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After the success of previous releases, including the wildly fruitful melodies and raw vocals of ‘Crazy’, Lost Frequencies now announces ‘Melody’ featuring chart-topping singer-songwriter James Blunt, with an uplifting video to match.
Taking adolescent troubles and hardship wrapped up with with love, excitement and music as both a release, and a tool for confidence and visibility , the video for ‘Melody’ was filmed at Lost Frequencies’s own boarding school he attended in his formative teenage years, giving an injection of relatability, hope and positivity for a visual that perfectly missors the hopeful, empassioned lyrics.
On the track, Lost Frequencies pays homage to country sounds using melodic guitar strums and by twisting Blunt’s soaring vocal into a unique loop come the chorus, which flows around the rhythm like a waterfall. The release came about after Blunt had been writing in the studio with Steve Mac (co-writer and co-producer on Ed Sheeran's ‘Shape Of You’) and Ammar Malik (co-writer of Maroon 5's ‘Moves Like Jagger’) on a song called ‘Hey, Melody.’, that Lost Frequencies then added his studio spin on for a unique release.

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Music video by Soulvizion
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28 Abr 2018



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Comentários 10 033
David Shala nezir
David Shala nezir 7 horas atrás
Jaymaysta Dia atrás
James blunt might not have the most beautiful voice, but he has an unique voice and it captivates me everytime
Ly Cao
Ly Cao 3 dias atrás
Nghe mãi không chán
Martin Ngo
Martin Ngo 5 dias atrás
Voice 100%
Heymanth Kumar
Heymanth Kumar 5 dias atrás
Wow, what a refreshment!
sandip dey
sandip dey 5 dias atrás
Moment of silence for those who haven’t understand the meaning behind this song
Lokit 28
Lokit 28 5 dias atrás
Fren 6 dias atrás
2:17 Golden buzzer moment
TheScrimsKnight 7 dias atrás
People should make more songs like this. This is the only music style that's accualy good! Please, someone, make more songs like this! I'm desperate!
Nayareth Denisse m
Nayareth Denisse m 9 dias atrás
es harry :v
Amy-Melody Neubauer
Amy-Melody Neubauer 10 dias atrás
My Name is Melody 😊
nur Videos
nur Videos 10 dias atrás
I love music
DYLAN FELTON 11 dias atrás
the girl in 2:05 looks like millie bobby brown who is she? xD
Alexandra János
Alexandra János 11 dias atrás
Alexandra János
Alexandra János 11 dias atrás
Alexandra János
Alexandra János 11 dias atrás
Jó a zene 😍😘
oDZiyK -
oDZiyK - 11 dias atrás
Just sayin. No one .......has ever raved to a pianists songs like they did in the end of this
jirihozpodebrad23 12 dias atrás
...when videoclips have an actual storyline, intelligent lyrics, and no need for violence nor vulgarity... Thank you for still creating a clip like back in 1995!
DarKSagZz 14 dias atrás
He looks like Young Harry Potter right? 😮
DANIEL CARLOS 15 dias atrás
What's the girl's name?
Juraj Beňo
Juraj Beňo 15 dias atrás
James Blunt for life!
Вячеслав Честа
нормальный трек с России с Донбасса с любовю)))
Kelly Saar
Kelly Saar 17 dias atrás
Good song. But why Lost Frequencies have all songs so short?
janfurdy comahig
janfurdy comahig 12 dias atrás
Kelly Saar yeah hahaha reality is good also
Real DrumCovers
Real DrumCovers 17 dias atrás
The perfection combination of the Vocal, Guitar, & EDM.
مدونة عبدو المتنوعة البرامج
عمل جيد وممتاز من فضلك دعمني على قناتي
Gold Capital
Gold Capital 18 dias atrás
Hi Gary Potter 😄😄😄
NaumoskyTV Ilidanstormrage
Lost frequencies deserve 10+ Mil. Subscribers ❤️
Авто Механик
2020 still 💜
Nathan Grosdent
Nathan Grosdent 19 dias atrás
February 2020 🎶
xankex33 20 dias atrás
i really like this song! i could listen it for hours and never grow tired of it
Lumi Yuan
Lumi Yuan 20 dias atrás
So good
Tambash Cool
Tambash Cool 20 dias atrás
Is this song on the "PES 2019" .. ?? For the gamers .. first I heard this song on PES 2019 WHAT ASONG 😄😍😍❤
Rebeka Kołodziej
Rebeka Kołodziej 20 dias atrás
Good job!!! ❤️
Zuzia Zinkiewicz
Zuzia Zinkiewicz 20 dias atrás
Let's give a moment of silence for the people who still haven't found the song...
Filip laskovski
Filip laskovski 18 dias atrás
Legit !!!!
World Music
World Music 21 dia atrás #Marshmello #ArianaGrande #JustinBieber
Rebeka Kołodziej
Rebeka Kołodziej 20 dias atrás
abdelhakim elbahi
abdelhakim elbahi 21 dia atrás
first time listening to lost frequencies and i think they deserve to be in top 10 on EDM MUSIC ON THE WORD
Teo Yankov
Teo Yankov 22 dias atrás
this song is the best mutiwate song forever . thank you lost Frequincies
Arjun Ks
Arjun Ks 22 dias atrás
Jeez those people were dancin like fuckin dead zombies 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️
Lucie Kalivodavoda
Lucie Kalivodavoda 23 dias atrás
Henry 23 dias atrás
Why shaving eyebrows, James?
Nebula Vortex HD
Nebula Vortex HD 24 dias atrás
Oh my word I remember listening and singing to this 1 or 2 years back
Dredo 24 dias atrás
Who's listening in 2020????
IamJesusproperty 25 dias atrás
A little note: Guys, don't be fooled with this video, no girl in the world will find you cute and fall in love while you letting to be bullied.
Love Music
Love Music 26 dias atrás
Sweet music
Hiya 28 dias atrás
1:11 damn i cringe every time!
austeja Kaz
austeja Kaz 28 dias atrás
I don’t know why this DJ isn’t popular like Robin Schulz , Avicii it someone else. He is good too!
Jerry Khol
Jerry Khol 28 dias atrás
OMG i made this in 2013, it sounds the same! =>
Rebekah Renner
Rebekah Renner 28 dias atrás
Someone in the comments below, (their name is Lingualizer), said the main kid reminds of me Harry Potter, but I thought he looked more like a young and nice version Voldemort, AKA Tom Riddle! Comment down below who you think he looks like, either from Harry Potter or another movie/book! OR JUST ANYWHERE!
hector vera
hector vera 28 dias atrás
Matteo Onida
Matteo Onida 29 dias atrás
Irgendwann, irgendwann, irgendwann... Is it just me, who sings the chorus like this? 😂😂😂
TheBrysiu 29 dias atrás
"hang , hang my hedgehog" me: hold up
Tithish Nayak
Tithish Nayak 29 dias atrás
In love with this song, brought me out of my ill health mood!!! Love. ❤️❤️✌🏻✌🏻
Ale Gomez
Ale Gomez 29 dias atrás
recuerda este momento
Tea Ribic
Tea Ribic Mês atrás
Croatia? "Idi pa vidi juu"
Samuel Dincă
Samuel Dincă Mês atrás
2020 ?
Gabriel Filip
Gabriel Filip Mês atrás
Me to
Commanda Tube
Commanda Tube Mês atrás
اغنية عجيبة وكلش حلوي لكن الاغاني حرام شئ ؟
krzysiek cichy
krzysiek cichy Mês atrás
Ale reklam to za duzo jedna za druga 3 reklamy
emma mcdonald
emma mcdonald Mês atrás
aww thats so cute i luv it...
Janulation Mês atrás
ich finds gut, dass Harry Potter auch mitspielen darf!
MoinMoin 123
MoinMoin 123 Mês atrás
Sonst wäre er ja sauer😂👌
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