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14 Mai 2018




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oPix nurizal
oPix nurizal Mês atrás
The moment that we've been waiting for a long long time finally come xD 1. Lucifer reveals himself to Chloe 2. Lucifer beat the shit out of Cain xD I wish Fox never cancelled Lucifer and I wish Season 4 is coming #SAVELUCIFER
Angel Anderson
Angel Anderson 12 horas atrás
Netflix actually just picked it up! It’s coming back!!
Stephen LaMar
Stephen LaMar 13 horas atrás
:) netflix picked up season 4 its on
Alicia Brown
Alicia Brown 19 horas atrás
oPix nurizal To all who are worried, Lucifer was picked up by Netflix! Season 4 is coming
Chipster321 Dia atrás
Mikayla Vargas
Mikayla Vargas Dia atrás
Netflix picked up Lucifer #LuciferIsSaved
Raphaela W.
Raphaela W. 6 horas atrás
Yo Rocky
Yo Rocky 9 horas atrás
#LuciferSaved #Netflix
Terah Y.
Terah Y. 12 horas atrás
After that, the next episode is like chloe and Lucifer are fine like as if she never saw him?? I never understood that
Amit Majumder
Amit Majumder 15 horas atrás
Americans just fuck all the christian mythology...
Acarial 20 horas atrás
Gotta admit : watching this scene knowing that we'll have a follow up story is so damn satisfying, thank you Netflix
michael cullen
michael cullen 21 hora atrás
Thank the 😈 WE getting a season 4!
cynnister0021 21 hora atrás
Netflix has picked-up Lucifer for season 4. Rejoice fans!!!
giri arasu
giri arasu 21 hora atrás
Antonio Ippolito
Antonio Ippolito Dia atrás
LuciferSAVED #ThankYouNetflix
MJ #PGandCHILL Dia atrás
Paola A
Paola A Dia atrás
dudleyrome Dia atrás
Netflix got Lucifer its getting a season 4!!
Nightmarefuel Gamer
Isn't that the guy from Smallville.
AbuBakar Dia atrás
Damn Lucifer is clapped
Chipster321 Dia atrás
Awww too bad it's cancelled...oh wait...IT JUST GOT SAVED BY NETFLIX
Nehru Parmeshwar
Nehru Parmeshwar Dia atrás
Tom Welling?
N3Xii Dia atrás
Im so glad fox canceled Lucifer. . . . . . Because now we get Lucifer on NETFLIX!!
the brave bartender
N3Xii Same. Hopefully that means it’ll be less procedural and focus more on the dark elements.
Jeffrey Green
Jeffrey Green Dia atrás
Great news season 4th got the ago head on net flix get in there. Happy days
Prince Swag
Prince Swag Dia atrás
Anybody that watched this bs show your going to hell
AnimeFan2991 Dia atrás
Justin H
Justin H Dia atrás
javier migoya
javier migoya Dia atrás
Amen and Halleluya, the show is back, HELL yes, Pun intended, lol, that's great news, Netflix picking it up is better news beyond anything I had hoped for, with Netflix, Lucifer can be a little edgier or as edgy as it want's to be, I suspect it will retain most of its light-hearted character charm but will definitely go harder in the darker moments when it needs to, Tom Ellis hinted on this even before the Show was cancelled, Netflix picking it up is almost an OMEN 666, lol Pun intended, so it will be darker
Katrina Kay
Katrina Kay Dia atrás
It's not longer a closed cliffhanger guys. Season 4 has been officially renewed. Coming to Netflix!
Lucifer picked up by Netflix by season 4
yodalucky7 Dia atrás
I believe this won't end the way people want it to if there was a 4th season. The devil can't have anyone for what he's done. And Chloe seems like she changed her mind about him. But it was a good theme of changing the devil by God's plan. The only thing I didn't like about the whole show was they went back and forth between Chloe and Lucifer relationship. It's like they tried to prolong the show because they ran out of ideas or something. They could have just slowed down their relationship more and build up to. Either way the show was funny entertaining and I liked it. I hope they do go for more seasons.
Ostrich0071 Dia atrás
Watching this is so different now that I know it's not the end. #LuciferOnNetflix
pinxku!! Dia atrás
LUCIFER HAS BEEN SAVED!🎉🎉 #LuciferSeason4 #LuciferSaved #LuciferOnNetflix
pinxku!! Dia atrás
Thx for uploading keep going your great
Autumn Owl
Autumn Owl 2 dias atrás
J C 2 dias atrás
And a massive THANKYOU !!!!!!!! to Netflix who is now picked up Lucifer for season 4 !!!!! :D
Judith S.
Judith S. 2 dias atrás
Todd Campbell
Todd Campbell 2 dias atrás
Lucifer is coming back for a fourth season and will air on netflix.
D3pek 2 dias atrás
Akçay Muhafızı
Akçay Muhafızı 2 dias atrás
Lucifer is saved. We did it guys
meh moi
meh moi 2 dias atrás
roger smith
roger smith 2 dias atrás
The said they canceled this show because liberals, and snowflakes, and feminists complained lucifer was a man who slept with women they want gay men go figure
Samm's World
Samm's World 2 dias atrás
LUCIFER IS SAVED! If you don't already have one (and how in the world can that be?) get a Netflix subscription. That's where Lucifer is going!
WavePapiMarlo 2 dias atrás
Here after the Netflix revival of Lucifer.
PandaHatGuy 2 dias atrás
It's coming back!! Fuck yes thank you Netflix!
Olivia-Kay Kenny
Olivia-Kay Kenny 2 dias atrás
Guys lucifer got renewed for season 4 Netflix picked it up and I hope it picks up straight after Chloe finds out about lucifer because if they go to. The alternative dimension storyline it will be cancelled
sherry davis
sherry davis 2 dias atrás
cursedlord2 2 dias atrás
We finally get to see what happens next. Lucifer has been saved by Netflix, season 4 is coming!!!!
Joel Needham
Joel Needham 2 dias atrás
Yes lucifer has been picked up by Netflix!!!
JerseyManShaggy 2 dias atrás
Theory: Maybe Lucifer got his devil face back because Angels aren't supposed to kill humans.
MrPeterpiper1969 2 dias atrás
NETFLIX PICKED UP LUCIFER!!!!!! Season 4 will now DEFINITELY be made! I can hardly wait! Best TV news this year by miles!
Just be Happy
Just be Happy 2 dias atrás
Its official Lucifer saved by Netflix and is renewed for another season!!
Aimee brewster
Aimee brewster 2 dias atrás
Netflix saved it or so it says
Jay Starstriker
Jay Starstriker 2 dias atrás
Lucifer is SAVED! We did it guys!
Alvin A
Alvin A 2 horas atrás
Jay Starstriker oh i get it Thanks
Jay Starstriker
Jay Starstriker 2 horas atrás
Alvin A The Show was canceled by Fox but a few days ago Netflix picked it up.
Alvin A
Alvin A 3 horas atrás
Jay Starstriker what happened??
TheUtopianFuture 2 dias atrás
Season 4 is coming soon on Netflix. We did it guys. #LuciferLives
jlly16 2 dias atrás
Hooray! Netflix has officially picked up Lucifer for season 4. I LOVE ❤️ you Netflix. We the fans thank you.
Halo Galaxy
Halo Galaxy 2 dias atrás
Well were in luck now time to see the after math of this
jamiereed254 2 dias atrás
We're getting a 4th season!!!! Lucifer has been saved by netflix!!!!!
Brant Frans
Brant Frans 2 dias atrás
We have saved Lucifer!!! Netflix is picking it for Season 4!!!
Illuminati Olofsson
Illuminati Olofsson 15 horas atrás
Hazardous_Beats 2019
Synthia Bouda
Synthia Bouda Dia atrás
payday heist Yeah I am.
payday heist
payday heist Dia atrás
Synthia Bouda are you to lazy to do a simple Google search? And check the IMDB site and episode guide for a season 4 update instead of the cancel.
Synthia Bouda
Synthia Bouda Dia atrás
Show us proof!
Alex X
Alex X Dia atrás
Brant Frans Yes we get a new season on Netflix, i am so happy.
Lucifer 2 dias atrás
Hey yokel it's me
Ana Maria Blanco
Ana Maria Blanco 2 dias atrás
me gusto la serial aunque tu no lo creas y soy catolica te enseña 2 cosas ser fiel a dios y no aferrarte a los que dicen ser familiares y amigos buenos felicitacio nes
Kat Bañas
Kat Bañas 2 dias atrás
Can netflix save Lucifer? :(((
Kat Bañas
Kat Bañas 2 dias atrás
Yas!!! Thanks, netflix! 💖
brch2 2 dias atrás
Yes. They can. And have. 10 episode season 4.
aciel zoubi
aciel zoubi 2 dias atrás
It saved :)
des flo
des flo 2 dias atrás
Clark Kent :v
Jah Rasta-Dale Marley
Jah Rasta-Dale Marley 2 dias atrás
They cancelled this for that other shit called God friended me. Yeah right
Jah Rasta-Dale Marley
Jah Rasta-Dale Marley 2 dias atrás
brch2 for real omg thanks bro
brch2 2 dias atrás
Netflix fixed that... they picked up season 4 for 10 episodes.
Kaysey Yan
Kaysey Yan 3 dias atrás
Spectacular Poopfly
Spectacular Poopfly 3 dias atrás
To be perfectly honest I actually like the ending of season 3 even with the cancellation actually I think it enhances it (doesn't mean I don't want a season 4) #saveLucifer
Hans G.
Hans G. 3 dias atrás
What the hell! We can't stop now. Everyone needs to #SaveLucifer
little Ewok
little Ewok 3 dias atrás
Honestly never seen this show. But it looks like shit.
tony flamingo chicken permission
Doriana Dragila
Doriana Dragila 3 dias atrás
Extrem!!! Cool😄
Night Stalker
Night Stalker 3 dias atrás
dude its not finale ending its season fnale
Thanos Paliouras
Thanos Paliouras 3 dias atrás
William Alvarez
William Alvarez 3 dias atrás
Huh I expected more supernatural references
Caio Rizo
Caio Rizo 3 dias atrás
Is that guy from Smallville?
Declan Westhead
Declan Westhead 3 dias atrás
What's the music called when Cain and Lucifer was fighting?
m b
m b 3 dias atrás
Magi Oli
Magi Oli 3 dias atrás
Iceycoolman 3 dias atrás
This better end up like Family Guy, cancelled but then comes back
Makulet 4 dias atrás
#savelucifer please
Natalie Guarda Reyes
Natalie Guarda Reyes 4 dias atrás
season 4 pleaseeeeee !!!!!!!! #SaveLucifer
Talinthis 4 dias atrás
gg ez story finished. someone go burn down the entirety of fox.
rko32491 4 dias atrás
*Vicente Morales*
*Vicente Morales* 4 dias atrás
Who knew the devil wore mascara
PrinceCharming25 4 dias atrás
I'm gonna miss Lucifer so much and especially Mazikeen :'( please give us a season 4 to 26 at least! #savelucifer
tombogucki 4 dias atrás
Carol Trifosa
Carol Trifosa 5 dias atrás
#SAVELUCIFER why the hell would FOX cancelled the show!? It's so good!
Johnny Zhang
Johnny Zhang 5 dias atrás
Денис Дивногорцев
я хз, как я попал сюда. Но я съем свои носки, если против Люцифера не был чувак из тайн Смолвиля. :D
Stephen Croft
Stephen Croft 5 dias atrás
Amazon's currently in talks to produce Season 4 right at this moment. PLEASE!
sonqualnave 5 dias atrás
They took sooooo long to finally make Chloe discorver Lucifer's true self, and now they do they are forced to cancel the show, resulting to angry fans... PAY BACK! Next time do it sooner... it was really too long! especially with so many useless episodes! where Lucifer was going back and forth doing the same mistakes again and again! Actually before I know it was the last season of the show short before the end, I already had decided to stop watching anyway! I really liked it at first but the 3rd season was a useless suspens.
Pétur Arnar Kristinsson
Yes but that jacket he´s wearing, how does it let the wings deploy without being ripped in tw o? :-P
Tamara Schillings
Tamara Schillings 5 dias atrás
#savelucifer 🤘 #season4🤘❤️
JossEnssy 5 dias atrás
Plumas de pollo...:V
SAQUIB SAQLAIN 5 dias atrás
Dallas Davis
Dallas Davis 5 dias atrás
Please do not cancel this show. What will this 80+ lady watch? Some of the dumbest sitcoms are kept and to let this go will be a disaster. The acting is superb. Tom is a heartthrob for this ole lady. Do not take away.
Lorena Lolli Lossio
Lorena Lolli Lossio 5 dias atrás
#SAVELUCIFER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JokeMaster 5 dias atrás
OMG, I still get the biggest *goosebumps* while watching this no matter how many times I watch this scene
Shah Winsheng
Shah Winsheng 5 dias atrás
Oh come on... he's just pretending to be dead. How can Clark Smallville be dead? He can only be killed by Kryptonite. :)
Tamara Schillings
Tamara Schillings 5 dias atrás
Grande Gueule
Grande Gueule 6 dias atrás
Traduction rapprochée de la Sourate 114 LES HOMMES (AN-NAS) 6 versets bis milah elrahman el rahim Au nom d'Allah, le Tout Miséricordieux, le Très Miséricordieux. 1. Dis : "Je cherche protection auprès du Seigneur des hommes. 2. Le Souverain des hommes, 3. Le Dieu des hommes (le Seul digne d'adoration), 4. Contre le mal du mauvais conseiller, qui s'esquive (le diable) 5. Qui souffle le mal dans les poitrines des hommes, 6. Que le conseiller soit un djinn, ou un être humain." sadaqa lah el aadim
Gaboseries 6 dias atrás
The devil vs Superman
smartPuff 73
smartPuff 73 6 dias atrás
Does anybody else think his wings should’ve been black? They just would’ve looked cooler
helen 6 dias atrás
I want season 4 I have to know what happens
Julia Smith
Julia Smith 6 dias atrás
There is hope! Amazon is in talks to save Lucifer!
Dexter Aaa
Dexter Aaa 6 dias atrás
donde me puedo ver la tamporada completa quien me ayuda?
Yiğit Ege Davran
Yiğit Ege Davran 6 dias atrás
Season Finale... ??
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