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14 Mai 2018




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Mia Me
Mia Me Hora atrás
My Horse is called Lucifer Morningstar 🐴😈 Once we won against another horse, it‘s name was Franziskus 😂
Dalva Pires
Dalva Pires 2 horas atrás
Lucifer satanás ferrabras Caifas e Leviatan tragaJgg para mim de imediato sei q com seu poder e sua força ele vira hoje e tds que ha no inferno traga jgg para mim louvarei sempre seus nomes minhas poderosas entidades assim ja é
Sentinel_ slayer
Sentinel_ slayer 3 horas atrás
Guys can I tell you something his devil face is red and his wings are white I wanna see his face and wings come out at the same time I wanna see how it looks
Ice Flower
Ice Flower 22 horas atrás
bloody_roar222 2 dias atrás
Fuck the devil 😡 🖕🏿 #praisethelord our father in heaven! Our savior Jesus Christ!
tommy 2 dias atrás
pmsl this is so lame.
Patrick Callahan
Patrick Callahan 6 dias atrás
🌸 love 🌺
Len s
Len s 8 dias atrás
Why I can’t find this episode???????
KELVIN NELSON 9 dias atrás
So so so happy lucifer pick up by Netflix the show goes on
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson 16 dias atrás
My understanding of the bible story about Lucifer was that he was created as the highest angel in heaven, then rebelled because he thought he should be the equal of God. He was then cast out of heaven to a place created for him to rule over called Hell. In the legend he was supposed to have said it is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.
lilia nawel
lilia nawel Dia atrás
in the Quran it is mentionned that Lucifer was a reap and once adem was created God asked angels and reapsto take a bow for him but Lucifer refused cuz he felt superior than Adem since he was created of fire and Adem of mud god kicked him out of heaven, and of anger Lucifer challenged and promised god that he will mislead the human kind, god accepted the challenge so heaven and hell were created
Vicki 16 dias atrás
I just started watching this show about a month ago, and I love it so much! I'm so glad Netflix is picking it up for the 4th season
Shane 18 dias atrás
Mystic 19 dias atrás
I miss this show so badly 😢 (and how can his wings bleed if they aren’t really apart of his body)
Mercurial Silver
Mercurial Silver 22 dias atrás
Gawd I love this show.
music freak
music freak 23 dias atrás
Katy O'Hanlon
Katy O'Hanlon 24 dias atrás
Why would they not take into account that this finale has 6 million views
Charity Knights - Gaming Content der Hilft.
What are that for a Season?
Ivona Đurović
Ivona Đurović 25 dias atrás
Chloe "dead" looks so fake
um filmaço
um filmaço 26 dias atrás
Ensinei a ver a terceira temporada de Lúcifer dublado no meu canal passei lá
Marie Berry24
Marie Berry24 27 dias atrás
That scream gave me chills 0.0! 2:01, his desperation to protect chloe..
Jose Mejia Velasquez
Jose Mejia Velasquez 27 dias atrás
I really love this show #SaveLucifer
Jessica Lima
Jessica Lima 28 dias atrás
É muito legal
Saffron Dignam
Saffron Dignam Mês atrás
fnx fnx
fnx fnx Mês atrás
Emman Shahid
Emman Shahid Mês atrás
Energy thou I love this show the writer for surely must me a proper atheist or a devil worshiper 😅
Sabrina ksh dise
Sabrina ksh dise Mês atrás
i loooovve this but i can't watch it i searched everywhere for the episodes and i found none for free since i'm not from the us or uk so saaaaad... if anyone knows where to watch it please do tell me
Memes 4Me
Memes 4Me Mês atrás
Sabrina ksh dise try couchtuner, watch out though. A lot of ads.
Josue Foyot
Josue Foyot Mês atrás
C'est tout
Monica_ Sales
Monica_ Sales Mês atrás
Damari Barrales
Damari Barrales Mês atrás
Lucifer estrella de la mañana
MsEnglishtea Mês atrás
You know I had high Hope's that this show would be great. However as I continue watching one episode at a time my disappointment grew to the point where I stopped watching it. Lucifer is suppose to be an evil character. I wanted to finally seeeeee a villainous show where he just caused so much chaos and hatred. But no they give him a heart and feelings towards others. I'm quite sure Lucifer himself finds this show insulting. It's just like the movie Maleficent they make a villain a good guy!!! What?!! Her very name means malevolent I wanted to see evil. Instead I see them turn good...nooooo! I'm alright for others to like the show...and I wish I did but the only show that genuinely describes or at least the idea of how the Prince of Darkness behaves is actually the television series Hannibal. Deceitful, debonair, secretive, manipulative, dark, and pure evil....there is no room for goodness. Noooo I'm not a satan worshiper but at least make them for who they are and what they do best😎
Memes 4Me
Memes 4Me Mês atrás
MsEnglishtea Although this is based off the comics and not the biblical Lucifer, I guess there could be more supernatural action.
Victor Hugo Santos Vieira
triste nao ter saido a terceira temporada
FRISHR Mês atrás
Mohamed Amine Lagrich
explore your Life Path, Expression, and Soul Urge Numbers (and more) in ways you’ve NEVER (ever) seen before to reveal...
Loe.x x
Loe.x x Mês atrás
Birnur Sürgün
Birnur Sürgün Mês atrás
giorgi khvichia
giorgi khvichia Mês atrás
Thi is are my favorite epizode
D A N I E L Mês atrás
That’s sweet but too far from reality it’s not even funny. The devil would never do that for any of us because he loves himself too much to sacrifice for other. The way he loves is by having others love him first. He doesn’t love the ones that hate him only Jesus does. 👍🏼
Walking Water
Walking Water Mês atrás
Danny F. Did you even watch the show you peasant?
eduardo nascimento
eduardo nascimento Mês atrás
Não gostei desse final ficou faltando o fim para os dois e os outro personagem mais uma temporada 😢
Derpy Pigeon :P
Derpy Pigeon :P Mês atrás
MsAllycat25 Mês atrás
Lucifer was saved by Netflix
Milanesa Jr
Milanesa Jr Mês atrás
and why the face of jeff the killer?
Milanesa Jr
Milanesa Jr Mês atrás
Lucy 😈
Lucy 😈 Mês atrás
😈 Go Here to Get some Lucy Merch !!!😈🔥🤘 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams Mês atrás
this finale made me shit myself it was so good
Monique C.
Monique C. Mês atrás
Savannah  O’dwyer
Savannah O’dwyer Mês atrás
This whole episode was my fav
The Devil
The Devil Mês atrás
Poorly made TV show
The Devil
The Devil Mês atrás
Walking Water I would like to, but American Television is not ready for my ideas YET!
Walking Water
Walking Water Mês atrás
The Devil Like to see you make something better! And dont say you can cause i bet you're some dirty street rat anyways.
Lilithe Todd
Lilithe Todd Mês atrás
Lilithe Todd
Lilithe Todd Mês atrás
DAMN IT FUCKING TYPOS...!!!!!!! DX I hate that I can't edit My Comments.....
Bryan Nandall
Bryan Nandall Mês atrás
MsAllycat25 Mês atrás
Lucifer was saved by Netflix
Juan Carlos Valenzuela
amo esas alas
Status Zap
Status Zap Mês atrás
Na netflix não tem pq?
Tattiana Hernandez
Tattiana Hernandez Mês atrás
Hablen en español porque si no no puedo leer Los commentarios mientras veo el video ahrr😂
Roo nok
Roo nok Mês atrás
You know I may be half a century old these days, but I remember growing up in a world where religion in our culture was a stabilizing influence and not this psuedo militant ideology mongers of present day. When I was about 17 years old I simply couldn't prescribe to my Baptist upbringing any longer. I was always inherently curious and read entirely to much history, science and Carl Sagan to participate in my church. But, do you know what? Even in our tiny, rural backwater Southern community my preacher spoke with me at great length about my feelings. And, this poor, and ill educated man showed me nothing but respect, understanding and even a bit of sympathy. He shook my hand and made it very clear that I was always welcome in his church at anytime no matter what views I might hold. Fast forward to a couple of years ago, and my middle Son passed away from wounds he received in service to the United States Army. He suffered an agonizing 5 years of pure suffering in a military hospital before his shattered body simply gave out. His spirit never did, and he was devote member of that same church. His wife, his mother and I decided that he would have wanted his funeral held there and so we made the arrangements. But, over the last decade that little church had gotten a new, young preacher after the old one retired. I didn't give that particular detail much thought since I was grieving for my lost boy. Yet, on the very day of his funeral that ignorant young man, a man supposedly of God, pulled me aside from the gathering mourners and expressed his hesitation at allowing me to remain during the proceedings since I was no longer a member of the church. I won't lie, I was honestly dumbstruck and couldn't even speak for several long moments. I thought that I must have certainly heard the man wrong, but after another few minutes of silence he actually leaned closer to the side of my head and repeated his statement with more conviction. At my Son's funeral I had to repress the overwhelming urge to knock this young minister on his ass. If not for the somber occasion I could have mistaken his words as some sick joke, but gazing into his eyes, it was painfully clear that he had meant every word in his pieous zealotry. If not for the retired preacher being there I am not exactly sure how things might have worked out in all honesty. But, thankfully the older minister was there since he had baptized all my children and he put his reassuring hand on my shoulder because he'd overheard this conversation. He could see the pain, confusion, anguish and anger in my own face and took hold of this new preacher. They disappeared into a closed room nearby and I was left, needing to be with my family and comforting my wife, but having to ponder the thought of not being allowed into my own Son's funeral. Well some time passed and I was becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to join my family already seated inside. Just when I thought I would force my way way in, the old and new preachers returned. The younger preacher refused to look at me and snorted loudly as he strolled back into the church. The retired preacher put his frail arm around my shoulders and walked with me inside for my last day on Earth with my middle Son. He even made a point of sitting beside me on the family's isle. Later on that day I was sitting again beside the retired preacher and thanked him for whatever he had done to solve the issue earlier. He gave me a lopsided grin and once more hugged my shoulders, and told me this in a whispered voice. He said that he honestly couldn't believe what he'd heard the young preacher say to me as he'd walked up to the church doors. He sighed with closed eyes and continued on. He said he was worried these days about how aggressively militant all religions were becoming. That compassion, empathy and understanding weren't being taught as much as an unwavering zeal to overcome and push back against all who were considered as unbelievers or precieved threats of any sort. But, he said they were, almost all of them now, carrying it way too far and to every degree imaginable. To me, my old preacher is still a friend and I could plainly see the concern on his face. I see a lot of religious people responding in these comments and immediately had flashbacks of that awful day and would tell you what that old preacher would have said. It's only entertainment for one, and that the bible tells you that redemption is one of the fundamentals of Christianity. And, no one is excluded from attempting to attain it. But, alas, I think our culture has become so narrow minded that the true message gets lost during all the righteous shouting these days...
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider Mês atrás
Wow, she is a terrible shot.
Andy Witwicky Prime
Hm Clark Kent=Pshyco
Adrian Oliveira
Adrian Oliveira Mês atrás
*Cadê os BR*
Adrian Oliveira
Adrian Oliveira Mês atrás
*Cadê os BR*
Maybe I’m Nice
Maybe I’m Nice Mês atrás
OMG this scene is so sad
Albert Candelaria
Albert Candelaria Mês atrás
oPix nurizal THANK YOU!
҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉
this looks so nice... but why all the other scenes? do i have to watch two old bastards having gay sex? still having nightmares xD
Galimeer5 Mês atrás
Fallen, yes. But still an angel.
Marine Hautiere
Marine Hautiere Mês atrás
Il a bien changer lui qui a fait superman
Donna Cabot
Donna Cabot Mês atrás
Did she have cosmetic surgery done?
Leonardo Parmigiani
Esse aí não é o claudio quente ?
jamie fraser
jamie fraser Mês atrás
No way 6 mill views hell ya
Leon Davis
Leon Davis Mês atrás
Ain't that clark kent? i dont watch the series
Hisla Parris
Hisla Parris Mês atrás
We have him back #lucifer is saved.. Thx to Netflix.. Thank u thank u😘💕😘💕
The thumbnail makes it look like, hes about to take a chomp on her head. Fucking hilarious.
RonNy Liando
RonNy Liando Mês atrás
luciFernando not angel butuh evil
Ivan R
Ivan R Mês atrás
Best scene ever!!
jolly fire
jolly fire Mês atrás
I need season 4 like right now, damn you FOX
Jane Brazil
Jane Brazil Mês atrás
Evil is not capable of love or mercy.
Senna Rain Master
Senna Rain Master Mês atrás
Netflix is Bring the show back.
nancy medina
nancy medina Mês atrás
el traductor una cagada
Adrian Santos
ねこどん Mês atrás
Rene Dulnuan
Rene Dulnuan Mês atrás
Lucifer is the Iron Wind Angel of Burning supremebeings time who dominated life on earth million years ago
The NordicMoose
The NordicMoose Mês atrás
I was just wondering... what if theres nothing "celestially special" about Chloe, maybe Chloe is just too pure to be affected by Lucifer's sin drived powers, and maybe God ordered her creation cause he knew what kind of person Chloe would grow up to be. And maybe its just overall celestial perk that if you fall in love then your immortality fails. Its not like either Cain or Lucifer ever loved anyone else besides Chloe that way. 🤔
Memes 4Me
Memes 4Me Mês atrás
The NordicMoose She of course is just a normal person, except she wasn't made by chance. So it impies that God put her in Lucifer life because it's part of his "plan".
Emmanuella PoteySory
dai joy
dai joy Mês atrás
Oh man, Tom Welling just born to call a woman Chloe. My Chlark heart from Smallville is just bleeding now. 😍😭💔
Dana Marie Cain
Dana Marie Cain Mês atrás
Izzy Blazquez
Izzy Blazquez Mês atrás
I love Lu
Aitor altuna coy
Aitor altuna coy Mês atrás
Instagram @adiktfrases
Bazinga! Mês atrás
Thank God (appropriately) for netflix picking this up
Good news by Holly spirit
Lucifer is Satan
Malea Dela Cruz
Malea Dela Cruz Mês atrás
isn't that the old superman from smallville
Arantxa Juarez
Arantxa Juarez Mês atrás
What?.??????????????????????? Lucifer
افشین فرمانی
اسم فیلم اش چیه کسی میدونه بگه لطفا ممنون
Ibis Lambraño
Ibis Lambraño Mês atrás
En español por fa
Ista nti
Ista nti Mês atrás
What is this movie name?
nikapol25 Mês atrás
How are these thugs not freaked out a dude just sprouted wings and I know its a tv show fiction and all but if I saw what looked like an angel I wouldn’t try and kill it
Memes 4Me
Memes 4Me Mês atrás
nikapol25 If a real angel did show itself, I think gunning it down would be the first things humans do to be honest. We kill everything we discover.
Helly Silva
Helly Silva Mês atrás
Aaa mds pq eles enrolam tanto pra colocar logo na netflix?
Led Draws!
Led Draws! Mês atrás
searched for Lucifer, this came up. sorry Mark Pellegrino I have disappointed you, my Iove for you isn't enough.
nicky clash
nicky clash Mês atrás
Joelsomalta Malta
Joelsomalta Malta Mês atrás
E ótima serie
Edvaldo Cathalat
Edvaldo Cathalat Mês atrás
Algum brasileiro
Susana Fernandes
Susana Fernandes Mês atrás
Oi alguém aí verdade vai voltar
7777777fresh Mês atrás
Dumbest show ever.
Seu Madruguinha
Seu Madruguinha Mês atrás
Lovely ...
Q Smith
Q Smith Mês atrás
Y’all clearly don’t understand that this is a tv show 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Dymoon Mês atrás
You fucking spoiler count
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