Luke Combs - She Got the Best of Me

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13 Ago 2018

luke combsbeautiful crazywhen it rains it pourshurricanebeer never broke my heartcmaacmcountrycountry radioJason aldeanbootleggersmust’ve never met youcountry musicsongwriterNashvillenorth carolinaHouston we got a problemeric churchluke bryanbrothers osbornechris stapletonkane brownleon bridgesa long wayhonky tonk highwayused to youdon’t tempt methis one’s for youthis one’s for you too



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Comentários 5 315
ツUnEz 8 horas atrás
I’m from Alabama but I hate country. As funny as that sounds this song is fire
Billy Stone Stone
Billy Stone Stone 11 horas atrás
Hey Luke man your the definition of awesome keep up with the great writing man pure genius love all ur songs
GMS BOOK SCRATCHER g 18 horas atrás
luke youre awesome at singing keep it going
Jenna Henry
Jenna Henry 22 horas atrás
SnareBear96 Dia atrás
Great singer, not a fan of the pure neck beard though
Liddy Henry
Liddy Henry Dia atrás
Jamie Crockett
Jamie Crockett Dia atrás
Merle White
Merle White Dia atrás
Check my cover out ol son!
LyricProvider 23
LyricProvider 23 2 dias atrás
she got the best of me lyrics here:
sixq 2 dias atrás
I wonder how much he gets paid from that label shot in the beginning.
Kevin smith
Kevin smith 3 dias atrás
What does ‘she’ look like??
Entitled Human beings
Entitled Human beings 3 dias atrás
Seventeen, you don't think that much about life You just live it Like Kerosene dancin' 'round a fire But you're in it So you jump right in Ain't afraid to fall And you give it all She got the best of me She broke my heart Now all that's left of me Is beating in this guitar Every night, a different town She follows me around So you get what's left of me Yeah, you get what's left of me 'Cause she got the best of me I picked myself up off the floor And found something new worth livin' for And a, old dusty hand-me-down six string And a couple chords I'm gettin' over her A little more with every song So y'all sing along She got the best of me She broke my heart Now all that's left of me Is beating in this guitar Every night, a different town She follows me around So you get what's left of me Yeah, you get what's left of me 'Cause she got the best of me Whoa, whoa oh She got the best of me She broke my heart Now all that's left of me Is beating in this guitar Every night, a different town She follows me around So you get what's left of me Yeah, you get what's left of me 'Cause she got the best of me She got the best of me She got the best of me
RUE RUE 4 dias atrás
13000 haters
Love Life
Love Life 4 dias atrás
Eh i feel his pain...
James Hightower
James Hightower 4 dias atrás
That all thats best of me song is the best song that i have ever lisend to that is riten by u
Jenn Adam
Jenn Adam 4 dias atrás
He rocks so friggn good great voice
KevinKnox Playlist
KevinKnox Playlist 5 dias atrás
She got the best of my big Bertha slammed in that taco lmao I'm bout high asf rn 🤣
Kristi 2 dias atrás
Jeremy Bowers
Jeremy Bowers 5 dias atrás
My cousin looks just like him and abt same size too lol
Stevie Johnson
Stevie Johnson 5 dias atrás
Check this song
Nick Seers
Nick Seers 5 dias atrás
Love how so many of his previous songs are referenced here! "Hurricane" couple in the crowd, car crash on the new story from "One Number Away", Mona Lisa on the wall from "I got away with you". Have i missed any ?
hanz0424 3 dias atrás
I literally thought how that intro had anything to do with the song then I realized one number away ending was the girl getting in a car crash. lmao
ricky bell
ricky bell 5 dias atrás
Nick Seers mans a genius
nikkita rose
nikkita rose 5 dias atrás
Por girl
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 5 dias atrás
Guard your heart above all else Jesus said that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👟❤️📖📖📖🎚💯🙂
Shawn Gilmore
Shawn Gilmore 5 dias atrás
Delena you got the best of me I dont know if I'll get it back
Mathew Maul
Mathew Maul 5 dias atrás
Miss you Liv you got best of me and idk if ill get it back 😭
Brent G
Brent G 6 dias atrás
Love this song. Country baby! This is what music is like. No fancy cars, almost naked chicks, people shaming, you name it. This is what people should listen.
Nic Goldsmith
Nic Goldsmith 6 dias atrás
Anyone else catch the couple from the hurricane video in the crowd @2:55
Chris Farley
Chris Farley 6 dias atrás
Id love to give him oral , I ain't neva gay though I swear on my momma!
David Rivera
David Rivera 6 dias atrás
this dude is amazing. My favorite song is Houston, we got problem
Seth Parker
Seth Parker 6 dias atrás
2:56 you can see the guy and girl from the "Hurricane" video!
Seth Parker
Seth Parker 3 dias atrás
sammy foister I think so. I know the girl went to the same school I did (App State) and it’s the same school Luke went to also.
sammy foister
sammy foister 5 dias atrás
it looked like the man and girl from it are they friends of his???
Aubrey Cottingham
Aubrey Cottingham 6 dias atrás
Great job Luke! My all time favorite song EVER for 20 years!! Wish I could see you on tour but I can't. . .Mom said no. . .
Jessica Layne
Jessica Layne 6 dias atrás
3:07 and 3:37-3:43 country concert 2018 Fort Loramie, Ohio!!! Awesome ass day!!! Loved this concert
Golf Player98
Golf Player98 7 dias atrás
It hurts to relate to this song when you’re only 16......
Josh Holmes
Josh Holmes 7 dias atrás
Awesome!!!!,Should jam copperhead rd.
Christina Haskins
Christina Haskins 7 dias atrás
And he was added to the Grand ol opery wish I this is amazing he is a very talented singer and I love all his songs
Clifford Johnson
Clifford Johnson 8 dias atrás
Luke Combs is a total badass💯💯
Tamara Fisher
Tamara Fisher 8 dias atrás
he is so good i am a big fun
Michelle Steele
Michelle Steele 8 dias atrás
James Loft
James Loft 8 dias atrás
You are a badass you are a good person damn
1979chevyluv1 8 dias atrás
His songs are so deep, 🌟 star 🌟
Dinesh Bohara
Dinesh Bohara 8 dias atrás
How many of you came from hanna.. raise your hand
jongruden1955 8 dias atrás
Where is Milli Vanilli to cover for this guy ha
Bridgett Herrera
Bridgett Herrera 8 dias atrás
He does not need to get covered someone this good doesnt need one
Kat Hicks
Kat Hicks 8 dias atrás
This came out on my 15th birthday .😶
Kirsten Cook
Kirsten Cook 8 dias atrás
Your voice blows me away. Keep the awesome music coming my friend 😍😍
debbie murray
debbie murray 9 dias atrás
I love this song to thank you for sharing keep the great music coming
william pugh,III
william pugh,III 9 dias atrás
Dolly x Girl
Dolly x Girl 9 dias atrás
Love his voice 🥰🥰
Tamara Chodan
Tamara Chodan 10 dias atrás
Love it!
Alexandria Dierst
Alexandria Dierst 10 dias atrás
I LOVE LUKE Combs to bad I go to his next concert and everyone in my family doesn't like Luke combs as much as I do
Douglas Inselmann
Douglas Inselmann 10 dias atrás
How the hell do I get the bullshit pause button off the fuckin screen? The fuck has BRvid done?!?!
Debby lee
Debby lee 10 dias atrás
Great song
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