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14 Mai 2018




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Comentários 4 691
oPix nurizal
oPix nurizal 8 meses atrás
The moment that we've been waiting for a long long time finally come xD 1. Lucifer reveals himself to Chloe 2. Lucifer beat the shit out of Cain xD I wish Fox never cancelled Lucifer and I wish Season 4 is coming #SAVELUCIFER
Michael Fendi
Michael Fendi 3 dias atrás
They canceled it damn it was a good show
Katy DeLong
Katy DeLong 3 dias atrás
oPix nurizal actually Netflix has Lucifer now and is planning to make a season 4 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Cam x Cam
Cam x Cam 5 dias atrás
+aundrea york Rewind to the beginning of the video. It begins with "Lucifer S03E24"
aundrea york
aundrea york 5 dias atrás
what episode was this from or was this episode never finished
Sammy Tazelaar
Sammy Tazelaar 8 dias atrás
There will be a season 4 look it up on IMDb
sellz Alv
sellz Alv Hora atrás
4:29...My favorite scene out of the 3 seasons.....the chorus in the background was "perfect" for the situation......I rewinded that scene like 39 times the first time I seen it....(last night) lol....woke up just to see it again on BRvid.....thank God for season 4 ..(haha)
amonra Tyson
amonra Tyson 11 horas atrás
I'm crying that there is no season 5
Baran Sarac
Baran Sarac 17 horas atrás
Epsd 24 is season finale 25 and 26 unnecessary
Baran Sarac
Baran Sarac 4 horas atrás
+mary Crowder yeah man I want to.see chloe's and lucifers reaction
mary Crowder
mary Crowder 13 horas atrás
exactly i was so heated when i watched 25 and 26 uughh
Baran Sarac
Baran Sarac 17 horas atrás
Best epispde ever
Dean Dia atrás
Why was she surprised by lucifers devil face? Can someone explain
mary Crowder
mary Crowder 13 horas atrás
she thought lucifer was using the devil stuff as metaphors for a persona but at the same time she didntt want to believe he was actually the devil but when she saw his face she was in shock
Wael Unknown
Wael Unknown Dia atrás
Wait so why weren’t they talking in episode 25 and 26 ? Were they ignoring each other or?
mary Crowder
mary Crowder 13 horas atrás
25 and 26 are just there. episode 24 is basically the season finalle
Hillary Poopyhead
alfonso criscuoli
Gives me goosebumps every time. Best series ever.
Rose`a Muramasa
Rose`a Muramasa Dia atrás
Maybe soon we get to see one and only true "The Grim Reaper" in season 4
The Man
The Man 3 dias atrás
I fucking hate the way the episodes end. Im having fucking all nighters since last week 😂
Hello Google
Hello Google 3 dias atrás
Satan is actually god read the joy o f Satan website for proof
ramyboy _matrix
ramyboy _matrix 4 dias atrás
Wht hell that the demon is good in this series
Rocktum 4 dias atrás
Detective ?
Chad Onan
Chad Onan 4 dias atrás
If Netflix doesnt make this a 4 and 5 season series, I will end my subscription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael S
Michael S 4 dias atrás
Satan is actually god read the joy o Satan website for evidence. Exposing Christianity website proves Christianity is a scam
SB Gaming
SB Gaming 5 dias atrás
What was the song in the background when lucifer shows his true face to chloe
craziikidd amy
craziikidd amy 5 dias atrás
so she sees his devil face and then everything returns to normal. what??
Laylani Is here boo
Laylani Is here boo 5 dias atrás
No matter how mean the people are I still don’t think people should get hurt
real chtyng
real chtyng 5 dias atrás
they could at least give him some badass horns
real chtyng
real chtyng 12 horas atrás
+mary Crowder ye and now it looks pretty cheap and he more like looks like idiot than badass
mary Crowder
mary Crowder 13 horas atrás
tooooo cliche
Tabitha Martin
Tabitha Martin 5 dias atrás
I was disappointed at the next two episodes after this one. They NEVER focused on the devil face reveal and how "the detective" felt about him. The last episode of season 3 was just wasted time..........
mary Crowder
mary Crowder 13 horas atrás
thats because episode 24 is basically the season finale. 25 and 26 are basically just there. episode 26 was quite good tho
mohammed bangura
mohammed bangura 6 dias atrás
Can anyone explain why Lucifer is so much weaker then he should be. Like because in the comics hr can make anything out of matter as like his base power
Thade Mandamin
Thade Mandamin 6 dias atrás
Anyone know the music when he was starting to get his devil face back i forget easy
YALIKEJAZZ 6 dias atrás
On Netflix there’s two more episodes after this
Blake Stark
Blake Stark 6 dias atrás
Honestly, I’m ultra pissed that they didn’t address Chloe’s reaction at all. Chloe finding out about Lucifer is what we’ve all been waiting for since this show started, and they just entirely skip over the most important part?!
Andre Love
Andre Love 7 dias atrás
When the music started playing at 2:57 I knew something was gonna happen😝😝
Eder Mendoza
Eder Mendoza 7 dias atrás
For those who don’t know Lucifer season 4 is coming it’s on Netflix all 3 seasons and they started filming again in August 13 2018 and they said somewhere close or in spring 2019
Save Animals
Save Animals 7 dias atrás
One thing I don’t get is that after this episode Chloe and Lucifer are just normal. No reaction from Chloe about Lucifer being the actual Devil. Can someone explain me why?
mary Crowder
mary Crowder 13 horas atrás
because episode 25 and 26 or before he showed his devil face. episode 24 was basically the last epiosde
Messi Perres
Messi Perres 7 dias atrás
When you realize your boyfriend is the Devil:( SHIT
ThatShortMexican 8 dias atrás
Last episode for season 3 sucked
Justin Mielke
Justin Mielke 8 dias atrás
Anyone notice how Lucifers devil face becomes less ugly as the seasons progressed until this moment. It reflects how he slowly stops believing he is a monster until Cain made him believe again
Rich Small
Rich Small 8 dias atrás
Supernatural's Lucifer would've made short work of *ALL OF THESE PEOPLE, CAIN INCLUDED!*
Shane Cordova
Shane Cordova 8 dias atrás
Bring back the show PLEASE!
xvi santi
xvi santi 8 dias atrás
Does anybody knows where i can dowload the whole episodes of lucifer.tnx
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles 9 dias atrás
You can’t outrun what you’ve done bitch! -Freddie
Metastabillity 9 dias atrás
Thank Fucking Lucifer we are getting a 4th season. I was so pissed when i watched the last 2 episodes of season 3 and they barely even mentioned this scene. I was so pissed they shrugged this off so hard but now we get to see the story ahead of it.
Metastabillity 13 horas atrás
+mary Crowder Where was Pierce in the Lopez episode then? Not a single person mentioned him.
mary Crowder
mary Crowder 13 horas atrás
+Metastabillity that had nothing to do with this episode lol those were episodes that were just there
Metastabillity 7 dias atrás
+jeff waiters the lopez episode was after this. You can tell because Chloe mentioned something like "you don't always know exactly what's real" or something in that form. Refering to this scene
jeff waiters
jeff waiters 7 dias atrás
Those were bonus episodes not actually after this
Daddy Maddy
Daddy Maddy 9 dias atrás
I’m so confused as to what the 2 episodes after 3x24 are. Can anyone help me? BecauSe it seems like they have absolutely nothing to do with the ending
jeff waiters
jeff waiters 7 dias atrás
Daddy Maddy they were bonus episodes that fox cut and Netflix put it on
diegy333 9 dias atrás
I always wondered why a devil face didn't come with a devil voice.
Waffle Shredder
Waffle Shredder 9 dias atrás
I just hate that in the next epsiode she says nothing to Lucifer about HIM BEING THE ACTUAL DEVIL
jeff waiters
jeff waiters 7 dias atrás
Waffle Shredder they were bonus episodes
Artur 9 dias atrás
Clark kent vs lucifer
Ella Moolman
Ella Moolman 10 dias atrás
This better not change Chloe’s view on luci. He hasn’t hurt her before, did everything to protect her, even told her he was the devil. Now she knows who he is she will see that he risked everything, even their relationship, to be completely honest with her.
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell 10 dias atrás
Never saw this show completely until Netflix then binge watched it can’t wait for season 4
A S 10 dias atrás
I thought it would be a decent show but there is way too much race mixing propaganda in it. Even the daughter of the 2 white people is brown... how obvious can they get? If race doesn't matter then why force that propaganda in every single thing? Why can't white people just date other white people and have white kids?
A S 10 dias atrás
They did it with Walking Dead too AND those fuckers gloated about it.
Darrius Cross
Darrius Cross 10 dias atrás
Is it only me that gets chills when his eyes glows and he says Cain is going to torture himself with the that truth for eternity
Paulo Alessio
Paulo Alessio 10 dias atrás
New videos in my channel:New videos in my channel BRvid :
Raul Mendoza
Raul Mendoza 10 dias atrás
Im nice yall making me more mad
James Mcguigan
James Mcguigan 10 dias atrás
Personal opinion: the counsellor has a better reaction, but because of the importance of Chloe this scene works.
Savage Shears
Savage Shears 11 dias atrás
Qishi Li
Qishi Li 11 dias atrás
I can't wait for season 4! please, when is it coming out?
KawaiiTaco 369
KawaiiTaco 369 12 dias atrás
Primeval Spark
Primeval Spark 12 dias atrás
LMAO season 1 ends with lucifer saving Chloe. Season 2 ends with lucifer saving chloe. Season 3.... Ends with lucifer saving chloe. I wonder how lucifer season 4 will end. XD
Ink King
Ink King 12 dias atrás
FINALLY !!!!!!
ChicLaRose 12 dias atrás
Wait what?! It says episode 24, there are 26 episodes soooo do we actually get to see her reaction?
mash nets
mash nets 12 dias atrás
Give Us Season 4!!!!!!.... Just Can't Wait!!!!
Jake Frei
Jake Frei 13 dias atrás
Cool aid Man
Cool aid Man 13 dias atrás
Any bois remember the show forever
Ted gaming
Ted gaming 13 dias atrás
Anna Cruz
Anna Cruz 13 dias atrás
Marcia Silva
Marcia Silva 13 dias atrás
Necesito la temporada 4 urgentemente
lenny 13 dias atrás
his eyes slowly turning red was just so fucking awesome
lenny 13 dias atrás
i am so happy that netflix is making season 4
Jason O'Phee
Jason O'Phee 13 dias atrás
can't wait for netflixes 4th season
Fermifire 13 dias atrás
This video alone has 5 million views, and FOX decided to cancel this show. SMH Firefly all over again.
TheDebie24 14 dias atrás
but i dont want cain to be dead
PoppaSmurf7497 14 dias atrás
Stupid because Cain can't die no matter what it's a punishment from God and no stupid magic blade is gonna kill him lmao
DANIEL ERON 14 dias atrás
Can’t wait for season 4
Lučifer 14 dias atrás
Bro, Spoiler alert... >:C
saysomething 14 dias atrás
I was just wonering what stories were the episode 25 and 26 one. Like after an action pack episode it was very anti climactic to leave it at Lucifer’s angel sister coming down and Decker and Lucifer leading different lives
Dave Schaafsma
Dave Schaafsma 11 dias atrás
+saysomething ohhh makes sense now
saysomething 14 dias atrás
Nvm, did some research turns out they were bonus episodes
[VGN]Murder,Inc 14 dias atrás
Superman vs Lucifer nice =) haha
Mrbears PlayStation
Mrbears PlayStation 14 dias atrás
meet me in the hallway
meet me in the hallway 15 dias atrás
He needs some aloe vera
Nefarious Heresy
Nefarious Heresy 15 dias atrás
4:28 after 3 seasons and 57 episodes i waited tis moment sincd ep 3
anong6075 16 dias atrás
loved this serie from Thai's fan
Azir azir
Azir azir 16 dias atrás
Season 4 please
Sydney Noelle
Sydney Noelle 16 dias atrás
Sydney Noelle
Sydney Noelle 16 dias atrás
+Khalilz I might be wrong, but there will be a season 4 cause that was announced in June
Khalilz 16 dias atrás
Sydney Noelle hm couldn’t find the post on IG but I hope ur right!
Sydney Noelle
Sydney Noelle 16 dias atrás
+Khalilz the official account posted it on instagram
Khalilz 16 dias atrás
Sydney Noelle how do you know? Can’t find confirmation of it online
Heather Cain
Heather Cain 16 dias atrás
Zuheil Mohamed
Zuheil Mohamed 16 dias atrás
What I don't get, is why chloe continued acting normal the next episode, did I miss something
Mohammad Berjees
Mohammad Berjees 15 dias atrás
+Bubbles Bannana those were the episodes they filmed for season 4 before it was cancelled i think
Bubbles Bannana
Bubbles Bannana 16 dias atrás
Zuheil Mohamed lol I’m still confused about it
jerik banzam
jerik banzam 17 dias atrás
Lucifer and Constantine. God, give us Season 4...
Truffles 17 dias atrás
It’s season 2 ep. 24 dumbass on Netflix atleast
Deniz 11 dias atrás
Nope its not
Jason Mattingly
Jason Mattingly 17 dias atrás
Ruined the hell out of this for my self lol season 3 ep 5 rn but saw it in suggested the temptaion was to much clicked and watched
ShamarWatson 7 dias atrás
Jason Mattingly SAAAME
Kyr208 17 dias atrás
Oh wow what’s Superman doing with Lucifer?
C1assified Info
C1assified Info 17 dias atrás
I think it's safe to say this was the biggest cuck of all time in the history of Television. If you can name another show I'd love to know the name so that I can watch it.
Khalilz 14 dias atrás
C1assified Info dw homie season 4 coming out soon and it continues from here
FrosTyz 18 dias atrás
How did lucifer save Chloe from the gun shot
King of Scipii
King of Scipii 18 dias atrás
They should make his face at 4:12 a more common thing-he looks badass.
Jo Franco
Jo Franco 18 dias atrás
This show is amazing !!!!!!! It’s like Supernatural meets Criminal Minds ! And yay !!! For season 4 !!!! I wanna seee Chloe’s reaction after seeing his true face
Gail Kitching
Gail Kitching 18 dias atrás
All this is so real "hellywood" are never far from the truth in films and series, BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND HE WILL SAVE YOU, there is only one one way to Heaven and that"s through him (john 14-6 "I am the way, the truth and the life and no man will come to know the Father except through me")
Sumukhi Devi
Sumukhi Devi 18 dias atrás
He looks neato
Redeye Felix
Redeye Felix 18 dias atrás
I fucking hate cliffhangers
Mel 18 dias atrás
Y'know what? Still hot.
caio25alencar 18 dias atrás
I'm so dammed that after this, the eps 25 and 26 exists just for the sake of stalling
Kaden Fraser
Kaden Fraser 13 dias atrás
caio25alencar new season coming out later , Netflix bought the series , I heard it’s going to be released January 25th but I’m not sure
M Velez
M Velez 19 dias atrás
He made him a deal . He told him he would find a way to kill him
Josue Valle Benítez
Josue Valle Benítez 19 dias atrás
So... his wings will goo away???
Hussain Vlogs
Hussain Vlogs 18 dias atrás
I don't think so. When he was banished to Hell he still had his wings but he saw that he had 'become a monster'. When he came to earth he cut off his wings. He should still have his wings as well as his devil face.
Babuski 19 dias atrás
Oscar Ponce
Oscar Ponce 19 dias atrás
As a season finale its very good but as the show finale dissapoints #thankyounetflix
Bria Holmes
Bria Holmes 19 dias atrás
I thought she saw his face in the 1st season episode four when she looked into the mirror
communist coconut
communist coconut 17 dias atrás
She did but she thought she was hallucinating im pretty sure
David Dorante
David Dorante 19 dias atrás
Idk why but when Lucifer crashes the window in remind me to the immigrant song in Thor Raganarok
Bustio Lover
Bustio Lover 19 dias atrás
why dont lucifer tell chloe the whole story , like how he saved her life when he went litterallly to hell or the fact that God put her in his way. or about the wings, what happened with charlotte etc. he needs to proof her these things which she, as lucifer always said: "she derserves to know"
Hriddhi Gomes
Hriddhi Gomes 18 dias atrás
He tried didn't work and do u think if someday someone u have been working working with tell u that he's the devil and he recently went to hell and came back to earth ._. do u realise that that someone would believe the other person ?
Nikah Tyler
Nikah Tyler 19 dias atrás
Anyone know the song at the end?
Hriddhi Gomes
Hriddhi Gomes 18 dias atrás
The beginning of the end
Annie Louis
Annie Louis 19 dias atrás
Why do they give endless seasons of crappy shows but give you little of the good ones
Annie Louis
Annie Louis 19 dias atrás
I want more 😭😭😭😭😭
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