LS Swapped Lamborghini Huracan Dyno Pulls

B is for Build
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In today's episode we're taking the burntacan to FTW Tuning ( ) for a dyno tune!

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Fareoh - Cloud Ten

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6 Fev 2020



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Comentários 1 302
Majimo 2202I
Majimo 2202I 2 dias atrás
Guys be like “SHOULDVE BOUGHT A CHEV- wait a sec”
Thomas D
Thomas D Mês atrás
I'd love to see what would happen with this if Cleetus McFarland or 1320 got behind this build.
FenixProService 2 meses atrás
hi. we do project Gallardo Drift swap vq30dett. Please say me about mechanic transmission. name transmittion? audi a6 s6 rs ??? please help me.
Steven Campos
Steven Campos 3 meses atrás
when you swap the v10 for a v8: 🤡 when you swap a v10 for a LS: 👌🏽🙌🏽
Jon Barni
Jon Barni 5 meses atrás
Get rich with Dyno token. Then get ya a Lambo. Easy peasy.
iCeY 6 meses atrás
“It’s really late at night it’s 10 o clock” what?
Mathewmartialart 8 meses atrás
hey guys, im pretty sure it was one of your videos that i watched ( pretty sure it was with this car) that another company helped you out with a revisied wastegate as the wastegate you had on was not provideding the bhp. any ideas or was this another channel that had this issue?
Cesar Mejía
Cesar Mejía 10 meses atrás
Whom would drive the Burntacan as a daily too? 🙋🏻‍♂️
Spin Moto180
Spin Moto180 10 meses atrás
This is my favorite Custom Build of All-Time!!! Hands down, absolutely love this Car & this Crew!!!
Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray 10 meses atrás
You're lucky that hundred shot of NOS didnt blow the welds on the intake. Almost had me? Now me and the mad scientist gotta rip apart the block, and replace the piston rings you fried!
Gilberto Vazquez
Gilberto Vazquez 11 meses atrás
What brand are those wheels?
thatguy3139 11 meses atrás
Car is sick asf
Achronic Deth
Achronic Deth 11 meses atrás
Finally a Lambo that sounds good
Dr. V
Dr. V 11 meses atrás
What's next? A K series Lambo?
Dillon Alexander
Dillon Alexander 11 meses atrás
I like that you explain everything that's happening. Great content.
Timmy725 11 meses atrás
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a twin turbo v8 in a Lamborghini huracan....I kinda like it
Chad Andersen
Chad Andersen 11 meses atrás
Since SEMA 2020 is cancelled let's see more work on this thing.
JJ20kil3r Anos atrás
Dude the comment section has changed so much.. theres so much negativity.. thisblooks nothing like the old comment section lol
JJ20kil3r Anos atrás
@B is for Build lazier? For crying out loud you bought a wrecked lambo and your slamming a ls in it? If anything your mods are becoming more intensive, you started out with a brz... doing body mods and wheels... you have a LS SWAPPED LAMBO NOW. I can see that hate speaks louder than love but if anything your getting better and better don't lose sight of that.
B is for Build
B is for Build Anos atrás
i think my mods have gotten lazy and stopped banning people.. if you don’t keep up on it, it becomes a negative circle jerk
Crunchy Maggots
Crunchy Maggots Anos atrás
Normal People: Yooooo LS Lambo My stupid ass fixated on the black WRX subie with the big pipe: 💦
John Scarlett
John Scarlett Anos atrás
Ball bearings running through vacuum lines, heat shields melting....... this thing dying to burn down again,,,,
Henri S
Henri S Anos atrás
I hate that this build just died off
Gustaf Kusuma
Gustaf Kusuma Anos atrás
Please finished this project, and get a full review
Emmanuel Palmares
Emmanuel Palmares Anos atrás
That LS Huracan legit sound like Leroy the Savage.
royhance hines
royhance hines Anos atrás
Is this ever going to be finished?
Brofessor _
Brofessor _ Anos atrás
what a disaster of a build
I I Anos atrás
As much as u are a good mechanic it looks horrible
Jakathera Anos atrás
Anyone else watching this video so they can learn how to better tune their cars in "Need for Speed: Underground"??? XD
Monem Azhar Anik
Monem Azhar Anik Anos atrás
Will we ever see any of the cars running?
Sergei Alekseev
Sergei Alekseev Anos atrás
Please, add more ad! It’s not to much ad.... you have to do 1 ad per min!!!!
Michael Allen
Michael Allen Anos atrás
Any updates on this build and did you guys make it back to the dyno?
Rickybobby1k Anos atrás
So many people judging the build yet none of them have done anything like this.
OMO GHOSTY Anos atrás
Looks ready to breakdown
Dylan Beard
Dylan Beard Anos atrás
You and Alex Choi have the most insane Huracan’s ever.
dillon james
dillon james Anos atrás
You need to build that motor internals for boost and where are the fans to blow heat away I got a 1000 horse gto judge with an lsx never seen it before so I decided to build it
Bruno Chung
Bruno Chung Anos atrás
What's the latest with the Huracan?
John Bahl
John Bahl Anos atrás
We'll bud, looks like I sent her a little to fucking hard.
Etan Plan
Etan Plan Anos atrás
I am no mechanic but
Riki Farizal
Riki Farizal Anos atrás
Aduh nyasar
Riki Farizal
Riki Farizal Anos atrás
Aduh nyasar
Cassidy Martin
Cassidy Martin Anos atrás
I've heard ALOT of Twin turbo V8's, but this V8 in particular has to be one of the MEANEST I've ever heard!
Mteixeira91 Anos atrás
i dont understand why they didn't just send it! Come on at least 1 pull at full rpm... or does it only go to 5700 rpm?
john barker
john barker Anos atrás
Needs to go to McFarland tuning
Alan Arroyo
Alan Arroyo Anos atrás
underground racing are dying of laughter....
kagen lim
kagen lim Anos atrás
How It should have come from the factory.....
Thel 'Vadamee
Thel 'Vadamee Anos atrás
V12, V10>V8
Southern Boy
Southern Boy Anos atrás
Proof the LS is king
x1pyroveride Anos atrás
The power pulls start at 5:25, then again at 7:31, 10:55 just in case you didnt want to listen to the guy talk.
RMX Anos atrás
Perhaps rename the channel D is for Dodgy?
Robert Bidochon
Robert Bidochon Anos atrás
finally reliable ! : )
Tony Moreira
Tony Moreira Anos atrás
nice build, but if i were you i would not call it a huracan , but a LuraSan, because its got an LS
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD Anos atrás
Now it sounds like a Truck is coming instead of an Supercar.
Bobby D
Bobby D Anos atrás
"there is fire coming from the manifold joining thing." I can't even right now......
Александр Иванов
Кто-то делает корч из ваза, а кто-то из ламборгини 🤷🏻‍♂️
Immersed Sessions
Immersed Sessions Anos atrás
Oscar to the rescue
nowah blanco
nowah blanco Anos atrás
wh- wh- .... why?
Jeff Hartwig
Jeff Hartwig Anos atrás
1:00 "we gotta do a tech inspection" = look over stuff so we don't grenade at a full pull lol. V8 power!!
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Anos atrás
you need check all ur tried sleepless night wiring & to have the flex fuel sensor wired in along with fusing the starter etc......
Kim Windsor
Kim Windsor Anos atrás
Oscar you are the man 👨🦅🇺🇸🦅👍👍👍
matthew retrosi
matthew retrosi Anos atrás
Love the content but I just cannot handle the music you put in the videos 😂
Ozz Harrison
Ozz Harrison Anos atrás
Such a sexy ass sound goddamm
Guy Connelly
Guy Connelly Anos atrás
I’ve enjoyed all your builds. I give you tons of credit for trying out new things and learning along the way. People are going to bitch and complain. It doesn’t matter what you do or say. Keep on building bro!
Mark Giles
Mark Giles Anos atrás
The Street Fighter Look is the best.
George Cicairos
George Cicairos Anos atrás
I don't have patients time or money to deal all the problems you having with that car.
Tom Kitchen
Tom Kitchen Anos atrás
I wouldn't like to live in the vicinity of that work shop/dyno.
Austin Vickers
Austin Vickers Anos atrás
Please do a motorcycle
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers Anos atrás
It's a Beast! Can't wait to see the next set of numbers, after you sort the fuel issue.
why ls swap a lambo
Justin Brendon
Justin Brendon Anos atrás
Would've been cool if batman use this car
Black_Jackle Demon
Black_Jackle Demon Anos atrás
"One more problem"....No you have a tall stack of problems and insist on putting the cart in front of a limping horse. 🙄
Aaron Huffman
Aaron Huffman Anos atrás
You need too race rob damh with his rx7
Larry The Butcher
Larry The Butcher Anos atrás
I want to put that engine in an SW20 MR2
Andreas Maier
Andreas Maier Anos atrás
What kind of rims are this?
Loose 6mm ball bearings floating about in the fuel system you say...
Mihail M A
Mihail M A Anos atrás
not surprised after how rushed was this car...the sed will pull 1000hp :)))
jjk087 Anos atrás
What an abomination
abidamn Anos atrás
I don't why Americans seem to think that LS swapping everything is the best thing since sliced bread, the coolest thing ever. While the rest of the world watching this video was like "You're ruining an art masterpiece."
AudiS4 Anos atrás
Really strongly dislike the alloys on this
Jonny Fortin
Jonny Fortin Anos atrás
The sound of this car makes my boy parts happy
Paul Anos atrás
Tavarish's $7k civic could take this build.
Paul Anos atrás
This car is proving a to be a very impractical build,its not engineered well enough to fit its purpose,its an auto headache cash cow for sure,will we ever see it perform as intended as a functional competition car?,I dont think so,why was this a show car 🤔.
Thanyawuth Marat
Thanyawuth Marat Anos atrás
He better off tuning an original hurican engine
I bims
I bims Anos atrás
Only 800HP? This is way too less for a Biturbo?!
DR_ Racing
DR_ Racing Anos atrás
You need to rebuild the entire car.
Ian Alexander
Ian Alexander Anos atrás
Can you please rebuild this car. Make everything perfect not just pretty. I’ll be here to re watch through it
Jurić Mijo
Jurić Mijo Anos atrás
yess, thats what I thought
brlbrlbrlbrl Anos atrás
But that would take 10 times as long as just bodging it while getting maybe a tenth of the views, because most of the people watching aren't actually interested in good mechanical work. Better to just switch to a new "insane" project.
Crea Siry
Crea Siry Anos atrás
tottal idiot car
J a
J a Anos atrás
At 7:46 sparks shoot out of the bottom end...just thought id mention it
Science Militia1
Science Militia1 Anos atrás
This thing is fuckin Merica as hell. I love it
B.R. HHH Anos atrás
Those wheels are SiCKwiTiT!! Looks really good. Those numbers you were hitting at 4650-4800rpm was looking like a diesel motor dyno
Jose Tavarez
Jose Tavarez Anos atrás
I’ll like to see a bmw LS swapped, haven’t seen any cool ones on BRvid
Hillbilly Garage
Hillbilly Garage Anos atrás
I remember when you guys welded the wastegates on because my initial response was "that's going to have boost creep" lol
matty d
matty d Anos atrás
Those wastegates are really important 😁
steveMCHS Anos atrás
This is a lambo i can get behind!
Giedrius Brūžas
Giedrius Brūžas Anos atrás
wait a sec, so they took out italian v10 out, and put in ls v8? or am i missing here something?
furry gamer
furry gamer Anos atrás
The transmission on this thing looks like the one in the boostedboiz dune buggy
StepBro Anos atrás
Those rear Alloys are sick!
Baitschev Anos atrás
Best Lambo in the World
Dan Anos atrás
This was built so poorly in order to complete is for sema. Much like the twin turbo mustang, its tuned wrong and built like sheeeettt
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Anos atrás
Dyno pulls were awesome and I want you guys to hit 1000 hp so bad!
JISHNU K Anos atrás
That Lamborghini likes “Phew” 10:57
Jn Snyder
Jn Snyder Anos atrás
Redo the headers, build a more quality set and it will help.
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