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14 Mai 2018




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Ann Ramos
Ann Ramos 4 horas atrás
I am watching this on Netflix
ekin thao
ekin thao 7 horas atrás
This show has question me about some part of the Bible and Christian sometimes. I mean because human naturally sin on their own. Right??? Like in the beginning, satan came as a serpent to trick Adam and Eve. God simply told them not to eat the apple but the serpent said it was fine if they ate it .Now the devil didn’t force them to do nor did he trick them. All the serpent did was just talk about potential that the apple possess. They ate the apple because they wanted it. They then blame the serpent. Can someone who has fully accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior help me understand better.
lucifer el pendejito mintiendose
lucifer = a dumb failure who got fucked by his daddy the archangel Michael for fun.
Falem yes all wings
Obvious Mango
Obvious Mango Dia atrás
I'm Catholic, I love God and Jesus but this show is very awesome indeed and it's my favorite. And please, try to ignore the hate comments, they're awful.
jacquelin berroa
jacquelin berroa Dia atrás
Por q no suben los capítulos completos
Belle Kaminski
Belle Kaminski Dia atrás
I can’t not cry when I watch this, the look on his face is heart wrenching. The pain in his face so realistic! The show is about the devil bit I believe it is also about saying that no one is not beyond redemption!
SilvAna  Couto
SilvAna Couto 3 dias atrás
SilvAna  Couto
SilvAna Couto 3 dias atrás
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos 3 dias atrás
Brincando com o diabo . Não tem nem noção do coração maligno de satanás tem ele não sente amor por ninguém só quer destruir tudo de ruim que acontece no mundo Er por conta de satanás tudo todos os crimes maléficos .
ツGen3t1k 3 dias atrás
When Lucifer season 4 it's come i can't wait...
Michael S
Michael S 4 dias atrás
Satan is actually god read the joy o Satan website for proof
Lolz 4 dias atrás
God: Oh Heaven Yeah
Paloma Ramos
Paloma Ramos 4 dias atrás
Tom welling ❤️
a thau da Menezes
a thau da Menezes 5 dias atrás
Melhor cena Detetive Decker lucifer
Nemanja Jovanovic
Nemanja Jovanovic 6 dias atrás
when does it start broadcasting 4 season?
Mayada Yusuf
Mayada Yusuf 6 dias atrás
Episode 25 and 26 what they are about i didn't understand anything ?????!!!
m ,
m , 4 dias atrás
They were supposed to air during season 4 but fox decided to release them after the show got cancelled, but luckly the show has been picked up by netflix now
I fart daisies
I fart daisies 7 dias atrás
This show is only written to make him seem like a good person, because as humans we crave to see the good in bad people. It makes for a good show. But that doesn't make this the true story. It's a trick if you look deeper, past all the cool stunts, and romantic scenes, and his "heart of gold." Don't be fooled by anything, especially not Hollywood.
Flavinha Wanderlei
Flavinha Wanderlei 7 dias atrás
Mdssssssss ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, eu estou enlouquecendo, ô 4° temporada esperada viu, Mano essa série não é normal, ela faz vc se apaixonar imensamente......👏👏👏😍😍😍
Ana Maria Tanaszi
Ana Maria Tanaszi 7 dias atrás
i cant wait for the 4th seasooooon
Nemanja Jovanovic
Nemanja Jovanovic 6 dias atrás
when does it start 4 season?
Farid Niazi
Farid Niazi 7 dias atrás
The blood om his wings made it much cooler
The Physcho Human Flesh EATER
I wish he was my friend
PALOMEQUE NAZI 9 dias atrás
Me Cage la serie
Glenn Huliselan
Glenn Huliselan 9 dias atrás
See how he is wearing a suit which resembles the ones he wore in the first episodes without a vest not so colorful just when he gets his face back
Megha Singhania
Megha Singhania 10 dias atrás
The actual devil's are these criminals and murderers like pierce!! Lucifer is actually a devil who punishes the real devils and evil in this big bad world!! He helps solve crimes and protects Chloe!! He has died for Chloe!! He has sacrificed a lot for her!! He is an angel with just a name and face of a devil!!
Oque é isso?!
Oque é isso?! 10 dias atrás
Hoomm ele protegeu ela😍😍😍
James Mcguigan
James Mcguigan 10 dias atrás
Use like as a I love Netflix button!
I. Bendigas
I. Bendigas 11 dias atrás
Imagine Lucifer in the movie with a large green booger in his face:-) No, seriously, take this series as a warning about our worst adversary, not as an encouragement to sympathize with him.
Luci Torres
Luci Torres 11 dias atrás
Thank You Netflit
Ferdinando Cavallone
Ferdinando Cavallone 12 dias atrás
Lucifer isn't good
lailson pires
lailson pires 12 dias atrás
Cadê os Brasileiros?😂😎
Andrea P
Andrea P 13 dias atrás
No entiendo nada de lo que dicen
DANIEL ERON 14 dias atrás
Can someone explain why the episodes after this one ignore it? The revelation at the just can’t be glossed over like that!(I thought only anime had fillers like that)
Jasmine J
Jasmine J 13 dias atrás
The last two episodes were standalones that were meant to be in season 4 before the show got cancelled. Fox decided to air them. At that point, no one knew that Netflix would pick the show back up.
carou rocha
carou rocha 14 dias atrás
Marshall Sanders
Marshall Sanders 14 dias atrás
THANKS for putting such a huge spoiler in the title AND the thumbnail. You're a real hero.
Cherry Cherry
Cherry Cherry 15 dias atrás
Just devi who loves and became angel
Julia Magcalas
Julia Magcalas 15 dias atrás
wait but If Chloe survived the bullet then why was she like unconscious when Lucifer protected with his wings I’m still very confuse
Willian Honoratto
Willian Honoratto 15 dias atrás
Sem dúvidas a melhor sena do filme! 😍😍
ImaginaryTuber 16 dias atrás
Flip i just spoiled it for myself I'm only season 1 episode 10, i just started :P
Anastasia R.
Anastasia R. 17 dias atrás
I have a question, I don't have an Netflix account and unfortunately I cannot make one. So if anyone knows how can I watch season 4 or maybe a site that will probably upload the new episodes (if that's even possible from now on) please let me now.
Sam A.
Sam A. 15 dias atrás
Baby’s Corner
Baby’s Corner 17 dias atrás
This show confuses me
Bo_3o0of_2 3
Bo_3o0of_2 3 17 dias atrás
Bo_3o0of_2 3
Bo_3o0of_2 3 17 dias atrás
It will be sesoan 4
Jo Franco
Jo Franco 18 dias atrás
2:00 BEST MOMENT !!!!! I nearly cried at the love he has for her
Reian -Raelene Balbosa - Mc Intosh
Netflix has season 4 everyone so go watch it there
Devan Rudd
Devan Rudd 19 dias atrás
This is a good ass show i like 😎!!!
Lillyz 19 dias atrás
Why is Clark Kent shooting people with a gun
ObergruppenFürer Charles Fourth Reich
he became Fat but strong good all days
Slam HaXor
Slam HaXor 19 dias atrás
**Read till end** The devil is not the ruler of hell nor is anyone in hell right now. The Bible makes that very clear that the dead sleep in their graves until the second coming of Jesus Christ. The devil is not the ruler of hell nor has he ever been there, this show is a demonic deception. And the devil will be thrown into hell fire along with all his angels (demons) at the end with everyone that did not believe in Jesus Christ and did not Repent. “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” Revelation 20:10 read your Bibles we are almost at the end, GOD had sent me here to open your eyes if you read this message don’t harden your heart instead pick up your Bible and 1. Repented (gave up willful sin out of gratitude not to climb your way up to heaven) 2. Confess “Jesus Is LORD” with your mouth and trust him with everything (like you trust a parachute or a doctor) 3. Believe in your heart that GOD raised him from the dead on the 3rd day are SAVED!!!!!. Amen. All glory go to GOD (Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit) 🙏🏼
Karla  de Galdamez
Karla de Galdamez 19 dias atrás
Párese que lucifer no es igual a cómo se lo imaginan en realidad
DJ Kevgeez
DJ Kevgeez 19 dias atrás
Does every show have to be about cops now? Sheesh.
DJ Kevgeez
DJ Kevgeez 19 dias atrás
Jesus. Chloe aged Horribly
Mary Kaplan
Mary Kaplan 21 dia atrás
What season is this
Sage Pup
Sage Pup 22 dias atrás
there aren't alot of shows that I watch that I obsess over but this one?? OH MY GOD I have never been more invested in a show as much as I am with this one. So so so good!
Vih :-P
Vih :-P 22 dias atrás
Oh my Good
TheAgukala 23 dias atrás
Thank you Netflix
ShiRo0_ Uchiw
ShiRo0_ Uchiw 23 dias atrás
Oh oh oh m’y french je suis que à la s2 😭
Canal Big Flower
Canal Big Flower 23 dias atrás
Eu n entendi ele era um anjo e virou o diabo?
Jaq Witch
Jaq Witch 21 dia atrás
Lúcifer é um arcanjo. Anjo portador da luz. Segundo os costumes religiosos após a sua queda do céu ele automaticamente se tornou um demônio. O primeiro demônio. Rei do inferno, príncipe das trevas. Aliás, você assistea série? Se sim, não parece.
Lydsabeth Lilly
Lydsabeth Lilly 24 dias atrás
Started watching this an i like it 👏
think yes
think yes 24 dias atrás
I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! It’s soo good
Eden Garden
Eden Garden 24 dias atrás
This show is horrible. They make lucifer look like he is good to trick everyone. It’s satanic
NOOB PLAYER 25 dias atrás
Wait is he a devil or an Angel?
CBG Origins
CBG Origins 25 dias atrás
NOOB PLAYER he is the devil but the devil is a fallen angel
XmariellaX 26 dias atrás
Save Lucifer save Lucifer!!!
jack loves nougat !!
jack loves nougat !! 26 dias atrás
Paula Karolini
Paula Karolini 26 dias atrás
nossa lindo eu charia isso com as pessoas que eu amo 💝❤💘
misamisa12311 27 dias atrás
This show legit reminded me most people will hurt you to stay ahead.. Netflix... Thanks so much. I rebel against my father too... He's not God but he acts like it... This show helps me
misamisa12311 27 dias atrás
The devil by the book fell starting a rebellion in heaven... Good or bad.. I see so much of myself in his character on this show.. I am strongly disliked for saying what I feel .. but those who love me understand I don't kneel
Jefferson Omar Bravo Rizzo
Alguien hablan castellano aquí nadie? Jjjj
Khalilz 28 dias atrás
Lauren looks a little different here no?
Ana Francia Torres Flota
No me gusta me encanta
cristian8996 Mês atrás
Que buen episodio, la puta madre
Investor Jess
Investor Jess Mês atrás
Beautiful wings
Sofia Terrazas
Sofia Terrazas Mês atrás
Pobre lucifer 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Matthew Morales
Matthew Morales Mês atrás
Obvious Mango
Obvious Mango Dia atrás
HydroMilo Hunden
HydroMilo Hunden Mês atrás
I love this scene so much!
rayssa lino
rayssa lino Mês atrás
Cadê os Br??
Manuel Yahuarcani
Manuel Yahuarcani Mês atrás
Manuel antonio yahuarcani tamani
Peculiar Jewel
Peculiar Jewel Mês atrás
Wings faith same thing
Marser Escobar
Marser Escobar Mês atrás
😌 no sé Inglés
Zwagger 555
Zwagger 555 Mês atrás
y para qué lo ves?
Amigas. Com
Amigas. Com Mês atrás
Elias Garcia
Elias Garcia Mês atrás
la vida es dura, pero mas dura es mi verdura
wik franco
wik franco Mês atrás
Qual é o nome do filme?
Lavínia Araújo
Lavínia Araújo Mês atrás
Que série Boa Legal gostei ❤
micha stroud
micha stroud Mês atrás
DAME YOU FOX!!!!! The nerve to cancel Lucifer for more football air time. PF ALL THINGS!! Lucifer oughta torture them in hell for this! (Jk🤣🤣) Netflix saved it thank them all [ya know cause “god has nothing to do with it” - TVLucifer]
Raúl Pagan
Raúl Pagan Mês atrás
just baby
just baby Mês atrás
Lúcifer montado ? Não né, Esse não come , esse e Jesus
Annaliese Wyld
Annaliese Wyld Mês atrás
First time I saw this scene my heart dropped to my stomach...n it should of been picked up as especially leaving the whole series on a Cliffhanger
السبيعي \ Alsubaie
@babywj9 😂❤️
Sara kitten
Sara kitten Mês atrás
Is the devil really a bad person or thing all he does is punish the bad people like cops?
sharon stephanie
sharon stephanie Mês atrás
i am dead addicted to this series
Split Klb
Split Klb Mês atrás
Last 2 episode suck
es es
es es Mês atrás
That's why God kept on giving him his wings back all the time
pëqüënä mäløkä
I Love you Lucifer
Yago Rodrigues
Yago Rodrigues Mês atrás
Como é o nome desse filme?
Rubí Velázquez
Rubí Velázquez Mês atrás
Pero por qué en el otro episodio no se asustó ella como linda
reda alpha
reda alpha Mês atrás
Tom welling
TPlays 67
TPlays 67 Mês atrás
loket popiksye
loket popiksye Mês atrás
Team Ender
Team Ender Mês atrás
Cant wait untill season 4
E.R. H
E.R. H Mês atrás
Lucifer is evil not angel
canal o lobo solitário
e muito lindo
Linda Todd
Linda Todd 2 meses atrás
My heart just stopped
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