this has made him very successful and I'm glad to see the amount of work put behind all of this content.
Enrique Cabello
Enrique Cabello 4 dias atrás
I like the details of the mineshaft
Holden Cross
Holden Cross 4 dias atrás
This kinda reminds me of Revenge of the sith. Where it’s Anakin vs obi wan
KvaGram 4 dias atrás
What if the sticks one day end up at the desktop of a pro linux user, and the Linux user enters text only mode in attempt to kill the stick processes.
Jennifer Lacbain
Jennifer Lacbain 4 dias atrás
We’re not talking about how they found like 10 blue axolotls
watur 4 dias atrás
They were punching AND running AND swimming, which make you lose hunger faster, but they took no damage from hunger
watur 4 dias atrás
If I was alexcrafter 28 and saw that shit I’d go fucking insane
Davi Matos
Davi Matos 4 dias atrás
New ep 25
Nikefrost 97
Nikefrost 97 4 dias atrás
We waited for 1 month pls alan faster
Xi Guan
Xi Guan 4 dias atrás
Just wait, this is hard
MEMA GAWA 4 dias atrás
Request : After ep 26 do episode 27 blue's birthday
Gaspar Blunda
Gaspar Blunda 2 dias atrás
Why ep 26 and 27??
Leonila Dela Cruz
Leonila Dela Cruz 4 dias atrás
ahhhh some virus came here i have to restart beeep. red and orange: aaaaaahhhhh
Nidhi Nidhi
Nidhi Nidhi 4 dias atrás
ok now i want to know y there is "Shorts" in "Animation vs Minecraft shorts"
SuperiorPosterior 4 dias atrás
2:17 Luffy and Zoro: "Stop interrupting our fiiigghhht!!!"
Gogatsu kun
Gogatsu kun 4 dias atrás
orange x red
Gogatsu kun
Gogatsu kun 4 dias atrás
mojang should hire this guy
揚げ鳥 4 dias atrás
KEN V 4 dias atrás
Gaspar Blunda
Gaspar Blunda 2 dias atrás
Yean Episode 25!!
KEN V 4 dias atrás
Paolo John
Paolo John 5 dias atrás
Am I the only to see the 5 1in 1200 rare axolotls like what wait they can't spawn like that now
Ruby Hernandez
Ruby Hernandez 5 dias atrás
Nais 😘😍😊🤯😱👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤💖💝❣💞💗😃
ethanbenji 5 dias atrás
VIDEO IDEA animation vs smash (super smash bros) like if you agree
Pachulco 5 dias atrás
You're making not only the game, the entire youtube better
Rye DLion
Rye DLion 5 dias atrás
Red and Orange remembered the 1.17 update! The update is out!
TEREZA CHAVEZ 5 dias atrás
Amigo has cambiado, te explico cuando yo era niño solia pensar que eras cool; supongo que las cosas cambian
DragonicEnder 5 dias atrás
god I love these animations so much
Sol calla
Sol calla 5 dias atrás
Si te das cuenta en el minuto 2:32 o 2:30(nose que minuto xD) red ya no quería pelear :>
MEMA GAWA 5 dias atrás
Request : Mr Becker after you make episode 25 you will make episode 26 the dark Lord returns / here are the scenes 1st scene sc and blue and purple are walking and they saw a pressent 2nd scene the darklord uses a fireball and explode the present so blue purple and sc use a diamond sword to fight the darklord when darklord was defeated the darklord was now scared to die but sc uses a friend join hold hand power and now the darklord became a good guy
Juaquin Cabral
Juaquin Cabral 3 dias atrás
No that would inrelevent
MEMA GAWA 5 dias atrás
Request: Mr Becker can you do episode 25 return back home
Muhamad Syarif
Muhamad Syarif 5 dias atrás
what if the stickman managed to return home but when they returned the pc changed to windows 11
Loric Zhou
Loric Zhou 5 dias atrás
2:14 = mode idc of mob
JAMEJO 5 dias atrás
Zo good
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