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14 Mai 2018




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Comentários 2 712
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd Hora atrás
MR. gamer
MR. gamer 2 horas atrás
This is not final
Sunita Sharma
Sunita Sharma 3 horas atrás
Love you Lucifer
Kybella Donat
Kybella Donat 3 horas atrás
Edwin Manuel
Edwin Manuel 5 horas atrás
That serie is garbage..
Paola A
Paola A 7 horas atrás
Problems 973
Problems 973 11 horas atrás
I'll pray for you all 💯
Sidounet CID
Sidounet CID 12 horas atrás
Thanks for the spoil !
Hang Haam
Hang Haam 13 horas atrás
this scene has no hype whatsoever, i guess you gotta be boring to enjoy that lol
Monica Santero
Monica Santero 17 horas atrás
Caralhooo, aaaa, arrasa tio lulu S2
Nicolas Höll
Nicolas Höll 17 horas atrás
We won! :D netflix bought Lucifer, season 4 is coming.
georpoo 18 horas atrás
Holy shit clark kent became a bad guy?!
Jigsaw joker Merriam
Jigsaw joker Merriam 21 hora atrás
in real life the devil is the father of evil He would never care about humans. He hates human beings and would love nothing more then to see all of us burn in the lake of fire.
daria balan
daria balan 22 horas atrás
Lucifeer is OK .. Netflix took it 🌊🔆
Prøject Aisle
Prøject Aisle 22 horas atrás
ZAHRAA ! Dia atrás
We Saved Lucifer!!
Vapor Dia atrás
Who wants go watch chicken little with me.
AbuBakar Dia atrás
Wtf did i juss watch
Coolcat DownRoad
Coolcat DownRoad Dia atrás
Horrible acting wow that scene was awful
Wyyvernn Dia atrás
Wyyvernn Dia atrás
oh yeah, I just saw nowXD YES!
Coroneu que quase levou uns peteco na cara fora
Wyyvernn Netiflix Comprou Lucifer
Silvyu Curtui
Silvyu Curtui Dia atrás
Percie Burns
Percie Burns Dia atrás
Netflix is picking up lucifer for season 4
Sofia Rosas
Sofia Rosas Dia atrás
Cece Drake
Cece Drake Dia atrás
We saved Lucifer,season 4 is gonna be on Netflix🤗🤗😄😄😄
Sam Stults
Sam Stults Dia atrás
Shows been saved by Netflix. Sweet.
Heil hydra
Heil hydra Dia atrás
in supernatural hes much more scarier and violent no matter how many people helped after he lost and regained his grace
Letícia Camargo
Letícia Camargo Dia atrás
Esse série cai arrasarr
Rafael says
Rafael says Dia atrás
Damn...supes gone chubby
S A Dia atrás
Mark Turnbull
Mark Turnbull Dia atrás
I think right there 1:56 Lucifer look at marcus Lucifer shows is red eyes!! I just think that be cool to see
Thor Tercel
Thor Tercel Dia atrás
Lucifer came to steal kill and destroy
Chloe Weightman
Chloe Weightman Dia atrás
What is this from?! It looks so cool!
F. S.
F. S. Dia atrás
The show has just been picked up by Netflix! ~\o\
Павел Стебенев
Так что это не совсем выдумка серия
Павел Стебенев
Ну и кстати демоны могут покаяться и попасть в рай!
-_Jamp_- 2 dias atrás
Its not the finale
Jeremy Re
Jeremy Re 2 dias atrás
Knijah Smith
Knijah Smith 2 dias atrás
Then lucifer is gonna kill pierce and he's gonna have his face back and chole is gonna see and she gonna say the myths were true and it just it wanted to see how many views it was gonna get but if it doesn't get enough views they were gonna end the show which I'm sad about so now we have to see if the got enough views so that can continue making them so we have to see I really hope they do
Kyrssybel 2 dias atrás
i'm still upset about the last episode
Vijaya pillai
Vijaya pillai 2 dias atrás
Those wings xD , this Lucifer is nothing compared to the Lucifer in supernatural. Hahahaha
FĄŇŇĮÀ 2 dias atrás
Jesus I see more religious nut jobs In the comment section rather than actual fans smh
mshevlin32 2 dias atrás
Rafaela 2 dias atrás
Lucifer is back! Thank you Netflix❤️
Kayan Jowhill
Kayan Jowhill 2 dias atrás
Yes Netflix saved #Lucifer!!! Love Netflix so much right now!!!
Haroon Bhatti
Haroon Bhatti 2 dias atrás
April A
April A 2 dias atrás
What movie is this it sounds so interesting
MrPeterpiper1969 2 dias atrás
I LOVE NETFLIX! Lucifer HAS been picked up by Netflix and Season 4 will now DEFINITELY happen! Awesome, awesome news.
jlly16 2 dias atrás
Hooray! Netflix has officially picked up Lucifer for season 4. I LOVE ❤️ you Netflix. We the fans thank you.
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Noctis Lucis Caelum 2 dias atrás
Lucifer fans rejoice Lucifer has been picked up by Netflix for a fourth season.
J&A Golden Pyrenees
J&A Golden Pyrenees 2 dias atrás
darlon wallace
darlon wallace 2 dias atrás
lucifer will return for season 4 on netflix
cynthia perez
cynthia perez 2 dias atrás
This show is making people think the devil is a good person which in reality he isn't #GodIsAlwaysWithUs
Seline Sezgin
Seline Sezgin 2 dias atrás
Abrar Ali Abrar Ali
Abrar Ali Abrar Ali 3 dias atrás
😞😞😞🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽 😞🚽🚽😞🚽😞😞😞 😞🚽🚽😞🚽🚽🚽🚽 😞🚽🚽😞🚽🚽🚽🚽 😞😞😞🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽
Lizette Rosa
Lizette Rosa 3 dias atrás
Guys I finished the series :( any other good shows like this? I’m a huge supernatural fan
Andreia Silva
Andreia Silva 3 dias atrás
N era pra ter acabado assim
Barbara Simon
Barbara Simon 3 dias atrás
Oh man Kriege jedesmal ne Gänsehaut wenn ich den Cliffhanger sehe. #savelucifer
m b
m b 3 dias atrás
Makulet 4 dias atrás
Alex The Beast
Alex The Beast 4 dias atrás
johnny canterbury
johnny canterbury 4 dias atrás
N Shilts
N Shilts 4 dias atrás
so sad they cancelled it really enjoyed watching it, bit repetitive like most in the genre but really liked the over arcing story
ChenChen DaSilva
ChenChen DaSilva 4 dias atrás
Omg is that fat Clark Kent
Tony Michaud
Tony Michaud 4 dias atrás
That's funny! Of four types of 'angels' only one kind has wings...Lucifer is not that kind of angel.
Chris Harler
Chris Harler 4 dias atrás
Hail lucifer
telly diana dayondon
telly diana dayondon 5 dias atrás
This is funny are the bullets use are paranormal:) maybe they use bullets or guns from dean and sam...
anthony barraza
anthony barraza 5 dias atrás
I'm am rejected copper so are all of you Lucifer and his fallen angels where called rejected silver what does it make a human JOB Ezkiel Enoch Samuel Isiah John the Baptist we're clean copper today even christians are all rejected copper but know this Virgin Mary is😃 that of God Jesus and his angels are Gold God Almighty YAWEH is Rheuim (rarest most expensive metal on earth)
Derek Knott
Derek Knott 5 dias atrás
Plezz god bring back this show
Jay New Deen Zee Dan
Jay New Deen Zee Dan 5 dias atrás
fallen angel my ass, LOL
Pogri Gamer
Pogri Gamer 5 dias atrás
Rıfi - Amazighi Āľėxıś
So you want to give us a good image about Lucifer! ..
Jake Howard
Jake Howard 5 dias atrás
Vedat ÖZYILMAZ 5 dias atrás
trumpın içindeki ilk adi aşaglık domuz şeytanı atanı siktim
Roberto Duche
Roberto Duche 5 dias atrás
Paperdolls 5 dias atrás
lucifer is cute
Isaiah Castro
Isaiah Castro 5 dias atrás
devil suck ass to the max that a lie she problem fucking e-t and shit come from planet dum ass
S Juzou
S Juzou 5 dias atrás
Meine freunde sagte mir , Er is ein Engel mit Blutenden flügel der ein schwarzes schwert mit zum himmel nimt um von da ihn zu werfen.
Nay Nay
Nay Nay 6 dias atrás
Best scene ever! #SaveLucifer
Trush Tucker
Trush Tucker 6 dias atrás
I thought chloe moretz .Gosh you always wondering
Andrea B
Andrea B 6 dias atrás
GunsAndGlory 6 dias atrás
AudioEntity584 6 dias atrás
So Lucifer is Jesus. The savior.
Ibu Ningsih
Ibu Ningsih 6 dias atrás
Lucifer ? Idiots
شريهان الجندى
يا نهار ابيض وملون خمسة مليون مشاهدة للشيطان الملعون فى تلات اسابيع دة اية الوقعة السودة دى
شريهان الجندى
احا وهوة المفروض بقى كدة اننا نحب لوسيفر اللى هوة الشيطان.دة اية الاحا دى .ماسونيين
lia janjghava
lia janjghava 7 dias atrás
Kieth Sachin
Kieth Sachin 7 dias atrás
.. He's quite Hot😍😍😍😍 DAMN
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez 7 dias atrás
Jesus is made a pimp in the DaVinci Code and here Samael,(Satan) is a caring savior. Yet God Bless America and God Loves America. Get the fuck outa here! Devil worshiping mother fuckers!
chaiane pincegher
chaiane pincegher 7 dias atrás
Larry Smith
Larry Smith 7 dias atrás
This is so creepy the devil is not a superhero
Amanda Germanotta
Amanda Germanotta 7 dias atrás
tony gather
tony gather 7 dias atrás
To all of you who enjoys thus show. This is not the true Lucifer. The REAL Satan hates all of mankind, wants all of us to go with him to the lake of fire. He wants to torture us. He is the prince of lies. He only comes to murder and destroy. Do not be deceived. This show, shows him as a cool hero but that is far from the truth. Yeshua aka Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.
javier pineda
javier pineda 7 dias atrás
now it seems that the demons the king of demons is our savior XD whe he made us sin and put us against God
Erick De La Barrera
Erick De La Barrera 7 dias atrás
Ya está el capítulo 25 y 26 lo vi en linea
Rigoberto Chavarin
Rigoberto Chavarin 7 dias atrás
how the hell can the wings come out with the suit on???? yeah right is the devil dirty moves??? como diablos pueden salirle las alas con el traje puesto??? si pues seran los movimientos cochinos del Diablo jajajaja
Assassin Creed
Assassin Creed 7 dias atrás
Aaron 7 dias atrás
Superman vs Lucifer
showmik shammo
showmik shammo 7 dias atrás
Scarlet Queen
Scarlet Queen 7 dias atrás
Descended Svurname
Descended Svurname 7 dias atrás
What's the name of this film?
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