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We're stoked to have Lost Dog Street Band debut on our channel.

We were instant fans when we saw the video of Benjamin Tod train-hopping through Wyoming and playing his infamous rendition of Steve Earle's "The Mountain" on the steps of the state capitol. It's a banger or a video and you can check it out at our amigos in cinema's channel GemsOnVHS. Link here - Benjamin Tod "The Mountain" :

Ben, Ashley Mae and Jeff Loops visited us earlier this year at WAF HQ in WY for a couple of shoots. Never thought in a thousand years we get the opportunity to shoot with them on our home turf. We knew Ben would have some stories to tell about our area during his train-hopping days. Enjoyed getting to hear him from the man myself about those times.

LDSB is a great project that is meaningfully rich and original with their tunes. Seems we always get sucked into their stories about life, hardship and the battle with ourselves. In that, we think they are perfect to reflect the attitude which is Western AF.

We really enjoyed making these vids surrounded by friends old and new. Can't wait to show ya the rest of the vids.
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Sound Production & Mixer: Will Ross
Editor: Manuel Deakins
Executive Producer: Johnny Callahan & Hannah Mae Hughes
Special thanks: The Resonant Rogues, Johno Leeroy & GemsOnVHS
Producers: Brian Harrington & Mike Vanata ( Square State Film )

Shot at the historic Laramie Train Depot in Downtown Laramie, WY
Visit them at:

All rights reserved 2021 © Square State Film
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1 Dez 2021



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Western AF
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Hannah H
And he does it again. It's rare to find someone who can write and perform and get it right every time. True talent. LDSB will forever be a top favorite of mine.
Proletariat Bourgeoisie
"I wanted to create a song that worshipped the God of agave and the misery of being a drunk."
Hassan -
the violinist should get more appreciation. she does a heck of a job w/ lost dog street band
Josh’s Old Souls & Sounds
Not many artists put out music that’s consistently good like this, or quite as often.
Onomatopoeia Utopia
This line: "With a spade I dug my grave into perdition's tomb" . . . There is a savage grace at work in one who can sink below the lowest depth of hell and come back with such a cautionary diamond, and then to pair that with musicians who can craft a tune to which you can so easily tap your feet -- nothing that marries the tragic and beautiful more than that. Thank you guys for somehow pulling it off once again.
I’m here for literally everything the Lost Dog Street Band does. One of my favorite groups.
Jairo Castillo
Como mexicano, me gusta ver gente que hable bien o le dedique algo a productos de mi tierra, gracias por esta gran canción.
Matt Cenac
Like a beautiful sequel to “Ballad Of A Broken Man.”
When you have lived so many of their songs they just hit you different.......MAN!
Lost Dog is so damn good. Found out from this video that they have a new album out January 21, 2022.
Jessica Cannady
I get chills every time they drop a song. Forever a LDSB fan
Matt Cenac
Matt Cenac 28 dias atrás
Ashley’s solo has to be the best ever. How I love this band…
Eric Phelps
Eric Phelps 21 dia atrás
When I was a full blown alcoholic man your song hit home and some even comfort or hope knowing someone else felt the same brother
Charles Dillinger
Beautiful, I felt every word ❤️
Ryan C
Ryan C 14 dias atrás
Ive already played this a couple dozen times at least. Sooner it’s on Spotify the better! Thank you!
Shae Doherty
This band was one of things that got me out of a really dark place I was on a 2month drunkin coke binge because of personal problems but ballad of a broken man and I will rise helped push me out of the ville state of mind thanks you guys from one stray hound to another 🙏
Max Davies
There is a profound solace to be sought in their music. Stunning, just stunning work yet again.
R.A. Gutié
Beautiful song. I too am a recovering alcoholic. Very expressive and soulful fiddle playing with incredible tone. I’m a new fan.
Made to Crusade
I'm glad to see so many LDSB fans 🐕🎻🎶
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